Skidder in the Snow

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    BEAT HOUSE 5 years ago

    your not supposed to repeat what your dad tells you while he's drinking

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  5 years ago

    Yes Timberjack is a subsidiary of John Deere since 2000.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 5 years ago

    is'nt Timberjack and John Deere now owned and built by the same company?

  • Victor Duda
    Victor Duda 6 years ago


  • boardingpass04
    boardingpass04 7 years ago

    @SebastianLong the buncher is in ther first

  • jaymanxxxx
    jaymanxxxx 7 years ago

    nice well shot video!!

  • Lane Waite
    Lane Waite 7 years ago

    i sure aint got the money to get a skidder...but i think skidders are the coolest machines...i dont know why...probably because your in the woods before any other machines like cat dozers and excavators and whatnot are in they are beastly 4x4's

  • Mudddrider108
    Mudddrider108 7 years ago

    @johndeere850dlc its not showing off its how you use the machine thats how i move logs and 16ft firewood and am able to stack it, you get a huge mess if you drag it through the mud and try to stack it while skidding it.

  • rainer212
    rainer212 8 years ago

    selle masinaga võiks juba midagi teha küll :D

  • Nicholas Pope
    Nicholas Pope 8 years ago

    We use a Cat skidder with a 14 foot blade for plowing deep snow I work at a ski area and the skidder that cleared the runs back in the 60's is now plowing the parking lot. Been rolled probably 20+ times. Still kickin.

  • Gasteraner
    Gasteraner 8 years ago

    Nothing runs like a deere

  • dirtracer81
    dirtracer81 9 years ago

    Yeah id say so.

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  9 years ago

    But if your Mom was telling your Dad to slow down so she could take video he would probably listen ;)

  • dirtracer81
    dirtracer81 9 years ago

    Nice machine but to be honest my dad would prolly fire the person driving because he would say they are to slow. Looks like they are getting the job done. Deeres are so much better then timberjacks not as stiff.

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  9 years ago

    Whoops, sorry to the last guy that posted looking for the cat or timberjack, I hit "remove" instead of reply!
    We had a cat but it burned up in a nasty forest fire... never owned a timberjack tho'.

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  9 years ago

    Rosebank Ranch, Lillooet BC Canada :)

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  9 years ago

    Oh yeah he'd like to have a track skidder to go along with the 748 but the budget (wife) won't allow that ;)

  • timbco475
    timbco475 9 years ago

    tigercat 630c rule's . ah just busting . cool vid

  • AJ
    AJ 9 years ago

    i prefer timberjack

  • Kansas A
    Kansas A  9 years ago

    Actually my Hubby isn't really a showy guy, if you look close he's lifting the logs off of the fences :)

  • theruley
    theruley 9 years ago

    haha I love skidders

  • Francis Simon
    Francis Simon 9 years ago

    lol...I get it now..

  • Francis Simon
    Francis Simon 9 years ago

    Check out my videos ..The one in the back called the uses only leverage,,Multi usage leverage enhancer.

  • Sjanzo
    Sjanzo 9 years ago

    You mean a GrassDiesel ???
    Its internal combustion(digestion) also needs grass as fuel, and doesnt need spark ignition ;-)

  • Francis Simon
    Francis Simon 9 years ago

    That looks like a strong ant. I have a machine that can do all that without using fuel.

  • Donna Field
    Donna Field 10 years ago

    This is so cool to watch. Loved it.