WCTH | Season 3 bloopers

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • When Calls The Heart Season 3 blooper reel.
    I don't own anything! All rights reserved belong to Hallmark Channel!

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  • Kathryn Tutorials
    Kathryn Tutorials 2 hours ago

    Daniel forgets his lines a lot😂😂

  • Nfksjfkjdjfjd
    Nfksjfkjdjfjd 4 days ago +1

    “lets get it on” I ALWAYS START CRACKING UP. i feel like all the elizabeth and jack are the funniest bloopers 😂😂 them together and separated both funny

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 9 days ago

    Liora looks good

  • Emily Herbst
    Emily Herbst 10 days ago

    3:11 omg 😂

  • Judy Bledsoe
    Judy Bledsoe 24 days ago

    He always seems so happy working on this show. Can not understand why he needed to move on. Think there is something was going on within.

  • ShyAnn Williams
    ShyAnn Williams 27 days ago +2

    I LOVE Lee and Rosemary’s characters!💕

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson Month ago

    These are so funny !!!!!

  • Judy Kraynak
    Judy Kraynak Month ago

    I saw a part of the new episode and I don't care for the saloon keeper.

  • Hilda Kutzner
    Hilda Kutzner Month ago +1

    I love it when they speak to fast it os sooooo funny. But rosemary her reaction to Lee's foot or with the "explosions" with five kids😂😂
    Like if u like(love) bloobers

  • Jaydeekatt
    Jaydeekatt Month ago

    "Pascale the rascal"

  • Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs

    This is hilarious, love it, hope there are more coming! 🤣

  • Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs

    I love those people, the best series ever! 👌

  • Miss Sancheezy !
    Miss Sancheezy ! 2 months ago +40

    Who else is watching this to cope with depression from Jack’s death 😭

    • Helen Standing
      Helen Standing Month ago +1

      Feels ages since Jack was in it because the actor was gone so much anyway. Love the new season 6 - summer filming is great 👏

    • Caroline Antrich
      Caroline Antrich Month ago


    • Lydia Austin
      Lydia Austin Month ago

      Me completely

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing 2 months ago

    i watched a bunch of episodes from s3 2day... beautiful to see what its like behind the scenes

  • Amy McKay
    Amy McKay 2 months ago

    Sooooo fun!!!!!

  • rebecca60172
    rebecca60172 2 months ago +10

    Move 2 inches to your left please..........2 inches to your other left😭😭😭

  • sherri condie
    sherri condie 3 months ago


  • Jim Criniti
    Jim Criniti 3 months ago

    Erin's sassy look at 2:55 made my night! Like she's telling Dan he had one job to do, and now they have to do another take...haha

    • Olivia Rogers
      Olivia Rogers 3 months ago

      Jim Criniti What episode was that again I forgot

  • Adriana Gallicchio
    Adriana Gallicchio 4 months ago +18

    Appreciate that there is no inappropriate language in the bloopers! Just sweet wholesome fun

  • Adriana Gallicchio
    Adriana Gallicchio 4 months ago +7

    2:06...”...also, I’m Batman”....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lorraine Chambers
    Lorraine Chambers 4 months ago

    Can't wait...Fantastic series

  • Gabriela Barbero
    Gabriela Barbero 5 months ago

    Por que tiene que morir Jack!!!!!! Nooo me quedé re triste TODA UNA SEMANA!!!!!😣
    ME ENCANTA LA SERIE. La veo por Netflix. 😍😍😘😘😘😘desde ARGENTINA

  • JustFaithy236
    JustFaithy236 5 months ago

    3:35 is my brain when everyone is trying to be serious

  • DoctorinMelissa
    DoctorinMelissa 5 months ago

    i love this series and i love jack so daniel lissing everybody is totally cool

  • Lexie Grace!!
    Lexie Grace!! 5 months ago +1

    Boy:I’m scared of dogs
    Random man outside:Baghhh
    Everyone starts laughing.

  • Seth Ledbetter
    Seth Ledbetter 5 months ago +13

    i love that, *stands up* "lets get it on"

  • Emily Does YouTubez
    Emily Does YouTubez 6 months ago +1

    I love the plane one

  • Ester Samuelsson
    Ester Samuelsson 7 months ago +8

    Pascale laughter is so hilarious I love her so much

  • Brenda Ferguson
    Brenda Ferguson 7 months ago +37

    All the scenes where they KILLED OFF JACK should be on here! BIGGEST BLOOPER OF THIS WHOLE SERIES!!, ☹️

    • naomi frederick
      naomi frederick 16 days ago


    • Hollie
      Hollie 3 months ago

      Brenda Ferguson wait... he’s dead? Ohhh man

  • Beth Casey
    Beth Casey 11 months ago +1

    what does Dan say at 3:08, I can't hear it clearly over the music.

    • Mia Chanel
      Mia Chanel 7 months ago

      Australian for some of them and American for the others (i think)

  • Boondoggled News
    Boondoggled News 11 months ago +54

    The actress who plays Rosemary is PHENOMENAL!!! Love her! Love Rosemary!

    • Leasa Kells
      Leasa Kells Month ago

      Boondoggled News You should check out Pascale on Artic Air with Adam Beech. She was amazing in that series

    • Lillian Grace
      Lillian Grace 3 months ago

      The actress is Pascale Hutton

    • Adriana Gallicchio
      Adriana Gallicchio 4 months ago

      Boondoggled News you’re absolutely right....and her laugh 😂... watch this blooper reel to hear her laugh out loud!

    • Marilyn Coll
      Marilyn Coll 7 months ago +5

      Rosemary is my FAVORITE character along with Lee. Love them both.

  • Alexandra LeBrun
    Alexandra LeBrun 11 months ago +5

    0:08 when your in love with 2 women😍😘👍

  • Something Enchanted Princess Parties

    More, please!!

  • Elizabeth Lawson
    Elizabeth Lawson 11 months ago +29

    “Your not an acceptable risk and also...............I’m Batman!”
    Lol XD i laughed so hard at this part!

  • MrsA2801
    MrsA2801 Year ago +35

    It's funny, the scream at the end. Always thought that little lad reminded me of Macaulay Caulkin.

  • Angel Bulldog
    Angel Bulldog Year ago +12

    "Give me a reason to pull the trigger"....I lost it! That's funny stuff!

  • Sue Leung
    Sue Leung Year ago +6

    I love the tv show whenCAll the heart it gave me lots of goosebumps

  • Random Shenanigans
    Random Shenanigans Year ago +3

    So funny

  • RoyalMasterpiece
    RoyalMasterpiece Year ago +3


  • Elaine Marten
    Elaine Marten Year ago +4

    cute..I enjoyed watching this but the music was way too loud and overpowered the comments so I couldn't hear it all

  • Jennifer Clabaugh
    Jennifer Clabaugh Year ago +7

    I seriously lol’ed SO many times! These are the best!

  • Betty Howard
    Betty Howard Year ago +4

    I loved these!!!!!

  • Emma Williams
    Emma Williams Year ago +24

    This made me laugh so hard😂😂