How to Care for Your New Cat (Petco)


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  • TwoVZgaming
    TwoVZgaming 17 days ago

    I'm getting a cat and a kitten this week so excited

  • Kazily Murray
    Kazily Murray 18 days ago

    That was actually the best cat video I've ever seen so far

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 21 day ago +1

    Seeing this video is making me want to get a cat

  • Oreo Playz
    Oreo Playz 22 days ago +1

    I love cats and I’m watching this vid with my friend so she can learn too! Friends 👭

  • sopo jarwo
    sopo jarwo 26 days ago

    Hey I want to ask there's foam in my cat mouth, urinating and he just pass he poisoned? Sorry for bad english.

  • Lego & Entertainment

    My sister's cats don't use anything. They don't have beds, toys, or anything. They have 2 climbing resting things and a couple of toys, but they never use them ever. Whenever she buys them anything, they just ignore it.

  • Naudia Autumn
    Naudia Autumn Month ago

    Don’t waste your money getting the cat a bed, they won’t sleep in it anyway. I’ve had cats for years and they’ve never slept in any kind of pet bed.

  • Mariyah Caminero
    Mariyah Caminero Month ago

    Hate it

  • EverLove
    EverLove Month ago

    I don’t have a cat yet... but I’m getting on tommorow and it’s not a cat it’s a KITTEN!!!!

  • Lili Tyler
    Lili Tyler 2 months ago

    LOVE YOU PETCO!!❤️❤️👏🏻

  • NextNune [NN]
    NextNune [NN] 2 months ago

    I want a cat.

  • Manmanboyboydudedudeguyguy

    Royalty free ukulele

  • Tiya’s World
    Tiya’s World 2 months ago

    Cats remind me of The Worst Witch

  • TheCatMaster Meow
    TheCatMaster Meow 2 months ago

    I love cats leave a like if you love cats

  • Pedro Salazar
    Pedro Salazar 3 months ago

    I got a cat from Petco

  • Utsugi Lenka
    Utsugi Lenka 4 months ago

    Just got a cat. Its my first time to own a cat. Im glad my dog didnt eat gim. Wish me luck :)

  • Ariana
    Ariana 4 months ago

    Finally, a video Petco does right.

  • Pavan Kumar TVN
    Pavan Kumar TVN 4 months ago

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  • TheRealZeldaFan 101
    TheRealZeldaFan 101 4 months ago

    My kitten is named greg

    • Petco
      Petco  4 months ago

      We love that name!

  • Sydney Zuber
    Sydney Zuber 4 months ago

    I’m bring a 7 year old cat that is outdoors right now but soon to be inside bcuz she is so old

  • xSynomical
    xSynomical 4 months ago +1

    When I got my cat he just hid under the couch all day..

  • BSY
    BSY 4 months ago


  • dottie mathews
    dottie mathews 4 months ago


    • Petco
      Petco  4 months ago

      Congratulations that's so exciting! Here are some articles from our partner’s at PetCoach that may help you:
      Have you heard of our Welcome to the Family Program? Our stores offer a Pet Parent Starter Guide with helpful information to help you welcome your new family member home and includes checklists and animal-specific savings.

  • r3nqxo
    r3nqxo 5 months ago

    Is it OK if I have two kittens and they use the same litter box? They seem fine with it

  • AnonymousGamer
    AnonymousGamer 5 months ago +1


  • Fatma Abdullah
    Fatma Abdullah 5 months ago

    My dad is gonna bring us cats and my mom is not happy all because of their hygiene and I'm like hey y'all watch your mouth this is god's creation and you wanna kill it because it's dirty, oh I'll show you how responsible I can be. 😤

  • Magd Nusair
    Magd Nusair 5 months ago

    All that stuff is unnecessary

  • Lps Luna
    Lps Luna 5 months ago

    The litter looks tasty....

  • mohina kumari love
    mohina kumari love 5 months ago

    I just get a cat today😚😚i am so happpy

    • Petco
      Petco  5 months ago

      Congratulations! 😻

  • Ca_kes
    Ca_kes 5 months ago

    I am moving into a house in September so i can get a kitty! I love cats!

  • Owie Libby
    Owie Libby 5 months ago

    I'm gonna get 2 kittens!!!Yay. I will name it Marley and Snowy :-) :-) :-)

  • Kyler XD
    Kyler XD 5 months ago

    Instructions unclear my cat is now glued to the ceiling

  • Ryzer's Stuff
    Ryzer's Stuff 5 months ago

    My dad got me a cat for a birthday surprise, the only thing I can think of is *SHIHIHIT IM NOT READY*

  • QueenDeerAJ
    QueenDeerAJ 5 months ago

    Im exited for when i get my kitten! I will get it after we get settled down becuase my grandmother died... But hey..! At least i get a kitten out of it. :) But RIP my grandmother i will miss her.

  • Husky's Builder Craft
    Husky's Builder Craft 5 months ago

    I bought Winnie! I bought her from petco *which this vid was made by it* I am so proud I have this cute cat. But she catches lizards, grass hopers, and SHE KILLED MY FISH THAT ALMOST WAS GOING TO BE 5 YEARS. AND ALSO I BOUGHT THE FISH FROM THE SAME PLACE. R.I.P fish. 4 years. We pray you will be happy in heaven.


  • Cyber Dragon
    Cyber Dragon 5 months ago

    So, in conclusion..
    Cats are basically furry babies.

  • Lady Vargas
    Lady Vargas 5 months ago

    I'm getting a cat today

  • lil. mja
    lil. mja 6 months ago


  • Waterfall The art gamer!!

    I have a kitten that is like 4 weeks

  • Bluon
    Bluon 6 months ago

    I’m adopting a cat from the shelter in 6 days for my birthday, thanks so much 💕 🐈 🐱

  • Janna The gacha
    Janna The gacha 6 months ago

    Im a doglover but i have cat that my aunt gave me yaa my dogs r getting jelous

  • Gwendalynn Alvarado
    Gwendalynn Alvarado 6 months ago

    Ok the safety is SO stupid

  • Free ugly noodles
    Free ugly noodles 6 months ago

    I’m getting one maybe this Saturday or next week, I saw this vid and I was like “DAD WE NEEDA GO TO PETBARN! A.k.a australian pet smart or pet co

  • Marisel Umbal
    Marisel Umbal 6 months ago

    I like yo name my cat Sakamoto and my kitten will be Sakamoto Jr.

  • sienna
    sienna 6 months ago

    i got one today

  • The Shadows Channel
    The Shadows Channel 6 months ago

    petco i know your secrets

  • Wild Tribe
    Wild Tribe 7 months ago

    I am waiting for the adoption papers to go through and am getting a cat this week! I can't wait!!

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie 7 months ago

    did you just assume that cats gender (p.s this is a meme don't attack me)

  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts 7 months ago

    Petco, i bought an bird from you for 20.00 bucks last year. When i got him, he was depressed and unhappy. Even when I fed him, changed his water and cage, had a huge assortment of toys that I rearranged each week, and I gave him a shower each month. I got another bird (pepper) and they were both depressed. I had to surrender them both to a bird rescue, and got feed back a month later to see that they both died of depression. So please tell me was it you or was it me that caused the depression?

  • Dhan Barthelot
    Dhan Barthelot 7 months ago

    I'm getting a new cat can you give me more information

    • Petco
      Petco  7 months ago

      Hi Dhan. Congratulations on your newest addition! Here's an article from our community of pet lovers with tips for new kitty or cat parents: You can check out other blogs, articles, and conversations on all things feline as well as post your own question in our cat section: Have you heard of our Welcome to the Family Program? It's a free program that includes an animal specific savings booklet, new pet parent checklists and a free welcome to the family tote. The savings booklet contains over $650 in coupons and the new pet parent checklist with helpful tracking tools such as vaccination schedules and more. For more information on this program visit:

  • Kai Teh Gamr YT
    Kai Teh Gamr YT 7 months ago

    Just the video i need (well.. i got the cat in 2017s summer but ive been looking for this!)

  • Willow Gacha
    Willow Gacha 8 months ago

    Im hopefuliy geting a 1 year cat

  • Plain Gaming24
    Plain Gaming24 8 months ago

    This will help cause next week im getting a cat so im ready

  • RO
    RO 8 months ago

    Cats take care of them selfs, just supply food, water, litter box.

  • Abby Sprankle
    Abby Sprankle 9 months ago

    My parents might let me get a cat. Idk yet. Help!! Im so nervous

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 9 months ago

    My cat won't touch her scratch post, and she doesn't care about catnip

  • Denis Martynov
    Denis Martynov 9 months ago

    Hi guys! A new super guide for the care of cats.

  • Peter Lengyel
    Peter Lengyel 10 months ago

    Is so good to see

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis 10 months ago

    I just bought an awesome reflective cat collar for my baby from Bemix Pets. She's loving it so far!

  • CringeyVlogger Tv
    CringeyVlogger Tv 11 months ago

    😂 this is very nice! I'm going to a new house and a new school and I'm getting a cat 🐱 yayyyyyyy life is awsome!!

  • Okami Rosa
    Okami Rosa 11 months ago +2

    I understand this comment doesn’t provide to every petco but, didn’t they like... kill animals and injure them by bashing their heads and freezing them?

  • Shana Chambers
    Shana Chambers 11 months ago

    the narrator said "he" DID U JUST ASSUME MY CATS GENDER!!!??? *triggered*

  • Masha Ivanova
    Masha Ivanova 11 months ago +1

    This is a very useful video!

  • Ursus Martimus
    Ursus Martimus 11 months ago

    Help, my cat thinks i'm its mom....
    No really, I have cared for it so much, that it mews if i'm not near.

  • Pok1man -_
    Pok1man -_ 11 months ago

    Hi my new cat is hiding under my bed all the time :(

  • Ariana Sopaj
    Ariana Sopaj 11 months ago

    Sooo,a cat came up to my apartment.I fed it.And now she’s always there and everytime I get out she comes close to me and meows.What should I do??

    • Piper XOX
      Piper XOX 11 months ago

      Ariana Sopaj ADOPT her

  • Maisha Haque
    Maisha Haque 11 months ago

    I need a kitten in my life so badly

  • Johnny Carreiro
    Johnny Carreiro 11 months ago

    Most of this stuff isn’t necessary

  • Donut Donut
    Donut Donut Year ago

    I dont really know everything about cats, so should i get a kitten like 6 months old, or i should get a normal adult cat?
    (Im a starter)

    • Petco
      Petco  Year ago

      Hi Deaneyra. Congratulations on your decision to adopt a kitty! The age is entirely up to you, but we thought you might find some useful information in this article: Best wishes!

  • Squishy Johnny
    Squishy Johnny Year ago

    my cat is a tuxedo cat its young his name is Oreo he loves me im its babysitter well me and my dad are so he is cute, nice and FUN

  • Sam Minugh
    Sam Minugh Year ago

    We're getting an 8 week old kitten this Friday. I'm so excited!

    • Petco
      Petco  Year ago

      Congratulations, Sam! 😻

  • Unknown N
    Unknown N Year ago

    So my friend found a kitten today on Halloween and I had no idea what to do with it but I think this might help

  • GoldenAssassin 505

    Thank you

  • Starlight Stone
    Starlight Stone Year ago

    Hi petco! I'm planning I'm getting a new kitty myself. I'm very confident in my decision, but I feel there are still things I need to learn like bathing a cat. So if you do have a video on bathing a cat please send me the link and if you don't please make one thank you!!!!

    • Petco
      Petco  Year ago

      We appreciate the suggestion, Starlight. Thank you!

  • Hoppy Dodie
    Hoppy Dodie Year ago

    I’m getting a kitten for Christmas and I am sooo exited!!!

  • moved to 'wonk fiddle'

    This girl has so many cats what the heck

  • WannabeSwedish
    WannabeSwedish Year ago

    ok thism is to much cat profing funking locked windows and safety plugs SAFETY plug s

  • Double chinned fat baby

    Than you! Now when I am asleep it wakes me up and sleeps next to me!

  • quack 1
    quack 1 Year ago

    I can’t believe my family gave my cat away over the summer I was so sad :,(

  • lilbeansie
    lilbeansie Year ago

    Awesome and helpful video! :)

  • Emiliana Rodriguez

    I'm adopting a kitten from petco TOMORROW !

  • brallon is real
    brallon is real Year ago


    • Petco
      Petco  Year ago

      Congratulations! ❤️

  • Hazzbro
    Hazzbro Year ago

    i live in England and there aren't any petco's here xD

  • Melita CT
    Melita CT Year ago

  • Craig the default

    My dad said he's getting a cat I'm so excited 🤗🤗🤗

  • Simply Destiny
    Simply Destiny Year ago +1

    Guys im still deciding please help me.
    Get a bunny: like
    Get a turtle:comment
    This is not just for likes i just want to let yall vote. Btw, if this helps, i am a responsible 11 year old.

    • Hoppy Dodie
      Hoppy Dodie Year ago

      And by looking at your channel and you even said you are 11, I can tell you I have more experience than you lol. I have only made 2 videos and they are both about hamsters, but I also have 2 rabbits at my dads

    • Hoppy Dodie
      Hoppy Dodie Year ago

      I have been doing my research for 3 years now.

    • Hoppy Dodie
      Hoppy Dodie Year ago

      Diydestiny 123 dude ya you do.

    • Simply Destiny
      Simply Destiny Year ago

      Animals and pets 101 u know what i mean I'm just telling you an option and I've done research and you don't even need 2. It's just if you're busy or if you don't play with it a lot, so do your research before complaining

    • Hoppy Dodie
      Hoppy Dodie Year ago

      Diydestiny 123 I’m commenting not because you should get a turtle. Don’t get either because I can clearly tell that you aren’t ready for either because you said “a bunny” when you need two and if you don’t know that that you for sure can’t get a turtle

  • dumindra wijeywantha

    I am getting a kitten today but I am not sure to get it

  • hiraluna
    hiraluna Year ago

    I don't have kitten but I will buy soon like 3 week

  • Cloat Meal
    Cloat Meal Year ago

    My mom said we can get a cat after we are done with or bathroom renovations and I'm SO exited to be a cat mom!

  • _ Zinc
    _ Zinc Year ago

    I dont trust petco

  • Life Of Aysar
    Life Of Aysar Year ago

    I'm not getting a cat how did I get here?

  • Ashlynn Smith
    Ashlynn Smith Year ago

    Anyone here from Faze 😂

  • Gaming with Xousia


  • Ga954k !
    Ga954k ! Year ago

    Good advice thanks

  • Yung Mota
    Yung Mota Year ago

    I dont do this but what happens if you keep the cat in the cage insted of letting him out

  • Ah Eun
    Ah Eun Year ago

    this is the first time i adopt a cat and im very excited!!!

  • NaJk93
    NaJk93 Year ago

    securing plugs and cabinets is....
    Not needed guys.
    Well atleast cabinets.
    They are not gonna drink bleach.

  • Julia Stock
    Julia Stock Year ago

    When I get older i want to volunteer at an animal shelter and be with cats. So, i'm trying to learn a lot more about cats than I already know until the day I volunteer at the animal shelter. :)

  • Mika Yasaka
    Mika Yasaka Year ago

    I'm soon gonna get a male Abyssinian!

  • shea
    shea Year ago