Trump gives a brief speech to the Navy locker room

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • President Trump speaks to the Army locker room ahead of the intense rivalry game between the Army and Navy. The president and Defense Secretary Mark Esper discussed the waiver for service academy athletes who wish to play professional sports.
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Comments • 1 364

  • Jack Gross
    Jack Gross Month ago

    People were dumb enough in numbers to vote for Trump potus therefore it would reason there'd be people dumb enough like me to miss your inferences so you called yourself out as being dumb for saying, " i didnt think there would be etc embrace your dumbness, it does show like every other flawed human being....the dif is not everyone is potus and abusing methamphetamines all night long and texting his sleep deprived induced insanity to his like minded insane followers.....besides BRANDON!, I actually wasnt replying to you or anything you posted....I was replying to the big picture asking for thoughts/ we're both double

  • Trees Pretty
    Trees Pretty Month ago

    Our country count you guys..

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell Month ago

    Obama probably did the same thing but with two soccer teams in the middle east or something.

  • Francis Sullivan
    Francis Sullivan Month ago

    Best president in a LONG LONG TIME

  • Gabe Ala
    Gabe Ala Month ago

    @joeblow are you really making excuses for the president of the US to dodge the draft?
    Sure people have dodged the draft, but never a president of the United States. Stop lowering your standards for the leader of the free world just so you feel better about being in a cult.

  • Zed Dead
    Zed Dead Month ago

    News is fake, Bone Spurs are REAL! YOU GUYS ARE PUSSIES!!! FAKE SOME BONE SPURS, YOU IDIOTS!! MAGA!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Hodges
    Chris Hodges Month ago

    TRUMP 2020...

  • Gabe Ala
    Gabe Ala Month ago

    Trump is a Russian asset.

  • Jack leone
    Jack leone Month ago +1

    Trump has done so much for our military!! with that fact alone makes him a great President ! without military might you have no country and no one respects you. Trump in 2020 is the ONLY choice! no progressives or socialist need apply! in other words no Demon-Rats!!

  • Victor Da Silva
    Victor Da Silva Month ago

    The best

  • LockerRoom Talk
    LockerRoom Talk Month ago

    Did he give any advice on fighting bone spurs?

  • Kakapac
    Kakapac Month ago

    cnn will never show stuff like this....

  • Mike Finn
    Mike Finn Month ago

    Attention on deck. Bone Spurs is in the locker room.

  • Ryan Cheshire
    Ryan Cheshire Month ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • ladyjillian12
    ladyjillian12 Month ago

    Our Favorite President Trump

  • Shovidslive 22
    Shovidslive 22 Month ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Jayson M. Sternberg


  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover Month ago

    Trump taught them to betray their oaths.

  • Don Gillis
    Don Gillis Month ago

    I watched the game till the end, hoping to see the Commander-in-chief trophy presentation, I think the President was suppose to award the trophy? CBS went to a commercial break, then came back showing two Navy football players carrying trophy off for about 3 seconds. Complete disrespect to our military and President. Does any video of this presentation exist?

  • Kookman
    Kookman Month ago

    It would be funny if he had grabbed one of them by the crotch

  • A N
    A N Month ago

    Hanging around locker rooms again Trump .
    You did know there were no half naked young girls , it's not Epstein's place .
    Maybe you were after a little sausage .

  • Louisa Martinez
    Louisa Martinez Month ago

    We live Trump, glad he did this deal for our Academy guys.

  • Michael Schuenemann


  • Rizalde Pe
    Rizalde Pe Month ago

    Big salutes to those young and brave American Navy.

  • steveninthe
    steveninthe Month ago

    Trump is a patriot , so suck it

  • Bert Brown
    Bert Brown Month ago

    Hey a crowd that didn't boo! Good for him!

  • the Graf
    the Graf Month ago

    2020 in the Bag

  • Drew Martell
    Drew Martell Month ago

    It was just locker-room talk

  • JV K9
    JV K9 Month ago

    I love our troops and our awesome president!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Dan B
    Dan B Month ago

    Iconic images

  • Christopher Jakel
    Christopher Jakel Month ago

    He went to the Navy locker room but.......but......what about my Army? 🥺
    Isn't it bad enough that the Navy crushes us nearly every year?

    (I'm well aware he visited both teams)

  • r govern
    r govern Month ago

    That you cadet spur

  • Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson Month ago +6

    By far the best president we’ve ever had. He actually loves our servicemen of every branch. I hope when he needs it or arm forces will have his back. God bless you all

  • Greg D
    Greg D Month ago

    Ol’ bone spurs👍🏼

  • Kalevra ###
    Kalevra ### Month ago

    White people are program to wiggle they tail when they see they master no question ask no nothing just wiggle your tail and smile

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago +1

    That's my President! 👍😁🇺🇸

    • Edward Jam
      Edward Jam Month ago

      @philonetic apparently bud, and also inbred and the low educated and let's not forget racist people.

    • philonetic
      philonetic Month ago

      @Edward Jam You know lots of hillbillies worth billions then?

    • Edward Jam
      Edward Jam Month ago

      The hillbilly president.

  • Ray S
    Ray S Month ago +2

    Thats my prez! ✊🏽

  • Deep water
    Deep water Month ago

    Step one will be complete Next Week "Impeachment" and before any of you Trumpers come back with something, it's not about removal from office but just to tag that azz for the history books. That's one he can't go to court to remove. 😊

  • rich ernest
    rich ernest Month ago

    Should have sent Conan.Does ten paws up and surely a better fight speech.

  • Jeanine Sanchez
    Jeanine Sanchez Month ago

    Trump 2020 🥰

  • dmnla
    dmnla Month ago

    These guys must have been so pumped to get out in the field!!

  • J. Hurt
    J. Hurt Month ago

    Worlds stupidest speech ever. Does this idiot have any intelligence? What a criminal.

  • cloudv
    cloudv Month ago +2

    TRUMP PRESIDENT 2 0 2 0 🥰🇺🇸🥰😀🇺🇸

  • TruthSeeker4Life
    TruthSeeker4Life Month ago


  • Thomas Heater
    Thomas Heater Month ago +1

    All the guy does is work
    24/seven. 💯✅
    All the Democrats have done is tried to smear him for three years.
    What has that cost the American people?

  • tom my
    tom my Month ago

    Did Donald go into the locker room in hopes of getting a peek at the naked boys, like he used to at the Miss Universe Pageants?

  • manuel acosta
    manuel acosta Month ago

    Of course the navy dudes can’t boo at him

  • Giordano Bruno
    Giordano Bruno Month ago

    Trump loves those semen.

  • Nitron DSP
    Nitron DSP Month ago

    Democrats keep saying him asking Ukraine to investigate was a betrayal to the American people. WE need to tell everyone this is a lie - the American people want the Biden family investigated because it is suspicious.

  • Christ is King Forever!

    I thank this guys for their service and for Trump giving them attention and encouragement.

  • mark mcdonald
    mark mcdonald Month ago

    Canada needs a Trump and NO MORE pathetic disgusting corrupt criminals like the CREEPER trudeau !

  • Louise Nieder-Heitmann

    Watch "Ukraine on Fire" and "Revealing Ukraine" on Amazon. It is critical people worldwide understand what the real facts are and how dangerous the gov is and who are the real threat - inside the US and other countries. Then follow @stranahan on Twitter. He has been exposing all of this for nearly 3 yrs and has been demonized for sharing verified facts. Lee had to leave Breitbart because they refused him sharing the real facts about the coup and the real corrupt in the gov and outside. Please watch the videos and follow Lee and learn the facts and share wide.

  • Flash357
    Flash357 Month ago

    See, he can talk like a normal human being. When he doesn't, it isn't because he is a child. He is mocking Democrats, and idiots on the LEFT. Why is it so hard to understand?

  • Paul Rimmer
    Paul Rimmer Month ago

    Donald is the Father of the Nation.

    • mary lamarr
      mary lamarr Month ago

      Donald Trump is with American people and he put American people FIRST.

  • TheR0m0
    TheR0m0 Month ago

    The closest Trump will ever get to service. I wonder how many of them had bone spurs??

    • philonetic
      philonetic Month ago

      @TheR0m0 Ahh the classic "I'm rubber, you're glue" tactic. Not Republican, not Democrat, just calling it like it is.

    • TheR0m0
      TheR0m0 Month ago

      @philonetic sounds like your feelings got hurt pal. And dont you know? everyone's got a job, even 2. It's one talking point you Republicans use but you must not be well informed. I enjoy my current career just fine thank you. All those nice accolades you mention, yet none take away the FACT Trump skipped the draft..

    • philonetic
      philonetic Month ago

      The military likes him just fine. He's receiving higher approval ratings among all branches than Obama. The VA is getting billions more every year. Military wage increases are the highest they've been in a decade. Nobody cares about your feelings, get a job.

  • Kristiana -
    Kristiana - Month ago

    This is FANTASTIC ! yet look how CBS n other fake news media spin this...and their titles on videos !
    Great President.

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl Month ago +1

    Isn't he lovely? And so handsome! God bless you President Trump!

    • Edward Jam
      Edward Jam Month ago

      Gross! I guess when you live in a trailer park with inbred Trump would look attractive?

  • james carson
    james carson Month ago +1

    Insecurity at it greatest. The Orange clown. Next up Tim Apple.

  • charles hoffman
    charles hoffman Month ago

    trump golorifies criminal conduct
    trump destroys morale
    trump will rot in hell

  • Greg D
    Greg D Month ago +1

    Dotard pretends to love the military until they testify against him.

    • Edward Jam
      Edward Jam Month ago

      Haha gatta love the hypocrisy.