Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Is Happening - What I want To See

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
  • An Obi-Wan stand alone movie has been a want of the Star Wars fan masses for awhile now. It looks like we're getting it, so here are my thoughts on what I'd like to see in it!
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  • Junko
    Junko Month ago

    2:17 Oh you innocent summer child...

  • Emmanuel Lopez
    Emmanuel Lopez 2 months ago

    He is Star Wars Jesus.

  • rjcmick
    rjcmick 3 months ago

    Imagine obi wan being forced to fight maul and maybe his bro after becoming a pacifist.

  • Polarized Studios
    Polarized Studios 3 months ago

    If ewan not return as obi wan. The caster must be put in prison

  • Theo Heiland
    Theo Heiland 3 months ago

    This has never been announced. It’s not happening.

  • Edster III
    Edster III 5 months ago

    What SUCKS is now they say there's too much Star Wars. So they have to cut back so NO Obi-Wan movie. One of the few spin-off movies FANS WANT. Which is why they aren't doing it. And it's not that there are too many Star Wars movies, it's that one's you've recently created SUCK!!!! The fallout from the Last Jedi is going to be felt for a LONG time. First you destroyed an icon. Then you ridiculed the fan base. Then you attacked the fan base. And your sitting there wondering, duh why isn't Star Wars making billions? Well you insulted the people who spent those bags of money on toys, figures, and collectibles. The main market for ALL your secondary markets, Lego, Hasbro, etc are pissed. The same people are the ones that go to Star Wars movies 5-10 times or more. This new fan base you've made these movies for are Cause jumpers. They jump from one supposed injustice to another. By the time Solo came out these same Last Jedi jumpers were gone. They may have saw the movie maybe once...maybe. But the core fans that love this stuff, said hell with this. So in closing, Disney, you are on the verge of completely destroying and finishing off one of the most lucrative franchises in history. And you reward the IDIOT in charge with a contract extension? Well the Force is only one thong's DEAD!!!!! I'm one of thousands who no longer spend thousands on this property. I will NOT go see another movie unless this fool that's in charge(big laughs) gets booted out on her saggy ass. Kathleen Kennedy is a disease, Rian Johnson a tumor. Like any cancer it needs to be gone. Radiate LucasFilm and get rid of the disease. Quick it's stupidity is spreading. Hurry. Before Episode IX continues this laughing stock of a trilogy. Don't worry if Rey dies on the third day she'll rise again. Bringing more stupidity to an already IDIOTIC galaxy. Oh and Kylo, he figures out he's really Benita Solo, becomes a woman and he and Chewbacca have a wedding on Han Solo and Luke's grave. They adopt 5 wookie orphans stranded from the wookie-bush-meat trade, and start a reserve. To free all the abused 6 breasted space cows in the galaxy. It it called The Skywalker Nipple academy. Where 6 are always better than 2. And blue milk is a right and a privilege. Ah, all is well in the new order. Watching dogs freak out from their own farts is way more entertaining than the new Disney Shit Wars. Enjoy all. Luke is probably glad he's dead. And I bet Harrison Ford is laughing his ass off. She promised to be true to the characters and the fans. And they bought it.....laughs to the bank. And the little egg headed potato Rian Johnson showed us all how much he respected George Lucas' vision, the characters, and the fans. He crapped on all of them. And then used your nostalga to wipe with.
    Bitter....a little. Pissed...yeah. But now it's like an inbred wedding. You know its sick, wrong, and flat out stupid, but you peek in just to laugh at what they do next.

  • Sdsdfdu
    Sdsdfdu 6 months ago

    An obi wan movie should go back to the roots of star wars' inspiration, a sobering samurai film.

  • SKTW 890
    SKTW 890 6 months ago +1

    I want a Logan style movie for Obi Wan

    NOMO FOMO 7 months ago

    I want a Yojimbo style Obi-wan movie with flashes of his journey to becoming a force ghost a la Yoda episodes from clone wars s6. I want OW to have force connections with Anakin/ Darth so we can see that Darth hasn't completely transformed yet (perhaps a cameo from Hayden Christensen). And I want him to have contact with force ghost Qui Gon Jinn so we can have Liam Neeson back. That would be my ideal scenario.

  • Jack Darring
    Jack Darring 7 months ago +1

    There needs to be lightsabers man. That’s what Star Wars is all about.

    • Big K
      Big K 2 months ago

      There should be very little lightsaber in an obi wan movie I feel.

  • Tandrew
    Tandrew 8 months ago

    What happen to The Obi Wan movie

  • Kevin Schmevin
    Kevin Schmevin 8 months ago

    I agree with what you don't want to see, but disagree with what you want to see... except Ewen, you're spot on with that one

  • killerd231
    killerd231 8 months ago

    Anyone else watching after the cancellation

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 8 months ago

    What happened too captain disillusion

  • Flynnigaan
    Flynnigaan 8 months ago

    Logan in space, I want Ewan McGregor and an R rating... knowing Disney theres no way thats gonna happen. But I can dream!

  • The Fishin' Dad
    The Fishin' Dad 9 months ago

    YES! Direct the movie. Honestly if it doesn't go like this it's going to be a huge missed opportunity that could really bring people back. This is the last hope honestly. Don't give two shits about IX

  • Capten Panties
    Capten Panties 9 months ago

    Hey as a lover of all thing Star Wars, what’s your personal opinion on him going through ptsd on Tatooine. While also having flashbacks to all his failures, growing up as a Jedi and such.

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist 9 months ago

    I don't want the film to use anything we've seen in the prequels, if that makes sense

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith 9 months ago

    No.... Not like Luke, pls not like Luke....

  • Adam Bomb
    Adam Bomb 9 months ago +1

    I want it to feel like how Logan felt

  • Aditya Agrawal
    Aditya Agrawal 9 months ago

    They should show Darth Maul again. I know it is shown in Rebels but I think no one would mind seeing that scene again on the big screen.

  • -Eizenn-
    -Eizenn- 9 months ago

    An Obi Wan Kenobi movie with the tone of Logan?.... yes.

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett 9 months ago +1

    They should get James Mangold aka director and producer of Logan to film this movie lol

  • Karlito Bandito
    Karlito Bandito 9 months ago

    i want this movie to be like the mad max or the LOGAN of the star wars universe

  • Russ Fox
    Russ Fox 9 months ago

    The cannot do a kenobi movie without Ewan if they do im not watching it

  • Ian pg9
    Ian pg9 9 months ago +2

    It’s not confirmed yet.

  • Steven Smiley
    Steven Smiley 9 months ago

    Ewan HAS to be in it.

  • Boss Umbra
    Boss Umbra 9 months ago

    Just use the Kenobi novel. It’s a cool mix of Star Wars with Man with No Name. And I know Disney is on a crusade for “STRONG INDEPENDANT WAMON” and luckily this book has two of them who are well written and interesting.

  • Hershdawg5
    Hershdawg5 9 months ago

    I'd like that tone too.
    Maybe have Obi Wan on Tatooine checking in on Luke from time to time
    Getting into arguments about Luke with Owen Lars and Aunt Beru
    Fighting off the Sand People
    Somewhere in the film have force ghost Yoda and Qui Gon cameos and Bail Organa
    Hearing stories about Darth Vader and the Empire
    Then a group of Darth Maul mobsters attack a near by town
    Obi Wan takes them out (Maul hear about it)
    Maul then goes to Tatooine and they do a live action recreation of the death of Darth Maul in rebels
    Solve the plot holes on why doesn't remember CP3O and R2 and why he brought Luke to Tatooine
    (Vader's home planet)

  • Testimentsnow
    Testimentsnow 9 months ago

    Finally back to stories of jedi

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    A Star Wars movie should be exciting. It's Star Wars a space fantasy adventure. Nothing Jeremy says in his video would be warranted if an actual movie. But maybe a good book.
    I say leave the personal smaller Star Wars stories to the books and expanded media while keep the movies larger than life exciting and still emotionally gripping

  • DocManhattan
    DocManhattan 9 months ago

    Pretty much, make the Old Man Logan of Star Wars.

  • Chris Felix
    Chris Felix 10 months ago

    Jeremy why tho?? Why why why why why??? Why are they doing this?????

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic
    BMV The Movie Fanatic 10 months ago

    Old Man Kenobi

  • Alex Figueroa
    Alex Figueroa 10 months ago +1

    In a weird way I see it like Logan. Merging two genres but instead of a western and a superhero movie is a Sci-Fantasy and a Western.
    I'd also like a badass Obi-Wan Kenobi very short fight.

  • Bill C-16
    Bill C-16 10 months ago

    *Disney doesn’t give a fuck about making a GOOD Star Wars movie.*
    They use nostalgia, blockbuster gimmicks, and hype to rake in as much money as possible.

  • Hammerfist
    Hammerfist 10 months ago

    Make this about that business on Cato nemodia

  • Qaeta
    Qaeta 11 months ago +1

    Essentially, make it the Logan of Star Wars.

  • Matt Hix
    Matt Hix 11 months ago

    If they could just go back to the ORIGINAL STORY: Darth Vader is Obi Wan's student who betrays and murders Lukes father annnnnnnnd GO....and no Yoda, enough with the puppets JEEEEEEEZ !

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous Year ago +1

    Love the idea but Kathleen Kennedy will fuck it up with SJW bullshit.

  • Young Scooter
    Young Scooter Year ago

    i personally think it should be a movie about Obi Wan dealing with himself, talking to ghost qui gon, and becoming one with the force through trials that he has to go through on tatoinne, like him confronting his fears, regrets, and inner demons like maybe fighting a dream version of darth vader would be a great reveal about what happened to Anakin, he could also fight his greatest fear which could be a dark side grown up Luke (i dont know how that would really work with CGI tho for a young luke, theyd have to find another actor) also it would be awesome if like he had sort of like PTSD force visions, an awesome scene would be a PTSD force vision flashback of Anakin killing Jedi in the temple like with the full Jedi temple destruction scene, something that was missed in ROTS (if he kills children itll probably end up being R rated) but however I highly doubt they can get Hayden Christiansen to get back and play Anakin. And also some other PTSD force visions could be like Vader hunting Jedi and setting up his empire. Star Wars rebels kinda fucked this up but it would also be cool if Obi Wan fought Maul for a force test trial in the climax. Also in the film they need to have a backstory on why Uncle Owen calls Kenobi a crazy old man in a new hope, maybe like Obi Wan wanting to train Luke at a young age and Uncle Owen saying he doesn't want Luke ending up like Anakin so he says if Obi Wan takes him hell report him to the empire, that would make a lot of sense for the plot in a new hope. Just some good ideas i have lot more that would kind of take up 5 pages so i wont drag on

  • I M 3 7
    I M 3 7 Year ago

    I want to see an R rated movie, doesn’t have to be kenobi, but I want to see a movie where people get sliced by a lightsabers

  • PeksioArt
    PeksioArt Year ago

    It is not a fanmade trailer, it is jesus movie 😂 but it is fake that it is Kenobi? Idk

  • Lion Smile
    Lion Smile Year ago

    Not really excited about this one. Will be even less excited after Solo.

  • ChrisxStyleZ
    ChrisxStyleZ Year ago

    i have a bad feeling... that Disney isn't gonna bring Ewan McGregor

  • El Dictator
    El Dictator Year ago

    Lawrence of Arabia style

  • Danymite hazard
    Danymite hazard Year ago

    I want to see an Obiwan “Logan” movíe!

  • TheDruidKing
    TheDruidKing Year ago

    Everyone tenses up as kk's franchise killing machine turns to a new victim...

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney Year ago

    we don't really need an Obi Wan Kenobi movie... he's basically an essential part of every Star Wars Time line...... The Clone Wars tv show already basically did the idea, and they kinda nailed it....

  • Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ
    Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ Year ago

    And Liam Neeson... Really, without it, the ending of ROTC would make few sense.

  • Lucas Andres Costa

    A Logan like Obi Wan would be amazing

  • Oscar P
    Oscar P Year ago

    porgs are cool

  • Jimmy Peffer
    Jimmy Peffer Year ago

    Give me Ewan and also lets make this like Logan

  • Jamie Cruse
    Jamie Cruse Year ago

    I’d be down to see Darth Maul make an appearance

  • NotBizzy
    NotBizzy Year ago

    Yesss I want this

  • Danymite hazard
    Danymite hazard Year ago

    I want to see a depressing movie of Obiwan Kenobi

  • Matt Pattison
    Matt Pattison Year ago +1

    It should be a Star Wars take on 'Logan'. And I agree 100%, I also think if they get anyone other than Ewan McGregor, they're kinda shooting themselves in the foot before anyone sees the movie. The fans would immediately feel a natural disconnect, even going in with an open mind.

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m Year ago

    I prefer to see obi wan during the clone wars or at least obi with qui gon
    But I'm fine with a ben Kenobi story just not a snooze fess or at least obi wan is not just in tatoowine the movie

  • Flobbyoiboyz
    Flobbyoiboyz Year ago

    I love your thoughts! Hope we'll get a good story.

  • tonious35
    tonious35 Year ago

    One strand of pink hair, I'm not watching

  • Caleb Harris
    Caleb Harris Year ago

    Obi Wan has been around far too long to re cast him, if they won't cast Ewan then they shouldn't make the film at all

  • Carter Wagner
    Carter Wagner Year ago

    Logan. But with obi wan

  • GerudoKing
    GerudoKing Year ago

    I think Ewan was fine in the prequels, given what he had to work with...

  • TheJumpman319
    TheJumpman319 Year ago

    Final scene of the movie is a live action version of Obi wan vs Darth maul for the final time. One and only lightsaber fight in the movie. Ends exactly as the one in rebels

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson Year ago

    i would like to see obi wan talking to kid luke

  • Dutch Van Der Linde

    I want it to be like , Logan, but star wars.

  • Onei ros
    Onei ros Year ago

    People should start placing bets on how they fuck it up

  • gyarreto
    gyarreto Year ago

    I hope a huge role of the supporting character would be this dead beat cheating scum of a clone, thats just nothing what kenobi expected of a clone. but at the end, kenobi realizes the only thing keeping him becoming that clone is that he still has hope! lol.. nah idk..

  • spirittammyk
    spirittammyk Year ago

    I have wanted this movie like 10 years ago, but now that Disney has control of it, I am so scared they will fuck it up with SJW bullshit. Seriously, when was the last time Disney made an excellent live action movie that wasn't watered down with crap?

  • Julian Shipp J.R.
    Julian Shipp J.R. Year ago +1

    Who else saw the trailer and came back here

  • radthadtheman
    radthadtheman Year ago

    Ewan McGregor!!!!!!!!🤣🤣😃😃😃

  • BrawnyLion
    BrawnyLion Year ago

    It better have Ewan and Disney better not fucking throw in some shitty social justice agendas into this shit.

  • Sad Salamander
    Sad Salamander Year ago

    I don't want it to be a galactic Logan

  • Gym
    Gym Year ago +1

    Yea, hopefully they don’t fuck it up like the last Jedi.

  • Ty Salerno
    Ty Salerno Year ago +2

    yeah if ewan comes back so too does liam neeson for a force ghost appearance...low key I want him in it a lot

  • Edgar Louis Beley

    Pre-Phantom Menace Obi-Wan story would be nice too.


    Woah woah woah the 33% thing you said is very dumb and bb-8 and the porgs where not only for the merch

  • epade
    epade Year ago


  • Nass is Secretly a Pikmin

    A duel with darth maul. Nothing huge, but also longer than the one from Rebels. I liked the one in rebels, but we haven’t had an intense lightsaber duel in over a decade.

  • brady_boy 26
    brady_boy 26 Year ago

    I want it to be the Logan of Star Wars movies

  • Messy L
    Messy L Year ago

    Star Wars is NOT Marvel. No Comedy and stop comparing it to Logan (good film too).

  • TheDruidKing
    TheDruidKing Year ago

    *News just in:* Kathleen Kennedy has lined up Kelly MacDonald for "Obi-Wan: the Gender Fluid Years".

  • juan Camilo Mera
    juan Camilo Mera Year ago

    Wasnt the last jedi alredy the Logan of star wars

  • Saad Moin
    Saad Moin Year ago

    I agree with almost everything people are saying but I don't want an Obi Wan logan movie. There has to be a sense if familiarity. Sure he's got to deal with tough stuff. But I also want to see Obi Wan snap - either to face off against villain or protect Luke. This would be Obi Wan with all his experience and new force strength. It's our last chance to really see him show us his power with the force and how far he's come...and also how he's the grandfather of rey :)

  • Heather Dale
    Heather Dale Year ago

    Apparently Ewan is definitely doing it, and there may be two movies....SOOOOPER stoked.

    • Konrad Wallenrod
      Konrad Wallenrod Year ago

      Heather Dale
      Well, without him the project is destined to fail! Even prequel haters agree he is the ONLY Kenobi after Akec Guinness!

  • The Arctic Thing
    The Arctic Thing Year ago

    Yojimbo on tatooine

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji Year ago

    i want sandcrawlers

  • Mythology Guy
    Mythology Guy Year ago

    What Logan is to the X-Men, Kenobi should be for Star Wars. Darker, smaller scale, more personal. Doesn't have to be rated R but should be more adult than all others. I hope it becomes a thing

  • B Sutherland
    B Sutherland Year ago +1

    I agree completly. The stand alone movies should tell the story of a person. Not a hero, a human being that has to deal with struggles.

  • Wayne Shannon
    Wayne Shannon Year ago

    My hopes-They could talk about the force ghosts and how powerful they really. Talk about how kenobi became a force ghost. Small fights with scum to save young Luke. But mostly be a movie about how the force works now during the new trilogy and future sw films.

  • grapefruitiswinning

    No, Ewan McGregor was NOT good as Obi Wan. I am praying this movie never happens.

  • Rojenn Ortiz
    Rojenn Ortiz Year ago

    "Anakin! Drop!" brought me back to this video.

  • Dubious Fizzgig
    Dubious Fizzgig Year ago

    I'm only watching this if he drinks milk from a weird alien titty.

  • Avocado Pit
    Avocado Pit Year ago

    I want to see not only a kenobi story line, but a side darth maul story line leading up to the final battle reenactment of the twin Suns episode of rebels

  • Will Radtke
    Will Radtke Year ago

    The feel of Logan but in an Obi wan kenobi film would be excellent!

  • Antón Lucas López Agras

    I was going to say that if Ewan McGregor doesn't play Obi-Wan i would not watch it, but that would be lying. I will watch anything with "Star Wars" in the title. I would watch a 5 hour documentary about the production of blue milk.

  • carolynann1
    carolynann1 Year ago

    If the producers are watching this at all listen to these requests on this movie!!!! That's the only way I would see it

  • Adam Hamm
    Adam Hamm Year ago

    Please just have something that includes Darth Mual in the story line. Nothing too major but something where it references or shows him in the movie. Sort of like what they did in Rebels but on the big screen. Come on Disney enough of this blue balls sh@t!

  • ARB-058
    ARB-058 Year ago +2

    If there's no Ewan then there's no Obi-Wan and I leave Star Wars forever.

  • Emilio Pistachio Jr.

    It’s funny that there’s a EU Novel ( legends ) about Obi-Wan early years on Tatooine. Which is called “Kenobi”.