JOKER MOVIE Footage Breakdown! Subway Scene Easter Eggs Explained!

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Joaquin Phoenix JOKER Explained! What details did you miss in his Joker footage? Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free!
    Joker subway footage and Joker camera test explained! What Easter Eggs did you miss in this Joaquin Phoenix Joker teaser? How does this Joker scene reference the Dark Knight Joker (Heath Ledger), Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Tim Burton, Superman, and the Batman comics? Erik Voss explains all the missable elements of this Joker footage. How is Joaquin Phoenix approaching the Joker character differently than Heath Ledger or Jared Leto? Which Joker is the best Joker?
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  • TypicalFortniteLlama

    I wait patiently and not ne hype much about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

  • Maya Miles
    Maya Miles 2 days ago

    Potentially better than Jared Let I pray, I hope

  • Marcus perry
    Marcus perry 3 days ago

    For some reason I have a feeling that this is set in the Arkham verse

  • Marcus perry
    Marcus perry 3 days ago

    They should make a bane movie

  • powerman5000ca
    powerman5000ca 5 days ago

    I think he'll do a great job

  • caleb upchurch
    caleb upchurch 5 days ago

    Who else always skips the promotional garbage parts?

  • Evan O Riordan
    Evan O Riordan 7 days ago

    will be good but it will need batman

  • evelasco87
    evelasco87 7 days ago

    He's meant to play this position, it looks not so much as a comic book movie but an actual origin story for why the jokers always fascinated by the Wayne family. Dope!

  • Fridge Lad
    Fridge Lad 7 days ago

    but he's the comedian

  • HighElder
    HighElder 8 days ago

    one things for certain, it's better than jared leto's joker

  • Wayne Beauford
    Wayne Beauford 9 days ago

    jack nicholson and caesar romero are the closest thing to the joker

  • Wayne Beauford
    Wayne Beauford 9 days ago

    well if this is supposed to be the joker im not paying to see that shit why is it so hard to stick to the script the last 3 jokers wasnt the joker smh

  • W_W.J_D _
    W_W.J_D _ 11 days ago +1

    4:48 theres actually a blue poster on the right corner which says BLAME WAYNE

  • SteveDHSMostWanted
    SteveDHSMostWanted 11 days ago

    Love how he's wearing the classic Joker suit in the subway station

  • Ronnie.
    Ronnie. 12 days ago

    He will be the second best joker of all time. Falling just short of Heath Ledger

  • james brown
    james brown 13 days ago

    The Gotham joker is the best

  • X box Ranger
    X box Ranger 13 days ago

    I hope this isn’t rated r!!!
    Cough cough get hem ....... deadpool Logan

  • Joe Towers
    Joe Towers 13 days ago

    Even if it turns out to be a not so good movie, at least they gave the Joker a real chance with a great actor.

  • Kenz
    Kenz 13 days ago

    If they want to make a killer Joker movie, they should go with the story line from the Killing Joke and make Joker a mixture of Mark Hamill's and Heath Ledger's Joker. Joker from the comics has tragedy upon tragedy as part of his backstory, so all of that would make anyone insane. It would be cool, though, if they would nod to the Heath Ledger Joker forgotten war veteran theory and have Arthur join the military, too.

  • Ron White
    Ron White 14 days ago

    I don’t usually get excited over trailers, but this is unbelievable EXCITING! The dual-layered transparent photo AND the map (featuring Otisburg! Lmao) makes this movie a MUST SEE!!! I usually see 3-5 movies a year, and this is my No. 2 must see for next year. #comeonDC #ripstanlee #possiblybetterthanledger

  • Val Kilmer
    Val Kilmer 14 days ago

    Kaios !.Mad chaos? That's what insane people do .Like my stepfather.

  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller 14 days ago

    Could be the best one

  • Noah Angelo
    Noah Angelo 15 days ago

    There was a Jack St, Jack Nicholson

  • Isaac Holyk
    Isaac Holyk 15 days ago

    Aurther Flek was the worst Joker back story of them all.

  • Super Fish
    Super Fish 15 days ago

    5:54 DINASAWS

  • Xavier
    Xavier 16 days ago

    There gotta be a Batman in this universe.

  • PreHistoric 64
    PreHistoric 64 18 days ago

    could ExpressVPN be a way around Article 13 in the EU

  • Scott Pepper
    Scott Pepper 18 days ago

    He is one of three actor's that can pull this off, William Defoe and Leonardo DiCaprio being the other two.

  • cheogt
    cheogt 18 days ago

    why don't just follow Ledger's makeup style?????
    why Letto's and now this??? wt...

  • Eric Ruckenbrod
    Eric Ruckenbrod 18 days ago

    They took some style from cesar romero

  • xxxibgbbya 2k17
    xxxibgbbya 2k17 18 days ago

    Why not Leto ? 😢

  • Mr. Aeey
    Mr. Aeey 20 days ago

    1. Mark Hamill
    2. Heath Ledger/Joaquin Phoenix/Caesar Romero
    3. Jared Leto

  • Communist Gnome
    Communist Gnome 20 days ago

    the more i see that subway scene joker the more it makes me think of Michael Jackson for some reason

  • JMD Nelson
    JMD Nelson 20 days ago

    4:28 No, that's Shea Whigham playing a cop. (Probably Gordon) Because he followed The Joker onto the train.

  • Willie Mendoza
    Willie Mendoza 21 day ago

    Sometimes theres 3 Jokers in a deck of cards🃏🃏🃏😂😂😂😵

  • Sports ultra
    Sports ultra 21 day ago

    The jered Leto joker never should have added those tattoos

    VI-XIV&IX-V 22 days ago

    Phoenix was born for this mfn part, I think he's gonna kill it, everyone thought ledger was gonna flop an look what happened, I'm thinking he will possibly even raise the bar!

  • Mateo Matthew
    Mateo Matthew 22 days ago

    I'm excited for this.
    But if this is an origin movie set in the 80s and Bruce is just a child how is The Joker going to move on to becoming Batmans greatest villain? He'll be old and senile by then lol

  • BasedRolo
    BasedRolo 23 days ago

    gang weeders rise up

  • Vig0 _
    Vig0 _ 23 days ago

    The facepaint could be better

  • Vig0 _
    Vig0 _ 23 days ago

    Where is Gotham's jerome/jeremiah?

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 23 days ago

    What about the other clowns in the background? And the pickets, Blame Wayne and Wayne is to blame?

  • Dave
    Dave 24 days ago

    He's after Bruce's dad but he's making it look like he's protesting the rich upper class. But all that is just a ploy to get to Thomas.

  • Callum Cooke
    Callum Cooke 25 days ago

    He kinda looks like the arkham games joker

  • Mile High Jedi
    Mile High Jedi 25 days ago

    Doing a Joker movie without Batman is like doing a Green Lantern movie without a power ring. I don't understand why everybody is reaching for the tissues and lotion over Commodus in clown makeup. No interest in this movie at all....

  • Nick Morrison
    Nick Morrison 25 days ago

    Can’t be worse than leto

  • Oof Connoisseur
    Oof Connoisseur 28 days ago

    No richman that's worth beating to death ever catches the subway.
    Flop Prediction 87%.

  • Karl O'Connor
    Karl O'Connor 28 days ago

    No matter how this movie turns out, whether really really good or really really poor, it is safe to say that this movie will be quite unique and odd. I'm hoping it will turn out well.

  • Chris Coke
    Chris Coke 29 days ago

    i'm excited for this

  • Jordan Taylor - AlmightyJBizzle

    No Joker will EVER top Heath Ledger’s!!!! He died for that shit!!! That movie is 10 years old and still gives me chills

    SP00KSTER Month ago

    *"We Live in a society..."*

  • Kosmic Josh
    Kosmic Josh Month ago

    But how am I supposed to know he’s damaged if he doesn’t have it tattooed on his face?..

  • The Rayvolution
    The Rayvolution Month ago

    He’ll be in the discussion for best Joker ever.

  • Fresh Boi
    Fresh Boi Month ago +1

    He should be the joker not Leto sorry Leto you tried and you failed😂

  • m123838
    m123838 Month ago

    I thin kit will be good but I think he uses make up rn but will end up getting bleached eventually

  • Mario Vazquez
    Mario Vazquez Month ago

    0:06 perfect.

  • LEGO The Batman
    LEGO The Batman Month ago

    I think Joaquin Phoenix is going to be his own Joker like Jerome and Jeremiah from Gotham.
    1: Like if agree this movie will be worth watching.
    2: Comment if you think something else of this movie.

  • Mercedes Cup rill
    Mercedes Cup rill Month ago

    Were I live we're lucky we get all movies one day before

  • Buster Hyman
    Buster Hyman Month ago

    The makeup on Joakin Phoenix sux , as usual joker actors have lately . Nickolson's Makeup was the best . Joakim looks like he went crazy with the 💄 lipstick hahaha 🤣😉🤔😄😆🙄😐😶😮😯😛😜😝😏😓🙃🤑😲😞😨😬😰😱😵☠️💀😷🤕🤓🤠😇 Just too much of it on his mouth .

  • BazKar
    BazKar Month ago

    This actually highlights a lot of things about what kind of Joker he will be, I can’t wait!

  • HSSQ
    HSSQ Month ago

    There will never be a better Joker than Heath Ledger

  • william
    william Month ago

    This is arguably better than dark Knight version

  • Zen Playz
    Zen Playz Month ago

    Thomas the train...terrible joke

  • Jessica Scurlock
    Jessica Scurlock Month ago

    i am so exsited everyone this is going to be a good ass movie

  • ReMeme Review
    ReMeme Review Month ago

    Actually i don't want for Pheonix to top Heaths Joker.I miss Heaths perfomance

  • Pete Walsh
    Pete Walsh Month ago

    Saw 'Chinatown' on the map, that was a Jack Nicholson film.

  • Gj Brown
    Gj Brown Month ago

    Looks so stupid

  • The Great Mak
    The Great Mak Month ago

    This Joker can be as good as Ledgers Joker.

  • Robert John
    Robert John Month ago

    Heath Ledger is the GOAT

  • FaTe Cocaine
    FaTe Cocaine Month ago

    No one will beat heath ledger!

  • The names joe City
    The names joe City Month ago

    Joqiun better be good

  • Bruce Mayne
    Bruce Mayne Month ago

    Scrap the dceu... If this is good... Establish Batman and hope its the start of a very well thought out... And nicely planned universe.... Because this is exciting

  • Isaias Augusto Pagan de Jesús

    In the Subway there’s also a “Jack St.” Jack is a pretty common name but I think it could be a nod to Jack Nicholson

  • nd irish7
    nd irish7 Month ago

    Ledgers the best joker

  • OH Yeah Mr. Krabs
    OH Yeah Mr. Krabs Month ago

    I am North Korea resident. Does this VPN work here?

  • Discovery Productions
    Discovery Productions Month ago +1

    Who would be interested in seeing Jim Carry as the joker, I know I would be interested in seeing how that would go

    • Oliver Ward
      Oliver Ward Month ago

      He was already the riddler, which was dreadful.

  • Wai Moe
    Wai Moe Month ago

    the only complaint i have is the red suit

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada Month ago

    Is the Bat in this? Harleen?

  • John Newman
    John Newman Month ago

    he looks very very dark - like, every joker seems to be grinning hysterically, but his smile is painted on - have you ever seen a joker scowl and frown this much?
    kinda freaky

  • sukma cawk
    sukma cawk Month ago

    There was a "Nolan Lane" in the map too

  • John Eaves
    John Eaves Month ago

    This looks like trash! This joker could b the worst of them all.

  • B- Fresh
    B- Fresh Month ago

    I love the fact that they chose the 70's era to film this movie because every other decade has a depiction of the Joker in a movie accept the 70's.

  • TopicBrick Productions

    This should be recast and that williem difoe

  • Lefika Lekalake
    Lefika Lekalake Month ago

    Mark Hamill, Return of the Joker!

  • No talent Required
    No talent Required Month ago

    Is it possible this is a type of sequel because of heath legers death?

  • Lord Dregg
    Lord Dregg Month ago


  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Month ago

    I love that screen test knowing they used the Guess Who.

  • Moab Bey
    Moab Bey Month ago could be his dad

  • chandan prabhakar
    chandan prabhakar Month ago

    Hopefully jared leto will soon be forgotten for good .. as phoenix rises 👍🏼

  • kung Few
    kung Few Month ago +1

    I wish they would cast Crispin Glover as the joker, but Joaquim Phoenix is also a great actor.

  • Jamie L.
    Jamie L. Month ago

    Adrien Brody is joker

  • Malzahar Kassadin
    Malzahar Kassadin Month ago

    These comments bellow are reason why no one else but YOU kill all of your expectations
    Movie isnt out yet,you can see it 'being better than ledger's joker' and this is not the first do this often,and when you get disappointed,because you had astronomical expectations,its actor's fault or director's,movie sux,there's never going to be better than previous etc ...

  • Nitrogen
    Nitrogen Month ago

    I heard Alan Grant and instantly thought of Jurassic park

  • Trystn chipley
    Trystn chipley Month ago

    This is the DCEU joker right?

  • Lonesome Liar
    Lonesome Liar Month ago

    Get private internet access, it's better

  • DogeWarrior 123
    DogeWarrior 123 Month ago

    Joaquin’s Joker Had More Screen Time Than Jared Leto’s Joker... And it’s only a god damn Trailer!!

  • Hgamer 315
    Hgamer 315 Month ago

    Heath is number 1 don't compare him to any one

  • Mauricio Gaddison
    Mauricio Gaddison Month ago

    4:27 you owe me one

  • josh the gamer and vlogs

    3:22 says Wayne

  • R3M1ND
    R3M1ND Month ago

    i have no clue what this is but it looks greate :D even tho noone can top my beloved Heath Ledger ^^'