Jalen Hurts Pulls Off Ridiculous Behind-The-Back Move vs. Texas

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts got crafty to escape the pressure in the Red River Rivalry.
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Comments • 47

  • Robert Castle
    Robert Castle Month ago

    The only reason OU won that game was because Texas couldn't get their offense going. JH had nothing to do with that. I was at the game. JL performed well in the 1st half...if he's options were covered he scrambled. 2nd half not so impressive. Some of his passes weren't even close. Over hyped and a fortunate win don't = Heisman.

  • Kunta Willis
    Kunta Willis Month ago

    Number 1 nice 👌💯 and number 2

  • Jake Goodnight
    Jake Goodnight Month ago

    Glad it worked out for us, please never do that again.

  • Thedren Kemp
    Thedren Kemp Month ago

    Should the dolphins get him??? Still thinking

  • koolcat420
    koolcat420 Month ago

    I wonder where he’s gonna fall in the draft after a season like this

    • King Aki'L
      King Aki'L Month ago


    • koolcat420
      koolcat420 Month ago

      Garrett Offenburger he’s doing pretty damn good I’m just saying draft boards are iffy for him.

    • Garrett Offenburger
      Garrett Offenburger Month ago

      koolcat420 If your sayin that as a hater your delusional if your saying he is having a phenomenal season i agree

  • Corey Oden
    Corey Oden Month ago

    He's a MAGICIAN!!✨

  • JR Jones
    JR Jones Month ago +7

    Only Qb I'll take over him is Tua
    And that's a maybe

  • Maniac Rider
    Maniac Rider Month ago

    Love this kid. Hope so much he gets a shot at the shit sack they call Alabama💀

  • Ani University
    Ani University Month ago +2

    Y'all need to compensate these young men.

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews Month ago +1

    Damn it would've been nice if had chosen UM this offseason. Cause our QBs stink.

    • gavin haugen
      gavin haugen Month ago +1

      if he would've went to um you would still be losing lincoln riley is a qb guru at the finest

  • Morning Sports Wood

    Texas Fan: "Fuck you Jalen! Shove it up your ass!"
    Jalen: "Ummm... ok bro I'll give it a try"

  • Pies
    Pies Month ago +11

    Amazing composure he’s a true leader

  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin Month ago


  • Benjamin Sellers III
    Benjamin Sellers III Month ago +14

    Heisman move let's go!!!!!

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis Month ago +4

    Horns down baby

  • Alexander Lanser
    Alexander Lanser Month ago +7

    I’m 4 months old and I can do that.

    • Young Squad
      Young Squad Month ago +1

      Right? I’ve been doing this since before I knew how to read😂

  • Christian Dejong
    Christian Dejong Month ago +1

    how is this ridiculous? sports anchors over hype everything

    • Garrett Offenburger
      Garrett Offenburger Month ago

      Christian Dejong Your comment is so funny i mean for one he did that plus avoiding the sack SC top 10 to me so STFU

    • Aliou Cisse
      Aliou Cisse Month ago

      I wanna know too

    • Cory Hulsey
      Cory Hulsey Month ago +3

      What college team do you play for?

  • Scott Hansen
    Scott Hansen Month ago

    Leave it to B/R for some click bait. Cue up some film of Nebraska's Jerry Tagge in 1971. Would go behind the back after faking to the fullback before pitching the ball on the option nearly every time they ran it. Get out of here with this nonsense.

    • Just 98
      Just 98 Month ago +1

      Was there a defender trying to take the ball away? If not, then your comment has nothing to do with this video.

  • Brian Goldstein
    Brian Goldstein Month ago

    I was straight up expecting him to throw the pass behind the pass.. disappointed

    • iPisces 37
      iPisces 37 Month ago

      @Young Squad think he meant throw the pass behind the back

    • Brian Goldstein
      Brian Goldstein Month ago

      @Young Squad not very bright I see

    • Young Squad
      Young Squad Month ago +2

      Brian Goldstein throw the pass behind the pass?

    • Brian Goldstein
      Brian Goldstein Month ago

      @Young Squad hard to understand? I'm sorry

  • J H
    J H Month ago

    That boy look good in the no tackle league cannot lie

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung Month ago

    Too bad not enough for 1st down

  • Alex Kartwright
    Alex Kartwright Month ago

    Heisman shit

  • Mik Rod
    Mik Rod Month ago

    That’s just bad ball handling

  • Internet god
    Internet god Month ago +1

    Big deal didn't get a first down

    • Garrett Offenburger
      Garrett Offenburger Month ago +2

      Internet god Im so fucking sick of people like you

    • Pierce Hall
      Pierce Hall Month ago +5

      Getting the W is better than getting the “1st down”

    • Kevin Ford
      Kevin Ford Month ago +13

      More importantly he's 6-0

    • devae98
      devae98 Month ago +10

      Most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over...

  • Kevin Kerr
    Kevin Kerr Month ago +16

    Should’ve been a late hit 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Clifton Williams
      Clifton Williams Month ago +2

      Kevin Kerr idk how it wasn’t but they called it for Sam Ehlinger

  • frederick galloway
    frederick galloway Month ago +14

    AND 1 Mixtape presented by OU football