‘The most bizarre thing we’ve ever seen' from a No. 1 pick - Jalen Rose on Markelle Fultz | Get Up

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Jalen Rose and Jay Williams react to Orlando Magic GM John Hammond saying he has “no idea” when Markelle Fultz will play.
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Comments • 2 438

  • pawel k
    pawel k 13 days ago

    Jalen is a smart guy.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark Month ago

    If he gets healthy, the more he trains and works out his shooting the more I feel he will regain his shooting or become even better

  • Frank Lyons
    Frank Lyons 2 months ago +1


  • Kuwsh15
    Kuwsh15 2 months ago


  • Billy BOB
    Billy BOB 2 months ago

    Told yah he is a bust.

  • jimipurple123
    jimipurple123 2 months ago

    Bust. Zion is next

  • Homeboy Unknown
    Homeboy Unknown 3 months ago

    Markelle fultz has a nerve in his arm that makes it painful as shit to raise his arm above his head

  • Exillens 2.0
    Exillens 2.0 3 months ago

    If his right shoulder is messed up and it's only affecting your jumper, here's an idea... shoot with your left instead. You can build a shot from scratch with your off hand quicker than the time this is taking. Get a shooting coach and get to work. If he has the athleticism and everything else he can at least be a decent player even with a half ok jumper with his off hand

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 3 months ago

    Fultz worst pick ever!

  • Tay Loc 44
    Tay Loc 44 3 months ago +1

    Or it could be physical and none of these college dropouts know what’s going on in somebody else’s body

  • ebeeebee1
    ebeeebee1 3 months ago +1

    Year 2028
    Magic GM: "No idea when Markelle Fultz will return"

  • Robby
    Robby 3 months ago

    I would rather have Markelle than Anthony Bennett any day. Bennett was so bad it was mind blowing

  • rman
    rman 3 months ago

    “Pray for markelle cos they fucked up his shot” 🙏🏾

  • ballerboy doyoueven
    ballerboy doyoueven 3 months ago

    I never played proffessional but had the same problem and it's deff mental

  • ballerboy doyoueven
    ballerboy doyoueven 3 months ago

    Everybody talk bad about Orlando but where does everybody go for vacation ?

  • Anish Khajuria
    Anish Khajuria 3 months ago

    Pray for markelle they fucked up his shot!

  • Lando Black
    Lando Black 3 months ago

    The biggest bust ever in NBA history end of story !!!

  • Benelius Paige II
    Benelius Paige II 3 months ago

    Philly should have Tatum or Fox it’s crazy

  • Niala
    Niala 3 months ago

    Deadass Fultz looks like YBN Cordae

  • Tavares Price
    Tavares Price 3 months ago

    As a magic fan this was a horrible move nothing is wrong with the dude physically from the games I seen him play it seem this is something mentally. This dude has something wrong in his head that ain't basketball related.

  • DwaNeStaR 2K
    DwaNeStaR 2K 3 months ago

    Anthony bennet or markelle fultz????? Who is the biggest bust

  • Sherwin Clarence Go
    Sherwin Clarence Go 3 months ago +5

    Its like the Monstars from Space Jam zapped him. He totally forgot how to play...

  • P on the beat
    P on the beat 3 months ago

    He didn’t sacrifice yet 🤷🏾‍♂️😐

  • Michael Huakau
    Michael Huakau 3 months ago

    Jalen blinked over a 100 times

  • chase ziegler
    chase ziegler 3 months ago

    Lmaoooooooooooooo markelle fultz is the worst #1 pick in history

  • Trevor G
    Trevor G 3 months ago

    Man looks like YBN Cordinae

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max 3 months ago +1

    man i would be playing by now and im 30 years old fk fultz almost 2 years not being able to play normally?

    • Bad Max
      Bad Max 3 months ago

      @Ma name Jeff so are other players much older and they still put up some decent numbers . just saying waste of pick . if he was 20th pick nobody would give a damn about him

    • Ma name Jeff
      Ma name Jeff 3 months ago

      He’s on a NBA team where are you. It’s psychological or an injury, he is still able to perform at an elite level

  • Stephen Venezia
    Stephen Venezia 3 months ago

    Has Jalen Rose heard of Anthony Bennett?

  • Henry and Khloe's Channel SQUANCE

    Re do shoulder surgery or play it's insane.

  • TheJayboi44
    TheJayboi44 3 months ago +3

    The leaked video of him shooting a few days ago looked fantastic 👀

    • tmm n
      tmm n 3 months ago

      TheJayboi44 where it’s at

    • Kellen Peterson
      Kellen Peterson 3 months ago

      Everyone in the NBA can shoot it's about making them shots when the game is sped up Aka during an actual game

  • Dwayne Henry
    Dwayne Henry 3 months ago +2

    Ya'll are not doctors so you can't diagnose whether it's psychological or not....

  • William Lutu
    William Lutu 3 months ago +1

    Jalen Rose with the Lil Duval face

  • Kursh
    Kursh 3 months ago

    These old heads bms

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity 3 months ago

    He hasn’t even showed his skills yet but because of this injury and Sixers messes things up for playing him knowing he’s in pain that doesn’t look normal, they messed this kid’s career if ever he won’t be the same. He got hit with “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” but they fixed his jumpshot instead of the injury smh.

  • BlaqLionKing
    BlaqLionKing 3 months ago +2

    Shout out to all my people patiently waiting on Fultz’s 30 For 30... 💯😉

  • tes516
    tes516 3 months ago

    He has no feeling in his shooting arm, is the problem u cant test for that kind of stuff

  • Xavier Mcfield
    Xavier Mcfield 3 months ago

    It’s crazy the media doesn’t the type of mental abuse they cause on athletes. U trash them on tv Nd media platforms then act surprised when they have break downs. But becuz their “professionals” they suppose to not b effected by guys trashing them....

  • Im Batman0122
    Im Batman0122 3 months ago

    Why tf jalen blink so much

  • Agente Requis
    Agente Requis 3 months ago +1

    "the most bizzare thing from a 1st ovr pick" greg oden?

    • zach despinich
      zach despinich 3 months ago +5

      Agente Requis Greg Oden is wayyyyyyy different than this whole situation

  • clazclown8
    clazclown8 3 months ago

    Thoracic outlet syndrome is a nerve injury. Totally different, nerves don’t always heal. His muscle coordination, movement, strength may be totally different or declined. I don’t think psychological humps last this long. He’s more injured than anyone is letting on.

  • Professor Yog
    Professor Yog 3 months ago

    doesn't HAVE to be mental at all, a lot of lower level players struggle to even get the elbow in enough to shoot with good form, it's not the same as dunking at all, and it takes way more precision so any little hitch or whatever in your shoulder affects your shot.

  • OEuKnowMe
    OEuKnowMe 3 months ago

    Bro young jeezy put on weight

  • J painter
    J painter 3 months ago

    What was wrong with the GMs comments? All sounded great to me!

    • J painter
      J painter 3 months ago

      Titus3242 Jon his comments were just taken out of context. It’s hard to stay in basketball shape without playing basketball for a year and a half

    • Titus3242 Jon
      Titus3242 Jon 3 months ago

      J painter Nothing wrong with the comments, but after a year and a half you don’t want to hear about the body fat percentage of a former #1 overall pick... you want that mf to play and win you games 😂😂

  • Qwerty Werty
    Qwerty Werty 3 months ago

    Can you just stick to fucking basketball and stop trying to diagnose whats wrong with him... youre not doctors youre basketball analysts

  • TheNexCoolGuy
    TheNexCoolGuy 3 months ago +3

    As a Sixers fan, I was very disappointed at first that we gave Tobias a max, but lost out on Butler. Thennnnn, I realized we offered Jimmy a max, but he declined so he could join a winning team? Oh, he meant live in Florida 💀

  • JamieChrisUltimate
    JamieChrisUltimate 3 months ago +1

    He looked like a bust even in college

  • Keith
    Keith 3 months ago

    It’s a psychological issue that is predicated on a proud lack of confidence since entering the NBA.

  • 😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇

    Sizers dumb asf

  • 9Lanes
    9Lanes 3 months ago

    These niggas don’t know what their talking about

  • Shampoo Fully
    Shampoo Fully 3 months ago +8

    He's overthinking his shot. Someone role him a fatty! He good

  • Kevin Yezek
    Kevin Yezek 3 months ago +1


  • Ron Duece
    Ron Duece 3 months ago

    Markelle is injured. I feel bad for him

  • Matt Mayers
    Matt Mayers 3 months ago

    Number 1 pick overrated

  • Will C
    Will C 3 months ago +1

    Im sicc of this weak ass dude straight up fucc dude he a bum!

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King 3 months ago +1

    Shit is quiet in Orlando he wont have as big a microscope on him migh be what he needs to turn it around hes still young so..gotta root for him

  • Nasiim Williams
    Nasiim Williams 3 months ago

    I forgot about him😂😂😂

  • dvon1097
    dvon1097 3 months ago

    In hindsight, the Celtics FLEECED the Sixers!

  • King Berserk
    King Berserk 3 months ago

    What a disappointment

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee 3 months ago +82

    Hey Jalen my bro wtf happened to kawhi 99% to raps????

    • matty S
      matty S 2 months ago

      I was 81% sure he’d go back to the raps

    • Danny Lee
      Danny Lee 3 months ago

      @Gabriella Savona and your point is? If he had no idea that Kawhi was speaking to other players then he should have never said 99% to raps.

    • Gabriella Savona
      Gabriella Savona 3 months ago

      Jalen admitted he was wrong he had no idea Kawhi was speaking to Paul George about a Clippers return

    • WinterXL
      WinterXL 3 months ago +1

      1% ain't 0%

    • PIRATE
      PIRATE 3 months ago +3

      @s7553 the 1% happened

  • Mohamed abdelrahman
    Mohamed abdelrahman 3 months ago

    Okay Jalen Rose, Greg oden didn’t exist. Neither did Darko Milicic