• Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    It was finally that time! The boys and I headed down to the pond in my backyard to catch some fish to fry up! I hope you all enjoy!
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  • Люк Мур
    Люк Мур 4 days ago

    plz use franks instead of beer

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 5 days ago

    Ah yes, the hwisk. a staple in any kitchen.

  • Jax Fishing
    Jax Fishing 7 days ago

    You are lit 🔥

  • adam glover
    adam glover 8 days ago

    Filleting bluegill is a waste...the fins are the best part!

  • Issac Tohme
    Issac Tohme 10 days ago

    Reminds me of the 5 I have back home

  • Noah Coulombe
    Noah Coulombe 11 days ago +1

    Flair: The Glorious Wal-Mart
    Me: 😇 Hallelujah😇

  • Gavin Turner
    Gavin Turner 12 days ago +1

    10:40 best part of vid

  • JOHAN Piekaar
    JOHAN Piekaar 13 days ago

    How is misie

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray 14 days ago

    Coming home from Walmart with a trunk full of target bags. 😁

  • Justin ANSON
    Justin ANSON 14 days ago

    Ive caught master angler blue gill in the middle of the night with a light weight hand line

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray 15 days ago

    You need dirt bikes. Even if they are some small ones

  • Chris Mcway
    Chris Mcway 16 days ago

    Dude..... johns girly moans are f-ing ridiculous. Well timed sir .... well timed.

  • STJbrother
    STJbrother 16 days ago

    The square thing you dropped is supposed to go inside of the post of the battery 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Nicholas Francis
    Nicholas Francis 17 days ago

    Did you paint white walls on your tires for your truck

  • aaron carey
    aaron carey 17 days ago

    Oh lord, them little square nuts go under the terminal and then the bolt goes through your wire connector and terminal into the little square nut.

  • Jesse Bailey
    Jesse Bailey 18 days ago

    You dont wanna keep fish as small as the one gonzo caught. you usually want to keep 14"-16" fish. But you shouldnt just blindly keep fish. TAMU has a lot of great information on keeping catch logs to figure out what size and how many fish you should keep.

  • Jesse Bailey
    Jesse Bailey 18 days ago

    For cat fishing on the farm you should just catch a bug of any kind then catch a bluegill then cut the bluegill up for catfish bait. Thats how i started fishing in east texas

  • Victory Screech2
    Victory Screech2 20 days ago

    I have never seen that one girl before but the little that I did, I wished I hadn’t. Imagine being that much of a pussy to not even try fish. What a fuckin fruity liberal

  • BassGeek
    BassGeek 20 days ago

    Dude I love beer! Oh and Beer batter.

  • TateTV
    TateTV 21 day ago +1

    Ok during the time lapse why did your lights do the flashing?

  • Amir Duncan
    Amir Duncan 22 days ago

    That front lawn is so sexy

  • greer bright
    greer bright 22 days ago

    i wanna be like you when i grow up plz respond

  • Nicks Gamer Gunner and Outdoors Channel

    Dude be honest with yourself go look in the mirror man. I know it must be hard to be a hefty overweight man. I’m not even sure why you’re on my feed. Also I am not even famous and catch far more fish than you in quantity and size. Your situation confuses me. Must be mommy daddy money.

    • Appalachian American
      Appalachian American 4 days ago

      Get your 2 subscriber unrelevant ass out of here. You're mad because he's made it on youtube and actually makes money to afford nice things.

  • Josh Malcolm
    Josh Malcolm 23 days ago


  • Jackwatts95
    Jackwatts95 23 days ago

    Why don't u make your own veer batter, flower and beer and then let it cool

  • Seth Huntley
    Seth Huntley 23 days ago

    Ha BudLight ain’t beer 😂

  • Bill Palin
    Bill Palin 23 days ago

    C'mon Flair. Its bidness. She wants bonzo's bidness

  • Gata _falljf23
    Gata _falljf23 23 days ago

    you have the same car as my dad 3:09

  • randy lour
    randy lour 24 days ago

    We catch blue gill here in Cali but we scale them and deep fried with skin on (salt pepper ) or whatever you like. And slice the skin so the oil can make the meat and skin crispy !!!!

  • adam williams
    adam williams 24 days ago

    what did you do with the dead deer?

  • nils Meissner
    nils Meissner 24 days ago

    why dont u kill the fish you catch...? Arent u a friend of nature?

    • Appalachian American
      Appalachian American 4 days ago

      Your comment confuses me, he literally is doing a fish catch and cook in this video.

  • mannydagoat 14
    mannydagoat 14 24 days ago

    Lovvee the video 💯❤️

    LMA GAMES 24 days ago

    They went to Walmart and came back with target bags

  • danial Daley
    danial Daley 25 days ago

    When you going to start catching the cray fish in your pond

  • Austin Wise
    Austin Wise 25 days ago

    Hey flair I was wondering if you use barbs on your hooks when fishing your pond? If you flatten the barb you can help your bass stay healthy. Love the videos!

    503FISHBAIT 25 days ago

    Try fishing a local river or 2 and bring some local bait fish back to hwlp bass grow out and get blue gill and shad breeding

    • 503FISHBAIT
      503FISHBAIT 25 days ago

      Maybe even an airator ? Just ideas for water quality they have cleaners for mucky water too!

  • Haylee Graham
    Haylee Graham 25 days ago

    How come Macy doesnt ever eat any catch and cooks? Man if i was there i would be

  • Dylan Crutchley
    Dylan Crutchley 26 days ago

    Those fillets looked fire and the crunch sounded fire

  • Jordan moss
    Jordan moss 26 days ago

    Just for next time you guys can cut the rip cage out and get a lot more meet

  • J Bux
    J Bux 26 days ago

    put them in a bucket or use a stringer at least bro wtf?

  • Kids Ruzicka
    Kids Ruzicka 26 days ago

    Doing good bro!!

  • Dane ster
    Dane ster 26 days ago

    A slip bobber with a decent stopper(not the trash string ones) would work better than those bobbers I think.

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston 26 days ago

    Where can I buy a hat like yours? If anybody knows, I'd appreciate your help.

  • Jay's Dirty Catch
    Jay's Dirty Catch 26 days ago

    I need a catch and cook from your pond lol your videos always cool my pond don't have many goodies

  • Wesley Thiex
    Wesley Thiex 26 days ago

    your reeling it wrong you have to have them take it first

  • cowboy life
    cowboy life 27 days ago

    Shaky cam

  • James Allen
    James Allen 27 days ago

    2 bluegill. Catch and cook. That's cheecks if I ever seen cheecks

  • MrDeebz32
    MrDeebz32 27 days ago

    Slice up an onion and use up that batter making onion rings...

  • Bagel President
    Bagel President 27 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice the bags were from target and he said they shipped at Walmart 🤔

  • Antonio Delao
    Antonio Delao 27 days ago +1

    Those are "big" bluegills to you???

  • SMK_DyNaMiiC _
    SMK_DyNaMiiC _ 27 days ago

    Throw a crawfish trap in the backyard pond

  • Celida Gutierrez
    Celida Gutierrez 27 days ago

    Dont trip flair my girl bever taste anything i catch lmao

  • Eaglez_
    Eaglez_ 27 days ago

    bro just imagine being friends with flair.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 27 days ago

    Walmart bags look a lot like Target bags......🤔

  • Chris Steffen
    Chris Steffen 27 days ago

    Do you have a link for that fish batter?

  • Matthew Humerickhouse
    Matthew Humerickhouse 27 days ago

    no hate but maybe step up your pan game to some cast iron. just an idea from a friend :)

  • Brett Maher
    Brett Maher 27 days ago

    I need to teach you boys how to clean some blue gills

  • Aldric Harper
    Aldric Harper 27 days ago

    Catfishing back yard pond

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson 27 days ago

    Dude why does you house have hazzards 😂😂😂 @ 3:10

  • Yeet Mcyeet
    Yeet Mcyeet 27 days ago

    Name the moped the red riding hood