Angry Student Calls Jordan Peterson "MORON", Watch How He Responds

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • THE DEATH OF AMERICA - A MORAL DECEDENT 28 year old moves from being a Catholic Nun to being a porn star Full Interview at The Mill Series:
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  • Voice Liberty
    Voice Liberty  2 months ago +105

    Why America Is Going Backwards Relative to Other Countries

    • Inthorns
      Inthorns 5 days ago

      +Nitty BlahBlah Free speech -Lolz...
      So, you've not seen the multitudes of people, across the nation, losing their jobs over things they've merely spoken, as of late?
      For speaking freely (and in that, for mostly disagreeing with others), people are now losing jobs. Jobs that provide them, under capitalism, the fundamental necessity that initially gives them the power to act on the 'right' to; an education, to choose where they live, (clearly it turns out that they can't choose where they work if they have their own thoughts, feelings, and ideals and speak of them), to own personal property. . .yadda yadda.
      It's like you're watching people get their legs cut off and insisting they can still walk unhindered!
      Seems to me that you are thinking of America pre - social justice idiot.
      - (and you're right, that America was pretttty nice) -

    • laketahoeG
      laketahoeG 6 days ago

      Question for the editor of Voice Liberty: Why are you cutting your own videos off midstream? You had my interest today and got about 6 views. But now I'll never watch another of the videos you've produced, because of this. I can't imagine how many others feel the same.
      You could be increasing your viewership and subscribership immensely, if not for this, overly mixed music and the distracting, centered macro perspective.
      I can only conclude you're using these techniques to disquise stolen material. What's the deal? ~LTG

    • Frank Wait
      Frank Wait 14 days ago

      piss poor education system...we are dumbing down...obviously...

    • Touché Sir
      Touché Sir 16 days ago

      Nitty BlahBlah; we are moving towards controlled speech. People here is the USA have already been arrested for offending people by stating an opinion. Two of your examples shot down right there.

    • Touché Sir
      Touché Sir 16 days ago

      tenofivelips; to be fair, we are the only country that simply acknowledges that people haven rights, inherent and inalienable. Every other country with freedoms GRANTS those rights to their citizens, they can be taken away just as easily as they were given.

  • Allison Reich
    Allison Reich 7 hours ago

    Roman millennial n Jordan don't talk no hate what so ever.these goofy libs are really getting that bar low . it's like if ur against whites you make their team

  • HubiKoshi
    HubiKoshi 8 hours ago

    A guy with a psychology degree and decades of experience is not valid but someone with gender studies degree who is fresh out of college is huh?

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 10 hours ago

    The reason JP is so hated by the Left is that he rationalizes their irrationality. Basically, he makes them reason their unreasonability which forces them to see the error of their ways. The Left cannot fathom being wrong because then they cannot wallow in their feel good funk.

  • shmeetz213
    shmeetz213 21 hour ago

    Dr Peterson is a pure legend. He has helped me in more ways than anything I could imagine. I owe him the world. I deeply love this man and everything he stands for

  • Greg LeVitre
    Greg LeVitre Day ago

    I can't even begin to count how many hours of your lectures and various videos I've watched and I recognize the value of everything you speak about except for religion and the status quo.
    Religion- there's simply no way to twist it into being anything positive for humanity. It has only been a brutal and anti-intellectual plague upon our species. The good feelings some people get from it they could get from other things like art or just about any hobby they could go into, and hard science has shown that creative expression stimulates the same brain center that prayer and meditation stimulates but much more effectively. There's literally no use for religion whatsoever.
    If the world runs on meritocracy then why is it that I see the people with family connects (typically Jewish connects) and hot women getting the best opportunities while the most talented people are struggling to get their careers off the ground and forced to work for pennies doing far superior work than those making millions of dollars. Every industry is controlled and ruled with an iron fist.

  • cheesedie
    cheesedie Day ago

    the last half of this video is the real good stuff - so profound, the biggest call to action ive ever heard/experienced.

  • abba mohd
    abba mohd Day ago

    Why you have to lie about the caption tho???

  • Zhar
    Zhar Day ago

    This guy is pushing the outdated biblical notion that humans are so special that we are the centre of the universe, everything about us is so remarkable blah blah blah...

  • Richard Hicks
    Richard Hicks Day ago

    His summary articulated the very ideas that I once espoused in another life. What makes that interesting is that I've never heard of Dr. Peterson until about 4 months ago. There are truths that are ubiquitous, spanning across all of the human race. All we need to do is get out of the way of what we think we know as ourselves and the way that we think people perceive who we are and foster our own divinity in a way that allows others to experience their own truth.

  • Kreika01
    Kreika01 Day ago

    His ongoing gravitational pull to religion hurts his scientific integrity. Anyone who says “That’s what the religious have always said” is not factually correct because they can’t know that. Humans might have a religiosity gene but we don’t have to succumb to that anymore than you would succumb to some sex-drive gene. Both may be compelling but both can do great damage if the animal instincts are not controlled.

  • Aussie Steve
    Aussie Steve 2 days ago

    poor video rip

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner 2 days ago

    I can't understand why anybody would pay to have these idiots educated. We need to toss them all out and start over again. Peterson is one of the wisest people to ever grace our time.

  • Colin George Jenkins

    Put a stop to the war between science and religion. Just accept e= mc2 was around before the bible

    SUDHIR PATEL 3 days ago

    These people have no clue what you are talking about. They have more in common with the squirrels in my backyard. Homer Simpson is not going to join your ideological enlightenment into the depths of nature. Smoke a cigarette after getting high and write a beautiful thought on thinking naturally.

    SUDHIR PATEL 3 days ago

    Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times 😢

  • Ewa Zizemska
    Ewa Zizemska 3 days ago


  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 3 days ago

    Jorden Peterson is a treasure of wisdom.

  • Kenneth Rivera
    Kenneth Rivera 3 days ago

    Holy shit Jordan Peterson is the perfect right!!

  • dosia1 boby
    dosia1 boby 4 days ago +5

    Peterson is the best thing that happen to this world for long time

  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 4 days ago

    "The chattering buzz of ideologically possesed demons" brilliant.

  • ashhurstanglers1975
    ashhurstanglers1975 4 days ago

    this guy lol i tell ya....

  • cowfy Kaufman
    cowfy Kaufman 4 days ago

    My take is the highest form of critique these leftists youngsters strive to obtain is 'glibness'.The fail even in this & since facts logic are not theirs they come off as a source of unsophisticated crude blather.

  • yona1960bear
    yona1960bear 5 days ago

    It's amazing how many people on the left AND the right Peterson dead wrong. Most of the letters he gets are from those on the right who don't just HEAR him but LISTEN to him and move towards the left, or center. Of course, the further right one is, the more "liberal" they will appear as they move towards the center...and vice versa.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 5 days ago

    Due to failed suicide attempts

  • Dr Aryan
    Dr Aryan 5 days ago

    All people are looking for truth!! .... This is the biggest Joke in our Time. Then come these Money Lovers like this Petersonn! Guys, Truth is what you find through your Knowledge! No one tells the Truth! Intelligent is all about manipulating! We manipulate materials and people around us. That’s the actual meaning of Intelligence! Read books and read in Internet about Science and you will know who tells the truth and who like this twoface make sense to you! Investigate anything that make sense because nothing make sense in Nature!

    VENGEANCE IS A MUST 5 days ago

    Get the address of this she pig, rest will be taken care of.

  • Błażej M.
    Błażej M. 6 days ago

    I just wonder why Peterson constantly uses word 'vulnerability' to not say what he actually meanse - death.

  • Hela Goddess Of Death

    Conservatives love to click bait every video they make.

  • Authur Holmes
    Authur Holmes 6 days ago

    Much of what he's saying is opinion, I'm on board with some of what being said but some of you sound like you will drink the kool aid now. We can learn from anyone but there's no absolute in human thought.

  • Nicky J
    Nicky J 6 days ago +1

    5:34 "There's lots of space between the radical left and the radical right". I love this comment and I wish more people would understand that life is not simply black or white, but shades of grey (50 apparently lol). And, because of this we, need to have free speech in order to get the problems out in the open, so that we can come up with sensible solutions. As my good friend always says, "We need to put the stinky possum on the table".

  • laketahoeG
    laketahoeG 6 days ago

    Question for the editor of Voice Liberty: Why are you cutting your own videos off midstream? You had my interest today and got about 6 views. But now I'll never watch another of the videos you've produced, because of this. I can't imagine how many others feel the same.
    You could be increasing your viewership and subscribership immensely, if not for this, overly mixed music and the distracting, centered macro perspective.
    I can only conclude you're using these techniques to disquise stolen material. What's the deal? ~LTG

  • Cosmic Axis
    Cosmic Axis 6 days ago

    He is not a moron,he is really smart,the problem is that he uses psychology as a political tool and in the wrong place,real science is eternal information not business.

  • Euro Bum
    Euro Bum 6 days ago

    clickbait. Jordan would not approve.

  • Benjamin Leftwich
    Benjamin Leftwich 6 days ago

    A powerful insight

  • Gary Finch
    Gary Finch 6 days ago +5

    "Moron" with over a 100 published (and cited) scientific papers, several published books, numerous speaking tours...mmm.

    • cowfy Kaufman
      cowfy Kaufman 4 days ago

      My take is the highest form of critique these leftists youngsters strive to obtain is 'glibness'.The fail even in this & since facts logic are not theirs they come off as a source of unsophisticated crude blather.

  • daverlb
    daverlb 6 days ago +3

    I only recently started watching clips of Petersons interviews. Because everyone I spoke to accused him of this and accused him of that and said he was one thing or another. And I, who assumes to know it all, found myself silenced. Because I didn't know anything about this evil guy who was warping the worlds thinking with hate and racism. But, after 20 clips or more, and various written articles, I can't actually find a single piece of evidence to back up what I was told about him. Not only that, but I see exactly where all those lies I was told have eminated from, and Ive watched him being set up, provoked, and attacked by those who believe THEIRS is the moral high ground. So i find myself agreeing with pretty much everything he says.

    LAS VEGAS DRONES 7 days ago

    Left. Right. Middle...nothing but compartmentalized labeling for commercial means

  • michael garver
    michael garver 7 days ago

    This is probably the best Jordan Peterson’s discussion I have ever heard

  • Abayomi Oluyemi
    Abayomi Oluyemi 7 days ago +3

    Tragedy is the precondition for being...

  • Daniel Inthelionsden

    Was that answering any question did that clarify anything atrin said I don't think anyone else could either Jordan does go on doesn't he I don't think anyone is smart enough to understand what the hell you saying exactly

  • Esther sparklebutt
    Esther sparklebutt 7 days ago

    I honestly love him.

  • Stephen Burke
    Stephen Burke 8 days ago

    Look back I thought this guy was talking sence. He's a master

    • Stephen Burke
      Stephen Burke 8 days ago

      Master Machiavellian. He started with Christian talks, were all looking for answer, then moves on this 12 rules AKA his religion. Now he's says you didn't earn your whitness "privilege" Gift as he paused catching his mistake. Now I'm no racist. Listen to the answers again of the professor's ,why do you disregard them. In 2yrs this guy's came outta nowhere and if you white male reading this. Research. Don't just go yeah I get it ,cos you don't, he a professor,what are you ?

  • rumpelbeat
    rumpelbeat 8 days ago +16

    When J.P. is talking: shut up, listen and hopefully learn.
    Use your brain!

  • yoda 1forme
    yoda 1forme 8 days ago

    I'm sick of this on both sides, yes the right does it too. People like Alex Jones, he is so damn entertaining though.

  • J T
    J T 8 days ago

    Yeah it’s all for an op-ed pmsl stupid sheep

  • Andrea Di Biagio
    Andrea Di Biagio 8 days ago

    Where is the second clip from?

  • K G
    K G 8 days ago

    The true moron is the writer who never considered why it is that the left can get "pissed," especially so easily. Peterson addressed it perfectly: it's the butthurt of tribalist ideologues who like religious fanatics find any opposition to their thinking a grave insult. 2:07

  • Chris
    Chris 8 days ago +1

    these libs are brainwashed , its scary !

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers 9 days ago +1

    “We can no longer be willing to kill other people in the defense of our beliefs”

  • The man they couldn't root shoot or electrocute

    I hate the way fascist racist homophopbic transphobic islamaphobic oppressors try to pretend they are reasonable logical people. He should be denied the opportunity to speak and skewered on the end of a pitchfork.

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 10 days ago +1

    “ Inviting speakers who makes wildly unsubstantiated claims” so when Janet Mock and many other transgender activist are invited to speak at colleges and make “ unsubstantiated claims” about gender that HAVE NOT been scientifically proven it is ok??

  • bob millington
    bob millington 10 days ago

    Love; no machine

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 10 days ago

    the master of using 50,000 words to say nothing. verbal word salad that 99% of his fanboys and girls don't even understand if they were being honest. It just *sounds* smart and he is mostly on their political side so that's all it takes for them to annoint him something he clearly is not.

  • Reptile Spit
    Reptile Spit 11 days ago

    2:55 that's so true, I find radical right wingers in England so predictable. Doesn't matter who you speak to, they all have almost same opinions, it's almost like they all possess same thought process if there's any. Ignorance is not a bliss

  • 888kaddy
    888kaddy 11 days ago +1

    Students spend too much time formulating responses to actually listen to what is being said. It's dogmatic possession for sure. No enlightenment is possible.

  • Archangel Raphael
    Archangel Raphael 11 days ago

    *Voice Liberty* = just another group/individual who cherry picks the internet and re-posts videos on EweTube promoting what exactly?

  • Path of the Warrior
    Path of the Warrior 11 days ago +7

    Universities today are the opposite of what the old philosophers want to achieve. They want a place for free thinking and free science to build a human based on rational values. Today it is a concentration camp of extreme Marxist indoctrination.

  • Alan Glauber
    Alan Glauber 11 days ago +1

    "the chattering buzz of ideologically possessed demons" :D :D

  • Deval Pareek
    Deval Pareek 11 days ago

    2:03 you can hear his voice shake when saying the word 'moron'

  • Billy Gundum
    Billy Gundum 11 days ago


  • Gerald Moore
    Gerald Moore 12 days ago +1

    This man is a genius,, he manages to encapsulate ; whats wrong , whos doing and why,,, briefly
    an honest bystander

  • gupta powell
    gupta powell 12 days ago

    I've been in this state before.. Seriously defensive and ready to attack anyone with an 'offensive' idea at any moment. Whilst I agree there is no excuse to be an entitled wet wipe, it doesn't help when society condems you for it..
    The truth is you're stuck in an negative spiral of self-loath and pity (if they're the right words!), the last thing you need is people harassing and shaming you.. While it's fun to point and poke fun, or to get 1-up on them, it really doesn't help.
    What helped me was COMPASSION, at the end of the day these are individuals that are extremely lost. They, like i did, need compassion to find a way out. It's the last thing you'd think they want! But I truly believe this is what they're actually after, despite all the bullshit.
    sorry for the rant but I just wanted to do my bit, before some genuine socio gets ahold of an identity group and some shit really starts! lol

  • Rick Rick
    Rick Rick 12 days ago

    There is a reason why young people are called children Its because they are ignorant of the ways of the world .

  • Huckleberry Harrison
    Huckleberry Harrison 12 days ago +1

    College campuses are the worst. Humanism got ruined.

  • peter m
    peter m 12 days ago

    I think Peterson as a clinical psychologist is an interesting guy and his knowledge of quantitative research and Jungian/spiritual matters is undeniable but as far a some of his ideas go on social conservatism in relation to substance use and gender - I think they're a bit crackpot to be honest. He's a complicated person but aren't we all ?

  • Matt Doeland
    Matt Doeland 13 days ago

    The title is misleading, and you know it

  • QuarterMan88
    QuarterMan88 13 days ago

    Joran's cult is full of complete psychopath's. Never seen anything like it.

  • pip Thompson
    pip Thompson 13 days ago

    Offended by Proxy, the letters author has no understanding of the fine tuning of life and had no experience of life, to offend is to grow, sensitive as most are hence the offended by proxy. I find this guy proper interesting, and he got the game down to a T @illiapenrosa

  • David Hölle
    David Hölle 13 days ago +1

    So, i watch a lot of Joe Rogan, sometimes Jordan Peterson and Stephen Crowder, does anyone here know someone from the left wing creating political TVclip content ?

  • prophylacticfaith
    prophylacticfaith 14 days ago +1

    I was interested with Peterson when he came out against the sjw ideologues. I was skeptical of him when the right took him in like a savior. Now that the far left and far right hate him I am certain he is genuine.

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall 14 days ago

    Brain washed folk utter stanzas planted in their heads without considering their accuracy. They have been conned into a team mindset dancing like puppets. Discussion should have folk contribute to finding and sharing the truth so all can benefit and not "Winning".

  • Carl M. Cole
    Carl M. Cole 14 days ago +1

    Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man speaking deep and profound truths to the world. That takes more than insight or intellectual prowess. It takes courage and integrity.

  • Caroline Newell
    Caroline Newell 14 days ago

    Jordan will never be ordinary xx

  • Mark Baker
    Mark Baker 15 days ago

    I'm a lefty and I love this man

  • dcikaruga
    dcikaruga 15 days ago

    Basic logic from Mr Peterson, and yet so many people fail to comprehend.

  • Johnathan Grey
    Johnathan Grey 15 days ago +1

    I wish people would respect you more Dr. Peterson.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 15 days ago

    Damn, that last clip was really moving.

  • Biggysnaps Crackle pop

    🐸🦞😂. It’s hilarious how these students have taken Jordan B Peterson’s words, and have turned them into the complete opposite of what his message really is! You lefty wimps can’t take any criticism, and can’t have an adult conversation about anything that you don’t agree with, and I would guess you don’t understand! You are childish, brainwashed brats, and most certainly the “morons!” 🦞🐸😂

  • Teas and tops
    Teas and tops 15 days ago

    Hey YOUTWAT, you think you're pretty cute. I know your reading every post I make anywhere I make it. Don't worry, I see you too. Your not the only one who plays in the dark. There is a reason Mexican fisherman do not like the night jobs. Some do, but they are the one who can see you too. Your in one place or over here or there. No, your everywhere. So to know that and to see, it is all fair that I see you and you don't care. Not to worry, because only one is staying behind. It ain't me Mr. Tube , and I would watch my behind. You've made your mistakes. You can play with your whores, but life your getting ready for is hot and full of sores.

  • Natural Heel
    Natural Heel 15 days ago

    I usually report click bait videos as abuse

  • Johnny Cappiello
    Johnny Cappiello 15 days ago +3

    Jordan Peterson is my spirit animal

  • Farhad Miah
    Farhad Miah 15 days ago

    The questioner is a MUPPET.

  • Ty
    Ty 15 days ago +86

    They love diversity as long as it is not diversity of opinion.

    • Korax
      Korax Day ago +1

      And you love diversity if thought of that diversity is to end diversity

    • michael garver
      michael garver 7 days ago +2

      Ty well said !

  • Senshi No Kodomo
    Senshi No Kodomo 16 days ago

    Utterly brilliant. They rarely make em' like JBP anyone, even among academia.

  • Ken Geerts
    Ken Geerts 16 days ago

    What all these conservative or moderate speakers say that i really love is, if you don't agree with me than have a reasonable discussion and we can figure it out.

  • Skies Orion
    Skies Orion 16 days ago

    When did ppl start saying the word “ post “ Iike that. Like an emphasis on the P and rounding the O. I hate it!😖

  • flourchylde49
    flourchylde49 16 days ago

    This is the last Voice of Liberty video I will be watching. Clickbait is all it is.

  • J B
    J B 16 days ago

    If this guy is a moron I hate to imagine what kind of an idiot I must be. Because I'm fairly certain he is way smarter than I am. Worse yet is I'm reasonably certain I'm smarter than most of my friends and co-workers. So how stupid are my contemporaries?

  • David Wadsworth
    David Wadsworth 17 days ago +1

    Want to see women with ZERO ability to achieve something, Yemen.Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, take your pick in Africa,Iran,Iraq, can't even drive in most,in others must be with her owner, I mean her husband. Honor Killings, wow are American White Males ever bad.

  • Hariom Tiwari
    Hariom Tiwari 17 days ago


  • Ucok Alpigari
    Ucok Alpigari 17 days ago

    Australia is going backwards too. Our literary magazines such as Overland now call it "So-Called Australia" because First Nations Aboriginals are the true nations. There is apparently nothing to know about Australian history except that it is a cesspool of casual racism and sexism and colonial oppression. The Indigenous were shining paragons of virtue who lived, Disney "Pocahontas" style, in 'harmony with nature'. This is what passes as knowledge now.

  • zonunsanga jahau
    zonunsanga jahau 18 days ago

    Peterson is the MAN

  • Jakob Parker
    Jakob Parker 18 days ago

    This woman has a look on her face, that makes me wonder if an object is moving at a fast speed how will it interact with this wall of smug ugliness?

  • Sheldon Earthstein
    Sheldon Earthstein 18 days ago

    Just when I thought I might be smart I watched this.

  • Ershad Zafar
    Ershad Zafar 19 days ago

    i like listneing to him .. very deep thinker

  • Gointothelight
    Gointothelight 19 days ago

    all white women should live in the middle east and wear all black cloths

  • Vishnu Sagar Choudhary

    Sometimes people can't understand n think it's brilliant.

  • Richard Kudrna
    Richard Kudrna 19 days ago

    To hate what this man says is to hate rational thought and reasoned ethics. Imagine if every hate speech given by a political or religious person was followed by a JP analysis and heard? Peace, love, and prosperity would break out like a global infection.

  • Monster Magnet
    Monster Magnet 19 days ago

    The radical right remains marginalized while the radical left own their party and they have jumped the fucking shark.