How the Dutch Stole EMA from London | United States of Europe

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • 'How the Dutch Stole the European Medicines Agency - from London' | United States of Europe. How did Amsterdam win the bid for the EMA European Medicines Agency when they won't even have the new location ready on time? A) Because - for an agency that's all about pills - Amsterdam has the best & B) Anywhere is better than a country that voted for Brexit.
    Hi, I'm Greg Shapiro. Comedian. American. Dutchman. I came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater, and I never left. Along the way, I've hosted 'Comedy Central News,' I've written a book 'How to Be Orange,' and I've worked side by side with Boom Chicago alumni such as Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and Jason Sudeikis.
    Yes, I'm the voice of Trump in the 'Netherlands Second' video from 'Zondag Met Lubach,' with 50 million views.
    I'm now working on a 'Daily Show for the EU' called 'United States of Europe.' And I'm co-host of 'The Amsterdam Comedy Podcast.' It's all free. Please subscribe! It really helps.
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  • Carlton
    Carlton 27 days ago


  • David of Yorkshire
    David of Yorkshire 3 months ago

    How wrong can a title and a premise be?
    The EMA is the European Medical Agency a European Union agency. The UK is leaving the European Union, do people need to have it spelled out for them? Leaving the European Union means leaving all its agencies, organisations and structures. The UK can't keep the EMA because it's a European Union agency, so how did anyone steal it from the UK?
    The EBA is also a European Union Agency to place banking under EU control. When will remoaners realise leaving the EU means getting rid of all these regulatory agencies. The UK owns a good percentage of the ECB European Central Bank, why aren't you talking about that?
    Yet more misdirection, misinformation and outright lies...
    To be clear - any European Union agency - all European Union agencies will leave the UK - BECAUSE WE WONT BE A PART OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. Now how hard is that to sink in... We're not loosing them, they no longer have a place in the UK, or do you want to put the head quarters of the French Foreign Legion in London? It makes as much sense.

  • fickyni2
    fickyni2 3 months ago

    I thought it was about the MTV EMA's 😂🙈

  • Dance Artist
    Dance Artist 3 months ago

    The Netherlands are the greatest XTC producers ever.

  • Wieniet3
    Wieniet3 3 months ago

    ah, you are one sore loser, ha ha ha

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 3 months ago

    so even thinking of taking xtc makes me sick now. but there was a time where i would have loved to try a trump pill

  • Russ Ian E. Lection-Hacker

    Yeah, let's not blame May & Corbyn's puppet show that is purposely harming Britain by mismanaging the Brexit talks out of personal interest, let's instead blame the competition who won a fricking rafle. How sad can you go.

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      It's looking more and more like Brexit is a facade, seems like Brittain will only leave the EU in name

  • Dutch Man
    Dutch Man 3 months ago

    The Netherlands will never leave the EU.
    If, they will split it up, an EU for the Dutch and an EU for the rest.
    One day a month we will claim the parliament in Brussels for our gatherings, and Benidorm will be the Dutch Gibraltar.

  • Sandro Dream
    Sandro Dream 4 months ago

    italy will go out soon this pathetic Nordcentric europe and will stop to pay over 20 Billions euros because are not appropriate all this money for have zero european institutions !

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 2 months ago

      I do, and I hope Italy will kickstart these reforms. I just hope it works out before countries leave :S

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 2 months ago

      Ok so you think that this Europe can change and become more near to citizens and less to the banksters ? I think that italy will ask to Europe Commission some important things to accomplish but if this arguments will not be solved I think that salvini will take italy out of euro. The problem is not just clandestine invasion but economy and unemployers and a common gestion of finance and defence and not just a common currency :)

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 2 months ago

      I'm glad even the g5m and league realise this. For example mr Wolf came out and said that leaving the EU is not their goal at all.
      They want to fix the refugee problem, and renegociate with the EU, but they don't want to leave.
      Which exactly my point: reform, don't just run.

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 2 months ago +1

      Sandro Dream Italy has many benefits from being in the EU, the biggest being acces to the free EU market.
      There are a shitload of other things Italy gains from being in the EU (a random example being that Italians can study in any EU country easily).
      I definitely understand that the refugee thing is bothersome, especially for Italy. Things need to be done about that, I think that's best done on an EU level though. Most other EU countries have also realized they took in too many refugees, its not like Italy is alone in that.
      And the institutions? Honestly who cares lol. Yeah I guess Italy should have one too, why not? That doesn't mean you should leave, it means you should try to get one.
      There are definitely some problems, but that doesn't mean we should abandon ship. It means we should come together and work on the problems to make the EU better than it is now.
      Switzerland (and Norway) are special cases, they aren't completely on their own, outside the EU at all. They are both in the EEC and sht like that, theyre like 99% EU memberstates, they just aren't formally. Switzerland isn't because they want to stay technically neutral (like they've done throughout history) and Norway has some fishing thing that prevents them from joining.)
      Is being in the euro a good thing? Depends how you look at it. There was the euro crisis yeah, but that was ten years ago. It may have been better to join later, but if you look at the euro right now at this moment in time? Its a good idea. And leaving is not the same as never having joined, leaving will be an economic catastrophy.
      And yes you are right, if Italy leaves that will be a hard blow to the EU including the Netherlands and Germany, but Italy would be hit way worse.
      Look at Brittain right now, they're in massive trouble due to leaving the EU. For example big companies are leaving to other EU countries. But more importantly, its looking more and more like Brittain will get a deal that is basically the same as membership, without the voting rights. Their other options are complete economic collapse and/or a civil war in Northern Ireland...
      Again, I'm not saying the EU is perfect, I'm just saying that leaving is just going to suck for everyone, including Italy.

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 2 months ago

      Nono if italy will go out the EU will be a disaster for Holland and germany for many many reasons

  • MrLeovdmeer
    MrLeovdmeer 5 months ago

    Fuck you looser

  • I_drink_cola_every_day_and_you_cant_stop_me

    "united states of europe", no thanks

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      I agree that we don't have to be a superpower in the conventional way, we shouldn't necessarily start exerting power over other regions in the world. However, in order to live in a peaceful manner, we need to make sure we aren't overtaken by another superpower. That is why I think the EU should be given more power by the nations it composes, so we can sustain our general sovereignty.

    • I_drink_cola_every_day_and_you_cant_stop_me
      I_drink_cola_every_day_and_you_cant_stop_me 3 months ago

      Dance Artist Yes haha I'm dutch, I figured you were dutch too but apparantly you're belgian. I don't think being a superpower is a must, I just think being left alone is the best. Power isn't everything just sovereignity while the people in your country can live their lifes is all I want. The way I see Belgium is really a divided country, and I think that's what's to become of the EU, except instead of 2 parties, you would have dozens. I mean theres a real divide in Wallonia and Flanders (as far as I can see), and to be honest I don't see your country as one, but as two.

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      I too would prefer if my country (Belgium) could decide for itself. Unfortunately, in this day and age the whole geopolitical game is about superpowers, small sovereign nations are just irrelevant now :S
      So if we want to start playing on the same field as the USA, Russia, China, (India etc) we need to hand in some sovereignty unfortunately. I think it's worth it though, I can imagine some others wont.
      The worst part is that most of these big plans would take a very long time to realize, by which time the whole geopolitical landscape could change a lot.
      Btw are you Dutch? I noticed you said NAVO instead of NATO a few comments ago.

    • I_drink_cola_every_day_and_you_cant_stop_me
      I_drink_cola_every_day_and_you_cant_stop_me 3 months ago +1

      Dance Artist Thats the first sane argument I've heard for a EU army, I've never understood why NATO existed after the Soviet-Union was disbanded. But I'd rather see a union of armies just like NATO instead of an army where the EU has control over it (also because I think the EU in this state is at least a bit corrupt). I don't like being a puppet of the USA, but I also don't like being a puppet of the EU. I'd rather have our country choose when to act for our own reasons. Like the recent Syria attacks of USA Britain and France, I'd rather have our country saying we dont condone this, instead of supporting it. But I guess in the current political climate thats very hard. World politics can be very complicated.

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      The point would be to get rid of NATO, as Russia is no longer as big of a threat as it used to be, NATO kinda... doesn't make sense anymore. The USA is also less enthusiastic about it, either we start spending more money on our armies so we can defend ourselves, or the USA wants out of NATO.
      As far as I can tell, with NATO we are stuck as the US' puppets, if we make our own army, we can make our own decisions.

  • Bas
    Bas 5 months ago +3

    Another win for the Northern states! Just saw the Italian election results rolling in, looks like they made a good move by going for the Netherlands, now just wait till they all exit and it will be a Germanic Europe!

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      lol Bas wtf, calm down :')

    • Bas
      Bas 4 months ago +2

      Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
      Über alles in der Welt,

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 5 months ago

      now with the italian elctions for this EU will be the end of the germanocentric privilege italy is a giant founding member and will not be under german diktat like the others, so if italy leave for this EU Ema included will be the end of the game

  • Thomas Wijk
    Thomas Wijk 5 months ago

    So are u dutch or What? XD

  • Diedert Spijkerboer
    Diedert Spijkerboer 5 months ago +2

    This makes me feel so proud to be Dutch

  • Bugger All
    Bugger All 5 months ago +4

    What a bunch of losers. They wanted out? Stay out and stop crying!

  • Gideon Van Bekkum
    Gideon Van Bekkum 5 months ago

    Fuck you we stole nothing. If its solled then we just picked up the pieces. Now be nice to the dutch or we sent you those annoying imigrants

  • elghark
    elghark 5 months ago +1


  • Mark Badoer
    Mark Badoer 5 months ago

    Who the fuck are you Greg? Pretending to be a know it all about Holland. Ok, the Netherlands for some. Maybe it is funny in the US of A, but dutch people I spoke to find you a rather irritating twat.

  • Pierre Vallet
    Pierre Vallet 5 months ago +1

    Is it humour ? It is a EU agency, do you know EU the horrible communist nazi area that you dislike, seriously do you want a symbol of this undemocratic European power on the British lands, But perhpas it is humour, according to the other videos

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago

      this is why you can skip your medication

    • Mark Kamphuis
      Mark Kamphuis 5 months ago

      Pierre is right

    • Pierre Vallet
      Pierre Vallet 5 months ago

      i just talk with the guy on the video

    • marieke Elzer
      marieke Elzer 5 months ago

      Pierre Vallet sorry, what exactly are you responding to?

  • M F
    M F 5 months ago

    Who is this bumptious, gormless halfwit?

    • Greg Shapiro
      Greg Shapiro  5 months ago +1

      I’m your Owner soon, if David Davis keeps up his negotiating aplomb.

  • M F
    M F 5 months ago +4

    Why would EU institutions be based in an independent country?

    • Erik Bakker
      Erik Bakker 3 months ago

      No, foreign would make no sense, since the EU has multiple countries. He means an independent country; one not in the EU.

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago


  • In1998able
    In1998able 5 months ago +3

    I love you still but still a copy Lubach!

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago

      The biggest difference between last week tonight (LWT) and Zondag met Lubach (ZML) is that the first focusses mainly on the US, the latter on the EU (or rather, the Netherlands) in their coverage. That sets the two shows apart, the way they are set up etc is indeed very similar.
      To the Dutch, ZML is basically an extension to LWT, we all speak English so we just watch both :')

    • OnionChoppingNinja
      OnionChoppingNinja 5 months ago

      And Lubach is a cheap John Oliver knock off, so what's your point?

  • Balerion
    Balerion 5 months ago

    Amsterdam has certain facilities you can't find elsewhere.

  • Spacefrisian
    Spacefrisian 5 months ago

    No worries, Brittain doesnt want us near there shores but meanwhile they take a dump on that and start drilling gas 10 km from the Dutch coast....

    • ger du
      ger du 5 months ago

      Blah b the 'since' is nonsense and there is no need to bring up Unmentionable Sea Mammals.
      And your statement about limited effect is demonstrably wrong. The 10 hour wonders the RAF was producing were cannonfodder.

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      +ger du
      You said:
      "Come to think of it, the UK was saved ( battle of Britain ) by Canadians, Poles and Czechs."
      This is false. Not only did that limited number of pilots not do much at all, but even if the Battle of Britain had been lost, that would not have lead to an invasion of the UK, since Operation Seelöwe was logistically impossible.

    • ger du
      ger du 5 months ago

      Blah b sauce? Besides, I have not mentioned any invasion.
      Britain owes it's continued existence to the Allies, and not to buggering off, defeated, at Dunkirk.

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      +ger du
      That's nonsense. An invasion of GB was logistically impossible. It could never have been done, even if the entire RAF had been wiped out.

    • ger du
  • Rhaegar Targaryen
    Rhaegar Targaryen 5 months ago +17

    As Amsterdammer: We dont need or want to EMA! We got enough expats already who the rental prices up. Another 3000 wont help. Give the EMA to Rotterdam, Kop van Zuid, if they want to come here. Basically the same and Rotterdam South can really use some gentrification.
    Though personally, I think it should have gone to Bratislava. They are right: Eastern Europe needs agencies too.

    • David of Yorkshire
      David of Yorkshire 3 months ago

      Rhaegar Targaryen : That's equality for you in the European Union, some are more equal than others. Rather than encourage growth and balance throughout the EU, and distribute fairly, they chose somewhere where the buracrates can go party, have a night life, and do it all on the massive EU expenses their paid. Just the same reason all the UK's politicians live and work in London, theyre not about to work in Newcastle or Sheffield, so what makes you think their going to go to a country without advanced social, economic and cultural benefits? Although I'm sure they could find a prostitute cheaper... That may be why they took their time dismissing it?

    • JCGver
      JCGver 3 months ago

      I'd say put the EMA in Urk. You know to keep the supply lines short for all those bankers

    • Klaas de Boer
      Klaas de Boer 4 months ago +1

      As Groninger I really want the EMA in the Netherlands. Netherlands is more the “de randstad”. Het is echt randstedelijke arrogantie om te denken dat Amsterdammers een beetje uitmaken wat er in ons land gebeurt.

    • Jasper Nuboer
      Jasper Nuboer 4 months ago +1

      It should never have gone to Bratislava, as many workers from EMA are LGBT and Slovakia is still very anti-LGBT. Most of the employees would have left EMA which would have crippled the institution. Bratislava was never an option. Only Milan and Amsterdam had a realistic bid, so no surprises here.
      As for your other proposition, perhaps Rotterdam would have been a fine location. But I'm fine with Amsterdam staying an expat city and Rotterdam staying a Dutch city.

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      Spoiled brats like you just want to live as centrally as possible, as cheaply as possible, for your own selfish gain.
      Good government involves ignoring the likes of you.

  • Ra Senché
    Ra Senché 6 months ago

    funny so see when i work 2 offices away from the Spark Building XD

  • ermeo356
    ermeo356 6 months ago +6

    Make democracy great again: LEAVE THE EU!! NEXIT NOW!

    • Dance Artist
      Dance Artist 3 months ago +1

      I'm glad that throughout the EU, there is a growing sentiment in favor of the EU.
      Being alone as a bunch of sovereign states isn't going to work for the european countries, so what would you rather be, a puppet of the US, a puppet of Russia, or part of the EU together with all your fellow European brothers?

    • kaas master
      kaas master 5 months ago

      Because it worked for britain

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      Give us one valid reason why.
      *silence or populistic lies and screaming ensue*

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago +1

      all EU members are extremely dependent, but we Europeans just love to imagine we can face alone China, get a super deal with Japan just before lunch and face out of wto trumps surprise tariffs before the match between Sevilla and Valencia. we are stupid like that, our populations still think these are the 1600s fun times

    • Tom de vries
      Tom de vries 5 months ago +3

      nexit, next, ditch and nether mind are better names but the netherlands won't leave because we depend on trade with Europe to exist please educate yourself before spewing nonsense

  • I knewit.
    I knewit. 6 months ago

    Because they are still planning on reversing Brexit.

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo 5 months ago

      Yeah, secretly so the populace doesn't really know/understand it. But too bad Englishmen, not even your own country agreed entirely and now they have to bite the dust. It's not even proper karma yet for taking away places such as New Amsterdam and South Africa. Especially the latter because today White Africans, better know as Afrikanners, are all pretty neglected by everyone. Not that the Dutch are innocent but the ones I speak all want to move to The Netherlands and not the UK. Well, if they have no other choice they will move to the UK. But the UK doesn't want them either.

  • JustinAkaDeadstuff
    JustinAkaDeadstuff 6 months ago +6

    Dont worry the netherlands is going to leave the eu soon

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 4 months ago

      With Mr Salvini for Germany is finished the time of supremacy in the Eu area, I think that italy will abandon the Euro currency like Poland or Sweden but will remain in the Eu market area and the only countries to have the Euro will be Germany and Holland

    • ger du
      ger du 4 months ago

      Sandro Dream it's the weather. Us Nordics cannot stand the sweltering heat south of Frankfurt.

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 4 months ago

      italy dont have any EU institution on his land and for a founding member of EU this is incredible !

    • Adam Hall
      Adam Hall 5 months ago +1

      I prefer the Africans from former Dutch colonies to racists like you who can't put a sentence of coherent English together.

    • ger du
      ger du 5 months ago

      JustinAkaDeadstuff hydrostatic equilibrium between water outside the seadikes and water entering thru rhine and meuse.
      It makes floating an atoll look easy.
      To be fair, some bits like southern Limburg may still be above the water in 100 years. Last time I checked it's ok for 1 million out of 16 mln people.
      The other 15 mln will have a bit of a problem.

  • shlibber
    shlibber 6 months ago +6

    Anyone want to buy a national health service?, good condition several careless owners lots of white ambulances with blue lights and sirens that go neee naaa neeee naaa.

  • Ad Lockhorst
    Ad Lockhorst 6 months ago +4

    Italy lost but is now trying to get EMA anyway ....

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 5 months ago

      sorry but I dont know english so I uses a google trsnlator. Lega is not fascist is much more federalist like Germany infact many italians from Lega party are of german descend, the Longobards....the real fascist party is Forza Nuova and Casapound but they lost arrived at 1% not enough to go in parlament
      pay attention to Lega and 5 stars movement they will change this financial europe wait and see Salvini is a bulldog he is not like Berlusconi the idiot or Renzi the traitor

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      +Sandro Dream
      Your barely literate insane rambling is quite difficult to follow.
      I believe you were saying the racist idiots of the Lega Nord separatist party were ever going to change anything....
      It's exactly that smallminded attitude why you barely matter in the EU. Think big.

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 5 months ago

      and btw where is the Palace that will ospitate EMA ? is not true that Holland falsified the dossier changing buildings and project ?

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 5 months ago

      btw why speak english when we have other official languages ? Holland is an english colony ? like USA or canada ? there is a big nation inside Europe that speak english as official lang ?

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 5 months ago

      Blah b read this

  • Colin Shaw
    Colin Shaw 6 months ago +13

    The fault for the loss of the EMA lies entirely with the British people themselves . They have voted to leave the EU so they have to stop complaining and live with the consequences .

    • Qwokka
      Qwokka 28 days ago

      oh hey, M F
      wanna cup of tea?
      So you can read on how the EU political system work and why, what you are saying, is not true :)

    • M F
      M F 5 months ago +1

      There is no EU. There is Berlin and Brussels. The rest of you are either too weak or too cowardly to challenge them. Do you think the final deal, should there be one - and personally I would prefer there not to be one - will be agreed by Dublin or Madrid or Bucharest? Once more you are the useful idiots for German expansionism.

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago

      I know where there's a hole in the ground twice as big and four times as ugly

    Tony IN SOUTHWARK 6 months ago +62

    As the UK is Leaving EU why should any EU agencies be based here? So the Dutch did not steal anything.

    • Nash Nombre
      Nash Nombre 16 days ago

      Ad Lockhorst LOLL

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 4 months ago

      and Why France can have a second Parlamient in Strasbourg with big expenses to accomplish to french sciovinism ? and EBA why in France ? all agencies and Eu institutions are located in North Europe why Italy must stay in this fake European union ??? wait jus some week and Salvini the new govern of italy will broke this EU because this is not a real union ...another stupid thing Frontex agency in Poland ? hahahah where is the most important european frontier in Poland ? hahahaha

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 4 months ago

      Braun 30 then explain to me this: Why italy a founding member that pay every year to europe 20 Billions euroa and take back just 8 dont have any EU institution on his land and why there are other nations like Poland or Sweden that enjoy the benefits of EU area commerce but they are not constricted (after a short period) to adopt the Euro currency and they can mantain the control of their Central Bank and an own currency ?????
      and why Europe dont block clandestine migration directly in africa coast and isolate italy and Greece to spend over 5 Billions euros every year for this clandestine ???
      and why Germany can make this giant economic surpluss without redestribuite to other Euro partners his giant Surpluss ?

    • Sandro Dream
      Sandro Dream 4 months ago

      During the period 1987/1992 the lira was linked with SME an embryon of the Euro project and strange the italian economy was very bad during that period, after 1992 when the Lira exit out of the SME the italian economy increased his eonomy until 1999 when the Lira was again linked with a fixed exchange the starting of the Euro project ! coincidence ? I remember that with Lira italy surpasset UK too and become the 4th economic power and with an unemploy tax of 4% now with euro italy is declassed 8 or 9 world economy and an unemploy tax of over 12% ....

    • Braun30
      Braun30 4 months ago

      Sandro Dream The Lira was the real problem, whenever Italy lost some competitive edge the solution was to "float" the currency, let it drop a bit and then regain competitiveness.
      Result was horrendous inflation and creating a captive population that could not purchase anything foreign, including travel.
      The Euro benchmark showed exactly the structural problems of italian industry and economy.

  • parkey107
    parkey107 6 months ago

    looks like greece is getting shafted again

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      The Greek bid was never serious competition for most countries. They were eliminated in the first round.
      Why Athens even believed they ever stood a chance is a mystery, they had nothing to offer.

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago

      by greeks themselves

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago

      So not that much has changed

  • mehblahmehblah
    mehblahmehblah 6 months ago

    Hahahaha love it

  • shlibber
    shlibber 6 months ago

    Last thing I remember
    I was running for the door
    I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
    "Relax, " said the night man
    "We are programmed to receive
    You can check-out any time you like
    But you can never leave!"

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago

      It hasnt gone anywhere

    • Greg AVFC 69/70 Jones
      Greg AVFC 69/70 Jones 6 months ago

      bye-bye EU dictatorship; robbing bastards; scum of the earth.

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago

      Welcome to the hotel brexetino

  • Marcin Cieslikowski
    Marcin Cieslikowski 6 months ago +1

    Great show Greg!!

  • qpae123
    qpae123 6 months ago +11

    Good Job ! Britain fire bombed my City in Romania during WW2 ! Almost killed my entire family . Good thing grandpa had a collection of mansions and they destroyed only two :)) Seeing other stealing from the Evil Island, makes me happy ! I feel revenged ! lmao I hope they will let UK butt naked just like they let us here after the war ! :)) PS: ''Brexit means Brexit ! '':)))

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      Was it GB's fault that you fought on the wrong side in the war? No, Romania decided to join the axis, nobody else did.

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago

      english, germanic people worst invention

    • jh5kl
      jh5kl 5 months ago

      and please lets not give in to italy and greece that want to turn Europe into middle east

    • qpae123
      qpae123 5 months ago

      Fraser. I hope the brits will become as miserable as you, russian :)

    • qpae123
      qpae123 5 months ago

      Fraser . I am so happy to hear that all the trash from Romania and other places lives today in Britain . We have a saying here : '' Trash attracts other trash ! '' I hope you'll be flooded with trash from all over the World and get ruined and have m miserable lives ! PS: Have a great day , ''mate'' ! :))

  • shlibber
    shlibber 6 months ago +28 the field of political conflict....have so many...been screwed....out of so so few✌

    • Blah b
      Blah b 5 months ago

      +Freek Weijers
      In which only old demented people voted, and they voted based on lies.
      The vast majority of British people opposed the Brexit. Only 34% of the population voted in favour of brexit.

    • Korenn
      Korenn 5 months ago

      nice comeback, yo

    • shlibber
      shlibber 5 months ago

      Freek Weijers, would you like a cup of tea?

    • Freek Weijers
      Freek Weijers 5 months ago +1

      I thought of that but I didn't think libtards would be retarded enough to compare this to WW2

    • shlibber
      shlibber 5 months ago

      That's ironic

  • nephilimcrt
    nephilimcrt 6 months ago +9

    When are you going to get rid of that bloody annoying 'newsroomnewsroomnewsroom' part? It makes me want to throw stuff at my screen.

    • Eduardo Escarez
      Eduardo Escarez 5 months ago +1

      The greatest, yugest theme of all time. Believe me!

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago +1

      And hes definitely not going to change it now

    • shlibber
      shlibber 6 months ago +6

      nephilimcrt, it is .👌.the greatest...👌theme tune..of all time👌👌

    • Martijn van der weide
      Martijn van der weide 6 months ago +6

      nephilimcrt i really love it