Adam Savage Meets the Blade Runner Blaster Prop!

  • Published on Feb 4, 2016
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    One of the holy grail props in movie history is Deckard's PKD Blaster from Blade Runner. This iconic pistol has been intensely studied by replica prop builders, including Adam Savage. Adam finally meets the real hero prop--in the collection of Dan Lanigan--and bring his own storied replica to compare with the original!
    Thanks to Dan Lanigan of Mammoth Props for giving us this opportunity!
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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    Adam Savage
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Comments • 1 578

  • Adam Savage’s Tested

    Adam Savage is obsessed with Blade Runner blasters. No. Really. Watch:

  • Tuff2Keel
    Tuff2Keel Day ago

    Dan reminds me of Jack Black

  • Magma_Man 750
    Magma_Man 750 6 days ago

    4:45 would have been cool if he called it That Gun

  • Nobby Nose
    Nobby Nose 8 days ago

    way cool

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 10 days ago

    You can FEEL the love.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 19 days ago

    *whips out tiny flashlight from utility belt*

  • comanchio1976
    comanchio1976 24 days ago

    I almost thought he was gonna suck on it there, for a second

  • zAp
    zAp 27 days ago

    Adam, you should make Dan a replica of your "Official Blaster-New Issue Case" that you store yours in.

  • Kris L
    Kris L Month ago

    I hope they fix that loose action piece on the original gun, seeing i loose like that bothered me too.

  • MrNotadream
    MrNotadream Month ago

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but Adam baited and switched the two guns...
    Sly Adam, sly!

  • Weston FLL
    Weston FLL Month ago

    Thanks from all Fallout 2 fans! (probably it was mentioned before...)

  • Four Zero
    Four Zero Month ago

    You never know how much you like movie props until you see one in person

  • Gestalt MS Records
    Gestalt MS Records Month ago


  • Nightmare Batman
    Nightmare Batman 2 months ago

    I just don’t know why some manufacturer hasn’t made a real version of this? Man that’d be good and I’d pay good money for it

  • Ian Lundquist
    Ian Lundquist 2 months ago +1

    Deckers blaster from Decker.

  • Trevor Thomason
    Trevor Thomason 2 months ago

    O my goodness please please please do a video on egon's pack I would love to see if it still lights up that's harold ramis's screen used proton pack it went up for auction in 2014 after he sadly passed away

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 months ago

    this gun would be the ultimate if they took it a couple steps further and made it into .50 calibre OMG that would be so cool

  • Guy VanBuren
    Guy VanBuren 3 months ago

    Adam is cool

  • Trevor Thomason
    Trevor Thomason 3 months ago

    If you could I would love to see a video on that proton pack please. That's egon's friggin proton pack!!!!

  • Araki Hisahsi
    Araki Hisahsi 3 months ago

    I think i'd shit myself from excitement putting on that hat.

  • Tyler6610
    Tyler6610 3 months ago

    All them props were awesome but the one I would be going crazy over is the Ghostbusters proton pack.

  • James Randell
    James Randell 4 months ago

    its That Gun

  • Kilr Debario
    Kilr Debario 5 months ago +1


  • AKarnold#9
    AKarnold#9 5 months ago

    I know its a prop but way to point the barrel of a gun at someone

  • Jonny One-Truck
    Jonny One-Truck 5 months ago

    Bladerunner Doc' Holiday...
    "That alright, I got one for each of you"

  • Kan Stanja
    Kan Stanja 5 months ago

    I'm going to have to put on Blade Runner again just to get a closer look at that PKD. I never noticed the translucent grip.

  • Miles C. Anthony
    Miles C. Anthony 5 months ago

    There's a "Bladerunner" poster on the wall in the junkyard scene from "Superman III".

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis 5 months ago

    "That's private, man" Hilarious (and quick).

  • jcllings
    jcllings 5 months ago

    Where's the hot redhead? ;-) [bet you've heard that before]

  • Young Ebo
    Young Ebo 5 months ago

    This is how i want my kids to feel every birthday and Christmas.

  • M
    M 5 months ago

    I see that Adam will not be (ofcorsly) satisfied till he owns the original one, I hope Adam will be able to own the original one, he deserves that

  • Baron Zaebos
    Baron Zaebos 6 months ago

    The film Blade Runner is nothing like the book. Deckards gun is barely described. I think it was referred to as a 'laser tube' which is kind of vague. Now the gun seems to have a following of its own. Well I've got a NERF gun that looks just like it so I'm sorted for life, I don't need no £300 replica.

  • Tai K
    Tai K 6 months ago

    Just saw another one on Vickers Tactical.

  • Daniel Leca
    Daniel Leca 6 months ago

    That's so fucking bad ass!

  • BL
    BL 6 months ago

    Those late seventies and early eighties prop designers and craftsmen are unsurpassed.

  • Siôn Topps
    Siôn Topps 6 months ago

    Hey look it's that gun!

  • Leonard Kriger
    Leonard Kriger 6 months ago


  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee 7 months ago

    WHERE the F*CK did he get all the money for all that???

  • W4R P1G
    W4R P1G 7 months ago

    For whoever is wondering, it's just a Steyr Mannlicher Model SL .22 rifle with the stock taken off and a pistol grip attached and the barrel removed

  • Sunrise Spartan
    Sunrise Spartan 7 months ago

    I've never seen blade runner but that gun looks amazing

  • Mannix Flinn
    Mannix Flinn 7 months ago

    Keeping the camera still whilst on the gun would be nice. And obvious.

  • Joshua Snyder
    Joshua Snyder 7 months ago

    I love Adam's enthusiasm, but that Indy fedora didn't fit.

  • William Lytle
    William Lytle 7 months ago

    the camera man sucked and it killed the video

  • Bretton M
    Bretton M 7 months ago

    so how does the blade runner gun work? why the double trigger? (canonically)

  • Munchichi 1
    Munchichi 1 7 months ago

    We just gonna ignore the Narnia weapons on the wall?

  • Jack Fenrir
    Jack Fenrir 7 months ago

    I would love to learn how the original maker made that

  • Silas Elsewhere
    Silas Elsewhere 7 months ago

    2:08 MF Dooms mask

  • jim bob
    jim bob 7 months ago


  • Side85Winder
    Side85Winder 7 months ago

    Now days we just 3d print any number of props out of a movie. Its not the same as the real thing or a replica of the real thing being metal and all but you can have the look for next to nothing.

  • Mr Cortez
    Mr Cortez 7 months ago

    That's how I am with my Makarovs

  • gibsondrummer
    gibsondrummer 7 months ago

    Its called bluing

  • SpearChuckUngawa
    SpearChuckUngawa 7 months ago

    You guys are easily entertained

  • papi3d
    papi3d 7 months ago

    ...NASA shill...yuck

  • William Hill
    William Hill 8 months ago

    That was one of the only pistols i used in new vegas becides the 44

  • Tom Stopani
    Tom Stopani 8 months ago

    He did a great job replicating... no pun intended. Sick video!

  • TheDankAtheist
    TheDankAtheist 8 months ago

    It looks so real that he actually keeps his finger off the trigger

  • cym999
    cym999 8 months ago

    i miss mythbusters q.q

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 8 months ago

    6:33 you can tell he said it’s really close, so that Adam wouldn’t run off with the original

  • Plutia chan
    Plutia chan 8 months ago

    .223 pistol: 25-30 DMG 5/6 AP cost

  • Alucard Helsing
    Alucard Helsing 8 months ago

    Looks like the pistol from Just Cause 2 as well.

  • muselessmusician
    muselessmusician 8 months ago

    Realizing that this video is 2 years old at this point, does it bother anyone else that at the end Dan is not exercising good trigger control and Adam is?

  • T Vela
    T Vela 8 months ago

    I like adam's blaster though. It's unique

  • TheStewieOne
    TheStewieOne 9 months ago

    He's like a kid in a candy store.

  • Bobble Head
    Bobble Head 9 months ago

    wholesome :D

  • Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong 9 months ago


  • Rhyan Bennett
    Rhyan Bennett 9 months ago

    Adam Savage starstruck by an inanimate object. I’ve seen everything.

  • VulKus
    VulKus 9 months ago

    Replicated a prop.
    Well played Adam. Well played.

  • Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot
    Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot 9 months ago

    The fuckin dog from something about Mary in it's body cast lmao!!!

  • Duncan Sutherland
    Duncan Sutherland 9 months ago

    Holy moly, that is some very sacred stuff!! I’m totally geeking out watching this, drooling, thanks!

  • MDbam
    MDbam 9 months ago

    Does it get up and scream "I'm Tiny Rick!!!"?

  • Crazyjedi2
    Crazyjedi2 9 months ago

    What's the part he was talking about that he's never been able to find?

  • Richard Benoit
    Richard Benoit 9 months ago

    So that's what "That Gun" from New Vegas was referencing

  • bush's beans
    bush's beans 9 months ago

    when nerd worlds collide

  • Asbjørn Christensen
    Asbjørn Christensen 9 months ago

    Holy cow, Adam got SO CLOSE! even the guy who owns the original just said that it's "the closest he's ever seen"

  • Karega Scott
    Karega Scott 9 months ago

    Little Rick let me introduce Little Richard.

  • typicalasian
    typicalasian 10 months ago

    so whats the point of the double trigger, and the bolt, from seeing how its more of a revolver what dos the bolt do

    • theQuestion626
      theQuestion626 Month ago

      It opens the cylinder. Though we never see Deckard reload. Technically I think we hear him cock it (when he tries to ambush Roy Batty.).

  • Dough Boyy
    Dough Boyy 10 months ago

    Wish I had a working version of the M2019 Blaster

  • glitchTF
    glitchTF 10 months ago +1

    Can even imagine what he felt like :D
    So happy for him!

  • madman2u
    madman2u 10 months ago

    That's a very expensive prop considering it went for $270 000 when he bought it in 2012.

  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 10 months ago

    This is going with project ORION.

  • Lawrence Stanley
    Lawrence Stanley 10 months ago

    But the important question... Is Deckard a replicant?

  • timothy Roosa
    timothy Roosa 10 months ago

    I could only assume that a real gunsmith made it for "Blade runner".

  • Incognito12000
    Incognito12000 10 months ago

    Adam makes me happy.

  • james hamaker
    james hamaker 10 months ago

    I can feel the love. 😊

  • Oswalds Reef
    Oswalds Reef 10 months ago

    Nope, too much for me thank you. I'll enjoy something else :D cool though.......I kept watching and 6:45 idiocy. SO much attempted concern to stick to original just to shit on a real action original. ok then

  • MonkeySpot
    MonkeySpot 10 months ago

    And imagine if instead of blasters they were comparing loli’s lol

  • Daniel Hambrick
    Daniel Hambrick 10 months ago

    I saw Narnia pieces, day made

  • Goopi Beast
    Goopi Beast 10 months ago

    So sad that most props just go into the trash can. 30 years later, p people start to recognize the movie, but there is no real world prop to remember. Glad deckards gun survived

  • WelcometoVideoCity
    WelcometoVideoCity 10 months ago

    what happened to!

  • Reggie Noble
    Reggie Noble 10 months ago

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin

  • oedipa maas
    oedipa maas 10 months ago

    How did this guy get so much memorable? He doesn't look like the wealthiest cat in town so how did he not get out bid by people with more money who also wants to nerd out?
    Or does he have some connection with the FX studios that gave him first dibs?

  • RAGE
    RAGE 10 months ago

    7:09 *DAN* I can't thank you enough for letting me see this in person.

  • Mike Condos
    Mike Condos 10 months ago

    Except for some darkening he was right on

  • Fugettaboutit
    Fugettaboutit 10 months ago

    He should get some sort of future LAPD-issue form-fitted case for it. It really is the Millennium Falcon of movie ugly it's beautiful.

  • Lary Mayotte
    Lary Mayotte 10 months ago

    Are either of them functional? (able to fire a round)

  • ncrvako
    ncrvako 11 months ago

    i wonder if it possible to make a real pistol based on this blaster desing.

  • Broward Brad
    Broward Brad 11 months ago

    It’s also a gun in fallout new Vegas

  • Simon Farrell
    Simon Farrell 11 months ago

    Love the reaction at 2:43, I would be totally the same, what a beautiful thing!

  • Love Life
    Love Life 11 months ago

    3:20..... The Count laugh! 👿👺