Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Red Velvet's the 5th mini album "RBB" is out!
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music
    01 RBB (Really Bad Boy)
    02 Butterflies
    03 So Good
    04 멋있게 (Sassy Me)
    05 Taste
    06 RBB (Really Bad Boy) (English Ver.)
    Red Velvet Official
    #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #RBB #ReallyBadBoy
    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 16 hours ago

    Where did Yeri get those boots tho?❤️
    Edit: Also where did Wendy get her blue dress? She be lookin like an angel in it

  • && HIYR
    && HIYR 16 hours ago

    1:31 yeri
    2:10 yeri

  • B Bicho
    B Bicho 16 hours ago +2

    guys did you hear there new song with ellie goulding it's could CLOSE TO ME 😘😘
    it's literally heaven😍😍😍😍

    • BTS Suga
      BTS Suga 16 hours ago +2

      Yes i really love it💕💕💕💕

    RED ROOM 17 hours ago +1

    peak position: 2
    weeks on chart: 7

  • imelda evlin
    imelda evlin 17 hours ago +1

    50M? We can guys!

    RED ROOM 17 hours ago +2

    The 100 most popular and best selling hit kpop songs on iTunes in the US (2019):
    #15 - Really Bad Boy

    RED ROOM 17 hours ago +3

    Actress and singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter named Red velvet as one of the K-Pop artists she would like to collaborate with.
    "Red Velvet or Blackpink. I just want to try being a K-Pop girl group member, even just one song."

  • vLaura
    vLaura 17 hours ago +1

    underrated song

  • 이민주
    이민주 17 hours ago

    맨 처음에 슬기가 입은 상의 뭔지 아시는 분 있나여..ㅠㅠ

  • san aung
    san aung 18 hours ago

    good song

  • SuYeolYam
    SuYeolYam 18 hours ago +1

    Let's stream here before their comeback sometime in June. I think.

  • Anais
    Anais 21 hour ago +1


  • Yulitza Gómez
    Yulitza Gómez 21 hour ago +1


  • Lorene Leal
    Lorene Leal 21 hour ago

    RedVeluv 💗💗

  • Mus Feri M Saleh
    Mus Feri M Saleh 21 hour ago


  • Mus Feri M Saleh
    Mus Feri M Saleh 21 hour ago +1


  • Mus Feri M Saleh
    Mus Feri M Saleh 21 hour ago +1

    Wendy I love you💙💙

  • Shen Zapanta
    Shen Zapanta 21 hour ago

    Pls..Keep streaming luviess😊💞

  • -Awkwardly Fluffy-
    -Awkwardly Fluffy- 21 hour ago

    This is my new bop.

  • SuYeolYam
    SuYeolYam 22 hours ago +1


  • Abeera khan
    Abeera khan 22 hours ago +1

    Let's go reveluvssss!

  • Abeera khan
    Abeera khan 22 hours ago

    They at my number one!

  • N
    N 23 hours ago +1

    When are they coming back?

    RED VELVET BTS 23 hours ago +2

    اشتقتتتتتتتت بابا صخمان عجل بليززززز

    RED VELVET BTS 23 hours ago +2

    استعجلو بلعوده بليزززززز

    RED VELVET BTS 23 hours ago +2

    ملكات المفاهيم عادو لينضفو ساحه الكيبوب

  • Lesleigh Aranjuez
    Lesleigh Aranjuez 23 hours ago +3


  • Shelalu Kim
    Shelalu Kim 23 hours ago +2

    I miss RV 💜

  • kia yang
    kia yang Day ago +5

    I miss Red Velvet and they are secretly preparing for the next comeback.

  • Suga Daddy
    Suga Daddy Day ago +4

    also I love how red velvet is slowly growing. Like it’s not too fast if you know what I mean? Aha I love them so much

  • Suga Daddy
    Suga Daddy Day ago +3


    BLINKs IKONIC Day ago


  • Sivphing Chong
    Sivphing Chong Day ago +1

    Random things

    It’s Red Velvet!

  • Brazil Shun
    Brazil Shun Day ago +1


  • Bae Bear
    Bae Bear Day ago +5

    SM please put subtitles for next MV 😢

    • Bae Bear
      Bae Bear Day ago +1

      And please promote RV better than before we LOVE THEM 😖

  • Chylixk Sugar
    Chylixk Sugar Day ago

    Apa cuma gue yg ke sini gegara iklan ditipi🙁

  • Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv

    '1 2 5' is still my fav💚💖💕

  • Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv

    Almost 50million v¡€ws!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soon Young
    Soon Young Day ago

    But, but, why is he so bad?

    REVELUV X ONCE Day ago +1

    This song is so underrated 😭😔

  • rld p
    rld p Day ago

    I really like this song.. Yah weird but I loke it weird....

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T Day ago +1

    40M 💜🎵

  • Rosul Baron
    Rosul Baron Day ago +3


    • Isa •u•
      Isa •u• 23 hours ago +2

      he's a really bad boy
      he's a really bad boy

  • Gongju Unnie
    Gongju Unnie Day ago +2

    No se como a la gente no le gustó, yo estoy mega obsesionada con está canción

  • Anello Nae
    Anello Nae Day ago +2

    me : joy, count 1-5
    joy : one two FIVE

  • Ratna Kusuma
    Ratna Kusuma Day ago +1

    40.6 M 🎉🎉🎉

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson Day ago +2

    They feel a little more mature now. I'm into it!

  • eljaydl
    eljaydl Day ago +1


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  • Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv

    Road To 50Million Views!!!

  • Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv


  • Multi Fandom K-pop
    Multi Fandom K-pop Day ago +2


  • Seiwaah Boatey
    Seiwaah Boatey Day ago

    jeol saenggin geu eolgul hana midgo sandaeyo

  • Seiwaah Boatey
    Seiwaah Boatey Day ago +2

    hes a really bad boy

  • Seiwaah Boatey
    Seiwaah Boatey Day ago +1

    bang bang pow

  • Reveluv Irene
    Reveluv Irene Day ago +2

    Murderer RV has left the chat
    Murdered RV has joined the chat

  • Lesleigh Aranjuez
    Lesleigh Aranjuez Day ago +2


  • Dania Nurazizah
    Dania Nurazizah Day ago +2

    imma str3am this mv since someone has to.

  • chairene
    chairene Day ago +2

    Best song

  • Exol Sone Reveluv
    Exol Sone Reveluv Day ago +3

    *Why do SM hide the subscibers for their artist channel??? I was waiting for RV to hit 2m subscribers :(*

    • Lesleigh Aranjuez
      Lesleigh Aranjuez Day ago

      +Exol Sone Reveluv we cant do anything abt it, its ok for me SM promoting NCT(my fave group too) is really nice but its unfair to other groups in SM as well💔💔

    • Exol Sone Reveluv
      Exol Sone Reveluv Day ago

      +Lesleigh Aranjuez hmm..that's unfair but what can i do 😔

    • Lesleigh Aranjuez
      Lesleigh Aranjuez Day ago

      except for NCT tho, well theyre active on uploading vids thats why

  • Exol Sone Reveluv
    Exol Sone Reveluv Day ago +2

    *Is Close To Me Remix video available in your country (youtube) ???*

  • Shahnaz Chairunnissa


  • Tse Hong Ling
    Tse Hong Ling Day ago +5

    I just realise that i might just find out what the "1-2-5" mean at the start.
    while watching the IDOL ROOM episode with BOL4 and Henry, BOL4 mentioned their songs usually used the chords "2-5-1" (C = 1, D = 2, G= 5), meaning the 3 common chords to make the songs.
    I guess the numbers, 1,2, 5 refers to the 3 chords, C, D, G, which is usually used in common songs.

  • 이다림
    이다림 Day ago

    그렇게 계속 째려보면 눈알 째져요

  • 이다림
    이다림 Day ago

    참 앉은키도 초딩이네

  • mimi rose
    mimi rose Day ago +5

    their music videos are cinematic masterpieces and that is a fact

  • chijeu・゚
    chijeu・゚ Day ago +3

    we need irene's dumb dumb thighs to make a comeback!

    *watch the dumb dumb irene fancam, the one with her thicc thighs, shes glorious*

    • chijeu・゚
      chijeu・゚ Day ago

      riffgroove bust an uwu... ; ;

    • riffgroove
      riffgroove Day ago

      I can't watch that fan-cam.... it makes me think terrible thoughts. 🤤

  • Hwasajooeyeri jinjoon


  • San Ko
    San Ko Day ago +6

    For who say RBB is a flop,this album is aimed for western music taste ahead of their US tour.After bad boy's success,I guess SM trying Velvet concept to be global sensation meanwhile will use red concept for korea promotion.SM building rv step by step.Stop jealous of our girls' success.Slow and steady better than shotgun success.When your gg achieve 4th time entry in billboard world album chart and then only you are worth to talk.

  • Angelo Julian
    Angelo Julian Day ago +1


  • Angelo Julian
    Angelo Julian Day ago +1


    EXOLuvReVe STAR Day ago +3

    This is so iconic! I need a mashup with EXO wolf

  • HNU 11 STEM A
    HNU 11 STEM A Day ago +1

    Red velvet really needs to grow with their Album sales tsk2

    • riffgroove
      riffgroove Day ago

      Our girls are doing just fine, thanks.
      Don't worry yourself.

    • silly rabbit
      silly rabbit Day ago +3

      That's what they have been doing, RV & Twice are the only girlgroups of this generation to sold over 1 million physical album sales (gaon & oricon) & 970k on gaon so next comeback 1m.

  • 제이ak
    제이ak 2 days ago


  • riffgroove
    riffgroove 2 days ago +4

    Irene is a goddess... Just saying.

    • evil maknae
      evil maknae Day ago +2

      Just her last name alone speaks volume.

  • babe joy
    babe joy 2 days ago +2

    Unnies❤💛💙💚💜.... Sarangheyo❤💛💙💚💜

  • 로라은지
    로라은지 2 days ago +2

    레드벨벳 사랑해요ㅠㅠ❤️💗😁

  • Suff Is Real
    Suff Is Real 2 days ago +1

    I dont know.. Im not really interested yet with RV's song

    • v
      v 2 days ago +4

      Suff Is Real try listening to their side tracks :) you should really try kingdom come or you better know ;) or watch some red velvet on crack videos their personalities will make u fall in love w them

    BTSVELVET’S AREA 2 days ago +1

    Miss my queen❤️

    • Joy park
      Joy park 2 days ago

      Same can't wait for the FMA's coming up!!

  • Loyal Reveluvs
    Loyal Reveluvs 2 days ago +13

    For newer fans that are wondering why Rv isnt popular as other top gg, you guys have to remember that Rv has always been experimenting with genres and concepts for their comebacks. So it is hard for a casual listener to stick to it, their concepts are not something people can chew easily. It is quirky, fun, but it is somehow artistic. Not just being some "dumb" and "trendy" fun.
    These kind of concepts make them look more appealing to the loyal fans rather than the public eyes. So it is hard to gain new fans like other girl groups who are trending on TVclip, Tik tok or etc2. They may not be trending here and there, but *you guys gotta admit that whenever rv release something, you guys wont expect it would be THAT music. And you guys wont ever find something similar to Rv music in Kpop. Cause they are THAT experimental.*
    And I think, considering how THEM being not trending, we are actually quite loyal and strong tho. At least our girls have a solid fanbase and you guys did a very great job. Just, put some more effort in promoting them. know, ig, twitter, dance covers, reaction vids. Etc2. They dont really get that much public recognition, but they DO DESERVE IT. Anyway, LISTEN TO ALL THE B-SIDES!

  • jungkook obssesion21
    jungkook obssesion21 2 days ago +1

    im not that much into red velvet but this song is bomb

  • loading _ _ _
    loading _ _ _ 2 days ago


  • Layla Brooks
    Layla Brooks 2 days ago


  • Vivi Melo
    Vivi Melo 2 days ago

    I really love this music!

  • Chantal Laflamme
    Chantal Laflamme 2 days ago

    So... Judging from the live performances of this song, ALL OF THEM CAN WHISTLE SING?! WHAT?! I thought it was just Wendy the whole time!!! WOW!!!

    • Chantal Laflamme
      Chantal Laflamme Day ago

      +chairene except there are multiple ones and it's not the same scream every time. I know Irene did one.

    • chairene
      chairene Day ago +1

      Irene did the whistle scream

  • Johana Lizbeth Arenas Gomez

    Shet alguien q hable español

  • Irene Bae
    Irene Bae 2 days ago

    3m for 1 month💕💕💕💕

  • whinona purple
    whinona purple 2 days ago

    so red velvet are known as the summer Queens now i need a Halloween album 💘

  • Patricia Adeline Senjaya

    Yas queen their dance moves though 😍💕🥰😘🤩

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 2 days ago

    The Banks may as well stick a sign up out side, singles not welcome for loan applications.

  • Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv


  • Carolina Riviere
    Carolina Riviere 2 days ago

    소녀들이 소리 쳤을 때 나는 귀 먹었다.

  • Blue Almighty
    Blue Almighty 2 days ago +2

    i'm here today to say that i'm RBB enthusiast

    • Blue Almighty
      Blue Almighty 17 hours ago

      +riffgroove yea thanks, but i'm loving this since day 1

    • riffgroove
      riffgroove 2 days ago

      Welcome to the club. 👍

  • sebies yankızı
    sebies yankızı 2 days ago

    At the end ‘uhmm’ was so sexy 👌🏻

  • Alfreya Jasmine Aurelia Rahman

    Iam tzuyu

  • Kyle Mercado
    Kyle Mercado 2 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • muhammad erlangga
    muhammad erlangga 2 days ago

    red velvet come to indonesia! and FREE 😂❤️

  • ERI-gom Rdhajenia
    ERI-gom Rdhajenia 2 days ago

    Love for SM's stylist😘

  • Loyal Reveluvs
    Loyal Reveluvs 2 days ago +1

    I cant believe that we are the only fandom of girlgroups from the big3 that havent got 10m views in 24h. Lmao we really are SOMETHING. And I actually kinda comfortable with this. Anyone? 😂

    • riffgroove
      riffgroove 2 days ago +1

      We already know our girls are the best, so we don't care about the popularity contest. 👍

    • Bagas Ha
      Bagas Ha 2 days ago +2

      I'm more confortable to see the comment section that show how people enjoy the music and visual rather than talking about str3aming project like in RV's, Mamamoo's, and Gfriend's MV.

    • Loyal Reveluvs
      Loyal Reveluvs 2 days ago +4

      +sebies yankızı ikr. It feels so refreshing to see the comment sections here talking abt "How the song is" . "What makes the song unique" . "Why do they love this"
      Instead of those fucking vi3ws and vi3ws

    • sebies yankızı
      sebies yankızı 2 days ago +3

      Loyal Reveluvs me too luvie you’re not alone 😁

  • Loyal Reveluvs
    Loyal Reveluvs 2 days ago +1

    Red velvet has been disappearing from tv. Guess they must be practising alot for the next cb. IM WAITING FOR IT

  • ChangAlexandra
    ChangAlexandra 2 days ago

    why is the view so saddddd

    • evil maknae
      evil maknae 2 days ago +1

      No worries,
      Red Velvet is the girl group with the most #1's on iTunes. 73, #1's if you're curious by the way. And Really Bad Boy put them there. Views sometimes don't equal to the quality, babe.