Meatball Recipe - Chef Pasquale

  • Published on May 16, 2012
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    Today I will show you how to make meatballs.
    Written recipe here:
    What you will need:
    Pork and/or Beef about 1.5 pounds total
    Black Pepper
    Olive Oil
    Bread Crumbs
    Parmesan Cheese
    Tomato sauce
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  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 7 hours ago

    My nigga you can’t eat raw pork like that

  • jason villa
    jason villa 21 hour ago

    i just watched this plastered and i’m so hungry it’s so tasty and like very authentic bro omg he’s making this shit from scratch like his sauce and all those ingredients damn i wish i knew how to cook.

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo Day ago

    About eggplants: quote:Male eggplants tend to have fewer seeds, and are therefore less bitter than female eggplants. To sex an eggplant, look at the indentation at bottom. If it's deep and shaped like a dash, it's a female. If it's shallow and round, it's a male. end quote.

  • Rosalind Catunao
    Rosalind Catunao 2 days ago

    Very simple very classic thank you chef!

  • Marie D
    Marie D 2 days ago

    That's exactly how l make them but l smell it after mixing and that's how l know l got the seasoning just right ❤ ciao

  • Domenick Ortuglio
    Domenick Ortuglio 4 days ago

    Scrimp scampi

  • Rocci
    Rocci 4 days ago

    Just a few ingredients added, this is how my mom cooks meatballs... salt black pepper garlic and parmesan. .and they are so soft and tasty.

  • Special K
    Special K 4 days ago

    No onions? My family adds little garlic powder too.

  • Ynda Arrap
    Ynda Arrap 5 days ago

    This old dude dope.

  • Jeremy Cartwright
    Jeremy Cartwright 6 days ago

    you're my new favorite celebrity chef!
    to all the raw burger people, you can make a tiny burger and fry it in a skillet to check flavor. that's what I do, but it's another dirty pan then.

  • Tommy .Gibbons
    Tommy .Gibbons 6 days ago

    Pasquale hey are you still with us? I was thinking. Where do you live? This video is already old 2012 right? So I was worried. Hope you are fine, anyway you are the boss in the cucina. Haha. Byebye for now, Tommy.

  • Nicholas Jackson
    Nicholas Jackson 6 days ago

    As soon as he tried the raw meat I knew he that those were gonna taste amazing. He's so precious too

  • judy slen
    judy slen 7 days ago

    These videos are the most fun to watch and the finished dishes look excellent...will surely try

  • ThatGuy 12
    ThatGuy 12 8 days ago

    Chef P you want to be my grandpa?

  • theaberrantdon
    theaberrantdon 9 days ago

    That is all of the same ingredients that my Italian grandmother used in her meatballs. I need to make some more, soon.

  • KaboosOnX1
    KaboosOnX1 9 days ago

    190 communists watched this video

  • Joseph Niccoli
    Joseph Niccoli 10 days ago +1

    there is no issue tasting the raw meat as long as u know where your meat came from and what the mix is and who made the mix
    never taste it unless u do it is a good rule of thumb

  • Pati Grove
    Pati Grove 10 days ago

    Oh how I wanted to have a bite of that!!! ❤❤

  • Oxazepam65
    Oxazepam65 12 days ago +1

    I bet the mafia would make tasty meatballs when debt collection was not going as planned.

  • Ricky Zoom 357
    Ricky Zoom 357 12 days ago

    Looks so delicious! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Peter K
    Peter K 13 days ago +1

    I love eating the raw meat when my mum makes meatballs I thought I was wierd. But here you go I wasn’t !

  • Lileasy757
    Lileasy757 17 days ago +10

    2019 anyone

  • Marie Sanchez
    Marie Sanchez 17 days ago

    Thank you it was wonderful and I also made your chicken parmesan and it was the best I ever had thanks so much I look forward to more of your recipes.

  • trippsx3
    trippsx3 17 days ago +1

    I hope you live for a very long time!!!!

  • Oodibigah
    Oodibigah 18 days ago

    I prefer pan frying my meatballs but these look good

  • Chris Keck
    Chris Keck 18 days ago


  • Chris Keck
    Chris Keck 18 days ago

    I found myself mesmerized

  • terrayjos
    terrayjos 19 days ago

    my grandma did not use bread crumbs but instead use up all her stale bread! she was economical. haha! She take the bread and depending on how dry it was she would dibble water on it and squeeze it into a ball. I don't remember her using egg (maybe she did?) and I am fairly sure she used just beef. I have started using ground pork in my meatballs. I really wish I could ask her now. I miss her.

  • Jared Mcallister
    Jared Mcallister 19 days ago

    You gotta Roll it like a boss😂

  • M M
    M M 19 days ago +1

    roll it like a boss....
    dudes a gangster..vivaa italianoo

  • Jeremy Moore
    Jeremy Moore 21 day ago

    This video was a lot like watching two retards fuck

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 21 day ago

    5:16 Authentic hand gestures confirmed

  • Sonia Heckard
    Sonia Heckard 23 days ago

    May I please come to NJ for dinner at your place Chef Pasquale? Real talk.

  • Brian Woznik
    Brian Woznik 24 days ago

    Exactly the same recipe as my Nonna!

  • Jose Alvarado
    Jose Alvarado 26 days ago

    U csnt eat raw pork!!!

  • Renee Mellace
    Renee Mellace 26 days ago

    Pasquale, YOU are just so adorable! You make me smile. And, you made my day as I make my meatballs nearly the same way. My mother in law, loved her dearly, taught me how to make meatballs, Sunday gravy and so much more for her Calabrian son. Grazie mile, for sharing your wonderful recipes and your beautiful spirit! Ciao cin cin😊

  • Captain Coconut
    Captain Coconut 26 days ago +1

    This man tasted raw pork and raw eggs, the bravery.

    • Sparky Jones
      Sparky Jones 21 day ago

      It's not as big of a risk as its made out to be... however If you happen to lose the gamble you'll regret it for sure.

  • Mark Worth
    Mark Worth 27 days ago

    Unimaginative recipe

  • IAC Latino
    IAC Latino 28 days ago

    Chef, im in the mountains of Honduras. I cant find the good italian parmesan cheese like i used in the USA. We have only the horrible krafts parmesan cheese here. Will that ruin the recipe? Actually, my moms family came from a small farming town south of Rome (dont remember the name) they use roman cheese which i cant seem to find anywhere in Honduras . The second question is here in Honduras, i cant find italian parsley. They use that parsley that restaurants use to decorate their plates of food. I didnt even know that you could eat that lol. Will that parsley be ok or should i wait until i can gets italian parsley seeds and plant my own?

  • Johnathan Berner
    Johnathan Berner 28 days ago

    This is legendary!!! I am 28 years old and this is just fucking amazing!!!!!

  • Thomas Torres
    Thomas Torres Month ago

    No onion I guess no need it turned out so good he is right it was so good. I put more parsley and garlic and it was way better the South American Italian way .

  • All Mine
    All Mine Month ago

    Ciao Nonno

  • Tammy Campbell
    Tammy Campbell Month ago

    Those look amazing!

  • joedsavage
    joedsavage Month ago

    175 muslims disliked this video. Pork???????

  • Thomas Torres
    Thomas Torres Month ago

    No onion I guess this recipe you guys put it ?

  • 944gemma
    944gemma Month ago +1

    You are the best, Chef. All the wonderful foods of my youth, such memories come back to me.

  • 34muggsy34
    34muggsy34 Month ago +1

    I wish this guy was my next door neighbor!

  • Miklevey
    Miklevey Month ago

    Love this guy.

  • Angela Goss
    Angela Goss Month ago

    your not suppose to eat raw meat especially if you have raw eggs in it.

  • David Scott Noble
    David Scott Noble Month ago

    beautiful. the bread looks like that awful hotdog bun American stuff. Warmed ciabatta.. cut to size better. Gonna give it a go. made two orsara recipes so far..., So Good..

  • Vemanik
    Vemanik Month ago +2

    You're not Italian until you keep your cheese in those yellow containers.

  • Carmen Cortez
    Carmen Cortez Month ago

    I did not like when you put in your mouth raw meat.

  • Smith
    Smith Month ago +2

    I just found this channel.. this guy is great

  • ron estes
    ron estes Month ago

    It's a so Gud! Boom! Sauce on de, da bals! Capiche! 🤫

  • ron estes
    ron estes Month ago

    I only use dog meat, monkey brains, and love to make my da meat ta bals! 😂🤣😂🤷‍♂️

  • MusicUnderGround
    MusicUnderGround Month ago

    Why has it took so long to find you I'm here now tell me you're alive still

  • Pearl Jaym
    Pearl Jaym Month ago

    Omg im sooooo hungry now...

  • Spy Dirty
    Spy Dirty Month ago +1

    No a safe afood ahande. Raw a meat eees a no goo

  • Uhhh
    Uhhh Month ago

    Stupida fawking meatballs.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D Month ago

    Lots of love from Scotland!
    What was the cut that you minced yourself?