Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Is Happening - What I want To See


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  • Young Scooter
    Young Scooter 4 days ago

    i personally think it should be a movie about Obi Wan dealing with himself, talking to ghost qui gon, and becoming one with the force through trials that he has to go through on tatoinne, like him confronting his fears, regrets, and inner demons like maybe fighting a dream version of darth vader would be a great reveal about what happened to Anakin, he could also fight his greatest fear which could be a dark side grown up Luke (i dont know how that would really work with CGI tho for a young luke, theyd have to find another actor) also it would be awesome if like he had sort of like PTSD force visions, an awesome scene would be a PTSD force vision flashback of Anakin killing Jedi in the temple like with the full Jedi temple destruction scene, something that was missed in ROTS (if he kills children itll probably end up being R rated) but however I highly doubt they can get Hayden Christiansen to get back and play Anakin. And also some other PTSD force visions could be like Vader hunting Jedi and setting up his empire. Star Wars rebels kinda fucked this up but it would also be cool if Obi Wan fought Maul for a force test trial in the climax. Also in the film they need to have a backstory on why Uncle Owen calls Kenobi a crazy old man in a new hope, maybe like Obi Wan wanting to train Luke at a young age and Uncle Owen saying he doesn't want Luke ending up like Anakin so he says if Obi Wan takes him hell report him to the empire, that would make a lot of sense for the plot in a new hope. Just some good ideas i have lot more that would kind of take up 5 pages so i wont drag on

  • I M 3 7
    I M 3 7 7 days ago

    I want to see an R rated movie, doesn’t have to be kenobi, but I want to see a movie where people get sliced by a lightsabers

  • MavisDracula1ArtS
    MavisDracula1ArtS 15 days ago

    It is not a fanmade trailer, it is jesus movie 😂 but it is fake that it is Kenobi? Idk

  • Lion Smile
    Lion Smile 16 days ago

    Not really excited about this one. Will be even less excited after Solo.

    CHRISFERNANDEZLive 23 days ago

    i have a bad feeling... that Disney isn't gonna bring Ewan McGregor

  • El Dictator
    El Dictator 26 days ago

    Lawrence of Arabia style

  • Danymite hazard
    Danymite hazard 27 days ago

    I want to see an Obiwan “Logan” movíe!

  • TheDruidKing
    TheDruidKing Month ago

    Everyone tenses up as kk's franchise killing machine turns to a new victim...

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney Month ago

    we don't really need an Obi Wan Kenobi movie... he's basically an essential part of every Star Wars Time line...... The Clone Wars tv show already basically did the idea, and they kinda nailed it....

  • Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ
    Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ Month ago

    And Liam Neeson... Really, without it, the ending of ROTC would make few sense.

  • Lucas Andres Costa
    Lucas Andres Costa Month ago

    A Logan like Obi Wan would be amazing

  • Oscar P
    Oscar P Month ago

    porgs are cool

  • Jimmy Peffer
    Jimmy Peffer Month ago

    Give me Ewan and also lets make this like Logan

  • Jamie Cruse
    Jamie Cruse Month ago

    I’d be down to see Darth Maul make an appearance

  • KingFiz
    KingFiz Month ago

    Yesss I want this

  • Danymite hazard
    Danymite hazard Month ago

    I want to see a depressing movie of Obiwan Kenobi

  • Matt Pattison
    Matt Pattison Month ago +1

    It should be a Star Wars take on 'Logan'. And I agree 100%, I also think if they get anyone other than Ewan McGregor, they're kinda shooting themselves in the foot before anyone sees the movie. The fans would immediately feel a natural disconnect, even going in with an open mind.

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m Month ago

    I prefer to see obi wan during the clone wars or at least obi with qui gon
    But I'm fine with a ben Kenobi story just not a snooze fess or at least obi wan is not just in tatoowine the movie

  • Flobbyoiboyz
    Flobbyoiboyz Month ago

    I love your thoughts! Hope we'll get a good story.

  • tonious35
    tonious35 Month ago

    One strand of pink hair, I'm not watching

  • Caleb Harris
    Caleb Harris Month ago

    Obi Wan has been around far too long to re cast him, if they won't cast Ewan then they shouldn't make the film at all

  • Carter Wagner
    Carter Wagner Month ago

    Logan. But with obi wan

  • GerudoKing
    GerudoKing Month ago

    I think Ewan was fine in the prequels, given what he had to work with...

  • TheJumpman319
    TheJumpman319 Month ago

    Final scene of the movie is a live action version of Obi wan vs Darth maul for the final time. One and only lightsaber fight in the movie. Ends exactly as the one in rebels

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson 2 months ago

    i would like to see obi wan talking to kid luke

  • Dwight
    Dwight 2 months ago

    I want it to be like , Logan, but star wars.

  • Onei ros
    Onei ros 2 months ago

    People should start placing bets on how they fuck it up

  • gyarreto
    gyarreto 2 months ago

    I hope a huge role of the supporting character would be this dead beat cheating scum of a clone, thats just nothing what kenobi expected of a clone. but at the end, kenobi realizes the only thing keeping him becoming that clone is that he still has hope! lol.. nah idk..

  • spirittammyk
    spirittammyk 2 months ago

    I have wanted this movie like 10 years ago, but now that Disney has control of it, I am so scared they will fuck it up with SJW bullshit. Seriously, when was the last time Disney made an excellent live action movie that wasn't watered down with crap?

  • Julian Shipp J.R.
    Julian Shipp J.R. 2 months ago +1

    Who else saw the trailer and came back here

  • radthadtheman
    radthadtheman 2 months ago

    Ewan McGregor!!!!!!!!🤣🤣😃😃😃

  • BrawnyLion
    BrawnyLion 2 months ago

    It better have Ewan and Disney better not fucking throw in some shitty social justice agendas into this shit.

  • Sad Salamander
    Sad Salamander 2 months ago

    I don't want it to be a galactic Logan

  • Gym
    Gym 2 months ago +1

    Yea, hopefully they don’t fuck it up like the last Jedi.

  • Ty Salerno
    Ty Salerno 2 months ago +2

    yeah if ewan comes back so too does liam neeson for a force ghost appearance...low key I want him in it a lot

  • Edgar Louis Beley
    Edgar Louis Beley 2 months ago

    Pre-Phantom Menace Obi-Wan story would be nice too.

    THE FRIENDLY GAMER 2 months ago

    Woah woah woah the 33% thing you said is very dumb and bb-8 and the porgs where not only for the merch

  • epade
    epade 2 months ago


  • Nass is Secretly a Pikmin

    A duel with darth maul. Nothing huge, but also longer than the one from Rebels. I liked the one in rebels, but we haven’t had an intense lightsaber duel in over a decade.

  • brady_boy 26
    brady_boy 26 2 months ago

    I want it to be the Logan of Star Wars movies

  • Messy L
    Messy L 2 months ago

    Star Wars is NOT Marvel. No Comedy and stop comparing it to Logan (good film too).

  • TheDruidKing
    TheDruidKing 2 months ago

    *News just in:* Kathleen Kennedy has lined up Kelly MacDonald for "Obi-Wan: the Gender Fluid Years".

  • juan camilo mera
    juan camilo mera 2 months ago

    Wasnt the last jedi alredy the Logan of star wars

  • Saad Moin
    Saad Moin 2 months ago

    I agree with almost everything people are saying but I don't want an Obi Wan logan movie. There has to be a sense if familiarity. Sure he's got to deal with tough stuff. But I also want to see Obi Wan snap - either to face off against villain or protect Luke. This would be Obi Wan with all his experience and new force strength. It's our last chance to really see him show us his power with the force and how far he's come...and also how he's the grandfather of rey :)

  • Heather Dale
    Heather Dale 2 months ago

    Apparently Ewan is definitely doing it, and there may be two movies....SOOOOPER stoked.

    • Konrad Wallenrod
      Konrad Wallenrod 2 months ago

      Heather Dale
      Well, without him the project is destined to fail! Even prequel haters agree he is the ONLY Kenobi after Akec Guinness!

  • Cthulu Nebuchadnezzar
    Cthulu Nebuchadnezzar 2 months ago

    Yojimbo on tatooine

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji 2 months ago

    i want sandcrawlers

  • Mythology Guy
    Mythology Guy 2 months ago

    What Logan is to the X-Men, Kenobi should be for Star Wars. Darker, smaller scale, more personal. Doesn't have to be rated R but should be more adult than all others. I hope it becomes a thing

  • B Sutherland
    B Sutherland 2 months ago +1

    I agree completly. The stand alone movies should tell the story of a person. Not a hero, a human being that has to deal with struggles.

  • Wayne Shannon
    Wayne Shannon 2 months ago

    My hopes-They could talk about the force ghosts and how powerful they really. Talk about how kenobi became a force ghost. Small fights with scum to save young Luke. But mostly be a movie about how the force works now during the new trilogy and future sw films.

  • grapefruitiswinning
    grapefruitiswinning 2 months ago

    No, Ewan McGregor was NOT good as Obi Wan. I am praying this movie never happens.

  • Rojenn Ortiz
    Rojenn Ortiz 2 months ago

    "Anakin! Drop!" brought me back to this video.

  • Dubious Fizzgig
    Dubious Fizzgig 2 months ago

    I'm only watching this if he drinks milk from a weird alien titty.

  • Blue Behemoth
    Blue Behemoth 2 months ago

    I want to see not only a kenobi story line, but a side darth maul story line leading up to the final battle reenactment of the twin Suns episode of rebels

  • Will Radtke
    Will Radtke 2 months ago

    The feel of Logan but in an Obi wan kenobi film would be excellent!

  • Antón Lucas López Agras
    Antón Lucas López Agras 2 months ago +1

    I was going to say that if Ewan McGregor doesn't play Obi-Wan i would not watch it, but that would be lying. I will watch anything with "Star Wars" in the title. I would watch a 5 hour documentary about the production of blue milk.

  • carolynann1
    carolynann1 2 months ago

    If the producers are watching this at all listen to these requests on this movie!!!! That's the only way I would see it

  • Adam Hamm
    Adam Hamm 2 months ago

    Please just have something that includes Darth Mual in the story line. Nothing too major but something where it references or shows him in the movie. Sort of like what they did in Rebels but on the big screen. Come on Disney enough of this blue balls sh@t!

  • The Immortal Phantom
    The Immortal Phantom 2 months ago +2

    If there's no Ewan then there's no Obi-Wan and I leave Star Wars forever.

  • Who are you callin’ Pinhead

    It’s funny that there’s a EU Novel ( legends ) about Obi-Wan early years on Tatooine. Which is called “Kenobi”.

  • TheMossBomb
    TheMossBomb 2 months ago

    Tbh prequel star wars stories would work better than the original trilogy side story, or just give us some old republic stories

  • Driftar
    Driftar 2 months ago +2

    Eeeeewaaaan!!!! Fanboying so much obbiii wannn we need you!!!!!

  • Ralius
    Ralius 2 months ago

    Only with Ewan McGregor..... Without him dont even bother.... Fucking disney, Ewan said he would like to come back to this role and still no concrete news about this movie....

  • 3 Thinking
    3 Thinking 2 months ago

    Another shit star wars film

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago

    I agree with a lot of that. I think it should be a simple story of him coming to terms with the responsibility he bares for basically creating the galaxy equivalent of Hitler and yes it should be like a western. The original Star Wars was inspired by those kinds of movies and so should this be. I do however disagree with you on one thing, personally I like the idea of a humorous sidekick character, not asking for the return of Jar Jar Binks or anything, but someone to balance the seriousness of Obi as a character and help to give us a few funny monuments we can laugh out loud at.

  • Rhett Preller
    Rhett Preller 2 months ago

    i want a R rated star wars movie with yoda

  • VIRAVAX -144
    VIRAVAX -144 2 months ago

    I want to see Obi wan after the training that Yoda gave him to undertake, to talk to Qui-Gon. The emotion that I believe that we would feel would be so powerful, as Obi-wan has to inform not only his former master, but his father figure that the young boy that Qui-gon thought would restore balance to the force has turned away from the light, and that burden and pain that Obi-wan could feel from doing everything in his power, to raise this boy to the best of his abilities and up hold his promise to his dying master, with the pain that he felt as obi-won never believed that Anakin should never of been a Jedi, and I feel that it would raise many character moments between the two, and questions. I feel that if you had the correct writers working on this, you could have a movie that could sorta be like Logan. An old man that is either done or questions everything about his past. A man we see no longer possess the ability to fight and recover as he did when he was younger, he is watching over Luke as well so I’d love to see the enteral conflict in him debating if this Skywalker will turn out the same way as Anakin. I could go on with the idea but I really hope we get an amazing Kenobi stand alone movie!


    I want it to be an Obi Wan film almost like how Logan was about a wounded, rough Jedi who is coping with everything that has happened and I do want Obi Wan to have a weapon but maybe not use the lightsaber that much because with everything that happened to Anakin I would love this and it needs to not be a rated R film but as close to R as you could possibly get.

  • Purposeful Porpoise
    Purposeful Porpoise 2 months ago

    Obi Wan is mixed up into a "7 samurai" type situation where he has to protect a farm from a small army of Jabba thugs and Ahsoka shows up in the early-middle act to help Kenobi in his "last Stand", the farm belongs to Owen Lars

  • Sa MooMoo
    Sa MooMoo 2 months ago

    If Jesus doesn't play obi wan I swear to Ewan

  • Rodrigo Alvarez
    Rodrigo Alvarez 2 months ago +1

    do not make a boring movie make it an action put Darth Maul there the Mandalorian Ark would be awesome

  • Raquel Elizalde
    Raquel Elizalde 2 months ago

    Kind of like the movie Logan

  • ricthecoolguy
    ricthecoolguy 2 months ago

    Perfect movie would be a grounded star wars movie that has him as broken as Old Man Logan from the comic. That would be amazing.

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor 2 months ago

    It's not confirmed, though. Disney is setting up the project and McGregor is clearly coy about it and we all know it will happen... but it's not official yet.

  • Demetrius McClain
    Demetrius McClain 2 months ago

    I want it to be like the fan trailer

  • rickychardzz
    rickychardzz 2 months ago

    Am i the only one who wants a rematch between vader...... I know we have it in a new hope but make it happen the best fight scene in the star wars universe

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez 2 months ago

    No I want light saver !!

  • dru gotti
    dru gotti 2 months ago

    It got to have some action damn nobody want to see and old man walking in da desert for two hours thinking how bad he fuck up

  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi 2 months ago +1

    Teaser hit five days ago!!!

  • TheNikolaYo
    TheNikolaYo 2 months ago

    Nah,fuck dat,i want to see him use lightsaber,enught with broken characters it's boring,i want to se him protecting luke from some dark jedia who are suppose to find force sensitive childrend and kill them before they have a chance to grow up and be potential treat to the empire,something like dat,sabers,force,an epic battles need to be in this one

  • mikey sandoval
    mikey sandoval 2 months ago

    They need to put Darth mual in there with a epic fight I want to see it.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 2 months ago

    33% fan service must be lightsaber fights.

  • animeisland420
    animeisland420 2 months ago

    He should fight Darth Maul like he did in animations

  • Givy55
    Givy55 2 months ago +3

    Why in the hell doesn't Disney hire you for a consulting job for these star wars movies ??? Please Disney hire people like Jeremy who have much better ideas then you seem to have!!

  • Sidney Baptist
    Sidney Baptist 2 months ago

    Ewan is pronounced yoo-an btw

  • Logan Powdrill
    Logan Powdrill 2 months ago

    Nothing is confirmed yet

    SAGE XX 2 months ago

    100% agreed with everything JJ said on this one. Should be cheaply produced, no cartoony or merch bizness, keep Ewan, make this one for adults, etc etc. Hit all the important points, bravo 👏🏾

  • Ron nono
    Ron nono 2 months ago

    Obi wan will be a black female.

  • Og_Deadbolt
    Og_Deadbolt 2 months ago

    Why would Obi Wan feel that his religion is a lie because of the failings of Anaken? Makes no sense. He was always a true Jedi, right to the end when he sacrificed himself.

  • Stephen Zimmermann
    Stephen Zimmermann 2 months ago

    He has the high ground

  • Baldrick 97
    Baldrick 97 2 months ago

    KENOBI: tales from the high ground

  • Corey Mckee
    Corey Mckee 2 months ago

    I want the film to take place maybe 3 to 5 years after order 66 and the extermination of the jedi and him grieving over losing his apprentice and training with Yoda to contact Qui Gon. It would tie the films together even more and be a nice treat for prequel lovers like myself!🤓👌 i dont want him too old and close to ep4. He needs to still be in his prime in terms of age!

  • Colton Phillips
    Colton Phillips 2 months ago

    So wait, why and how was this confirmed?

  • Joshua Spindley
    Joshua Spindley 2 months ago

    Want a Ashoka cameo in it

  • Canon Wright
    Canon Wright 2 months ago

    I Don't want to see Ob1, in the Desert, all by himself - repeating - There is no emotion, there is no emotion, there is no emotion... because if there is, then, there is no me in the theater. Ty =]

  • ö. . ,
    ö. . , 2 months ago

    I was a fucking kid when the old Star Wars movies have been released. It was a quite serious space adventure for teenager and yound adults. And that's why I liked it as a kid.
    If I wanted something goofy for kids, I watched Bugs Bunny.
    But the more "adult" Star Wars was always more fascinating than goofy cartoons.
    Putting cartoon jokes and characters in Star Wars would have made sense to me in the 70ies, as a kid.

  • Victor miles
    Victor miles 2 months ago

    Maul needs to be in it

  • ahmad sharif
    ahmad sharif 2 months ago

    Looking at this back.. woooo, you really just described Luke's arc in The Last Jedi.

  • Ryan Fritz
    Ryan Fritz 2 months ago

    Man with No Name Trilogy + Logan = Obi Wan movie.

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 2 months ago

    Sounds boring