Artist Problems (Animation)

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
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  • amy smith
    amy smith Hour ago

    All of it 😐

  • Ann Slinde
    Ann Slinde 3 hours ago

    When you use pencils and push down hard, lead gets all over your hands. It also gets on your drawing and you can try to erase it , but it make you have to fill in your colored pencil colors again because it doesn't have exact persition. This triggers me so much!

  • Ann Slinde
    Ann Slinde 3 hours ago

    When you use pencils and push down hard, lead gets all over your hands. It also gets on your drawing and you can try to erase it , but it make you have to fill in your colored pencil colors again because it doesn't have exact persition. This triggers me so much!

  • Luke Rooke
    Luke Rooke 5 hours ago

    My artist problem is that my art always sucks

  • GazMaskGaming
    GazMaskGaming 6 hours ago

    I REALLY want to be a digital artist but since I am basically an 8th grader (AKA second year middle school in Europe) so an *artpad* cost as much as a fucking skyscraper would to an adult.

  • I see me in food
    I see me in food 7 hours ago +1

    I'm lucky. Inspiration strikes during math class, and Mr.Gerkin lets us draw in math.

  • Caydence Mc Connaghy
    Caydence Mc Connaghy 10 hours ago

    2019 check~

  • SkelleaAnimationsUwU
    SkelleaAnimationsUwU 12 hours ago

    when ur just sitting and u realize how bad the drawing really is

  • Micaella E. Marcial
    Micaella E. Marcial 14 hours ago

    Are you a girl or boy because your voice like a girl and I know art even paints if you have a problem just search me also I'm a girl...

  • hanako yamada
    hanako yamada 17 hours ago

    Something I hate

    When I'm that kind of kid in my class who EVERYONE thinks is good at in free time when I draw like 15 people ask for me to draw them something

  • have a good time
    have a good time 20 hours ago

    I look like five but im ten and im starting art class like for good luck

  • Kringy Kendra
    Kringy Kendra 20 hours ago +1

    My back hurts even when im not drawing T~T

  • syahrol 03pati
    syahrol 03pati 22 hours ago

    mah pencil is under 1 dollar UvU. i live in Indonesian so yeah (I love mah Country qwq)

    ATLAS JET Day ago

    my problem.... OH DEAR GOD MY WRISTS

  • JazzBoi
    JazzBoi Day ago

    I hate it when u do a drawing that looks good so u add colour but that ruins it!

  • rain Art
    rain Art Day ago

    I HATE it when people interrupt me when I’m drawing.

  • M.j Art lover
    M.j Art lover Day ago

    Whene some one say that your art is soo stupid and wired cuz I DRAW ANIME IN SCHOOL AND NO ONE understand it

  • jarno vd hurk
    jarno vd hurk Day ago

    Your not the only one with the back problem, i have that too when i sit long in a forward position whils playing minecraft, its called growth pain.. it means youre growing

  • GayLoser
    GayLoser Day ago


  • CatDogLover101 Holo
    CatDogLover101 Holo 2 days ago +1

    When I draw a detailed picture of meh friend and they say;why u giving me a pic of you self

  • Aiden Vari
    Aiden Vari 2 days ago

    When you take hours to make an animation or comic and no one will even look at it.

  • IIX
    IIX 2 days ago

    Gosh this is relatable qwq

  • Neon Wolf - Gacha
    Neon Wolf - Gacha 2 days ago

    Hmm... let me think...

  • NanimeTheWhiteWolf
    NanimeTheWhiteWolf 2 days ago +1

    When you get graphite on your hands and it ends up leaving marks on the paper you’re drawing on. All too common for me!!

  • { S C O R P I O }
    { S C O R P I O } 2 days ago

    "Some interest in art-"
    Me: *is currently sticking drawing number forty-five into my book.*

  • Winged Coco
    Winged Coco 2 days ago

    People dont bump into me.

    *They literally flip my desk/table over just so cause they can while im drawing*

  • Reinee Cailin
    Reinee Cailin 2 days ago

    When im too lazy to open markers with both hands so I use one of them,and ink gets on my fingers

  • Reinee Cailin
    Reinee Cailin 2 days ago

    When someone looks at my drawings:wow that's so cool
    Me:thank you (name)
    Them:so.....can you draw me?
    Me:no thanks,I hate drawing people who is not me cuz I don't know they flaws****

  • Coughing Cat
    Coughing Cat 2 days ago

    I can relate to some of these issues but I have a few of my own I’d like to mention
    1. Attracting kids attention
    So I like to draw in class. I carry a cool little booklet I use to draw some sketches and sometimes use them for FlipaClip to animate. Whenever I take out my booklet and begin to draw it immediately strikes attention to younger infants and they walk up to watch me draw
    2. Kids getting too close/ irritating me
    So this happens commonly to me. Children come up and ask if they can watch me draw or for me to teach them, I basically teach everyone in my class how to draw.i tell them yes and usually they will keep they’re distance and respect my territory but sometimes they will just straight up get their face in the paper to get a close look to learn. It annoys me cause it doesn’t give me enough room to draw the details and it just increases my shyness and I get really nervous that I’ll fudge up but I try to be confident and do my best.i can hear them breath in my ear and they’re so close to a point where it looks like they are leaning for a kiss. wanting me to do drawings for them
    This one bugs me the most. Usually in class we gotta do a drawing of a scene in a story. I get excited when the teacher says the word draw cause ya know I love to draw. We are allowed to draw in groups and I usually partner up with my best friend. We always have a blast doing work together and helping each other out but there some kids who ask if they can join our group. My and my bff prefer to stay as a duo and just decline the request. Then I look around and hear and see kids whispering to each other that they wanted to use me to draw because they don’t know how. That infuriates me that they want to just use me to do the hardest part of the work and then tell the teacher that they drew it. At least me and my friend are smart enough to not accept their requests

  • sniper gamer
    sniper gamer 2 days ago

    ~*My problems*~
    *1: *sharpens sketch pencils over desk.*
    Me; SHI-
    *2: person: it needs color*
    Me: *No Wiz Sherlock*

    3: Brother: bumps into me on purpose

  • Ruben Munoz Enriquez

    1 Wayne you dropped your paper in water

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 3 days ago

    When you do something to your drawing making it look bad قاالتعف!!!

  • Ryatte Stargel
    Ryatte Stargel 3 days ago


  • Super Greyflash
    Super Greyflash 3 days ago +2

    My stilet broke and I can only get a new one tomorrow and the animation is due on Monday and today is Wednesday. All I have is my phone to draw on. Do you know how much a cheap but not to crappy drawing tablet that connects to a dell is. I would take a little crappy but everyone else is doing google slides and I don't want to do that

  • Scarlet Bringas
    Scarlet Bringas 3 days ago

    Help meh pls

  • new you tuber :3
    new you tuber :3 3 days ago

    people fucking te

  • XLittle AngelX Gacha

    If you draw on computer or iPad or something like that and the battery runs out and you lose all the progress you did this is literally me and I am an iPad user

  • Gach__Spike
    Gach__Spike 3 days ago +1

    I have the same problem with my back. I already have a slight back problem which I can’t spell(lol) but my back hurts so much from leaving over my tablet to draw T^T

  • Lefty Animate
    Lefty Animate 3 days ago

    I hands hurts

  • The Odd Fox
    The Odd Fox 3 days ago

    Person: why is you're art so expensive? It's not worth a quarter!

  • Leanne Axsom
    Leanne Axsom 3 days ago

    I have the same thing with the back problems

  • euphoria el monstruo gay

    My are problem is when you are drawing the rough sketch with lines and shapes....... THEN SOME ONE SAYS “what are you drawing?” Or “that looks wierd” .

  • euphoria el monstruo gay

    #katzoonisnotafurry ?

  • Alice Gamer
    Alice Gamer 3 days ago

    Having empty markers when it was full a minute ago

  • Jaden Novotny
    Jaden Novotny 3 days ago

    when your palm leans on the screen.

  • Isaias Macias
    Isaias Macias 3 days ago

    The only problem I have is that I can't draw cartoon ish things. I don't know why but I could only draw realistic figures like humans, flowers and animals. And it honestly sux cuz I want to be able to draw furry art but I could never do it without messing up 😭

  • _trixb_
    _trixb_ 4 days ago

    Me : sit in my chair in a really weird way
    Doctor: oh yeah your have scoliosis
    Me: *hits table* I'M DESTINED TO BE CRIPPLED

  • Jacob Norris
    Jacob Norris 4 days ago

    A problem that i have is judgement from other people (when i just started a few days ago)

  • Tropical Pawz
    Tropical Pawz 4 days ago

    Same =w=

  • Alexis Gregorio
    Alexis Gregorio 4 days ago

    okay, I can speak only for myself on this matter, but when I traced, it was because I was inspired but didn't feel like I was good enough to look just as cool as theirs (My esteem is better now and I don't trace without crediting). This was back when I was 12-ish, and lots of people hated on my art online. but that's my reason, and I feel bad for being so insensitive to that, so please don't yell at me...

  • i am cutepikakittypusheen

    problem 1:
    PERSON: wHaT iS tHaT? *looks at SKETCH of my drawing*

    problem 2:
    me being to obsessive and drawing with no limits at any moment anywhere

    problem 3:
    when your the best at art in your class and everyone asks you if their drawing is good every 5 minutes

    problem 4:
    when your the best at art in your class(again) and when your trying to concentrate and someone goes
    PERSON: hey look *NAME* is drawing!
    THE WHOLE CLASS: ooh let me see! *stares at you*
    ME: *well this is awkward*
    MY BRAIN: hmm how do we avoid this awkward situation??? oh i know stare at them back!

  • ESFeridLoser
    ESFeridLoser 4 days ago

    Here are my problems:
    Can I see your sketch book
    What is that( when I’m on the sketch layer!)
    Can you draw... MEEEEEEE?????

  • AkaneFumi -Chan
    AkaneFumi -Chan 4 days ago +1

    The back pain: 👁️〰️👁️

  • PillowtheWillow
    PillowtheWillow 4 days ago

    1. Anatomy
    2. Drawing on the wrong layer
    3. Losing my pen
    4. “Can you draw this for me?”
    5. Losing space on my laptop

  • Sayries91 AMV
    Sayries91 AMV 4 days ago




  • Wolfy S.P
    Wolfy S.P 4 days ago

    1. People don' t UNDERSTAND what you draw
    Me: (draw a werewolf)
    Person:is that a cat or dog?
    Me: it is a freaking WEREWOLF YOU DUM DUM!!!!!

    2.People says that they are better than you but not actully
    Me:(draw somethin random)
    Person: I can draw better than you.
    Me: wanna bet bish?
    2 hours later
    Person:this is hard. I quit

  • Lime Trap
    Lime Trap 4 days ago


  • Riyan Hussian
    Riyan Hussian 4 days ago

    if you sell your one kidney you can almost get $20,000

  • Charlie Lehmkuhl
    Charlie Lehmkuhl 4 days ago

    look i know how u feel i to draw (im not good at it tho) but yours is so cool!!!!

  • Adarah Plays
    Adarah Plays 4 days ago

    #Katzunisnotafurry lol