Philip DeFranco Sets a YouTube Record While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • Philip DeFranco is O.G. TVclip royalty, and his eponymous show is a paradigm-shifting mix of news and opinion tackling everything from politics, to celebrity gossip, to the crypto-currency boom. But what does a decade-plus on the platform mean if he can't handle his spicy wings?! By popular demand (i.e., an insane amount of comments demanding his presence at the table), Philly D finally steps into the Hot Ones terror dome to go head to head with our bald protagonist, Sean Evans. As they fend off the Scoville onslaught, the duo gets into the weeds of TVclip history, unpackages the problems with contemporary media, and reveals photographic evidence of a bygone era when Sean actually had a six pack. And that's not all-with the weight of TVclip on his back, DeFranco boldly sets out to go where no guest has gone before. Don't miss this piece of Hot Ones history.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  11 months ago +7040

    What never-before-seen Hot Ones feat do you most want to see a guest tackle?

  • Kelly MacLean
    Kelly MacLean Day ago +1

    Jeffree Star on an episode??

  • Rebecca Littleton

    I love Philly D soooo much.

  • Ella Dunham
    Ella Dunham Day ago

    Get threadbanger!!

  • VanaFanta
    VanaFanta 2 days ago


  • Jessica balding
    Jessica balding 2 days ago

    Hell yeah Philly D

  • Bai Hutton
    Bai Hutton 2 days ago

    “I’m going to have the most painful poo anyway might as well break some records”

  • Tim Bennett
    Tim Bennett 3 days ago

    Daddy Phil.

  • Anonymous 42
    Anonymous 42 3 days ago


  • Dominic Vario
    Dominic Vario 5 days ago +3

    I really need to stop watching this show before bed when it's too late for me to get wings.

  • yaycobbb
    yaycobbb 5 days ago

    i love how eat ate the whole fuckin' wing, when everyone else only takes a bite, lmao.

  • Tabiya Conyers
    Tabiya Conyers 5 days ago

    Phil has been eating the WHOLE wing

  • Read more
    Read more 6 days ago

    Philli D savage

  • Jason Sledz
    Jason Sledz 6 days ago

    Phil ain't no bitch!

  • Shawn Wesson
    Shawn Wesson 7 days ago

    2.3k can’t handle PhilyD

  • Diet Guitar
    Diet Guitar 7 days ago +1


  • Jaimee Dianna
    Jaimee Dianna 11 days ago

    I so can't wait to be on this show, please have my chunky blue cheese ready #LOVE 😉👍🏾😇💕

  • Eunoia
    Eunoia 11 days ago +3

    Damn so he's one of the first 40 "official," TVcliprs.

  • Alpacalips
    Alpacalips 12 days ago

    Phil is thicccc

  • Evan Andrews
    Evan Andrews 13 days ago

    Can't believe an influencer is actually wearing a MVMT watch outside of their platform.

  • Luisa Meviam
    Luisa Meviam 13 days ago +4

    Amazing after seeing Gordon Ramsey's video I feel proud of Phil

    • theshuman100
      theshuman100 10 days ago

      Cut to gordon downing a whole cup of pepto bismol

  • Bex Proctor
    Bex Proctor 14 days ago


  • nurse kill joy 2.0 Anderson

    EPIC!!! Love both channels even more now.

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior-

    hes not a gangster

  • Knowbeing
    Knowbeing 16 days ago

    People are blind of this kingpin(philthefranco)better help eh? Scum ape!

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 18 days ago

    Phil’s awesome, ate all the meat off every one, and didn’t bitch once,

  • Ashley Candela
    Ashley Candela 19 days ago

    Jenna marbles and julien

  • jaxon pugh
    jaxon pugh 20 days ago

    Let's just jump into it

  • M H
    M H 21 day ago

    #chasingTheHeat !!!

  • rich vasquez
    rich vasquez 21 day ago

    Who’s the dork

  • handmetheparachute
    handmetheparachute 21 day ago +2


  • c20ux
    c20ux 21 day ago +1

    Thumbs up the moment he said Die hard is a Christmas movie..

  • Kristy Powell
    Kristy Powell 21 day ago

    Phily is a thicc boi and I'm here for it

  • Jace Wilson
    Jace Wilson 22 days ago

    Get shannon Sharpe and skip bayless

  • anoja31
    anoja31 23 days ago +1

    Lol oof ;-;

  • Amon Brown
    Amon Brown 23 days ago +1

    I don't normally curse but, Fuck yeah Philip!!!!

  • Peter Medema
    Peter Medema 23 days ago +1

    So proud of you Phil! So proud! Represent!

  • FortisProcer
    FortisProcer 23 days ago +1

    Bout time someone ate all of each wing! I know I would if I were on this show.

    BRUDDAH SAM 23 days ago +1

    holy crap Phily D is the KING!!

  • Kilsoph
    Kilsoph 24 days ago +2

    "What do you not like about TVclip's formative years?"
    "I like getting paid!"
    Apocalypse: ;)

  • Hank Yarbo
    Hank Yarbo 24 days ago

    coolio is still the champ tho

  • ace
    ace 25 days ago

    Phil is a damn trooper kickin ass

  • Ieva Abrosimova
    Ieva Abrosimova 25 days ago

    You should bring Keith from try guys, 'cause he absolutely loves and lives for chicken wings :D

    • Yvette Ramirez
      Yvette Ramirez 19 days ago

      Lmao that would be torture for him he's got a fucked up tongue 😂😂

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker 25 days ago

    He could've had 7 more, hell he could've drank the bottle he's doing fine

  • warner warner
    warner warner 25 days ago +2

    Overly paranoid self important people comment negatively about phil... he has a great 15-20 minute news show that a million plus people religiously follow every single day and its not twenty minutes of partisan warfare... guys awesome.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith 25 days ago

    Evan Peters

  • Mαяsbαяs
    Mαяsbαяs 27 days ago

    “But the sun tastes so good!” ☀️ 🥵

  • victimakadacheat
    victimakadacheat 29 days ago

    I still get confused at 21:27 right before he pulls 2 wings out. He brings something else out before those 2. I thought I was seeing things. I replayed it in slow motion but am baffled. What did he pull out first before the 2 wings. Almost like something to coat his mouth maybe?

  • thetaze22
    thetaze22 Month ago

    Phily D was just philed in on hot ones 😂😂😂😂

  • XXmine craftXX
    XXmine craftXX Month ago

    Philip: "I'm American."
    Asian person after watching this video: *Chugs a gallon of a sauce with 50,000,000 scoville*, "I'm Asian."

  • Vortrex99
    Vortrex99 Month ago

    Dude. What a boss, my respect ever grows for this guy haha

  • Vingeta
    Vingeta Month ago

    Can I order delivery from you guys? Like wings and fries? Maybe a cola as part of a combo or something? Thanks

  • kazmir
    kazmir Month ago

    ive been watching phillip de franco for so long, that it thrills me he was on here. My god TVclip how could you make me MISS THIS SHIT. Thank you sean, and your amazing team!!! for all these amazing guests!

    • kazmir
      kazmir Month ago


    • kazmir
      kazmir Month ago


  • 2 dimitropolis
    2 dimitropolis Month ago


  • Leon JO
    Leon JO Month ago

    Wow he ate an entire thing instead of just a nib or bite.

  • exe_ 1623
    exe_ 1623 Month ago

    Get Keemstar!

  • Sunbro413
    Sunbro413 Month ago +3

    I like I've figured out the secret to this show. It's an interview with various social figures; but what sets it apart from the millions of other interviews every year is that watching them suffer makes you emotionally invested. Regardless of the viewer being a sadist or a sympathizer.

  • Dominic Cleveland
    Dominic Cleveland Month ago +2

    That was legit bad ass

  • Mike Gaarder
    Mike Gaarder Month ago

    Get keemstar on here. That’d be hilarious.

  • Jackson Lo Paro
    Jackson Lo Paro Month ago

    Dab on every wing!

  • Jackson Lo Paro
    Jackson Lo Paro Month ago

    You are the man! New world champ!!!

  • Paula Choi
    Paula Choi Month ago

    Bruh, I've watched like 10 episodes in a row so far, and I want some wings real bad.

  • RC-brand
    RC-brand Month ago

    Great editing when the wings get hot. Adds great tension 👍🏾

  • Gerythion Argarys
    Gerythion Argarys Month ago

    I don't think he needed the questions to ruin his career. He ruined it with BetterHelp.

  • Nik Nak
    Nik Nak Month ago +2

    Fair play to Phil.. his shits are going to burn for a year

  • Luigi Thebaud
    Luigi Thebaud Month ago

    The song that starts playing around 12:17 is cool. I need a name

  • IrishKisame007
    IrishKisame007 Month ago

    Philip is just way too fucking cute. :3

  • Michael Giraldo
    Michael Giraldo Month ago

    This show makes me too hungry and I love hot sauce so much I'd love to be on it even if I'm not famous I'd love to just take the challenge.

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C Month ago

    Philly's just gotten fat and reports on bs fake news that he hates others on giving attention. Click bait crap to find out more about the kardashian, i rememeber when he was actually about news and was good lol

  • Mango Meow
    Mango Meow Month ago

    Wtf since when is Sean's body that good? Lol.

  • James T. Grey IV
    James T. Grey IV Month ago

    Please have Maynard James Keenan on the show.

  • YouAreBent
    YouAreBent Month ago


  • S Bear
    S Bear Month ago

    Phil for president

  • I h
    I h Month ago

    He was hungry

  • Melexdra
    Melexdra Month ago +3

    He must speed up his voice in his videos because it's so much deeper here!

  • Jack Bone
    Jack Bone Month ago

    PhillyD crushed it.

  • Al Cappi
    Al Cappi Month ago

    “I’m American “ 🇺🇸😂

  • Ben Rall
    Ben Rall Month ago


  • DestiniArt Parsons
    DestiniArt Parsons Month ago +1

    This makes me a happy human. Both my favorite youtubers together. Had me busting up him eating 3 last dabs. You know he exploded the toilet at home

  • Jake Stephens
    Jake Stephens Month ago

    Plump Philly D. Mmmmm.

  • Krazy Face
    Krazy Face Month ago +1

    What an absolute beast. Love that guy. Both awesome dudes.

  • kloggmonkey
    kloggmonkey Month ago +3

    the unsung hero of this show is definitely the editing!

  • Nadsenoj1
    Nadsenoj1 Month ago +1

    I'm a fan of hot sauce. I have a collection. Including some scorpion, some ghost, And a lot of habenero. Phil. Just. Bossed. That. 😂

  • FireyCurls22
    FireyCurls22 Month ago +1

    Costco is a fucking nightmare. At least the one by me.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Never heard of him,. Do normal people know who he is ?

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle Month ago

    DeFranco is a plastic dildo salesman. Ask his TVclip creators about his SCAM he pulled on them........Pyramid scheme much?

  • VeryHonestGuy
    VeryHonestGuy Month ago

    Philip DeFranco went for the world record.

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth Month ago

    You have to get Shane Dawson on here

  • Rogue Cheddar
    Rogue Cheddar Month ago

    I'm not saying he's fat , but Phil is looking all Philled in.

  • Cat Yatzee
    Cat Yatzee Month ago +3

    _I am intimidated by Philip DeFranco's taste buds_

  • shinfitz
    shinfitz Month ago

    The best comment is right around 22:15.
    “I’m American.”
    And I’m dead. 😝

  • Rochelle Henry
    Rochelle Henry Month ago

  • Tamás Kircsi
    Tamás Kircsi Month ago

    Call Steven Crowder

  • FishAntsPlantsAndDave

    Does anyone else absolutely hate Phil?

  • Vehnce
    Vehnce Month ago +7

    Phil's next video: We need to talk about how hot these wings are and why people are freaking out! (insert thumbnail where he is holding his neck)

  • Go Revive Yourself
    Go Revive Yourself Month ago

    Wow! This is probably the most important youtube video ive seen. Making people realize to be open minded and to check their sources. Imagine not having trump as a president cause we all did that?! Yeah im talking to you white hillbillies.

  • joe GasKill
    joe GasKill Month ago

    He was so good then ruined it at the end with the " competition" !

  • Jeff Tews
    Jeff Tews Month ago

    wow Phil didn't even go all red faced well done to him

  • Alluponit31
    Alluponit31 Month ago

    Philly D is the only one I’ve seen finish all the wings to the bone.. has anyone else done that??

  • AS J
    AS J Month ago

    let a jamaican use to eating scotch bonnet come on here. he'd rape this bs challenge.