The STORMTROOPER Challenge In Fortnite!

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
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Comments • 2 616

  • My Sister Is Angry At Me
    My Sister Is Angry At Me 15 days ago +2

    Get an army of stormtroopers and make a big war against default skins that’s looks like the Rebels
    It will be awesome

  • Sheeza Javed
    Sheeza Javed 16 days ago

    Everybody open your subtitles and see the starting this video

  • billy Scoot
    billy Scoot 18 days ago

    it is fake at 13.10 he has 3 rocits next clip 0???????

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader 19 days ago

    video idea: don"t SCREAM

  • swifty Swift
    swifty Swift 23 days ago

    1 hp challenge

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez 24 days ago

    play controller

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez 24 days ago

    do a sky base in 2020

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez 24 days ago

    do a skybaseee

  • carly nolan
    carly nolan 27 days ago

    Epic win compilation

  • Kasey Turner
    Kasey Turner 27 days ago

    I just thought of this challenge and I thought I was so big brain but now I fell really small brain

  • Bored JMK
    Bored JMK 28 days ago

    kinda clickbait title tho
    Y not the no aiming challenge as the title

  • Adel Ahmed
    Adel Ahmed Month ago

    I didn't realise till today I had aim assist off lol

  • MrSwazzy
    MrSwazzy Month ago

    Video quality? lol

  • tru nutic
    tru nutic Month ago

    First 5 seconds like wtf

  • Artrell Miller
    Artrell Miller Month ago

    That was the fakest sip ever😂 6:20

    XNT.TOPIX-FTWツ Month ago +1

    Keep replaying the introits so finny

  • [KORIN]
    [KORIN] Month ago

    Why are computer lobbies so easy, on console I have console players that play like pc pros🤨?

  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Haseeb Ahmed Month ago

    That intro “dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Vibin On Jay
    Vibin On Jay Month ago

    Video idea:You can only fight inside of the storm in siphon mode while it is in the game so you can regenerate health per kill or carry plenty of meds hence the name “STORM TROOPER”.
    If anyone asks you saw this here first.

  • Zuiy
    Zuiy Month ago


  • The savage Aaron Savage

    Muselk should do a challenge were he can only get loot from a fishing rod

  • Adonis Martinez
    Adonis Martinez Month ago

    Do a no healing challenge

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet Month ago

    Theif but a reasonable one

  • slavtrainee
    slavtrainee Month ago

    The music is getting a little much

  • Jack Cravatt
    Jack Cravatt Month ago

    He usually doesn’t up close anyways

  • Carter Lee
    Carter Lee Month ago

    No healing challenge

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones Month ago

    Captions: Dad dad dad aunt Donna

  • Melral CT-3718
    Melral CT-3718 Month ago

    Muselk: Stormtroopers can't aim
    *shows stormtroopers killing background rebels*

  • Not_Kely
    Not_Kely Month ago

    Welcome To my Channel I play fortnite Bro

  • BlitzBrad
    BlitzBrad Month ago

    That intro was so cringe..

  • Take Her Mom
    Take Her Mom Month ago

    This guy just switched to keyboard and mouse and he already beat clix in wagers !!😅

  • utopiazexal
    utopiazexal Month ago

    he knows that the storm troopers killed most of the jedi right? there weren't 1000 left

  • utopiazexal
    utopiazexal Month ago

    my ears hurt at 0:00

  • kluento
    kluento Month ago +1

    2:29 well not alive

    SDK GAMING 07 Month ago


  • Hercules SonofZeus
    Hercules SonofZeus Month ago

    You should do a just grenades challenge XD with rocket launchers

  • Kenden Norman
    Kenden Norman Month ago

    Go wit laser and just swim until u stop then next round. Coustom match and see how much people u can kill with any other weapon

  • The Tenken
    The Tenken Month ago

    Yes I'll just watch lazarbeams video again

  • The Tenken
    The Tenken Month ago

    Elon musk looking ass

  • Ruilin Zhu
    Ruilin Zhu Month ago

    Challenge: Skybase with only harpoons

  • Tycho Force
    Tycho Force Month ago

    9:35 he smg. He shotgun. But most importantly, he harpoon gunn

  • Nejc Likar
    Nejc Likar Month ago

    There were so many missed opportunities for Star Wars refrences in this video.

  • Corbin Stansel
    Corbin Stansel Month ago

    Do a grapple gun only challenge

  • Speedysinic
    Speedysinic Month ago

    The start:
    Muselk: Da da da da data da dada
    Me: Cringe Cringe Cringe aaahh

    JOSHUA GAONA-PINEDA Month ago +1

    1 hp challenge

  • Pog
    Pog Month ago

    6:56 - 8:11 is just so many similar one liners

  • Lili
    Lili Month ago

    6:17 that's all

  • Parth Matta
    Parth Matta Month ago

    Grenade only but with bots because it would be difficult for you because of skill matchmaking

  • Joshua Krynicki
    Joshua Krynicki Month ago

    Boat only challenge

  • The Infamous Gamer
    The Infamous Gamer Month ago +1

    Here's an idea
    "The win with only 1 of each ammo type challenge"
    You get one of each type of ammo and your goal is the dub remember every shot counts so don't go to crazy since every weapon will only have 1 round each

  • Michael Bloemker
    Michael Bloemker Month ago

    Email sent

  • lordabdul
    lordabdul Month ago

    You could do a no healing challenge or a no jumping challenge

  • Nic_puhcn
    Nic_puhcn Month ago

    Ikonik is not your skin bot @muselk

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma Month ago +1

    Guys muselk is rick astley and is preparing for the biggest rick roll ever.

  • Kristupas Kazlauskas

    Try to play the game withoit using the keyboard or mouse

  • SovietAlchemist
    SovietAlchemist Month ago spread awareness
    youtube is ded

  • brian ducey
    brian ducey Month ago

    I love the idea of this it's all brilliant

  • Dakota Dehler
    Dakota Dehler Month ago

    I think you got it mixed up Stormtroopers are always aiming they just always miss

  • Mark Lally starrs
    Mark Lally starrs Month ago

    Instagram picks your guns

  • MischievousSnake
    MischievousSnake Month ago

    lol the Storm Trooper on the bouncy llama is gif worthy

    • MischievousSnake
      MischievousSnake Month ago

      I had to do it