Cleaning pots and pans

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
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    Today I thought I'd show how I clean pots and pans. I used to make all kinds of cooking mistakes where I accidentally burned my pans but fortunately I know an easy way to clean them up!
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  • JunsKitchen
    JunsKitchen  Year ago +10578

    In Japan, traditionally we clean our houses (and tools we use in daily life) thoroughly near the end of the year. This time I decided to clean some of my pots and pans. Hope you'll enjoy it!

  • Mary
    Mary 6 hours ago

    Can someone give me the name of the soap he uses or a substitute available in the US?

  • Denis Leonte
    Denis Leonte 17 hours ago

    Can you put the actual music link? Or maybe the name only?

  • Theshinyarticuno7413
    Theshinyarticuno7413 20 hours ago


  • Bryce Gundacker
    Bryce Gundacker Day ago

    Hmm doctor

  • TheMudBoi
    TheMudBoi Day ago +2

    Jun: uses the pot to clean the pot
    Me: hold up

  • CXAngel
    CXAngel Day ago

    He made more dishes by cleaning them 😂

  • Nadia Peters
    Nadia Peters Day ago

    I tried it but it didn' work ...

  • Jurek Łopuszański

    I feel like you're ChrisFix, just not for cars but for the kitchen.

  • Sakina
    Sakina Day ago

    I wish I saw this earlier... before scratching my mom's pan like an idiot! ☺💔

  • Kobishi UwU
    Kobishi UwU Day ago +1

    I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️✊🏼

  • Dojo
    Dojo Day ago

    are you the perfect husband?

  • 김동빈
    김동빈 2 days ago +1

    분명 제목이 한국말인데 댓글보고 소외감느껴 ㅠ

  • Fozie Girl
    Fozie Girl 2 days ago

    That must be smelly when boliling it

  • Sra Gatuna
    Sra Gatuna 2 days ago

    When i see the cat In the pan *i feel that*

  • a bowl
    a bowl 2 days ago

    Nitric Acid does the job too.

  • L4D2_Ellis
    L4D2_Ellis 3 days ago

    What did you do to that Demeyere pot to get it so burned?!

  • KliverGaming
    KliverGaming 3 days ago +1

    Damn he ain't playing around when it comes to cleaning his shit

  • Chloe Zeng
    Chloe Zeng 3 days ago

    WELl I burned my pot - so now I'm here...

  • OraniumSan
    OraniumSan 4 days ago +1

    1:08 How Coca Cola is made

  • Attack at Dawn
    Attack at Dawn 4 days ago

    @junskitchen how do you know if a stainless steel polisher is safe for cooking equipment?

  • Linda Zaal
    Linda Zaal 4 days ago

    :o how haven't I seen this before! I got my pans from an old roommate. And never managed to get them clean!. Now I finally can!!

  • NoxKitten
    NoxKitten 5 days ago

    Jun is a wizard confirmed

  • Andre Uceda
    Andre Uceda 5 days ago

    Gracias estaba buscando como limpiar mi cocina

  • Max
    Max 5 days ago

    one day you are young and later you enjoy a video about clean pots

  • •Random Editz•
    •Random Editz• 5 days ago +5

    It's just so adorable how Haku and Nagi are just chilling infront of Jun while he is doing a vlog

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar 6 days ago +10

    Anything: **Exists**
    Haku: Gotta sniff it!

  • Rayssa Hinata
    Rayssa Hinata 6 days ago +1

    This is the best way of cleaning that pan I've ever seen

  • S1R3N
    S1R3N 6 days ago

    How much is that mirror?

  • Gonzalo 999
    Gonzalo 999 6 days ago

    his music change

  • supersigma
    supersigma 7 days ago

    okay but what if i burn the baking soda and water..

  • LunarServant
    LunarServant 7 days ago +1

    I have grossly underestimated what baking soda is capable of-

  • Grace Donovan
    Grace Donovan 7 days ago

    jun : scrub
    cats: mmm yes

  • EM9_DreamyzZ
    EM9_DreamyzZ 7 days ago +1

    somehow came back to this vid 1 year later lol

  • Ubbesoft
    Ubbesoft 7 days ago

    Is TVclip telling me to clean every equipment I got?

  • agustd ramen
    agustd ramen 7 days ago

    Jun: Put baking soda and water. Boil it
    Me: I burnt the water

  • Carstan 117
    Carstan 117 7 days ago +1

    Putting baking soda and water in the microwave for about 2 minutes helps to clean the inside of the microwave, so I don't doubt that this works very well. I have tested the baking soda and water in the microwave trick, and it works.

    • Leah Curran
      Leah Curran 5 days ago

      Lemon in water in the microwave works very well too, and it smells good and gets rid of oils.

  • Alaina Howard
    Alaina Howard 8 days ago

    Your cats are soooooo chill

  • Janine Cat
    Janine Cat 8 days ago

    Happy Upload Day video

  • Guy Fellows
    Guy Fellows 8 days ago

    Not sure what the baking soda is supposed to accomplish; I've done the "boil it" method without the baking soda, and it works fine. Or maybe we just have hard water >.>

    • Leah Curran
      Leah Curran 5 days ago

      Simply boiling this doesn't help me at all. Baking soda is great for cleaning things or getting rid of smells. We use baking soda + vinegar as a cleaning spray and odor remover instead of chemical ones.

  • Youtube is Entertaining

    I love how he timed the dripping of the water to the song 👌👌👌

  • kleoz
    kleoz 9 days ago

    Everything this man owns is shiny

  • Matt Jacob Salvador
    Matt Jacob Salvador 9 days ago +1

    0:05 - 1:10 is how you make coffee

  • Eve Foxes
    Eve Foxes 9 days ago

    Did I just watch a video of someone doing dishes

  • Harry potter fan
    Harry potter fan 9 days ago

    Looks like the cats seem very fascinated by what your doing.

  • Ricci
    Ricci 10 days ago +1

    Does having a cat by your side required?

  • Alicia DuPuy
    Alicia DuPuy 10 days ago

    Thank you!! Like for real!!!

  • Ahnaf Haq
    Ahnaf Haq 11 days ago

    Man your skills are amazing and i absolutely love your videos! Please keep it up!!

  • Nessa DeSantos
    Nessa DeSantos 11 days ago

    How does a pot even _GET_ into that state

  • Hi People
    Hi People 11 days ago

    If my mom (or another member of my family, including me. She does a lot of the cooking, though) burns food, I'm definitely gonna tell her about the baking soda and water part. That's a ton easier than scraping or scrubbing.

  • StuWaters
    StuWaters 11 days ago

    Hey Jun, I really like the song in the video, but I can't find it in the link for Epidemic. Could you tell me the name of the song and artist so I could find it and listen to it more please?

  • Vitoria de Mantova
    Vitoria de Mantova 11 days ago


  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 12 days ago

    Where was this when I made my first pot of chili? Tho, in fairness, I threw it away b/c it was non stick & burnt so bad that the coating was peeling off the bottom.
    Ooh! A commercial for Gordon Ramsay's cooking class! How perfect

  • Not Quite Chaos
    Not Quite Chaos 12 days ago

    best part of jun polishing anything is when he shows the cats their reflection

  • Tejaswini Kuwar
    Tejaswini Kuwar 12 days ago

    my mom just soak them in the water and it's also works

  • Joanna Zhang
    Joanna Zhang 13 days ago +3

    Why am I having a Rachel and Jun marathon at 3 AM in the morning

  • Batman Thunder
    Batman Thunder 13 days ago

    When did he get 2 cats what? It came out of nowhere

  • Radz Rs
    Radz Rs 13 days ago

    I don't know how i got here but i am not dissapointed.

  • banana 101
    banana 101 13 days ago

    Pansexuals be like....

  • I like pancakes123
    I like pancakes123 13 days ago

    Did you burn burnt milk add flour then burn it again?