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  • Lifetime
    Lifetime 10 months ago +554

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  • kirsten palmquist
    kirsten palmquist 10 minutes ago

    Ashlee is horrible

  • Ruthie Tesfay
    Ruthie Tesfay 2 hours ago

    Why is she wearing earrings

  • Naz Hoosein
    Naz Hoosein 3 hours ago +1

    Brynn cannot replace maddie.maddie is a beautiful and very talented girl to me no one can replace her. Brynn got 4th maddie got 2nd maddie still beats brynn

  • Ady Son
    Ady Son 8 hours ago

    Ashley:Brynn is the best out of ALL the girls
    Announcer :fourth place

  • Lilia ahdabs world 🌎

    People Attacking Brynn,Brynn doesn’t want to replace Maddie,her Mom wants Her to Replace Maddie

  • Nourhan Hana
    Nourhan Hana 12 hours ago

    Take that Melissa don’t be rude to others

  • P q s t e l e x i
    P q s t e l e x i 16 hours ago

    I hate that Abby and Ashlee are trying to replace Maddie

  • Alyssa DeLong
    Alyssa DeLong 19 hours ago

    hope ashley knows that maddie is better than brynn

  • Zarrina Abdullaeva
    Zarrina Abdullaeva 20 hours ago

    Anyone using there school laptop haha

  • Kariana Hill
    Kariana Hill Day ago

    haha i love holly sm!

  • iqrah i
    iqrah i Day ago

    Oh just like shut up Ashley your just jealous
    And u know what Ashley Bryan ain't out there and Kendall is

  • Aurora Clintoy
    Aurora Clintoy Day ago

    Maddie should win 1st she was really good...

  • Jungkook is the Kookie in my milk

    Everyone thinks their daughters the best. But really it’s only because it’s their child.

  • Michael Abad
    Michael Abad Day ago

    The who is in first place

  • Risky bish
    Risky bish 2 days ago

    The fact that when maddie got off stage and she was complimented by the girls and she said thank you makes me think lmao cause when Bryn got off the stage she was complimented and all she could say was u think?

  • Lily May
    Lily May 2 days ago

    Can ppl remember that Maddie is much older

  • Aviva Moss
    Aviva Moss 2 days ago

    I hate how they always play “suspense music” and take close ups of the dancer before they announce the dancer’s place. It just gives away what is going to happen!

  • Milica Račić
    Milica Račić 3 days ago


  • angelica cruz
    angelica cruz 3 days ago +1

    If u think Ashly’s a blaber mouth

  • Crystalmineplayz _
    Crystalmineplayz _ 3 days ago +1

    By Maddie not winning 1st place doesn’t mean that she is not a good dancer and I think Maddie is the best dancer I’ve ever seen ( no offense to brynn ) Brynn is good in her own way iswell but I don’t understand the mother why does she want brynn to replace Maddie

  • Abby Daby
    Abby Daby 3 days ago

    omg maddie is 10 times better than brynn

  • Starla Krone
    Starla Krone 3 days ago

    no way brynn is talented then everyone in the team

  • Thea Dillistone
    Thea Dillistone 3 days ago +1

    I know without a doubt brynn is better than every girl here
    Ashlee, wins for the most *modest* woman of the year

  • macey harrison
    macey harrison 3 days ago

    Ashlee= see mellisa Maddie is not that unbeetle as you think / me= Umm ashlee but Maddie got 2nd Brynn got 4th ;-;

  • Courtney Queen
    Courtney Queen 4 days ago

    Ashlee is so annoying she brags about Brynn all the time and I feel bad for Brynn because you know what Abby says the mom messes with me the kids get punished for it...🙄

  • Amazing amaia maria Aguilar-lopez

    Brynn got fourth place so Maddie is basically Abby’s girl

  • Morgan Marsh
    Morgan Marsh 5 days ago +1

    maybe Brynn doesn't want to be the next Maddie, maybe she just wants to be Brynn?

  • gracie barratt
    gracie barratt 5 days ago

    tbh maddie might have had seacond place put brin was fourth so what can i say ...

  • Natalia Stroganova
    Natalia Stroganova 5 days ago

    Jill was looking at jessalynn and then jill probably said brynns dance is awful she will not replace my little kendall i hate jill. Also jill brynn is better then kendall

  • Anela Palapala
    Anela Palapala 5 days ago

    I kinda want Melissa to kinda stop saying that because one day She will be like Maddie

  • Dr. Wine
    Dr. Wine 5 days ago

    Ashlee : "well you see Melissa, Maddie isn't as unbeatable as u think"
    Also Ashlee: *brynn placing fourth place*

  • Dr. Wine
    Dr. Wine 5 days ago

    4:10 this is very wrong to say

  • Dr. Wine
    Dr. Wine 5 days ago

    For me brynn is a failure cuz she is just the slave of her big mouthed mom

  • Bárbara Del Canto
    Bárbara Del Canto 6 days ago

    in all videos always everybody say "maddie choreography is better, and her music, and her clothings" is like obviously, she is better at dancing, had more time in that world and is Abby's favourite.

  • The Crazy N3ighbours

    I honestly think that Ashlee should stop saying that her daughter is the best person in the group because there is going to have another girl who is better than her

  • Campbell Bucci
    Campbell Bucci 6 days ago +4

    0:49 she’s looks like she just saw a homeless guy lick a strangers face tho lol

  • Lily Box xx
    Lily Box xx 6 days ago

    When Bryne placed 4th me 😂😂😂😂😂😂Ashly that shows you Bryne is NOT the most talented

  • some kid
    some kid 7 days ago

    Ashlee is so obnoxious

  • Ralph-Marley Aristide

    ashlee said brynn is more talented than the other gurls =,=

  • Ralph-Marley Aristide

    ok first of all brynn aint bether than the other gurls her mom need to stp saying that

  • Khabonina Mabuza Mabuza

    At least Maddie is better than brynn

  • Francisco Juarez
    Francisco Juarez 8 days ago +1

    Maddie dies: ashely: now Brin can have all the etenshion

  • Chloe Burbage
    Chloe Burbage 8 days ago

    ashley talking trash abt maddie at the end ,but her daughter got 4th place

  • Lara Bankston
    Lara Bankston 8 days ago +1

    this announcer is so over the top
    “ThE AbBy LeE DaNcE cOmPAny”

  • Shannon McKeon
    Shannon McKeon 8 days ago +2

    Everyone is saying “WoW bRyNn OnLy GoT fOuRtH”
    Well clearly y’all aren’t dancers if u do h know that is rly good!

  • Vivian Wang
    Vivian Wang 8 days ago

    Can we just stop comparing the GIRLS and just compare the DANCES

  • Precious Vasquez
    Precious Vasquez 8 days ago

    Don’t attack me please, but honestly I like Maddie better than Brynn just in general idk why I just do

  • Martha Bangura
    Martha Bangura 8 days ago

    She is something like you daughter she has legs,hair, and arms :)

  • carly kalway
    carly kalway 9 days ago

    "it looks like maddie isn't as unbeatable as you think" ASHLEY YOUR DAUGHTER GOT FOURTH PLACE SHE ISNT THAT GREAT

  • Liv R
    Liv R 9 days ago

    I'm sorry to say this but Brynn may be an amazing dancer, but she will never replace Maddie, bc Maddie truely was irreplaceable, no-one ever danced like her and no-one ever will PERIOD

  • Paola L
    Paola L 9 days ago

    The major problem with all the girls was that they've alwayls tried to be maddie's replacement...maddie was the best because she was rh best version of herself, she was maddie. The others could have been the best if they would've been more focused on being the best version of themselves.

  • Josephine Nievera
    Josephine Nievera 9 days ago

    OMG WOWreally brynn is ok her mom is just a weirdo

  • Bente van Keulen
    Bente van Keulen 9 days ago

    2:10 me on my way to irritate my sister😂

  • Arifah Aizlie
    Arifah Aizlie 9 days ago

    Excuse you ashlee or whatever your name is maddie got second your child only got fourth so please dont brag to much im anoyed

  • [m i l k y w a y s]
    [m i l k y w a y s] 9 days ago

    There’s something about Maddie that is not replaceable. Personally, Brynn doesn’t have that special perfection feeling Maddie gives you. But Brynn has a fierce vibe to her which can be good and bad. Maddie’s performances are magical almost. To me, emotion is important, Maddie does that beautifully no matter the genre.

  • Mercedes Olson
    Mercedes Olson 9 days ago

    Melissa is just plain rude in this episode.

  • Linsey Barrera
    Linsey Barrera 10 days ago

    Yourrrrr NOT Maddies replace ment

  • Alesha Covers
    Alesha Covers 10 days ago

    Melissa: a mother should never tell anything bad about a child
    Also Melissa: idk why Ashlee is crying about brynn all the time . She’ll never be anything like my daughter

  • RJ Phelps
    RJ Phelps 10 days ago


  • Melissa I want that phone Morgan

    Love your vids!!!!!💋😀👍

  • Martina Avila
    Martina Avila 10 days ago +2

    Ashlee: I think my daughter is more talented than any of these girls
    Brynn gets fourth place

  • Queen Nyi
    Queen Nyi 10 days ago

    I really don’t like Ashlee

  • Liliana Quintero
    Liliana Quintero 11 days ago +1

    brynn:gets fourth
    maddie: scores higher than brynn because shes better xoxo
    ashlee: mAdDiE dIDNT WiN

  • Grace The dead meme gacha stuff

    did you notice how uncomfortable Maddie was when Jojo hugged her?

  • Kania Charles
    Kania Charles 11 days ago

    I love dance mom

  • Ceres_Cutie Cabigting
    Ceres_Cutie Cabigting 11 days ago +3

    Brynn's mother: i doubt that brynn is more talented at all the girls here and its time to prove it

  • Waiza Waqar
    Waiza Waqar 11 days ago +1

    Maddie is irreplaceable

  • Chloe
    Chloe 11 days ago

    Me when there is food in the pantry

  • Emme-Lyn McGrath
    Emme-Lyn McGrath 11 days ago

    Ashley shut up!!!!!!!

  • Diana Aburoumi
    Diana Aburoumi 11 days ago +1

    I love how holly complimented both girls

  • quitejameson roblox
    quitejameson roblox 11 days ago +1

    everyone on this show is a clown except holly, christi, and kelly.

  • Lucía Saravia
    Lucía Saravia 12 days ago


  • Lays Chips_07
    Lays Chips_07 12 days ago

    Ashlee says “My daughter is better than everyone here” before her daughter gets fourth and Maddie gets second(for some weird reason, that routine was amazing ). Then Ashlee smack talks Maddie after her claim being that Brynn is better. News flash: she’s not

  • Camila Miramontes
    Camila Miramontes 12 days ago

    This is fun

  • Teala Gamerz
    Teala Gamerz 12 days ago

    Maddie is the best stop being jealous she has the talent deal with it

  • Francesca Cioffi
    Francesca Cioffi 12 days ago

    Why would ashlee say brynn is the only one who can dance

  • Mia Pretorius
    Mia Pretorius 13 days ago

    Lekkaaaaa Maddie🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • inhvmqn
    inhvmqn 13 days ago

    Melissa’s such a snake with Brynn

  • LogannxRobinson
    LogannxRobinson 13 days ago

    in my opinion i love brynn she is an amazing dancer and is very skilled in most dances however i dislike her mom with a passion