How to learn RUSSIAN - tips from Russian language teacher LILU from "Make it easy with Lilu!" (CC)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • At last, we have filmed a video interview with my colleague, course-mate and dear friend Lilu from "Make it easy with Lilu"!
    You will find useful tips and advice from the experienced teacher of the Russian language, who devotes all her talent and force to teaching Russian.
    Go and check her TVclip page for more Russian lessons: There you will find the video where Lilu is interviewing me ☺🎙
    Also, Lilu has an incredible Instagram account for the Russian language learners:
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    RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +2

    Video is in Russian so if you need, turn on Russian subtitles and practice your listening skills in Russian😜 Or, if you cannot understand the video in Russian only, click the "gears" button on the video, choose "Subtitles" - "Translate" and choose your language. The automatical translation is not perfect, but it is not bad as well. If someone would like to add subs in other languages - I will be very grateful! :)

  • Leo Mustermann
    Leo Mustermann Month ago

    Не учите язык свинорусов. Я живу в Германий и этот язык не востребован на работе, Россия на данный момент изолирована санкциями. К тому же, Россия фашисткая страна и пока во власти ниче изменится не советую язык страны без будещего учить пусть русские сначала изменит свою отношению к другим инородцам, народ который не может мирно жить пфу оккупанты

  • Stelton Powell
    Stelton Powell Year ago

    Я нахожусь в США в Мичигане (у Детройта), и самостоятельно научил себя русский язык и теперь учусь в университете на высоком уровне! Я согласен с каждом словом у Лили! Если вы RULAND CLUB хотите разговаривать со мной или сделать у меня урок, то пожалуйста пишите! Буду рад вас слышать!

  • Aftab Sarwar
    Aftab Sarwar Year ago

    Здравствуйте ника. Меня зовут Афтаб Сарвар. Я из Пакистана. Большое спасибо за виде. Я знаю английский язык и сейчас я изучаю русский язык последний шесть месяцев. Это факт, русский язык труднее чем английский. Ника, я знаю английский не ваша радной язык но ты говорить английский очень хорошо. Вы отлично учительница. Твой голос очень хорошо. Ещё раз большое спасибо за все видео. Желаю успеха

  • MegaWatch
    MegaWatch Year ago

    Я все понял :) Спасибо за видео \m/

  • Kamran Yusubov
    Kamran Yusubov Year ago

    Hi Nika, I hope you are doing well. I would kindly ask some recommendations from you. In English there are some story books for learners according to levels however for russian language I didn't find appropriate books for reading. If you know any source or suggestion for reading materials please let me know. Thanks in advance.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      hello, Kamran, yes, there are not so many adapted books in Russian, but still you can find some. At first you can take a look here:, in this publishing house there are a group of adapted books for different levels (I don't know yours, so cannot advice right now), but I like a line of books of Boris Akunin (Азазель, Турецкий гамбит, Левиафан), Also I like Под русским флагом вокруг света. And also there are books of the author Ignatiy Diakov, he writes stories for different levels (they are not adapted, but writteb specially for learners of Russian, so you can learn much vocabulary there), I have a video review about them here:
      I hope it will help a bit :)

  • mik t
    mik t Year ago

    я говорю по русски

  • Farid Mammadzada
    Farid Mammadzada Year ago +2

    Привет из Азербайджана

  • Marco Merker
    Marco Merker Year ago +1

    Классное видео, молодцы!продолжайте в том же духе :)
    Привет вам из Германии!)

  • Ruilin Lin
    Ruilin Lin Year ago +2

    Her: Turn on subtitles
    Me: **turns on subtitles
    They are in Russian only 😭

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      That's right! It is the most useful excersice :)

    • Polar Bear
      Polar Bear Year ago +1

      I thought the same, but it's a good way to practice your listening and see how they interact and use the language + how the words are conjugated. Try to stop everytime there is a word you don't understand at look it up, then write it down - just do that through the whole video and then watch it again with your list in front of you :)

      RAPHAEL YESHAYA Year ago

      Hahaha time to learn dude

    • Ruilin Lin
      Ruilin Lin Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB Yeah, I could understand a little though. It definitely inspired me to become better at Russian. Thank you for your work and videos!:)

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +2

      Ruilin Lin unfortunately yes, it is a video for Pre-Intermediate level, it is too hard to translate them. But you can turn on automatical translation :)

  • David Mares
    David Mares Year ago +3

    i think is really important to have a goal like Lilu said, and doing something that involves positive emotions for example talking to native speakers or listening to your favorite podcast.
    I apriciate the subtitles and the interview format...
    Thank you both very much.

  • mario hernandez
    mario hernandez Year ago +4

    What a beauty...both Girls, very Nice and of course I trying to learn Russian, but I only a an absolut begynner.... Spasiba.

  • Emmanuel García
    Emmanuel García Year ago +1

    Great lesson! Thanks for the videos!!