Rafael Nadal | The Ultimate Competitor ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Rafa won his 4th Us open last week, let's back on some of his most emotional moments.
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  • s1 dude
    s1 dude 15 days ago


  • Imperialis Prosapia
    Imperialis Prosapia 27 days ago +2


  • Helen Ivanic
    Helen Ivanic 27 days ago +8

    2015-2016 was the worst 2 years for Rafa.
    2017 he made for it and got 2 GS's title.
    2018. WOW. Managed to make it the semi's of Wimbledon since 2010, made it only to the semi's of USO.
    2019. What a bloody good year. Finals of AO, picked up 2 more GS's titles including the US Open.
    Rafa is a fighter. Good luck for the rest of the year. VAMOS RAFA.

  • Nita Lopes
    Nita Lopes 28 days ago +1

    A beautiful song beautiful video amazing tribute to an brilliant talented champion bravo Rafa Nadal

  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap 28 days ago

    Novak djokovic...
    Roger Federer...
    Rod Laver...
    Pete sampras...
    Bjorn Borg...
    Jimmy conners...
    Roy Emerson...
    Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrive.

  • Lilbird
    Lilbird 28 days ago +1

    I love the music. Like a dream of my goat rafa. The shot at 2:23 will go down in history! Beautifully put together. Thanx man. VAMOS KING RAFA

    • Lilbird
      Lilbird 28 days ago


    • Bryan Yap
      Bryan Yap 28 days ago +1

      The roar after the shot was just as legendary. A legendary giadiator.

  • Yago Kim
    Yago Kim 29 days ago +2

    I watch tennis because of only Nadal

  • Alex Grotte
    Alex Grotte 29 days ago +1

    Please keep making these videos, never quit! You are too good for that! There is a hero in you too 👌.

    • Alex Grotte
      Alex Grotte 29 days ago

      6e Set Ah cool, havent found time to watch it yet but I will soon ;)

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  29 days ago

      Alex Grotte i used it for my film about Rafa, on the Us Open part

    • Alex Grotte
      Alex Grotte 29 days ago

      6e Set Btw Tommee Profitt is an amazing artist that you have chosen, please use ”Champion” (if you like it) in the future haha. Its amazing!

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  29 days ago

      Thanks a lot 🙏

  • oga nla nla
    oga nla nla 29 days ago +4

    I love Rafa, he is my role model on the tennis court, Nadal is a reflection of optimism, energy, never giving up, putting everything in it. Nadal is a reflection of how hard work wins eventually. I love Rafa, the ultimate competition. The king of Clay.

    • Lilbird
      Lilbird 28 days ago +1

      My idol too! When he first started no one could believe this new player and the ultimate playing that has transended through out the years! #19 is in the record books and no one can take that away. He had such health problems it was magic when he had a comeback and win us open, RG, Wimbledon and 1 gold singles olympics medal beating novak in the semis to win it. Later another gold olympics medal in mens doubles with Lopez. Goat!

  • Dr.khawar Taimoor
    Dr.khawar Taimoor 29 days ago +1

    Beautiful Video... Just wow

  • Deception
    Deception Month ago +1


    • Deception
      Deception 29 days ago

      @6e Set Thanks great video

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  29 days ago

      There's a hero in you - Tommee Profitt

  • Brahimi Rayan
    Brahimi Rayan Month ago +1

    beautiful video thank you vamos rafa 😉

  • Tirthankar Sarkar
    Tirthankar Sarkar Month ago +3

    Your videos are phenomenal! I recently discovered your channel. Your subscriber count doesn't do justice to the effort you put to make these masterpieces. Hope your channel grows exponentially!
    Good job & keep it up 👍😊

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  Month ago

      Thank you very much ! The most important thing is that people enjoy my videos !

  • NadalTop10
    NadalTop10 Month ago +11

    Brilliant. Like the sound track. This kind of videos was missed here for couple of years, since YT start blocking everything
    Thank you

  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith Month ago +5

    Not only the ultimate competitor. But the ultimate young man whom the youngsters and “ some of the oldsters” should take note and garner some of his incredible maturity and humility. Don’t ever change your mode of behavior and positive thoughts young man.