• Published on Jan 11, 2018
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Comments • 439

  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  Year ago +202

    Sometimes tricks and videos don't work out like you expect them to! LOL

    • Nidia Berenice GonzálGonzález Hernandez
      Nidia Berenice GonzálGonzález Hernandez Year ago


    • Steve
      Steve Year ago

      Wow American cops have zero sense of humour! Glad I like in a country where cops are still good people!

    • Nitin Nelson
      Nitin Nelson Year ago

      Magic Murray
      Lolllllll😂😂😂 I like this more than others😝😝😝

    • Old Channel
      Old Channel Year ago

      Magic Murray YEA PLEASE UPLOAD 2 times a week

  • Ezekiel Turrecha
    Ezekiel Turrecha 6 months ago

    Magic Murray and Ally Law
    Will be a really good friends

  • Jonathan v
    Jonathan v 7 months ago


  • Азамат Рысбаев


  • 王咖
    王咖 10 months ago

    Could someone tell me what the outro song is?please

  • Gustavus Adolphus
    Gustavus Adolphus 11 months ago +1

    10 seconds to get out of here? Damn im happy to not live in that shithole of a country.

  • reset
    reset 11 months ago

    Do cops in the USA have no work to do, picking on someone holding a paper bag? crazy lot!

  • Gacha Prince
    Gacha Prince 11 months ago

    That was too close

  • Baha Esen
    Baha Esen 11 months ago

    You dont need to blur out the face of an officer its allowed to film them and ask them about theri name and police number

  • Brodie Jackson
    Brodie Jackson 11 months ago

    He says he better not see this video on the internet like hes gonna track you down

  • Payton Anderson
    Payton Anderson Year ago

    And he puts it online anyways. You’re a savage.

  • Maria's reviews
    Maria's reviews Year ago

    Can you subscribe to my channell

  • Chef Rodriguez
    Chef Rodriguez Year ago

    its online you faggot 😂

  • Ismael Lopez Segura

    Otra vez para no quedar en ridículo te ha dicho que te vayas rápido😂😂😂😂😂😂ACAB

  • Nexus legend
    Nexus legend Year ago

    Well u flopped there lol.

  • Jorge Rodas
    Jorge Rodas Year ago


  • Angel Guerra
    Angel Guerra Year ago


  • Nidia Berenice GonzálGonzález Hernandez

    El mejor👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • عراقي وافتخر

    What acrazy police

  • WaturDzn
    WaturDzn Year ago

    +Magic Murray whats the outro song? I cant find it anywhere online

  • Fofoo Ameeroo
    Fofoo Ameeroo Year ago


  • Nabil Nabilauss
    Nabil Nabilauss Year ago

    Why USA police officers are very aggressive and not frindly @all 😎🤔

  • Bahri
    Bahri Year ago

    2 words, rebel and suicidal! that's what you are and that's what i like in you ! ❤

  • Loli Queen
    Loli Queen Year ago


  • robert knOx whazZup

    Wow...oh ohhhhh


    hey Murray.... can u make a tutorial about the "bottle disappear in bag" trick... pls

  • Anonymous HY
    Anonymous HY Year ago

    YOU JUST GOT----------Pranked!

  • D A L I L Sダリルス


  • chérif Aly
    chérif Aly Year ago

    Fuck all cops!!.. They are pieces of shit!!

  • Phantom X
    Phantom X Year ago

    Is that your first fail?

  • Lafoga Galuega
    Lafoga Galuega Year ago

    😂 hahhahahha

  • Master GamerYT
    Master GamerYT Year ago


  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes Year ago


  • eva marie sam
    eva marie sam Year ago

    Your The Best Magicians I Ever Seen In My Whole Entire Life Keep Up The Magic That Instore In You

  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich Year ago

    Guess what he did LoL awesome

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots Year ago

    How cop if you see this.

  • luka sujahsvili
    luka sujahsvili Year ago

    Thats savage bro you didn't get that one but steel cool

  • tazrag
    tazrag Year ago

    my god cops cant handle pranks these days lol

  • Mario Pierre
    Mario Pierre Year ago

    I better not see this video online and here the video is online. lmao

  • Kathleen Oven
    Kathleen Oven Year ago

    best magician ive seen online i love cop pranks !!!

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres Year ago


  • M A
    M A Year ago

    Bro you’re SAVAGE!!!! But the vids are still ENJOYABLE!!!! Whoop Whoop 😂😂😂😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️👌👌😋😋😝😝

  • MOODY V.
    MOODY V. Year ago

    That cop can't tell you to get out of there wow

  • Charlie Dydasco
    Charlie Dydasco Year ago

    After that. You lost all respect. Shitty magician

  • Lex wusky
    Lex wusky Year ago

    "I'll GIVE YOU 10 SECOND TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Or else what?! You gonna arrest me?

  • Donnie Italiano
    Donnie Italiano Year ago

    Racist ass scum bag givimg you 10seconds bro go get laid most you cops are fucking scumbags take a joke..have mad dicks up your asses

  • Elias Flores
    Elias Flores Year ago

    Someone's going to be pissed 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xyresic
    Xyresic Year ago

    How would he arrest him though, he technically didn’t do anything wrong

  • skyspy
    skyspy Year ago

    Some people just can't take a joke !!!

  • charlee charlee
    charlee charlee Year ago

    He tasted it hahahaha

  • the super sky
    the super sky Year ago


  • Jeff M
    Jeff M Year ago

    Last words...I better not these videos online😂

  • kevin hess
    kevin hess Year ago

    So did you see him taste it just saying wouldn't it have been absolutely hilarious if it would have been Coke

  • kevin hess
    kevin hess Year ago

    I know cops have a job to do but they can't be so accusatory I feel like see something say something gave them some kind of imaginary rights over people

  • Mr.freedom-nance30

    Disappointed police officer he was looking forward to jacking your flour

  • Billy Rowe
    Billy Rowe Year ago

    Filming in a public place, it can go online.

  • Robert
    Robert Year ago

    Givin you 10 seconds to get out of here.... Nigga Please! Should have told him to FUCK OFF, it was a god damn joke.

  • Roco Loco
    Roco Loco Year ago

    Better not see that video online. LMAO,

  • Jig Saw
    Jig Saw Year ago

    This guy looks like that cop from your populqr video, the champagne one i guess.. But this time without the cap😕

  • Nelson Herb
    Nelson Herb Year ago

    Lol savage cop

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Year ago +1

    Legend has it that he actually responds to comments

  • Lil buster
    Lil buster Year ago

    he found out

  • StrikerAlone345 2005

    Subscribe to savage family 21

  • Killerr Bee
    Killerr Bee Year ago

    Whats ur theme song please??

  • Urban johnathan
    Urban johnathan Year ago

    Fuck the police

  • Ben Custer
    Ben Custer Year ago

    I’m sending this man the link to this vid hehe....

  • CreepTonight Gaming
    CreepTonight Gaming Year ago +2

    Cop: I better not see this video online!
    Murray: *UPLOADS VIDEO

    Next Video: Now to teach you how to escape from prison with magic!!

  • javico1127
    javico1127 Year ago

    Stressed police

  • GoodGuyPanda
    GoodGuyPanda Year ago

    Very NICE

  • Dan Miguel
    Dan Miguel Year ago +2

    Cop pranks are the best....LOL

  • Sebas Zoxyron
    Sebas Zoxyron Year ago

    What's supposed to be the white thing?

  • Ve- nom
    Ve- nom Year ago

    hahaha that was nice

  • Zack Aida
    Zack Aida Year ago

    we need more smart cop 👮 like this.

  • Rock The Hills
    Rock The Hills Year ago

    Nice 😍😍

  • #1hero
    #1hero Year ago

    He actually reads comments

  • Krimson
    Krimson Year ago

    Imagine if he watch's the video

  • Alexander Broadrick


  • omnı ķ3lly
    omnı ķ3lly Year ago


  • JayFromMiami
    JayFromMiami Year ago

    I hope he sees this video

  • Old Channel
    Old Channel Year ago


  • Dice
    Dice Year ago

    You are my Idol 😍 Wanna be like you some day . Those tricks are amazing . You are a real life wizard !!

  • Phosfit -Fortnite


  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero Year ago

    Was the trick to disappear the white powder or to walk out without going to jail. Bad ass Houdini-type scape Murray!!!

  • Ron Augustyn
    Ron Augustyn Year ago +50

    You got 10 sec to get out of here i would be 10 miles away

  • edwin Delrio
    edwin Delrio Year ago

    What a loser 😂

  • Skullynator
    Skullynator Year ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 fail but funny

  • J Mendez
    J Mendez Year ago


  • Aflac Quack
    Aflac Quack Year ago

    Little did the cop know the video was uploaded😏

  • Big Broomstick
    Big Broomstick Year ago

    That cop made a huge mistake sniffing that bag, had it be something like fentanyl he'd be in the grave.

  • PlanetPenguin
    PlanetPenguin Year ago

    "I better not see this video online"

  • Travs Is stupid
    Travs Is stupid Year ago

    The bad cop uniforms and the bad acting from the cops takes away from the tricks on all your cops videos.


    lol I better not see this video online
    (Well he better not check the internet for a while)

  • Finn Ski
    Finn Ski Year ago

    Do a get out of cop car prank

  • Magma YT
    Magma YT Year ago

    Love the vids, you deserve more subs the fouseytube

  • Zap FX
    Zap FX Year ago +2

    LOL you loved so many comments

  • Zap FX
    Zap FX Year ago

    Oh R.I.P

  • Summer Bui
    Summer Bui Year ago


  • Lighting Dragon
    Lighting Dragon Year ago

    Lol big fail

  • Night Hawk4321
    Night Hawk4321 Year ago

    Cop says i better not see this video online😂😂

  • Noman Qureshi
    Noman Qureshi Year ago +9

    Keep uploading Murray, your blowing up on TVclip!!!