Angry Student Calls Jordan Peterson "MORON", Watch How He Responds

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • THE DEATH OF AMERICA - A MORAL DECEDENT 28 year old moves from being a Catholic Nun to being a porn star Full Interview at The Mill Series:
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  • Voice Liberty
    Voice Liberty  5 months ago +169

    Why America Is Going Backwards Relative to Other Countries

    • Rob Rogers
      Rob Rogers 4 days ago

      Nitty BlahBlah to suggest that no other country has the basic things you suggest is bullshit. It says a lot more about your insular view of the world than it does of others. There R dozens of other countries that have what you suggest. I have no problems wi5 the US but it’s not the be all

    • Sage Antone
      Sage Antone 6 days ago

      Exact opposite.

    • nvsbl2
      nvsbl2 14 days ago

      No, it's not. We're recovering, our country's economy and employment records are breaking records

    • Dr. Wier
      Dr. Wier 17 days ago

      @Nitty BlahBlah freedom of religion? Yeah. Freedom *from* religion, not so much. Are you high? Or just trolling? Stereotypical 'murican maybe?

    • Dr. Wier
      Dr. Wier 17 days ago

      @Nitty BlahBlah Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands. And many more.

  • Duwomaiish Gabrielle
    Duwomaiish Gabrielle 47 minutes ago

    I just listened to this video for 20 minutes and I heard nothing that was useful. People love to believe in someone else. Such bullshit. Scientists generally agree that we do not Know what we don't know! Then along comes Jordan Peterson who has "given it all a lot of thought", LOL, so he Knows! There are no FACTS that represent Truth! There is only perception! Mr. Jordan's perception is interesting but not necessarily any more valid than any other perspective. I have a woodpecker outside my window on the Pole, he continually makes his point. He is determined to express himself, (he loves words, or spells), regardless of what is going on around him. Reason is so Anal, no body lives by "reason" alone. For example, Christianity is not Reasonable?

  • Frederick John Picarello

    The far left are without doubt facsist & i hate using Thatcher word but they truly are

  • TheOerdin
    TheOerdin Day ago

    A great speech.

  • Mark Otter
    Mark Otter Day ago

    Amen, brother!

  • Bramble Bop
    Bramble Bop 2 days ago

    Why is it so quiet? Can't you crank it up a bit?

  • Yak1B
    Yak1B 2 days ago

    The New York Times, a good paper to wipe your ass with.

  • Alan Atwood
    Alan Atwood 2 days ago

    Why does this guy have a career in this subject? This is all common sense. I heard all of this from my dad and grandfather on fishing trips. I hear him speak and think, “duh, that’s obvious.” The heart breaking part of all this is that there are millions of young men and women who never had a dad who espoused life lessons on fishing trips.

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 2 days ago


  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 2 days ago

    Hay jorden YOUR A TWISTED TURKEY ☝️🤡

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 2 days ago

    No no not kildlybracist let me explain in depth SJW are illuminating. Jorden is also. The sjw and jorden baited me in porn with a lobstertube he put there so the DJ idiot's could justify there justice on me they baited me with then . Execute justice. Acting justified . There all crooked

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 2 days ago

    Moron ?😏 I was thinking more like shifty scallywagger but.. ya know whatever

  • N. W. Dood
    N. W. Dood 3 days ago +4

    All schools, from K through upper University, are indoctrination camps...

  • Mick West
    Mick West 3 days ago

    Poor Bastards can't handle truth - Oh well that's why we in such a "Cluster Fuck" in our society, I'm surprised this person was able to compose his communication.

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank 4 days ago

    About time men, and those with stri

  • ImaginationLand
    ImaginationLand 4 days ago

    wow this guy gets it.

  • Ludwig H
    Ludwig H 4 days ago

    wow. haha.
    these people maybe have read something about Peterson in the media. But they certainly never listened to his talks, nor did they read his books.
    There is a man - Jordan Peterson - with a well educated intellect, with a specific world-view and many hypothesis on the political and social level - he is open to debate, discuss and share his specific views and he is willing to defend them if he thinks it's necessary and he is on the right path. Go take a chance talking to him, you do-gooders - when you are so much better in generally everything, be better and confront him directly to have a debate. Critique is the most easy and the most lazy thing people can do today. But strangely enough - this kind of laziness and lack of courage gets rewarded in our society today. I can write a critique on anything today: When it supports the narrow view of a specific group, I can be sure that they are cheering for me. But the truth is, I am just hacking onto my keyboard - with basically no risk, no need for courage, no need for the capability of debating, I don't have to have rhetoric abilities - I can just cowardly write a critique on a person without *ever* looking into his or her face in the real world. That's the reality of the world we are building all together - and I simply decided to stop putting stones into the foundation. Debate means exchange of sometimes really opposite ideas - and our responsibility is to cope with that! Everything else - and especially those "comments" in the beginning - would be censorship.

  • Chris Skinner
    Chris Skinner 4 days ago

    That students description of what Jordan is known for is amazing. Our student body is a bunch of pathetic she-boys.

  • Kegan World
    Kegan World 4 days ago

    Only two genders get over it

  • John G
    John G 5 days ago

    Jordan Peterson, you have all my support and love ! Not only are you brilliant but also your are a great human being !

  • carlindelco
    carlindelco 5 days ago

    This is the second vid today ( different subject, same ideology) that exemplifies my assessment that leftest have i/o switch mentalities its Either OR and never both .. If you are not FOR them you are against them

  • carlindelco
    carlindelco 5 days ago +1

    "ideological possession" YUP.... or as a Christian, Demonic possession

  • GetFuckedUTube1
    GetFuckedUTube1 5 days ago

    Emotional hypochondriacs...

  • The Jason Knight Fiasco Band

    I have no idea how someone could call him a racist. He's way, way beyond that mentality.

  • 7celestialtrumpets
    7celestialtrumpets 5 days ago

    8 minutes in.... no confrontation. Great video, misleading title

  • Chad Ruesch
    Chad Ruesch 6 days ago +5

    Anybody else think he sounds like a wise Kermit the frog? Eather way, I love this man

  • Thomas Grönlund
    Thomas Grönlund 6 days ago

    What is wrong with his tongue. Seen several of his videos. Interweavings, lectures and q&as and so on......
    Never seen him being troubled with lisps. Wtf! Happened here?.
    Can I even take this speech seriously.
    Well he sounds kinda genuine, but a bit blabbering. And not really as spot on as he usually is.
    A bit of snort?

    • Ahmed Mandil
      Ahmed Mandil 4 days ago

      Please. Although you are entitled to your opinion I Honestly think you are an idiot. You watched the entire video and the conclusion from it or I guess analysis from that is regarding a lisp that you found strange and made further suggestions that it could have been by snort (I'm guessing cocaine) or him drinking and what ever the hell your third MORONIC opinion. There's no point and nothing constructive about your criticism. (Hence mine 🤪). More importantly though why were you paying such close attention to Dr.Peterson's tounge? 🧐🤔 you found him and his tounge very attractive I believe.

  • BassasaurusRex
    BassasaurusRex 6 days ago +3

    Diversity!!!! (Unless you disagree with me even slightly)

  • Bippie Bedd
    Bippie Bedd 6 days ago

    No one called him a moron in the video

    • Adrian Rust
      Adrian Rust 3 days ago +1

      Bippie Bedd, 2:02, "Jordan Peterson is a harmful moron."

  • SlinGa
    SlinGa 6 days ago

    Now having watched so much of his lectures and reading his book, I think I get it why people possessed with extreme leftist views may hate him. Its so easy for us to see faults in others and not see the same faults in ourselves. We think and talk about being oppressed all the time to friends and family and then oppress others in ways thats seems invisible. I myself am trying to improve and confess the faults that lies beneath me, but its not easy. Admitting to own vulnerabilities is not easy and then trying to improve upon them its even harder. But thats what i am hoping to tackle, for years to come.

  • larry snipes
    larry snipes 6 days ago

    Shapiro/Peterson. that's the ticket!!

    • larry snipes
      larry snipes 6 days ago

      @The Molecule FX boulder that's the ticket!

    • The Molecule FX boulder
      The Molecule FX boulder 6 days ago

      What would you say is insightful by JP? It all looks like junk science to me.

  • Ross Friedman
    Ross Friedman 6 days ago

    Saw dood

  • documented2
    documented2 6 days ago +3


  • Realism
    Realism 6 days ago

    «If you wanna find out if the person is there or the ideology is there, you listen to see if you’re hearing anything that someone else of the same ideological mindset couldn’t have told you.”
    This quote presents a much deeper understanding of an SJW than most will realize.
    We can differentiate between people who repeat sentences or point (points are more likely in this category) that they genuinely have put thought into and say with some reluctance due to the fact they’re aware that they are adhering to an idea, and people who simply repeat sentences - phrases rather - that they have internalized based on nothing but emotion.
    The latter group is almost perfectly true psychologically of an SJW, and there’s a number of reasons for that. Firstly, they are emotionally swayed by something which sounds aesthetic to them. Something like “everyone are equal.” They like sentences that sound nice, and coddle them. Why? Because just as much as their emotions react to things which sound nice they react even stronger to something which sounds “bad” as they would put it. Anything that sounds strident or hawkish will be deemed by them as bad. These people are not smart people, or not intellectually curious, especially not when it comes to moral philosophy. Therefore they are not swayed by arguments or straight logic. They are people who need to “feel” the points.
    This makes them extremely prone to ideological possession. And is the reason why they will only repeat shit they hear that sounds good. They don’t understand logic and they don’t give a fuck about it because ultimately whatever makes them feel good is what they will go by.

  • Blue J Farm
    Blue J Farm 6 days ago +1

    How can anyone call this gentleman a moron?

  • Ariadne Wolf
    Ariadne Wolf 6 days ago

    I one hundred agree with what he's saying. I do think Peterson occasionally forgets to be humble, for example he has trouble acknowledging that he too obeys certain ideologies [like treating feminism as one massive failed undertaking, which is not how most feminists experience it]. But these are important ideas.
    Putting aside my more layered feelings about the speaker, Peterson is quite brilliant and articulate and a treasure.

    • Ariadne Wolf
      Ariadne Wolf 5 days ago +1

      @Hans Moleman Honestly I think people forget that we don't have dialogues to convince the other person, we have dialogues to learn from them. You can see in clips that guests get so busy confronting Peterson they forget to actually listen.

    • Ariadne Wolf
      Ariadne Wolf 5 days ago +1

      @Hans Moleman Thank you. I think it's so important to listen to the smartest people on the planet and keep an open mind. I might have a different political background, but I can respect genius when I see it. I've gained a lot from Peterson.

    • Hans Moleman
      Hans Moleman 6 days ago

      i don't agree with you completely but i very much appreciate the way you phrased your comment. perhaps constructive dialog is not entirely dead. for the love of god, we all need each other.

  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar 7 days ago

    All lazy thinking commenters who are clueless on the facts of their argument. Jordan nailed that. He is however living on fantasy island when it come to the supernatural.

  • Stan Potter
    Stan Potter 8 days ago

    Love JP, hate clickbate.

  • Ahmed Dulfiqar
    Ahmed Dulfiqar 8 days ago

    10:26 - 11:00 that was epic.

  • Brad G
    Brad G 8 days ago +1

    Love the end! “Well that’s all I have to say about that “. JP for the win again!

  • Mitchell Bryant
    Mitchell Bryant 9 days ago

    Trannys are male or female....based on their f'ing Sex chromosomes..u morons!!!!

  • Shawn K
    Shawn K 10 days ago +1

    Calling people names already means you lost the argument. Calling someone a racist or phobe this means you already lost the argument as well

  • worcester borcester
    worcester borcester 10 days ago +6

    OK I have just noticed that he sounds like Kermit the Frog and I will never be able to unhear it.

  • Insidious Sid
    Insidious Sid 11 days ago +8


  • Sad Machines
    Sad Machines 12 days ago +2

    I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan Peterson's teaching grew into the next dominant global religion one day.

  • Victory Saber
    Victory Saber 12 days ago

    It's so common for SJWs to be angry its implied. Just like uninformed. Uneducated, gullible and insidious.

  • Trevon Brown
    Trevon Brown 12 days ago

    The left only attacks the credibility of anyone who speaks in contrary to their ideology. They never I repeat never present facts to their claims 💯 It's easier to call us crazy than to prove there are thirty two genders. What sounds crazier the belief in the possibility of a Devine creator or the belief that Men and women can be something other than Man and woman? "No two things in the universe are equal."

  • RuleOfFree
    RuleOfFree 13 days ago

    People whinge and try to alter the meaning and message of Jordan Peterson because they either can't accept it for what it is, often nothing more than an uncomfortable observation of social groups they are a part of, or they are too limited to understand the point he is making.
    I've listened to so much of what Peterson says, some of it aimed at my own beliefs, and nothing is anything more than food for serious thought.
    I wonder, if the calm and rational opinions of an educated professional can generated such hatred and backlash, are we losing our direction as a species? Are we happy to lay down and play victim? Historically this would have been catastrophic. It's never been this way yet today we have groups bartering for position demanding their "underprivilege" is privileged.
    Jordan Peterson is an educated and hard working man, but he should be making decent money working more privately. Those moaning about his fame and how he is being "used" for publicity need to understand they are the catalyst. They want to moan their way to rights and privilege on the foundation of oppression. People are getting fed up with it.

  • Xolani Ndaba
    Xolani Ndaba 13 days ago +1

    Tell them Kermit...

  • Dominique freeman
    Dominique freeman 14 days ago +2

    I love how he is fascinated with these ppl

  • Marcel
    Marcel 14 days ago


  • nvsbl2
    nvsbl2 14 days ago

    He should stick what he knows......Christianity isn't one of them

  • Sonny Singh
    Sonny Singh 14 days ago +1

    Why are college students so scared of hearing opinions that differ to their own. This justs proves these 20 year old children still have plenty of growing up to do.

  • D. lee
    D. lee 14 days ago

    Blown away again, GREAT JOB exposing roots. Ben Shapiro and your self should team up and wreck the leftish heads of mush...

  • Jessica LT
    Jessica LT 15 days ago

    You mean he has a different opinion or perspective? Get over it! This is America.

    GONGG ZILLA 15 days ago +5

    Calling him a moron is like child’s play for insults towards him ,That was light work for Jordan ,he laughs coz he has been called worse hahahahahahahahahahah legend keep up the good work

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll 16 days ago

    Oh the poor butt hurt student. Get a job. The will truly be in melt when they get in the real world. Spoils brain washed lazy children.

  • Real Prophet
    Real Prophet 16 days ago

    I want this man to talk with Shad guru

  • GrenadeMagnet
    GrenadeMagnet 16 days ago

    Why are embarrassments to humanity itself, worrying about what may be embarrassing their community?

  • GrenadeMagnet
    GrenadeMagnet 16 days ago

    Why are embarrassments to humanity itself, worrying about what may be embarrassing their community?

  • ShorterOfBreathOneDay CloserToDeath

    Stop reading the comments 🖐️

  • prophetsnake
    prophetsnake 17 days ago

    He's not a moron. Peterson's a manipulative facist prick, is what he is.

  • Wanda Woman
    Wanda Woman 17 days ago

    I happen to resemble the girl in your clickbait and am an ardent supporter of JBP. 🦞

    • Fabio Bigfoot
      Fabio Bigfoot 16 days ago

      That's awesome, it just goes to show, you are someone who can think for herself and can see JP is not racist, anti woman, homophobic and all the other slurs leftist throw at him. He is just someone who is trying to speak up against the moronic direction society is heading in. And trying to give helpful advice for the individual. Not any one particular group, gender or race.

  • Énjé Segue
    Énjé Segue 17 days ago +4

    That talk at the end made me tear up. I love seeing JP so passionate during some of his talks.

  • Carl Vincent
    Carl Vincent 17 days ago

    "If you dont stand up for your beleifs you leave yourself bereft and open to the deprevations of the infinite. That is intolerable. It leaves you with no way out" you can an hr a day rolling that around in your head and the necessary limitations and also the reality of that statment. It would be an hr well spent.

  • aterack833
    aterack833 18 days ago

    He looks more youthful and healthy in this compared the the hour and 40 minute video he did with the feminist or whoever that person was, where he talked about his beef diet in the end, now maybe he wasn't doing the beef thing here or maybe his body adapted to it, but all I can think is that either lighting in the other video or makeup in this one is causing him to look better or worse in the videos, considering the previous conspiracy in that video about the audio, it does lead you to believe that something is up, but simply put, if the people they pander this narrative to are those who are not really listening and those who rely on appearance rather than facts, then simply put, they are not working towards the correct goal, what is right, not who is right, Peterson has been wrong and has misrepresented facts before, but he is the closest to correct that I have seen, so it would be of benefit to teach him rather than to debate him and prop him up as bad and wrong, I'm trans and eco and feminist in the definition that is basic and about human rights, I'm left maybe? And I'm saying this, don't think that you need to favour one person or the other to know what is correct and what way the world should run, I have yet to watch this video BTW, this is just based on first appearance, and we don't live in a world of equality of opportunity btw, so that still needs to be fixed

  • scizyr
    scizyr 18 days ago

    reported for misleading text

  • Dustin Maleiba
    Dustin Maleiba 18 days ago +1

    is there a meme of Jordan Petersen saying "its like" yet? you're welcome.

  • rogerg0834
    rogerg0834 19 days ago

    downvote for lying.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 19 days ago

    What Strikes me is how much he cares! He sounds to be on the verge of tears at any given moment and many of his speeches. He has a true passion to spread the winds of change in men and women’s lives for the better.

  • Tenni Baul
    Tenni Baul 20 days ago +3

    I think the way that Dr. Peterson can explain things is so logically sound and eloquently put, it makes these people doubt their actions and perceptions of the world to the point that they cannot deal with these world shattering concepts on the spot. I believe some of those that are constitutionally strong enough go back to their safe space, dorm room or office and reflect on their beliefs and on what Dr. Peterson has said, those that aren't morally bankrupt change their ways and those that are morally bankrupt, forsake reality and double down on what they want to be true and are the ones that refuse to have civil discourse and go so far off the deep end that they become the radical ideologues that drive the bat shit insane narratives.
    I thank God that Dr. Peterson exists and has such an influential presence that he may keep the levee from breaking, allowing actual intellectual discourse to continue to exist.

  • blxtothis
    blxtothis 20 days ago +1

    The world, according to many, is not real. It’s a Delusion. JP merely gently points this out to the Deluded.
    Why does the first questioner claim to represent “The Student Community”, it’s that old self-entitled, over-privileged, brainwashed snowflakes thing again.

  • ThatsMrMoronToYou
    ThatsMrMoronToYou 20 days ago

    Taint such a bad thing.

  • ja bru
    ja bru 20 days ago

    What is a transgender?

  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster 20 days ago

    I wonder if Dr Peterson see’s a correlation between today’s formal education and an absence of common sense, incapability to problem solve and plain old ignorance...Because I do.

  • Alex
    Alex 21 day ago +4

    "Feel free to ask our psychology department ..." That student seems to think that just because he can find some left-wing professors who tell them what they want to hear, the discussion would be over.

  • Francis Stanek
    Francis Stanek 22 days ago

    To engage with morons is to become a moron it ends up as a vortex of intellectual gobbledygook a fool tickles his arse while laughing at the moon.

  • Jose Alejo
    Jose Alejo 22 days ago

    I see shameless clickbait thumbnail I dislike.

  • Gogo Plata
    Gogo Plata 22 days ago

    It is so true that every person has an amazing story! A best selling novel could be written about any "normal" person. People are so unique and so awesome...both good and bad traits make people so fascinating.

  • Theanthropic Eyedolatry
    Theanthropic Eyedolatry 23 days ago +2

    Has anyone ever seen a clip of this man acting "hateful?" It's like the people writing these complaints have never seen a single one of his lectures.

  • Bigtsayain
    Bigtsayain 23 days ago

    Amazing to listen to him speak. Such rational and well thought out arguments and ideas will create a lot of anger on the side that does not want to be rational.

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies 23 days ago

    Fantastic stone the trannys

  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy 23 days ago

    Well said.

  • Leslie Tanner
    Leslie Tanner 23 days ago +1

    When I disagree with someone on the right, they provide a reasonable argument. I can understand their point of view even though I disagree. People on the right will listen to my argument and can accept my questioning, and disagreeing, with their views. We can part agreeably and often on friendly terms. People on the right seem to believe the First Amendment is for all, even for those who disagree with them.
    When I disagree with someone on the left, they attack me personally. They make all types of accusations using the most vile language and, on occasion, make physical threats. There is no reason or logic to the arguments coming from the very few leftists who will take the time to make an argument. They cannot disagree with someone without deeply hating that someone. They believe the First Amendment is only for them and for people who believe as they do. According to the left, others have no right to free speech. Others have no rights at all.
    Blacks for Trump!

  • JeanPaul McDaniel
    JeanPaul McDaniel 23 days ago +1

    Jordan is an extremely angry White man. You had better listen. He will eat all of you. Eat you! With BBQ sauce. Ooo. 😚

  • James Coco
    James Coco 23 days ago +1

    Peterson class and cleverness in his speech made them look like special kids whom just need to be comprehended and medicated.

  • sage nunion
    sage nunion 24 days ago

    Idkw but JP always looks depressed to me.

  • Patrick Ellsworth
    Patrick Ellsworth 24 days ago

    This guy is ridiculously intelligent.

  • Coe Burnett Photography

    Watch what happens? It's called Listening!

  • Drikus Diamond
    Drikus Diamond 25 days ago +2

    The tolerant loving left is so insecure about their own beliefs that they became intolerant and hateful. They live in a complete bubble which is everybody has to believe like them

  • Danny Yoder
    Danny Yoder 25 days ago

    @17:17 Mr. Peterson, give the same freedom of speech to holocaust deniers as you do anyone else. Sorry, you cant draw a line in the sand here.

  • Danny Yoder
    Danny Yoder 25 days ago

    When Peterson ( or anyone) mentions Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the have my attention!

  • Stahn Misake
    Stahn Misake 25 days ago

    Jordan Peterson Mastermind

  • brockjohnson100
    brockjohnson100 25 days ago +1

    This is as close to a messiah as we have today and he arguably is one.

    • sage nunion
      sage nunion 24 days ago

      He's not the messiah.
      He's a very naughty boy.

      Brian's mum

  • Fabio Coelho
    Fabio Coelho 25 days ago


  • tectorama
    tectorama 25 days ago

    Re hashed clickbait

  • D
    D 25 days ago

    They hate how intellectual and Stoic JP is. They get their best speaker's and representatives to debate with him and always end up looking unintelligible and unworthy of his presence

  • chozen1956
    chozen1956 26 days ago

    I think understanding our own vulnerability is one of the keys to realizing God is not vulnerable. Peterson is right in that to know vulnerability is to understand our own demise. This is what Christ did for us; for those who dies, is no longer vulnerable to the decadence and degradation of the human condition. And by dying, I mean while still "alive." Christ crucified the sinful nature, the soul, the essence of man and then raised him anew in Him. Thus, one is born again, born anew, a new creation, a new thing. Alive and destined for eternal life, in fact, living the eternal life at that moment.

  • Alex Stardust
    Alex Stardust 26 days ago +1

    If this man goes into politics, he will get my support

  • Charlie Macke
    Charlie Macke 26 days ago +1

    He is not a source of knowledge. He is a fountain