Boston Red Sox vs. LA Dodgers World Series Game 3 Highlights | MLB 2018


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  • Josh Tayler
    Josh Tayler Day ago

    I stayed up until 6 am in Dominican Republic 😂

  • Blake Wathen
    Blake Wathen 10 days ago +1

    Remember when Walker Beuhler started this game?

  • Jordan Wolfson
    Jordan Wolfson 20 days ago +1

    Biggest rollercoaster of a baseball game in history. Dodger Stadium ran out of food to serve in like the 13th inning for fucks sakes

  • elbert jackson
    elbert jackson Month ago

    I like how the dude tried to jump for the ball at the end of the game

  • Wakuma
    Wakuma Month ago

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  • daikokuten TV
    daikokuten TV Month ago


  • Esmée •_•
    Esmée •_• Month ago +2

    I remember waking up at 2 am checking my phone and the score was 2-2 and I was shook

    • Nova Comets xD
      Nova Comets xD Month ago +1

      Esmée •_• same but I woke up in the 11th inning and I remember when the dodgers tied it I started screaming and woke my parents up😂

  • Xyryle
    Xyryle Month ago

    I still can't believe they wasted 2 scoreless start to lose the world series

  • Jared chacon
    Jared chacon Month ago +1


  • THE Salazars
    THE Salazars 2 months ago

  • Ryan Cremin
    Ryan Cremin 2 months ago

    should of been a sweep but so happy the sox won

  • Leviticus Cornwall
    Leviticus Cornwall 2 months ago

    Baseball is boring af either way lol pretty sure it's just a bunch of white people who watch it

    • Leviticus Cornwall
      Leviticus Cornwall 2 months ago

      +Green peas
      I wanted to see if the world series would be any more entertaining. And it wasn't lol seemed just like a regular game- boring and slow asf.

    • Green peas
      Green peas 2 months ago +1

      Why are you here then? 😂

  • xFELYNEx xFx
    xFELYNEx xFx 2 months ago

    Bruh the game ended like at 4:00 AM in Puerto Rico... i watched the entire whole thing.

  • Amed The Fortnite player
    Amed The Fortnite player 2 months ago +1

    L.A was doing good on game 3

  • I am Bear
    I am Bear 2 months ago


  • thaGOAT
    thaGOAT 2 months ago +1

    7 fucking hours to watch a baseball game that shit is absurd!!!

  • Emg Emg
    Emg Emg 2 months ago +1

    Yessssssssssssssss yessssssss the dammm Los Angeles dogers didn't make world series history thank God they didn't I didn't want any of the major sporting events connected to the up above ones or partically below MLB other major sports to make the big one the teams that are in those conferences I know the exact ones cause I gave the major sports up a long timr agi thats a fact a matter of truth my truth I stand and glad I stand behind that truth with a passion of it as well yeahhhh if anybodys got anything to say about any of that sorry I said what I said and i meant it and I'm not taking it back ever its signed its sealed and its deliverd on time my answer is

  • Kelly Kwong
    Kelly Kwong 2 months ago +1

    I stayed up at 10:29 and my mom and dad got mad 😡 because I was at my cousins and he let me watch it and mom and dad got mad 😡 Because I stayed up wayyyyyyyyyy to late

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 2 months ago

    What a historic game. Man coming from a Rays and Mariners fan, I hope one of my teams can eventually make it to the World Series and kick some ass whether they win or lose 😁.

  • Mark Fuckerberg
    Mark Fuckerberg 2 months ago

    There should be a separate trophy for the team that goes to the World Series the most consecutively but never wins.

    FROSTY HIGHWAY 2 months ago

    I god I'm so so glad baseball is over now. What a bunch over paid ball scratches, spiting jerks, I wouldn't go to baseball game if you gave me 40 years of free tickets.

  • Rich Stoddard
    Rich Stoddard 2 months ago +1

    The Grass should win the mvp award

  • 1990Thunderbolt
    1990Thunderbolt 2 months ago

    all that 18th inning for nothing! the dodgers choked in game 4 and got smoked in game 5! the red sox world series champions!

  • Steve
    Steve 2 months ago

    who are the two douche bags behind home plate waving the red hat and the flag. NO class losers!!

  • Jackson Bakun
    Jackson Bakun 2 months ago

    Using this for a newspaper

  • ZVOX Audio
    ZVOX Audio 2 months ago

    That sure was a memorable game!

  • ウエダテルヒサ
    ウエダテルヒサ 2 months ago

    both uniforms are cool!

  • Puertecitos68
    Puertecitos68 2 months ago

    Bye Bye Dudgers! Fuck ya again next year!!!!

  • Samuel Sanchez
    Samuel Sanchez 2 months ago

    Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox’s and their fans for a WS win !!!

  • TheRenard10
    TheRenard10 2 months ago

    No more watching 6 hour games for me!

  • jed gould
    jed gould 2 months ago

    The ESPN broadcasts are vaguely professional. Radio announcers do not reset, recap, nor paint color, and they assume the listener knows the players on each team. For TV, not much color or even vocabulary. Always, “ the WALL!” Like it’s the only term there is for out of the park. It’s called imagination. Scully had it.

  • Waffen sniper
    Waffen sniper 2 months ago

    I’m so glad that the dodger players are out classed by world class Boston Red Sox players. Dodger players are so cocky all except one. Kershaw . Go Boston !! End it tonight

  • Waffen sniper
    Waffen sniper 2 months ago

    So cocky . Some of the Dodger players start to walk towards first base thinking they got ball 4. So dumb .. be a professional ball player ,, stop licking bats or balls ... or paint tar on your back .

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett 2 months ago

    Anyone else watching this after game four

  • Dauris Adrian Batista Gonzales


  • Infamous 48
    Infamous 48 2 months ago

    i dont even watch baseball why am i watching this

  • JF F
    JF F 2 months ago

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Huh? Did something happen? No? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
    Seriously, what a boring snoooooozer of a game. Probably the worse WS game ever....

  • Christopher Marez
    Christopher Marez 2 months ago


  • LinkinLooper
    LinkinLooper 2 months ago

    I left for work in the middle of the 8th, made a few paychecks, saved for a new car. found the girl of my dreams, got married, drove away in the new car, got promoted at work, had a few kids, decided to go back to college. got a degree, decided to sell my house, started packing everything up, house is empty, the TV last to pack, I look at it for one last time, right then Muncy hits a HR in the 18th inning to win the game. Packed the TV and started my new life.

  • Reginald Wigglesbottom
    Reginald Wigglesbottom 2 months ago

    Dodgers tickets... 2 games for one!

  • John Bigg
    John Bigg 2 months ago +2

    Looks like the loser dodgers go suck and bend over for the red sox this year. LA Dodgers bend over last year. For for Boston. Dodgers losers. Sad sad sad Los Angeles Ball teams all suck a big one.

  • james dostie
    james dostie 2 months ago

    how 'bout them sox boys world series going home to boston

  • Erich Diehl
    Erich Diehl 2 months ago

    Machado has a head problem. His lack of hustle almost cost the Dodgers the game

  • 백두산천지
    백두산천지 2 months ago

    엘에이는 감독의 투수 교체에 문제가 많다 다 이긴 경기를 투수 교체 실패로 오늘도 졌다

  • AauZag
    AauZag 2 months ago

    그럼 뭐함 선발 없는 보스턴 상대로 4차전 졌는데
    1승3패로 어떻게 이겨

  • Joshua Elwood
    Joshua Elwood 2 months ago

    times in the NFL when players yelled into the officials mic during an announcement

  • muzik note
    muzik note 2 months ago

    redsox just won game 4........hehe..what a great come back..............bats came alive against dodger bullpen..............destroyed dodger bullpen in 9th ending.........ra ra ra rara ra poker face .lady goo goo gaga..hehe.........

  • Charles McCarron
    Charles McCarron 2 months ago

    Stop the game for ever more celebrations! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ These players bore me!

  • Wesley Gray
    Wesley Gray 2 months ago

    That was a really dirty play by turner when he slid in to second, and I'm even rooting for the Dodgers to win!

  • Jeffrey Binder
    Jeffrey Binder 2 months ago

    Being Yankees fan I didn't much care who won but I stayed awake until 3am and it was only the 15th inning I think.
    I woke up this morning and didn't know it went 18 and didn't know who won. Crazy Game !

  • 권영배
    권영배 2 months ago

    엠비시 개 좌파들 미국에야구가 왜 월드냐 미국리그지 개새끼들 그리고 엠비시 해설하는새끼들 은근이 다저스편을든다 개십놈들 다저스져라 레드삭그이겨라.

  • 김민성
    김민성 2 months ago

    다저스 나이스 플레이 예아

  • Haydenpie08 Steinheider

    Let’s go do it again game 4

  • HAPPY F33T
    HAPPY F33T 2 months ago

    who is winning

  • Ryan Carroll
    Ryan Carroll 2 months ago

    and people say Buck shows no emotion

  • Ash&Misty Natsu&Lucy
    Ash&Misty Natsu&Lucy 2 months ago

    I stayed up to 3 a.m. because that's the time the game ended over here in Houston Tx.

    PSYCHO 2 months ago

    The game ended at 3:32am here in NYC. It was an amazing game.

  • Steel Penguin
    Steel Penguin 2 months ago +1

    One of the most amazing baseball games I've ever seen.

  • あんちゃん
    あんちゃん 2 months ago


  • Francisco Zamora
    Francisco Zamora 2 months ago +1

    World series the best game of the world, happening in 2018, Dodgers and Red Sox Making History

  • vincent kellam
    vincent kellam 2 months ago

    Good job Walker Buehler

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 2 months ago

    This was actually the game the Dodgers needed to play. If they blow out the Red sox, Boston can just come back refreshed and win again. But playing a 18 inning game not only tires them but deflates them because they put so much energy and lost. Hopefully we can get the Sox again tonight and flip the switch.

  • Wil Robles
    Wil Robles 2 months ago

    Sadly, I slept through this momentous event. 😌⚾️

  • Flexb123
    Flexb123 2 months ago

    It's too bad that wasn't worth more than 1 win lol

  • Alondra Juarez Reyna
    Alondra Juarez Reyna 2 months ago

    Ur the best channel ever

  • Kev The Man
    Kev The Man 2 months ago

    Eovaldi pitches a great game

  • MrJohnnyDistortion
    MrJohnnyDistortion 2 months ago

    Will the Dodgers get lucky again in game 4? Prolly not.

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez 2 months ago

    Muncy is so clutch all the time

  • brad fiser
    brad fiser 2 months ago

    Go Sox

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 2 months ago

    What a great way to end the game, thanks HH

  • avinash varma
    avinash varma 2 months ago

    In case you didn't know, a test match in cricket is played for 7 hours a day for 5 straight days.

  • Bastian 33 88
    Bastian 33 88 2 months ago

    This game was longer than my marriage😂

  • Nar God
    Nar God 2 months ago

    What is La

  • Braxton Gregory
    Braxton Gregory 2 months ago

    My gosh Cody Bellinger hosed the dude DOWN

  • Don Alejo
    Don Alejo 2 months ago


  • Damien Garrett
    Damien Garrett 2 months ago

    That game was crazy and exciting. While worth spending the whole afternoon on the sofa watching the game did finish close to 9pm New Zealand time

  • otineb5
    otineb5 2 months ago

    That wasn't a strike, the umpire needs glasses, and if one looks closely it's outside of the right hand corner. It's obviously a very poor call. If I were the Boston Red Sox's manager I would have challenged the call, because the video shows otherwise.

  • Raymond Lamirand
    Raymond Lamirand 2 months ago

    10 minutes of highlights? Must be a record

  • Disappointed Steve
    Disappointed Steve 2 months ago


  • richard escobar
    richard escobar 2 months ago

    Finally it took joe buck 18 innings to get excited.😂😂 Dogders are back in this.

  • GetYourTrollFaceOn
    GetYourTrollFaceOn 2 months ago

    I almost forgot Walker pitched this game.

  • Mark Haswell
    Mark Haswell 2 months ago +1

    Instant classic!

  • Jacob Suever
    Jacob Suever 2 months ago

    Bradley homer?

    FACTORIAL! 2 months ago

    Red sox unstopable

  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control 2 months ago

    Uh...Dodgers will win this World Series !

  • Nevek Fsm
    Nevek Fsm 2 months ago +1

    Eovaldi was a former dodger himself !

  • taticfortnitegamer
    taticfortnitegamer 2 months ago

    Dodgers are the best

  • Michael R Saavedra
    Michael R Saavedra 2 months ago +7

    Great highlights. Thx for posting. Captured key points.

    • Joe Giants
      Joe Giants 2 months ago

      Michael R Saavedra this was one of the greatest games over ever watched

    • Highlight Heaven
      Highlight Heaven  2 months ago

      no problem

  • Eliot M
    Eliot M 2 months ago +12

    Epic battle!, in the longest game in World Series history!, as the Dodgers and the Sox, played 2 complete games! As the Dodgers "Turn the Tide"!

  • fcs3ren
    fcs3ren 2 months ago

    Redsox might win the series but the win in this game goes down in history.With a win to the dodgers the 2 in one game series is actually 2-2

  • Derick Martinez
    Derick Martinez 2 months ago +23

    How can they play for 7 hours like I would die in 50 minutes

    • KdJ2's Twin
      KdJ2's Twin 2 months ago +1

      +Johan sigurdson no. It is not like gold. Baseball still has penty of athletic shit so it actuslly can never even be a debate. Golf can be a debate cause it is just swinging

    • Derick Martinez
      Derick Martinez 2 months ago

      chuy rod shut up 9 year old you probably have never watched a baseball game what about the outfielders kid and your the one who is retarded

    • Dark Worm102
      Dark Worm102 2 months ago

      chuy rod if u think they sat back and relaxed for 7 hours then uve obviously never touched a baseball in your life

    • chuy rod
      chuy rod 2 months ago

      What a retarded comment 😂acting like you run and get so tired

    • Heath Bartels
      Heath Bartels 2 months ago

      +Johan sigurdson not if ur an outfielder

  • Reppin Seattle 79
    Reppin Seattle 79 2 months ago

    Kinsler fucked this up. easy out at first.

  • DarkChocolate33
    DarkChocolate33 2 months ago

    Baseball the small stuff matters
    1. Cody Bellinger making the outfield double play in the 10th.
    2. Max Muncy holding up and not going which got him to first
    3. Cody Bellinger popping up into the stands. This forced Nunez to crash and allowed Muncy to tag from first
    4. Kinsler slipping on the blade of grass which allowed the ball to go wide and allowed LAD to tie the game.

  • DarkChocolate33
    DarkChocolate33 2 months ago

    I told myself I would go to bed at midnight to get up early tomorrow, stayed up until 2 AM eastern lmao.

  • One Buffalo
    One Buffalo 2 months ago

    most interesting thing about this game is how its gonna fuck with the pitching rotations of each team.

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting 2 months ago +1

    Boston deserve to lose that game

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 2 months ago

    Center field Dodger's Wow

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 2 months ago

    I was watching this game with my dad and we both fell asleep in the 15th inning

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT 2 months ago

    Hats off to the pitchers on both teams. 18 innings and only 5 total runs scored. Unusual for these teams.

  • Isaac T.
    Isaac T. 2 months ago