Is Smash Bros Switch New or a Port?


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  • Nathaniel Bandy
    Nathaniel Bandy  Month ago +953

    Please be new...please be new... let me know what you think below!!

    • Olof Fridén
      Olof Fridén Day ago

      Cecily Luby me and my friend know it because sakurai said it in 2016 in a interview i can not but you can look it upp

    • Cecily Luby
      Cecily Luby 2 days ago

      Olof Fridén could you send me a link to where he confirmed it? I believe you, I just want to see it for myself

    • Olof Fridén
      Olof Fridén 2 days ago

      it's a new game sakurai confermde it

    • Cecily Luby
      Cecily Luby 9 days ago

      I hope it's new, but I'm pretty sure only E-3 will tell.

    • psychoretardgamer
      psychoretardgamer 19 days ago +1

      Nathaniel Bandy you pointed out that melee was developed in 2 years
      i am pointing out that it is broken glitchy unfinished and the worst in the series from a developer standpoint

  • Olof Fridén
    Olof Fridén Day ago

    i know it becaus of a interview in 2015 and it's not the last smash and it will have like melee's adventure an melee's break the targets

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 3 days ago

    Most of the ports for switch are ones that were wii u exclusive, besides Hyrule warriors. So yeah, probably new. And why would they have a big epic trailer for a port?

  • Chase Chambers
    Chase Chambers 3 days ago

    Idea 💡 make capy on Mario and you can control a caricter for a bit amazing idea

  • Cymru adventures
    Cymru adventures 3 days ago

    ITS A NEW GAME (i hope!)

  • Milk Bag J
    Milk Bag J 4 days ago

    Pink gold peach for alternative costume lol

  • Happy Tree Mario
    Happy Tree Mario 11 days ago +1

    I have 12 reasons to why it is a new game
    1. It's a working title. If it was a port they would call it super smash bros. for nintendo switch
    2. It says 2018 original game in the copyright section and not 2014 - 2018
    3. Why would they make a website dedicated to a port?
    4. Link's design is updated.
    5. Bandai Namco isn't credited in the copyright.
    6. HAL Labratory is in the copyright section and they helped develop every other smash game.
    7. Why would they show super smash bros as the last thing on the direct if it was a port? They would not hype up a port THAT much.
    8. New logo.
    9. They would've shown gameplay footage if it was a port.
    10. Sakurai can release a smash game as quick as possible if he needs to. Look at the time span between 64 and Melee.
    11. New theme song.
    12. Why would they make the same game 3 times?

  • Ninetales Commander
    Ninetales Commander 12 days ago

    If you ask me; It's going to be abit of both. Technically speaking, it is going to be Smash Bros 5 but will have a lot of the assets from Smash Bros 4 similar to Splatoon 2. Splatoon 2 was a sequel and a new game in the series, nobody can deny that, but anyone that has played both Splatoon 1 and 2 will clearly see that Splatoon 2 used a lot of the content from Splatoon 1 just with tweaks and improved textures. And when you look at a lot of the Nintendo Switch games that are not on the Nintendo Wii U, they do look and feel like Nintendo Wii U games. I would say that if Nintendo wanted Super Mario Odyssey on the Wii U, they definitely could have made it happen and since the Wii U is proven to able to handle Zelda Breath of the Wild, it could definitely have handled many of the Nintendo Switch Games. Plus, let's be real here, if Smash Bros 5 has been in development from scratch after they finished up all the DLC from Smash Bros 4, that's going to be a real downer for people expecting Smash Bros 5 to have more content than Smash Bros 4, in fact I'd even say it's likely Smash Bros 5 will have less characters than Smash Bros 4 and maybe even less stages if everything is being worked from the ground up.
    Of course, I could be completely wrong in everything I say here so we'll just have to wait and see.

  • BorahBros
    BorahBros 14 days ago

    New new new new

  • Sunlit Neko
    Sunlit Neko 14 days ago

    New main theme and BotW Link can't use the hookshot or gale boomerang. SmVsh confirmed.

  • Cameron Holmes
    Cameron Holmes 16 days ago +1

    It doesn't matter if it's a port or not cause you'll get the exact same experience from both games regardless. If it's a new game you'll get new characters,Modes, and stages. And if it's a port you'll get the exact same thing new characters, stages, and modes.

  • Floop Zipper
    Floop Zipper 17 days ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind if it was a port

  • Jake Porter
    Jake Porter 18 days ago

    I’m guess a possible new character might be from Undertale cause Nintendo did get the rights to have it be a switch game (believe me, undertale is actually coming to the switch which I’m glad and a bit annoyed at)

  • Gaming Pro Studio's
    Gaming Pro Studio's 21 day ago

    Its coming out on 12/31/18

  • Pinkjellyfish 43
    Pinkjellyfish 43 21 day ago

    Honestly I think smash 5 should have the stages in 3D kinda like Poken tournament

  • ChrisTLS
    ChrisTLS 21 day ago

    *NATHANIEL BANDY PLZ READ* (took me over an hour to write this, so I don't want it to go to waste!)
    Heh, you want my opinion? OKAY HERE WE GO! LET'SA GO!
    Okay starting off I think this is a new game. These are my character predictions/wishlist. (Mostly wishlist, but some of these could work.)
    P.S. Mii Fighters better make a comeback. I know Nintendo wants to stray from Miis, but you have to admit it was fun using yourself to fight against the likes of Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu! PLUS, it was fun making all 100 of the ones on my Switch.
    My list for characters I want:
    4 third party characters, 6 Nintendo, 3 honorable mentions. Oh and also 1 never going to happen honorable mention so technically 4.
    10. Silver the Hedgehog, Flies In!
    He may be hated by some, but he has great potential for a move set. He can use his telekinesis (that's why we use spell check kids!) to lift up items and opponents to move them around and off the stage if needed. He would also be pretty fast since he's from the Sonic series, minus Big the Cat. He would also be able to use his telekinesis to fly. For the Final Smash he could grab everyone with his telekinesis and throw them off the stage. Also for his winning speech thing he can say, "It was no use!" Not sorry for the Sonic 06 reference.
    9: That Cardboard Box Employee Thing In Tomadachi Life! Cardbox Employee, Buys His Way In!
    (Oh yes this is a full list with reasoning! Thank you for not having a character limit TVclip.)
    Okay, so hear me out. There are so many shops on Tomadachi Life (clothes, food, interior, pawn shop, umm, *pulls out 3DS* (actually did) AH! Here we go. Mii News (technically not a shop same with,) the Cafe, the Hat Shop, Import Wear, and the just for the sake of saying it, the Music Hall. They could throw an assortment of junk at the enemies. I even thought of their B Specials! B: Throw something like a microphone or a coffee mug or food. Side B: Slide in a clothing rack. Down B: Kinda like the Villager, but dropping all the heavy Pawn Shop items (Disco Ball, Statue, Solar Pannle, Etc) on the opposing people. Up B: Putting on different hats depending on which UP B you choose. Shield: Random Interiors. Final Smash: THROW EVERYTHING IN YOUR POCKETS!
    8: Cappy, Jumps Up In The Air Into The Fight!
    Capture ability, CONTROLLING THEM WITH SAID ABILITY, and tricks you can do with him such as cap jumps. Also he could go 8-Bit for a few seconds and be invincible and go behind someone and hit them and then it's up. Final Smash: Control everyone and walk them off the stage and see if they can get back up.
    7. Globox or Rayman (Idk care which one. We'd probably get Rayman tbh.)
    OKAY! So, we can do the propeller thing they can do. Punching. Use the two-three power-ups they get. Final Smash: A whole bunch of Teensees come in and beat everyone up.
    6: Shovel Knight, Digs The Battle!
    He has a shovel, do I have to explain *ANY* further?! Yes? Okay then... he has a stash of costumes if I remember correctly, and they do different things, so he could use that. Final Smash: Calls in the rest of the Knights and they all start whacking people silly with their weapons and Shovel Knight gets a big shovel and smashes it down on the stage.
    5: Sans, He’s Got A Bone To Pick With The Gang!
    He can crack damaging jokes, use his battle game thing and the opponents have to beat it to do a great attack. Final Smash: The Gaster Blaster.
    4: Koopa, Slides In!
    So he can punch I guess. He can slide in his shell and deal damage. Not much to go on here. He can go fast like the Roving Racers in Odyssey, he can use wings like a Paratroopa. OH, he could also uhhh, blue shell it? Final Smash: Line everyone up, slide into everyone and get a 1-Up, so basically an extra KO plus the ones you did with the Final Smash.
    3. Waluigi, Needs The Spotlight For Once!
    He is known for swimming if I recall correctly. He is also a great tennis player. Final Smash. He can do that one thing he did in the one game. He can swim up in the air and hit a flaming hot tennis ball and try to hit as many people as possible.
    2. Paper Mario, Hammers In!
    He would be able to use his hammer obviously and smash people into tiny slivers where they can only walk around sideways with no jumping or attacks until they sprout back up. He could also use his stickers from Sticker Star to do things. Final Smash: That Giant Fan Stick From Sticker Star. It would be able to blow everyone off the stage easily.
    3. Bandana Dee, Waddles In!
    Okay, he has done somethings with healing items like in Triple Deluxe, so he could do something with those. (IDK a whole bunch about him besides that and that he wears a bandana and is a Waddle Dee.) Final Smash: Similar to Meta Knight with his cape thing but with his bandana.
    2. Chell, Portals In! (I never said the Honorable Mentions couldn’t be 3rd Party did I?)
    Okay. Portal Gun IS NEEDED! PRIORITY! We can use it to go around the stage but it will have a cool down. She call throw the cake and it would explode if someone touches it. Final Smash: GladOs or the cool portal up, portal down trick and then put the one portal somewhere with nothing blocking what comes out to make them go flying!
    1. The Pink Slime From Slime Rancher, Squishes It’s Way Into The Arena!
    So, hear me out. They could jump really high. They could throw its slime shard things at the enemies and could use water from the game. The skins could be the different kinds of slimes in the game. Final Smash: It could transform into the Tar! It would be invincible to everything but Mario’s F.L.U.D.D., (if he still has it) because it has water in it and the Tars only die from water. Then it would turn normal again and fight.
    The Never Going To Happen 1. Torkoal, Burts In!
    You know, that Pokemon. It’s my favorite so HA I win! Final Smash: Spewing lava all out of the holes in its shell.
    1. Labo Man, Builds His Way In.
    He can do everything from that gif that’s going around the internet plus the house shield idea that the creator came up with. Final Smash: Making the opposite Joy-Con to what is attached to him fall down on the enemies. The 8 Skins could be with the different Joy-Con sets. So, grey/gray, neon red and blue, neon yellow, and neon green and pink and then they could *switch* from the left to the right Joy-Con.
    Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read this wish list that took time out of my life to write and correct. Wrote this in Microsoft Word. Also Daisy. I forgot about her. She deserves it I guess. ALSO Captain Toad! I LOVE THAT GUY! Them and Pichu and the Ice Climbers just didn't make it on the list but deserve to get in. Oh, I also forgot about Birdo, and Kamek. WAIT A SEC! I FORGOT BOMBER MAN AND CRASH BANDICOOT! Man, I am forgetting everyone. For Bomber Man his 8 skins could be him and his siblings. Okay! 1 Last Thing. Maybe more than 8 skins each if possible. Little Mac has 16 so why not? If you want more detailed parts of this list comment and tell me which character or if you want me to make a suggestion of yours have a move set. Tell me if you want me to say my stages and item ideas.

  • super gamer 64 X
    super gamer 64 X 21 day ago

    It's a new smash bros 5

  • Aksel Kvist
    Aksel Kvist 21 day ago +1

    I Think Its a new game cause There was Mario from odyssey and breath of The Wild Link

  • Marako Nyakatura
    Marako Nyakatura 22 days ago

    new game and I hope Sonic will be in it do you

  • VulKus
    VulKus 23 days ago

    New game 100%

  • Legendary Mtz
    Legendary Mtz 23 days ago

    It going to be a 100% *BRAND NEW GAME*

  • SolgaleoGaming
    SolgaleoGaming 24 days ago

    Haven't even watched the video, but it's obviously new. I'm not gonna go on a whole rant, but the new logo, undecided title and fact sakurai was working on it in silence for ages is enough evidence. You wouldn't spend years making an enhanced port.
    All smash games are enhanced ports in a way though.

  • Timmy Wagner
    Timmy Wagner 25 days ago +1


  • kenobi 53
    kenobi 53 Month ago

    It's smash 5

  • Zainium
    Zainium Month ago +1

    It's smash 5 because why would they make a trailer that dose revival that much about it

  • Ryan Danko
    Ryan Danko Month ago

    While I do think it’s a new game…
    …I guess you could say it *IS* a Port…
    …Know why?…

    …Cause it’s gonna be “PORT”able…

    *End me*

    I’m sorry, lol.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez Month ago

    but melee is the worst out of all of them and the game is broken

  • Classic Popy
    Classic Popy Month ago

    smash 5

  • An old Friend
    An old Friend Month ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t get into how the title looked

  • SolaceMage -
    SolaceMage - Month ago

    I don’t really care if it’s a port or new game. I’d prefer a new game but a port would be fine since I don’t have a Wii U

  • shane francis
    shane francis Month ago

    "Original game"

  • JamesJoe 3635
    JamesJoe 3635 Month ago

    I think its a port, judging by how little we know about it. And plus, if it was a port, everyone would be super disappointed.
    BTW, what's that music at the end card?

  • James White
    James White Month ago

    This should be new

  • Nintenjoe
    Nintenjoe Month ago

    This is a new game as, at the end of the trailer when it said 'super smash bros.', it said 'original game' in the corner.

  • Mario und Luigi fan

    It will be


  • Legendary Link
    Legendary Link Month ago

    here's a good question why would they close miiverse if not a sma5h? I think secretly they did so to bring some of the similar mechanics to the switch in the future.

  • Juneren Philip P. Ninobla


  • Joey M
    Joey M Month ago

    Super Smash Bros: Rampage

  • SuperGreenKirbyPlayz // SGKPlayz

    I want Rayman to be in super smash bros!!

  • JIC
    JIC Month ago

    Smash 5

  • Gaming Dudester
    Gaming Dudester Month ago

    Nathenial smashball bandy every time.

  • Nintendo AJay
    Nintendo AJay Month ago

    I made a video talking about this, I'm leaning towards a new game with a ton of the Content from wiiU/3ds

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee Month ago

    Personally, I'm sure smash switch is definitely new. Because each new Nintendo console had its own individual smash game. A smash 4 on the switch would be very disappointing, as the switch itself is "obviously" a new console. Of course, the port trend that's happening with Wii U games like mk8, tropical freeze, captain toad, etc. is starting to stick onto most people, which is probably why people think that smash switch is a port. A new Nintendo console came out, and if that console's smash turned out to be a port, some fans wouldn't feel that excited, as the game came out like years ago, and that majority of Nintendo fans would have bought a Wii U, just for smash 4. If the same game came out on the switch, the hype for the game, might turn out to be slightly a disappointment for most, and according to what I heard, isn't usually Sakarai's standards. First of all, he's the type of guy that wants his consumers to have fun with his games, and also in his twitter account, his claim on smash switch wouldn't be as serious as it is right now. Sakarai wouldn't want to disappoint his fans, so I have a feeling the new smash game will be new. Like his claim on "secretly working on smash project" would've meant that he has been secretly working on the game since smash 4 came out, like after a few weeks or months later or so. When it was announced on the latest e3, and it said "2018" people then though that it was going to be a port. And yes, in case you guys would reply about mk8 DX or something, and how it implies the same to what I recently said before, just you know, the Nintendo community would react much differently if smash switch was actually a port. Keep a close eye on Sakarai (maybe his "official" twitter account? (You know the Japanese one.) and what he might reveal, you may never know what he might pull out of his sleeve. A fresh new smash game? Or a bundle of disappointment? Well that's all I'm going to say for now. (Sorry about some of the grammar errors, and etc. this is all just my opinion, and I wanted to talk about all of this shinatagins one day, and probably it is today.) (and also, botw link and odyssey Mario as dlc, would be twice as disappointing in my perspective.)... man I wrote a lot, sorry for wasting your time.

  • Dumb Stuff
    Dumb Stuff Month ago

    I'd like to point out a few things. first the way the letters snap into place is present in super smash bros for Nintendo 3DS (not sure about Wii U), not exclusive to Melee or Brawl. Also the copyright refers to the original game on the N64 (just like on the title screen for Smash 4 Wii U). The year does not prove it's a new game because Mario Kart 8 deluxe showed the same thing. With that said
    yeah it's a new game

  • Robin
    Robin Month ago

    Why it's a new game:
    1. The logo is from brawl so YA CANT SAY THAT THE LOGOS ARE THE SAME.
    2. Why'd Nintendo make the same game 3 times?
    3. BOTW Link ; Why would they put in the extra effort.
    4. Inklings being added ; Sakurai stated that even making a SINGLE fighter is way too much work.
    5. 2018 release makes sense; they likely started development after Corrin and Bayonetta's launch in SSB4 in Feb 2016. In this 2 year time span you could create a whole new engine, and create the game.
    6. In the notification e-mail Nintendo sent you about the direct, Nintendo listed SSSB5 as "Super Smash Bros. Working Title". If it was a port, it'd carry the same name: Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch! and not "Super Smash Bros. Working Title".
    7. Sakurai isn't stupid, and know the fans want *SSB5* and not a port.
    8. Why would they make such an extremely hype trailer for a port it doesn't make sense
    9. And lastly, if you say it's a Smash 4 port...


  • Noel Castillo
    Noel Castillo Month ago

    Why you are talking only and not playing?

  • LobtserClawClub
    LobtserClawClub Month ago

    Please Be New

  • Graciie ღ
    Graciie ღ Month ago

    super smash bros 4 deluxe?!?!?!
    but really, i think it's new

  • Domex Vids
    Domex Vids Month ago


  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena Month ago

    I want SMA5H

  • AngryMuffinz ಠڀಠ

    tbh I don’t care, as long as it comes out I’ll buy it :/

  • Noel Castillo
    Noel Castillo Month ago

    I hope that Waluigi is i that game!

  • YourWorstNigh
    YourWorstNigh Month ago

    Sakurai could also do this game quickly cuz all the hd models are there and stuff

  • TechnoTejay
    TechnoTejay Month ago

    It's a new game. It would have an official title by now if it was just a port.

  • Jennifer Greene
    Jennifer Greene Month ago

    It's a port

  • Super Nintenjoe
    Super Nintenjoe Month ago

    Mario has no cappy 🤔

  • Ramo
    Ramo Month ago

    It's a new Smash Bros. game because the line near the word "Smash" is not there anymore.

  • mr.kitloin
    mr.kitloin Month ago +1

    i say SMA5H and not SM4SH, here are my reasons:
    1. it was worked on for a while in the shadows, if it were a port, the smash page would probably say it is either halfway or pretty close to release
    2. a port would say "for nintendo switch" the title is under development but if it was a port it would already stand as "ssb for nintendo switch"
    3. They're adding more new characters....
    4. Nintendo said themselves that bayonetta would be the last Sm4sh add-on.
    5. BotW link
    6. for the game to already have a port on the 3ds/wiiU (i forgot which one was a port of which) It would already be run down as another port.
    7. If it IS a port, It won't sell as well. Most people that own one nintendo console/handheld is bound to own another. (i have a switch, 3ds, ds, wii, and my dad's old gameboy/n64.) so if somone owns a 3ds/Wii U and has smash on it, for it to be a port would have it be _basically_ the same game.
    8. why would they only tease it if it was a port? Like for the Mario kart 8 port, they didn’t tease it at all, they just announced the game and gave all the info.
    What I’m trying to say is, why would Nintendo make a trailer that clearly would hype up the fanbase for a new smash game, if they’re only going to make a port?

  • CamTheTemmie
    CamTheTemmie Month ago

    It's defiantly not a port. Why would they go through the effort to make the same game but with inkling and an updated link?

  • Matthew Kromelbein
    Matthew Kromelbein Month ago

    New new Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch. There should be new characters and new stages and new modes and new stuff with mii characters and new online stuff and brand new smash run. And the thing I want to see is a brand new story mode like I want to see your mii characters interact with the other smash characters and see like sonic and greninja fighting shadow as a boss and new character or see roy and shulk and ryu and little mac fighting wario man that would be cool

  • MarioSonic547
    MarioSonic547 Month ago

    New game. Reasons: Mostly every reason you've put out, and if it were a port, where's the gameplay? Why try to hide anything if it was just a port? Also, where are the ratings? If it were Smash 4 there would be ratings indicating how well the game's development was seen by other organizations. 'N Sane Trilogy still had all of these, so why not this? Ports are not heavily kept a secret, at all. This is a new game.

  • Lord OfTheWoomies
    Lord OfTheWoomies Month ago

    This smash bros game should be called:

  • Maanav Contractor
    Maanav Contractor Month ago

    I think it's a new game because of the graphical overhaul shown in the trailer. I also really hope there is another story mode

  • does this work?
    does this work? Month ago

    It’s a port I just know it.

  • Wouter Bults
    Wouter Bults Month ago

    I hope there is gonna be story mode again like brawl

  • Moon Mayham83
    Moon Mayham83 Month ago

    I bet The first joke of Smash 5 Triggers You Is "It's not mellee"

  • Aidan Snipez
    Aidan Snipez Month ago

    Smash for switch comes out 12/31/18, so we have to wait a LONG time

  • Blood Blossom
    Blood Blossom Month ago

    Its new

  • Luigi Gaming
    Luigi Gaming Month ago


  • Jacob Chavalia
    Jacob Chavalia Month ago

    I think that it might be smash 5 but idk I’ll get a switch this year

  • Fernanda Quezada
    Fernanda Quezada Month ago

    It 5 cause i tell them to do it

  • Geno Jazz
    Geno Jazz Month ago

    That's like saying Brawl with different characters and a different name is a whole new Smash Bros which isn't cause its uses the same mechanics and functions the same.

  • Geno Jazz
    Geno Jazz Month ago

    Yall dumb as shit calling this smash 5. Its really just Smash 4.5 at least. The game really isn't new. If it was really new it would have a whole new look to it. Its way to early.

  • crookshanks
    crookshanks Month ago

    It's going to be a new game

    JUD1N da SAV GAMER Month ago

    am i the only one who noticed at the end of the trailer in the bottom right corner it said original game

  • Joseph Cavazos
    Joseph Cavazos Month ago

    they have no reason not to make a new game. smash single handedly sold the wii u, eat me if you disagree


    They are going to make Mario have cappy as a power

  • EarthBoundFreak
    EarthBoundFreak Month ago

    Well now it has been announced that Sans will officially be a playable character...adding more to the character selection would probably mean a new game

  • Plasma Wave
    Plasma Wave Month ago

    I want bayo in cause she great , she doesn't take so long to master and finally THAT BOOTY

  • Roman Grajeda
    Roman Grajeda Month ago

    I think is going to be smash 5

  • Dante Emmett
    Dante Emmett Month ago

    I think it's a brand new game because the graphics look way better and some of the characters look different. There probably going to have new modes and new stages included but I think it's going to contain pretty much every character from the previous game. It said 2018 instead of 2014-2018. This game could get delay to 2019 to mark the 20th Anniversary.

  • Andres Garcia Gallardo

    It's smash 5 I saw it on my switch

  • Vish Boss
    Vish Boss Month ago


  • weegee cool
    weegee cool Month ago

    Just check the copyright
    its not copyright 2014
    Its copyright 2018

  • GalacticMoblin -
    GalacticMoblin - Month ago

    Definitive proof: at the 2018 bit, it says original game on the bottom right

  • Alicia Hughley
    Alicia Hughley Month ago

    Idc tbh ITS SMASH

  • A.G. Moon
    A.G. Moon Month ago

    Remember, Sakuri left HAL, and said that Smash 4 was his last.

      CDILOZYTP Month ago

      No, he left HAL a long time ago, his own company, Sora, worked on smash 4, and i'm gonna need a citation on that last statement.

  • Facehunter2003
    Facehunter2003 Month ago

    I know they did a port and added things like with mario kart 8 deluxe. I hope it's pretty much all new

  • 0/0 Glue Gunner
    0/0 Glue Gunner Month ago

    I just wanna know why they put the 4 on the ball if it is a new game because it says "Super Smash Bros. (Title Pending)", meaning it is a new game

  • Purplepancakes
    Purplepancakes Month ago

    New gaaaaame

  • Joshua Pierce
    Joshua Pierce Month ago

    I think it'll be a new smash. First of all, Hal had significantly less impact on Smash 4; it was a join project between Bandai Namco and Sora LTD, but no involvement from Hal. It would be rather weird for the end of the trailer to show a copyright for Nintendo and Hal if it was a port of a game Hal had little to no influence on. Speaking of the copyright, why would it only be for 2018 if it was a port of a game from 2014? Idk if a copyright for a port would mention the year of the original or not, but who knows. Next, the logo has been reverted back to its design from Melee and Brawl. Again, kinda weird for them to change the logo if it's a port. It even enters the screen the same way, with the letters snapping into place. The change in Link's design could also be another hint. The whole trailer doesn't seem to fit with Smash 4, either. How it ends is very mysterious and I feel like if it was a port, the trailer would've come out and said it, rather than leave us on the edge. Good lord that'a a lot of words...

  • The sonic shock Bolt


  • RealMasterpieces
    RealMasterpieces Month ago +1

    If they add Waluigi as a playable character,

    My life would be complete

  • Pokemon how to's Pokemon

    BTW, the switch's news application says a new super smash bros. is going to come out this year. and also, the news app is great and it's under rated.

  • DarkCubone190
    DarkCubone190 Month ago

    it might just be a new link added like toon link its not necessarily replacing twilight princess link

  • This_is_not_ my_name

    I think it's a new game. Also, if Greninja (My Main) is not in this game i will be mad.

  • Felix Weiler
    Felix Weiler Month ago

    Just compare the logos

    SUN BURNY Month ago

    shhhh its not a port or I'm gonna sue Nintendo for making smash bros bad

  • Mika20
    Mika20 Month ago

    It would be a downer if it is a port. Not sure why they would have BOTW Link unless that's a new skin? Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • the derpy ghost
    the derpy ghost Month ago

    If Mario's model is a work in progress if there is a god out there plz let it have cappy