Conan Goes To Houston To Find Viewers - Conan25: The Remotes

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • (Original air date: 05/01/97) After discovering that "Late Night" airs in Houston at 2:40 in the morning, Conan heads there to see who is awake and could be a potential viewer. Watch the definitive collection of field pieces from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and CONAN @
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  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 5 hours ago


  • Moana of Motunui
    Moana of Motunui 6 days ago

    And this proves that Conan was waaaaay ahead of his time among all tv hosts. This is so iconic. He took this out from the timeslot issue too and turned it into a content. we stan an inspirational man!

  • Jonathan Rundle
    Jonathan Rundle 12 days ago +1

    This is such a classic

  • a333
    a333 20 days ago

    woah I'm getting real James acaster vibes from young Conan

  • Londa1027
    Londa1027 24 days ago

    That’s a good place for him [to be]😂😂😂😂

  • OverAverage
    OverAverage Month ago

    2:45 conan runs a red light whilst not looking where he's driving

  • Alex F
    Alex F Month ago

    I remember watching this when I was an early teenager nearly 2 decades ago
    It's gonna be a sad day when there is no more Conan content...

  • Krueger303
    Krueger303 Month ago

    I remember watching this specific episode when I was 13 (1995) and it was my first taste of Conan. Been a loyal fan ever since (who wouldn’t be?)

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts Month ago

    This is one of my favorites. I recorded this on VHS back then and watched it numerous times. Conan is a lot like Anthony Bourdain the way he interacts with people. Very gifted. Unique talent. 😎👍

  • Jeffrey Nunya
    Jeffrey Nunya Month ago

    I remember this segment vividly, because I also lived somewhere that didn't air Late Night until like 2 in the morning. I remember sometimes watching Leno and get excited at the end because he'd say "and stay tuned for Conan!" but then it would cut to some lame infomercial. I had to rely on taping the show on our often-broken VCR, which was difficult because 1) I only had one blank VHS tape - they were expensive! - and 2) my affiliate would often change the time it would air, sometimes it wouldn't air at all.

  • Young Hannibal
    Young Hannibal Month ago +1

    The real king of late night

  • Fabi Yang
    Fabi Yang Month ago +1

    Brilliant :)

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Month ago

    Jordan Schlansky went to univarsity of buffallo

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Month ago

    Buffalo vs Andy GO!

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Month ago

    Lmao jay leno at normal time but conan at 3

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 Month ago


  • Shiva N S
    Shiva N S Month ago +4

    To all the conan haters.
    hate u 3000

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago

    Driving around Houston in the middle of the night. How did he not get shot?

  • D. Johnson
    D. Johnson Month ago

    "Hey baby it gets better!". 😂😂😂 I 😍 love Conan!

  • J G
    J G Month ago +1

    Not sure why Houston played it so late dallas played Conan at 11

  • Mariano Rodríguez
    Mariano Rodríguez Month ago +1

    Funniest man alive. Deal with it.

  • jingqh
    jingqh Month ago +1

    when was this aired?

  • Steve H
    Steve H Month ago +1

    The video quality is terrible but the content is even worse.

  • Hannah S.
    Hannah S. Month ago

    baby conan is so cute

  • Whatster87
    Whatster87 Month ago +1

    Don’t worry about it Houston is the butthole of Texas.

  • Oscar Villalta
    Oscar Villalta Month ago

    Come back Connan and bring Triumph lol

  • Leon Searfass
    Leon Searfass Month ago

    Çrazy how far electronics have come in 25 years.

  • 王泽轩
    王泽轩 Month ago

    " who goes to 9 o'clock class" WORD

  • lz Yang
    lz Yang Month ago

    omg Taxi Driver in a comdey host version

  • avinotion
    avinotion Month ago

    I'll thank me later

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu Month ago

    So awesome

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago +6

    Why was Mick Foley insulting Conan and Andy? 😂

  • Rohpachi Zaraki
    Rohpachi Zaraki Month ago +1

    "these aren't the droids you're looking for"

  • Christopher Rowley
    Christopher Rowley 2 months ago +2

    I was living outside of Houston when this episode aired and caught this. I never understood why it came on so late.

  • Luis D. Amézquita
    Luis D. Amézquita 2 months ago

    Last Call with Carson Daly was actually a morning show in Houston.

  • Alan Yong
    Alan Yong 2 months ago +1

    Buffalo got the guts to say it, and Conan got the humility to take it. Massive respect for Conan

  • Yonas Yerfström
    Yonas Yerfström 2 months ago +6

    Sweet Lord!!! I'll never forget that clip with Buffalo!! I was just as scared as Conan!! Haha

  • Roger
    Roger 2 months ago +1

    Andy's big hands and that fat wedding ring..
    I don't know, it's doin stuff to me

  • William Hope
    William Hope 2 months ago +1

    From now I baptise you "Conan the explorer" coz you like traveling

  • K Lu
    K Lu 2 months ago

    Houston looks awful.

  • Tiffany Zette
    Tiffany Zette 2 months ago

    What!? Andy’s 6’2”????!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Zette
    Tiffany Zette 2 months ago

    It used to be 2:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Filipe Rodrigues
    Filipe Rodrigues 2 months ago +1

    Buffalo? I think he was Mick Foley.

  • xLOVExGODx
    xLOVExGODx 2 months ago +3

    Honestly, never saw the show while I lived in Houston, TX. 😂

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 2 months ago

    I want to buy a TV where only Conan's show runs, again and again.... And again!

  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 2 months ago


  • k u r t x
    k u r t x 2 months ago +1

    9:35 Who's that guy? Mick Foley? Cactus Jack?

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell 2 months ago

    Andy Richter is 6' 2" that makes Conan a gigantic monster.

  • Prem Joshi
    Prem Joshi 2 months ago

    God I miss Houston!

  • the future is coming
    the future is coming 2 months ago

    I been watching conan for 10years from HOUSTON3

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    Lmao @ buffalo

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    Conan is the best! Real comedy that never fails

  • Big Kush
    Big Kush 2 months ago

    As a Houstonian I love conan!!!!!

  • Maldini
    Maldini 2 months ago

    i love this keep it up

  • msul78
    msul78 2 months ago

    6:24 Is that how Craig got his idea?

  • Thomas Helgen
    Thomas Helgen 2 months ago

    When this first aired, it was the exact moment I became a Conan fan. I'll never forget Buffalo.

  • BullHorn
    BullHorn 2 months ago

    im watching this at 2:40am... :|

  • Maudy
    Maudy 2 months ago

    Conan the Goat for going to the Astrodome

  • nyquilnu
    nyquilnu 2 months ago +2

    As a Houstonian, I can remember these days. You had to stay up to the wee hours just to see Conan. A couple of years after this they did eventually change his time slot to be directly after Jay Leno and we were able to see prime Conan before bedtime.

  • Painted Pony
    Painted Pony 2 months ago

    Rich Hall would have been a great guest to watch

  • N. Dandan
    N. Dandan 2 months ago

    That gotta be Mick Foley

  • bowlchamps37
    bowlchamps37 2 months ago

    So this show is from September 1996. Or at least the TV guide is.

  • Purple Sam
    Purple Sam 2 months ago

    Im looking for this episode for a long time. Thank you so much for uploading!

  • Byron Montesflores
    Byron Montesflores 2 months ago

    I’d wait till 2:40am!! Every night!

  • Kino
    Kino 2 months ago +1


  • Kino
    Kino 2 months ago +1


  • Hectic Erectic
    Hectic Erectic 2 months ago

    2:40 in the morning. The vamp shift. 👹

  • George Vasquez
    George Vasquez 2 months ago


  • AnarchYxNoob
    AnarchYxNoob 2 months ago

    YAY...long live Buffalo!

  • KpopNiDontStop
    KpopNiDontStop 2 months ago

    On a serious note I think it would be cool to see Andy lose weight again.