10 Times Karma Came for Awful People


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  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 6 months ago +765

    Love these videos!!

  • November Brown
    November Brown Hour ago

    Happy new year of death~

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 2 hours ago


  • liz gawin
    liz gawin 2 hours ago

    i actually heard about some teens that went on a crime spree and butt-dialed the cops who heard the *ENTIRE* spree!

  • PotatoGod
    PotatoGod 3 hours ago

    Trololol9lololololololololololollololl lllllllolololololololol

    Oh god stay back!

  • Anya Hill
    Anya Hill 3 hours ago

    **trolls** CoMe AnD gEt Me

  • Creavtivegamer1
    Creavtivegamer1 9 hours ago

    his teeth are yello like a banana

  • Kingsin 1103
    Kingsin 1103 11 hours ago

    Who was the guy in the thumbnail on the left

  • Augustino Ita
    Augustino Ita 13 hours ago

    What if the second one was not a bmw

  • Daniel Lindemann

    trolls in the comment section

  • David Kamer
    David Kamer 2 days ago

    I think your teeth are fine but seriously you look like my dentist lol

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner 2 days ago

    If there's one thing I've learned in my 53 years it's that wherever you go in life, you will always be there.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    One person left a mean comment on a documentary for Terri Calvesbert and me and several others told him off.

  • Montenegro Gaming
    Montenegro Gaming 2 days ago

    If you look closely at 6:16, you can see the cop on the right’s gun is blurred out.
    Come on, TVclip. Why you?

  • Sunday Thursday
    Sunday Thursday 2 days ago

    The people who disliked are homophobic and didn't like number 2, the accidental rainbow

  • Hey It's Sarah.
    Hey It's Sarah. 2 days ago +1

    When I was like 2 months old I was at the beach with my parents. I tried to push my dad into the sea ( he was 39) and I ended up falling in. So in the end there was a soaked 2 month old and 2 laughing parents.

    When my mum was pregnant with me I kicked my dad in the nose through the stomach when he tried talking to me.

  • Amy Campbell
    Amy Campbell 2 days ago

    Too funny ..great video

  • xXxBUNDIExXx
    xXxBUNDIExXx 3 days ago

    Hey Matt! I dont know if you're aware but I think that theres money hiding behind the mona lisa. Anytime 😉👍

  • clumsy banana
    clumsy banana 3 days ago

    (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 3 days ago

    Ur not cool bro

  • Sacul_17 _
    Sacul_17 _ 4 days ago

    why would people say his teeth are wierd...???his teeth are simply BEAUTIFUL

  • Only Kate
    Only Kate 4 days ago

    One time I was talking with a friend in a crowded hallway at my school and he pushed me and then, as he walked away, fell face-first into the ground in front of _everyone_

  • Skylyzer YT
    Skylyzer YT 4 days ago

    If you are smart..
    Read More

  • Naomi Scarboro
    Naomi Scarboro 5 days ago

    I apologize for the sake of all of the Avalanche fans. We aren't all d*ck heads.

  • Amberfox 95
    Amberfox 95 5 days ago

    Every time I hear the word karma
    Assassination classroom

  • Chris Buyn
    Chris Buyn 5 days ago

    Blurring out some pictures because of demonetization

  • Callum Bessasa-Grant


  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 6 days ago

    Bold just kidding I love you

    BABBY BOBABS 8 days ago


  • Wesley Colby
    Wesley Colby 8 days ago

    number 2 is such bullcrap.

  • The Teddy Set
    The Teddy Set 8 days ago

    Of course its a BMW driver

  • Lewis Merritt
    Lewis Merritt 8 days ago

    Nah I'm not a troll sorry

  • Lewis Merritt
    Lewis Merritt 8 days ago

    Hey ma773w d16 y0u g37 canC37 I'm @ 7roll

  • Ducky LPS
    Ducky LPS 9 days ago +1

    Satisfying unless u get the karma 😭😢😂😂🤣

  • determined soul
    determined soul 9 days ago

    Dirty democrat

  • annoying Aaronge
    annoying Aaronge 10 days ago

    Matt your awesome

  • AnubisTheGodOfTheDead
    AnubisTheGodOfTheDead 12 days ago

    Troll:*leaves box*
    Matt:*opens box* hey it’s a paper that says things *holds up paper from box that says things*

  • Toxic_Deer
    Toxic_Deer 12 days ago

    i love your hai...head and your teeth

  • Uknown Speedster
    Uknown Speedster 12 days ago



  • Scyce Fahim
    Scyce Fahim 12 days ago

    Haha...i love u matt...a true baldo

  • Tela Hul
    Tela Hul 12 days ago

    love your eyes

  • FadeSkywards
    FadeSkywards 12 days ago

    What about the three guys that broke into a house only to get cut up by a guy with a samurai sword?

  • lets explore the world

    part 2 please

  • Sanctuary 2199
    Sanctuary 2199 13 days ago

    Maybe you should make a top 10 of the most disturbing comics, light novels, Manga, and other illustrated books in history (Goblin Slayer is one of them)

  • B Shepard
    B Shepard 14 days ago

    Hi five Matt

  • Parley Warr
    Parley Warr 15 days ago

    Hello! Love your videos! Pls do more!

  • Val Holladay
    Val Holladay 15 days ago

    It will be so wonderful when karma catches up with hillery.

  • Clark DeFiesta
    Clark DeFiesta 16 days ago

    are you vsauce

  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland 17 days ago

    3:16 Yup! I'm FROM Saint Paul! Still living in the South-Side near HWY-52/Plato Blvd (next to my old MN-ARNG Unit of 8yrs @ Holman Air Field). Anyway, funny thing about Sept 2008, I ended up Enlisting on the 8th. Later voting for my 1st Election, which was Obama(both terms).

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 17 days ago


  • xトップ
    xトップ 18 days ago

    Oh you're bored and I don't like your teeth alalalala

  • Good nord
    Good nord 18 days ago

    pooby putt

  • xXDragonfly617Xx
    xXDragonfly617Xx 19 days ago


  • Halo Nerd
    Halo Nerd 21 day ago

    I live in Hanford 😂😂

  • Fionn Mc Causland
    Fionn Mc Causland 22 days ago

    That's pretty cool. At 3:35 the licence plate is an Irish one. From Donegal. That's random haha It 's where I'm watching this from lol

  • IwishIwereAprincess jk

    Why would anyone insult your teeth and head??? They're perfect! 😂😂😂

  • eclipse
    eclipse 24 days ago +1

    I hope people know karma is not really real.

  • eclipse
    eclipse 24 days ago

    Text bomb is pretty awesome lol

  • pz m56768
    pz m56768 25 days ago

    Pls subscribe to project zorgo

  • I'm You
    I'm You 26 days ago

    Kinda like dismissing Trump having a chance at becoming president, and... lol KARMA

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 26 days ago

    That wasn't mother nature Matthew that was science

  • For Censored Videos
    For Censored Videos 26 days ago

    The hockey one and the stop sign one. I can’t.

  • Musical Nerd
    Musical Nerd 28 days ago +1

    *cough* *cough* *JuDgE *TuRpIn*

  • Alvar Yliherne
    Alvar Yliherne 28 days ago


  • Natasha Miller
    Natasha Miller 29 days ago

    you're amazing matt!

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 29 days ago

    This kid said my friend had diabetes few hours later he broke his arm and he got a really bad hair cut a few days later and his cast goes all the way up to his shoulder

  • Bodaddie
    Bodaddie Month ago

    That feeling when #7 is from your hometown.

  • Autistik Waldo
    Autistik Waldo Month ago

    Legend says if you reply early Matthew Santoro might reply.

  • Tiffany Goff
    Tiffany Goff Month ago

    Loved this video!

  • Tim Jardim
    Tim Jardim Month ago

    Note to one self- Don't troll Mr. Santoro. He really really is a super nice guy!

  • kawai lily
    kawai lily Month ago


  • Vaughn Fletcher
    Vaughn Fletcher Month ago

    Omg #7 is from my town. I remember that lol

  • Dusty Glover
    Dusty Glover Month ago

    I love your videos, but may I offer some constructive criticism? The background music is rather annoying.

  • Thememe Cat
    Thememe Cat Month ago

    Version:HAPPY NEW YEAR
    Bomber:OH SHI-*BOOM*
    Version: happy new year :D

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 Month ago

    Ya see, the only thing I really had against Obama was he said he wouldn’t try to go for a 2nd term. So when he ran again I felt obligated to hold him to his promise and not vote for him. I did the first time though to my knowledge.
    I also voted for Trump, but I don’t really care for him. I just knew there was no good answer and was as surprised as the dems were when he actually won.

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson Month ago

    Love the story about the retired boxer!

  • kuramayoko23
    kuramayoko23 Month ago +2

    "In a tale that would be hilarious if it didn't end so tragically."
    Are you kidding?! The fact he died makes it all the more hilarious!!

  • C I A
    C I A Month ago

    Trololololololol trolololoololloll

  • Sheri Getz
    Sheri Getz Month ago

    1:50 I’ve seen that photo b4

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali

    Darren was a butthead

  • Can't you get the joke?

    Troll Alert
    *Read More*

  • Ruben Vasquez
    Ruben Vasquez Month ago

    I’m from Hanford

    N3RDYG0GGLES Month ago

    #2 was fantastic XD

  • Mrs. Thomas
    Mrs. Thomas Month ago +1

    I'm a Christian and yeah, I agree, you shouldn't ask God to do bad things to people.

    • Musical Nerd
      Musical Nerd 28 days ago

      Lel im also a cristian sooooo true lel

  • Special Spoon Gaming

    4:13 nice Irish donegal license plate!

  • misuzu9254
    misuzu9254 Month ago

    I don't beleive in it cause it never existed for me, it never hurt the people who hurt my family and I as badly as they hurt us

  • Amanda Dewar
    Amanda Dewar Month ago

    Don t makem e dilike vidio! Noobss

  • Shirlene Estep
    Shirlene Estep Month ago

    Love your videos Mathew!!!!

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali

    You are coool

  • itzamia
    itzamia Month ago

    When he said process he pronounced it Pro-cess. I thought to myself Canadians and their way of pronouncing words. Then I thought about it. Guess that would be the proper way to say process.

  • Alex Awesome 774
    Alex Awesome 774 Month ago

    0:18 deep nelson laugh

  • Autistic Unicorn
    Autistic Unicorn Month ago

    is it just me or does this guy look like jerryrigeverything

  • MixNix999 X
    MixNix999 X Month ago +1


  • MrShayCollins
    MrShayCollins Month ago

    Omg a Dun na nGall license plate (a county in ireland where i am from) is is an american video? Dun na nGall means donegal in gaelige (Irish)

  • JakeDafox94
    JakeDafox94 Month ago

    why is the rpg and suicide vest blurred out

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble Month ago +2

    The Russian bomber's phone going off reminds me of Achmed the Dead Terrorist. "I had a premature detonation. I set the timer for thirty minutes, but it went off in four seconds." 😀

  • Striker B
    Striker B Month ago

    Love your video's

  • Striker B
    Striker B Month ago

    People need no not to mess with carma

  • Undead Studios
    Undead Studios Month ago

    Ima republican and I still think its kinda funny about the raining incedent

  • Tord From eddsworld

    So I was just happily having a good day sipping my coffe when suddenly I bumped somebody and then since I have manors I said sorry but a course they got mad so I said I just said I'm sorry but they slapped my coffe out of my hands I was like karmas gonna get you he denied as I walked away he fell dropped his phone in the sewer and he looked so sad I smiled and walked away