Top 5 Possible Newest Eeveelutions

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • So generation 8, is it around the corner? What kinds of new Pokemon will we get? I think it is very possible we will get new eeveelutions in the future and today I countdown the new typings we will more than likely get! Note that these aren't my favorites these are ones I think will come first! Leave your favorite eeveelutions and newest ones in the comments below though! :D
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Comments • 871

  • FLUFLUO Carlos
    FLUFLUO Carlos Hour ago

    I like bread

  • Kaine Bentley
    Kaine Bentley 2 hours ago

    I'm Welsh so i love the fact and American TVclipr mentioned us :-)

  • Eevee Gaming324
    Eevee Gaming324 4 hours ago

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tini Dino
    Tini Dino 5 hours ago


  • Baily and Haily
    Baily and Haily 18 hours ago

    OMG I love the dragon type one

  • Clarke
    Clarke 19 hours ago

    I really want to Bug, Ghost, Poison and Steel Eeveloutions.

  • PeachBunny777
    PeachBunny777 Day ago

    flying bug or ghost type eevee

  • Le Guépard Blanc

    Eevee flying type evo method; Eevee is falling from the sky and in order to save itself from death it genetic make up alters and evolves into its flying type evo

  • Phoenix Cat Panda

    Fairytail... (yasss)

  • Jenna Gonzalez
    Jenna Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I would like to see an eevee die and evolve

  • Sarah-Jane Brown
    Sarah-Jane Brown 2 days ago

    ter must al ways bee eon atthe end!Wtanksbra

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 days ago

    I like leafeon espeon slyveon

  • Fire Skink
    Fire Skink 3 days ago


  • Little Nicky
    Little Nicky 3 days ago

    Um eevee and metal coat would be sick af, a three headed normal eevee name cerbeveon the Cerberus Pokemon, and what bout a baby eevee?

  • Luis Mason
    Luis Mason 3 days ago

    I am a dragon type dragon trainer in ultra moon.

  • John Playz ROBLOX
    John Playz ROBLOX 4 days ago

    I want flying its so pretty

  • Diamond Pup Stah
    Diamond Pup Stah 4 days ago

    I would redesign them a little but so they have a little bit more "fluff" or something around their neck, thats something i noticed there was in a few of them, otherwise it kinda looks a little... eh

  • Brony Brother Show
    Brony Brother Show 5 days ago

    DUDE IT SO FAKE Don't Believe him

  • Midknight Rockruff
    Midknight Rockruff 5 days ago

    Love the video but the Titania and when mentioned in fairy tale is the queen of the fairies so the name doesn't quite work for me for the steel type

  • SenSeiFAR
    SenSeiFAR 6 days ago

    I liked and agreed the whole way until "Aereon" I would say 130 speed, 110 Hp, 95 SA, 65 SD, 65 D and 60ATK. It'll be the fastest Eeveelution.

  • REBECCA !!!!!!!!!
    REBECCA !!!!!!!!! 7 days ago

    I want a dragon or ghost type XD

  • the gameing dragon/Godzilla/allosaurus rose

    I want flying type

  • demon cat
    demon cat 8 days ago

    I thought Tatania Erza when i heard titaneon, Yes i love fairytail too (gray is my favorite!)

  • Korie Anime
    Korie Anime 8 days ago

    I like all eeveelotions equally.( make his channel mascot, outfit, and background umbreon). equally!!!!!!!

  • pokefanlance 123
    pokefanlance 123 9 days ago

    you said 16 instead of 60

  • Beths amazing adventures

    I͟͟ w͟͟a͟͟n͟͟t͟͟ f͟͟a͟͟i͟͟r͟͟y͟͟ a͟͟n͟͟d͟͟ d͟͟r͟͟a͟͟g͟͟o͟͟n͟͟ t͟͟y͟͟p͟͟e͟͟

  • Luis Underdown
    Luis Underdown 10 days ago

    5:50 you might switch the best Pokemon there will ever be for a Pokemon that dose not even exist yet I am disappointed

  • Inspirational Wolves
    Inspirational Wolves 10 days ago

    He is not the only Fairy Tale fan.

  • Little Tron 44
    Little Tron 44 10 days ago

    I WANT COULD (Flying Type)

  • PixelatedVaporeon
    PixelatedVaporeon 11 days ago

    Well, tbh I prefer the name Zephyreon(z-ea-fur-eon) as the flying type name but that's just me. However, it seems that (as of right now) the mostly like canitdite a new eeveelouion is a flying type. Though who's to say we won't get more then one new member in the eevee family?

  • NyanCat Gamer
    NyanCat Gamer 11 days ago

    I want Aireon. I think he looks cute.
    If I would make a new eeveelution, it would be a Bug Type.
    It will have fly wings, red eyes, it would be colored in blackish green (forest green) and will have these things that pop from a butterfly head (these little lines that pop out.).

  • Maeghan Cooley
    Maeghan Cooley 11 days ago

    I would want the dragon type eevee to be called drakeon! Cause that would be awesome!!!!

  • Applemau Gaming
    Applemau Gaming 12 days ago

    u said 65 9 times but for that i will sub scribe ( I also like fairy tail)

  • Fang the Nightmare fox

    The dragon eevee shiny version should be black or green like if you agree

  • NerdVeggies3 Weirdo
    NerdVeggies3 Weirdo 12 days ago

    names I came up with for these:
    Ghost: Spectreon
    Steel: Mettaleon
    Poison: Toxeon (same thing!)
    Dragon: Drakeon
    Flying: Soareon

  • Myamya 333
    Myamya 333 13 days ago

    I honestly don't want anymore eeveelutions AND BEFORE YOU ALL BLAST ME OFF AGAIN (heheh) let me explain, I adore ALL of the eeveelutions and wish I could carry them all in my party instead of the only six that we're aloud. I don't like having to switch them off in different situations cause it feels wrong ;n; They might think I don't love them as much or something 😢

  • Tory Mendenhall
    Tory Mendenhall 13 days ago

    Instead of aireon I think a name for a flying Eevee evolution would be better as kazieon k-ah-zee-eon since kaza means wind in Japanese

  • The lost Ones
    The lost Ones 13 days ago

    A steel type would be absolutely perfect for my Eevee squad. Made up of my favorite Eeveeloutions of my favorite types one type I'm missing is steel.

  • Bonnie Newburg
    Bonnie Newburg 13 days ago

    A dragon eeveelution would be awesome

  • Dark Absol
    Dark Absol 14 days ago

    Just give it a toxic orb? Complete a battle with eevee holding a toxic orb allowing it to evolve afterwards.

  • Kostandin Levendi
    Kostandin Levendi 14 days ago

    I think that for eevee to evolve into a ghost type it must have max friendship and it will evolve if it faints

  • Ariana Plays !
    Ariana Plays ! 14 days ago

    Sorry but I didn't really like any of these designs, except for number 1.

  • jean do
    jean do 14 days ago

    It should be a normal type

  • Mystic Zebra
    Mystic Zebra 15 days ago

    i also love Fairy Tail :3

  • Elaina Gooding
    Elaina Gooding 15 days ago +1

    I want THAT SPECIFIC dragon because I'm half Welsh!!!

  • Animidiot _
    Animidiot _ 15 days ago

    i propose a potential concept for a pokemon eeveelution duo in ghost and dragon. while they aren't connected directly, they both share a unique trait. The trait in which is having a weaknes to themselves. Not to mention that they are both treated differently compared to other pokemon typings. While i don't thoroughly think that pokemon will go down this route any time soon, i believe it could be very interesting.

    • Animidiot _
      Animidiot _ 15 days ago

      potential names i see include spectreon and Drakeon.

  • Master MoJo
    Master MoJo 15 days ago

    Ghost Type: Hexeon
    Flying Type: Aireon
    Fighting Type: Brawleon
    Steel Type: Titaneon
    Poison Type: Veneon
    Bug Type: Insecteon
    Ground Type: Quakeon
    Rock Type: Stoneon
    Normal Type: Baseon
    Dragon Type: Draceon

  • xXGaming PikachuXx
    xXGaming PikachuXx 15 days ago

    Can’t wait for a ghost, flying, and dragon type!! SLAY IT SYLVEON

  • Attacking Fluff
    Attacking Fluff 15 days ago

    I really think it’ll be a mega evolved eevee if they plan on bringing megas back

  • husky gaming minecraft roblox fnaf and more


  • Becky Dawn
    Becky Dawn 15 days ago

    the very first thing i thought of when i saw the list of what types we don't yet have is... Eevee IS the normal type.

  • Bowser JR Games!
    Bowser JR Games! 16 days ago

    Flyceon (flying type)

  • Mystic_Apollo
    Mystic_Apollo 16 days ago

    HEYOO at least SOMEBODY knows that Welsh people exist, also smart name choice ;)

  • Dreamer Dawn
    Dreamer Dawn 16 days ago

    Ghost- yep Phanteon
    Steel- have it hold Metal Coat and trade or level it up Ferroeon
    Poison- just regular poison will work, have it hold Toxic Orb Toxeon
    Dragon- have it hole Dragon Scale and trade or level it up Drakeon
    Flying- level up while participating in a Sky Battle Zephyreon

  • Noah Mercado
    Noah Mercado 16 days ago

    "all dragons fly" what about goodra

  • thebluesofAmitytide
    thebluesofAmitytide 16 days ago

    "Yeah, I love Fairy Tail."
    Me: Immediately subscribes, likes video, clicks bell

  • Merdog11 Aj
    Merdog11 Aj 17 days ago

    Kill the eevee to evolve it... poison it to evolve it... geez I feel bad for eevee

  • Foxy Fox9
    Foxy Fox9 17 days ago


  • Foxy Fox9
    Foxy Fox9 17 days ago


  • Foxy Fox9
    Foxy Fox9 17 days ago


  • Luckywing Productions
    Luckywing Productions 17 days ago

    I want a flying type eeveelution

  • Taylor Dahl
    Taylor Dahl 17 days ago +1

    To evolve eevee to a flying type you need to throw it out of a plane and hope it flys, if it hits the ground it becomes a ghost type though

  • Malik Brown
    Malik Brown 17 days ago

    A flying or a dragon type EEVEE would be not only possible but fantastic as well

  • Mandy Long
    Mandy Long 18 days ago

    Steeleon steel type

  • RC1211
    RC1211 18 days ago

    Drakeon for Dragon, Titaneon for Steel and Buffeon for Fighting.

  • Puppy Cat
    Puppy Cat 18 days ago

    I like all of them =ly SAYS FRICKEN MYSTICUMBREON

  • stoflersimon
    stoflersimon 19 days ago

    I really like the music that is playing at the beginning of No. 4. Does anybody know it?
    I would be really happy!
    Cool video!

  • Василий Мельник

    Normal type!😻
    130 HP
    95 Atk
    65 Def
    60 Sp. A
    65 Sp. D
    110 Dpe

  • Jordan Cattermole
    Jordan Cattermole 19 days ago

    i want a fighting type eveelution

  • Dallin Moody
    Dallin Moody 19 days ago

    ... no Welch Pokémon? What about amphros? Dragon+ sheep+ lighthouse... you can’t get any more welsh than that

  • brody Branson
    brody Branson 19 days ago

    The dragon one should be called dracyon

  • Butter Nuggets
    Butter Nuggets 20 days ago

    I want a flying type eevee

  • Zephaniah Wimberly
    Zephaniah Wimberly 20 days ago

    They kinda look bland

  • Caroline Woud
    Caroline Woud 21 day ago

    Th flying eeveelution’s signature move should be called wind pulse
    Basically a flying dragon tail that’s special

  • Donna Arnott
    Donna Arnott 21 day ago

    FUCK yah fairy tale!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain Pokémon
    Captain Pokémon 21 day ago

    new eeveelution every even generation

  • Wiktoria Marzok
    Wiktoria Marzok 21 day ago

    I WANT A DDRRRAAAGGGOOONNNN!!!there my fave animals,type and i would enjoy a pokemon that flys and is fast!

  • Braylea McCormick
    Braylea McCormick 21 day ago

    I was thinking that the bug type eeveelution would look kinda like a moth

  • Bridget Kennedy
    Bridget Kennedy 22 days ago


  • Sammi the Shiny eevee
    Sammi the Shiny eevee 22 days ago

    Does anyone else want a flying type eeveelution?

  • Ctrybpkm Gaming
    Ctrybpkm Gaming 22 days ago

    I have a funny idea on how you could get a normal eevolution by trading an Eevee with an Everstone

  • LKellyGamer Minecraft
    LKellyGamer Minecraft 22 days ago


  • Blaze The Killer
    Blaze The Killer 22 days ago


  • Christian Tapia
    Christian Tapia 22 days ago

    Those designs are boring and plain.

  • Owen Davies
    Owen Davies 22 days ago

    give eevee a toxic orb instead to evolve

  • Peanut Butter Pikachu
    Peanut Butter Pikachu 22 days ago

    All the dragon eeveelution needs is to be Facebook blue. Or maybe a steel type eeveelution can get a booster board to float on.

  • Howard Yates
    Howard Yates 23 days ago

    Normal eveelution with type changing powers like Arceus

  • Abhi Abhi
    Abhi Abhi 23 days ago

    evee is very cute

  • Marilyn Rosca
    Marilyn Rosca 23 days ago

    I srsly want DRAGOON or FLYING

  • Jasmine Trujillo
    Jasmine Trujillo 23 days ago


  • Arrow Gaming245
    Arrow Gaming245 23 days ago

    MysticUmbreon you made Drakeon too OP they would probly not to that this is more likely

    HP 80
    Atk 120
    Df 65
    SP Atk 85
    Speed 100

  • Arrow Gaming245
    Arrow Gaming245 23 days ago

    Aeroen design is so cute and amazing.

  • Kawaii Kitten Draws
    Kawaii Kitten Draws 23 days ago


  • Morgan Crabtree
    Morgan Crabtree 23 days ago

    I want all the types to have an Eeveelution.

  • CaptainActually1
    CaptainActually1 24 days ago

    Aireon? And I thought I was bad at naming things! A better name would be Gusteon.

  • Xxmaster100xX AWSOME
    Xxmaster100xX AWSOME 24 days ago

    dude you are my fave eeveelution give me that damn jacket

  • Simeon Nikolov
    Simeon Nikolov 24 days ago


  • Capt’n FOCKSY
    Capt’n FOCKSY 24 days ago

    #fairytail fo loife

  • KätäńäBøį Łöł

    Aveon, Aveon! Aveon!

  • Keith Starkweather
    Keith Starkweather 25 days ago

    I hope they release three new eevees because the only put out one last time. I hope they make; poison, Dragon and flying