Cast of 'Hadestown' performs special mashup live on 'GMA' l GMA

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • The stars of the hit Broadway musical perform a medley of "Way Down Hadestown" and "Wait For Me," live on "GMA."
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  • Ashley Lavalle
    Ashley Lavalle 3 days ago

    i. have. chills.

  • Ricalyn Nebrida
    Ricalyn Nebrida 3 days ago

    so friggin good

  • Riley Mochari
    Riley Mochari 7 days ago +1

    I got to see the invitation dress rehearsal, and it was the best experience of my entire LIFE

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 7 days ago

    Amber Gray is Amazing!!

  • Prisma Mellow
    Prisma Mellow 12 days ago

    I would LITERALLY kill to see this musical 😫

    • Ellen Gould
      Ellen Gould 11 days ago

      Prisma Mellow if I’m gonna be suicidal, i may as well help someone else out

    • Prisma Mellow
      Prisma Mellow 11 days ago

      Ellen Gould you’d do that?? Bless you kind stranger 🙏 I’ve never wanted to see a musical more than this one. I am interested in this deal 😉

    • Ellen Gould
      Ellen Gould 11 days ago

      Prisma Mellow well i wanna die, maybe we could set up a hostage situation to get you into the theatre?

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 13 days ago +2

    Who wants to see Ben Platt as Orpheus?

  • Daddy Pig
    Daddy Pig 13 days ago +7

    TVclip: *recommends this to me*
    Me, knowing I’m about to dedicate my life to a new fandom: *chuckles* I’m in danger

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith 14 days ago +1

    It's a good musical, but I can see why the lead didn't get a nomination for Best Actor in a musical. Great singer, but I was desensitized by his performance.

  • Tara Thelen
    Tara Thelen 16 days ago +1

    It looks like a fun show to do on Broadway next to Beetlejuice

  • Natalie Pickering
    Natalie Pickering 19 days ago +1


  • Just Chilin
    Just Chilin 20 days ago +1

    I’m so tempted to go to NY just to watch them live

    • Just Chilin
      Just Chilin 7 days ago

      Mary Jane no don’t tell me that. Now I have to go 😭 and I’m poor af

    • Mary Jane
      Mary Jane 7 days ago

      Just Chilin You should! It’s Amazing!

  • sol phoyu
    sol phoyu 21 day ago +1


    yep thats it

  • nona yobizniz
    nona yobizniz 22 days ago

    Give me the good old days when performers knew how to project a voice. Microphones are a cop-out, allowing inferior talent to perform.

  • avary
    avary 25 days ago

    #boysdancetoo 👀👀👀

  • Angelica was here
    Angelica was here 26 days ago

    What happened to the Tonys award performance

  • Kate
    Kate 27 days ago +6

    Ok just saying Persephone and Hades voices are the best things ever

  • bonk w. a. ter
    bonk w. a. ter 27 days ago

    isn't that the guy from toy story

  • Maddie Agne
    Maddie Agne Month ago +3

    honestly? do any of us think Patrick Page DIDN'T deserve that entrance for only one line?

  • RFW
    RFW Month ago

    that hunk of a tall guy....who is he mmmmm

  • Emma Cadotte
    Emma Cadotte Month ago +2

    id pay alot of money for reeve to sing la la lalala to me atleast once a week.

  • Claire Fudge
    Claire Fudge Month ago +1

    We don't deserve Andre DeShields

  • susan weber
    susan weber Month ago +1

    the guy with the flower sucks.

  • McKenna Hyde
    McKenna Hyde Month ago +2

    Anyone else notice that they edited out the mic issues ?

  • Cameron Marie
    Cameron Marie Month ago +4

    I literally cannot shut up about how they utilized the mic stands, instead of working around having to use them, they integrated them into the performance to strengthen it.... I’m in awe

  • Mark Beck
    Mark Beck Month ago

    Terrific. I want to see it. Love the performers!

  • Annie Longley
    Annie Longley Month ago +2

    The more performances I see the more convinced I am that I need to make a replica pf Hermès’ umbrella...

  • Virgil Rose
    Virgil Rose Month ago +1

    is Brian Drye on the Tombone™️ in the old Hermes suit????????

  • Muthu Jayatissa
    Muthu Jayatissa Month ago

    Would love love love to see Eva and Patrick get more featured songs on national TV. I know Eva hasn’t been feeling well lately, but she deserves a chance to show off her chops to the country when she’s better!!

  • golden tabby
    golden tabby Month ago +23

    Tbh I’m living for the fact that he has a bandana around his neck cuz in the mythology he failed to get euridecy and so hades lopped off his head so that he’d be able to sing for them alwayws. We Stan subtle symbolism

  • Lela Stompr
    Lela Stompr Month ago +11

    THE WOMAN WITH THE REALLY DEEP VOICE😵😵 can she please have songs of her own thanks.

  • A Human
    A Human Month ago +3

    3:52 When I hear Reeve sing.

  • Ellie Stankiewicz
    Ellie Stankiewicz Month ago

    So many chills 👏🏻👏🏻This is such an under appreciated show and cast💖💖💖

  • Leila Novak
    Leila Novak Month ago +1

    Listen Ive LOVED reeve since dorian gray but he puts so much emphasis on the "c"

  • Amanda Lynn
    Amanda Lynn Month ago +7


  • Darreyl Henderson
    Darreyl Henderson Month ago +4

    Me: Sees Reeve Carney, suddenly becomes pregnant

  • Kiersten Simpson
    Kiersten Simpson Month ago +1

    i am extremely gay but i think i’m in love with reeve carney

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly Month ago

    I just love love love the fates in this

  • B. Warner
    B. Warner Month ago

    Love the live music they got tho

  • Zachary Walker
    Zachary Walker Month ago +2

    Reeve Carney's voice annoys me.... it's so nasally🙄

  • Zachary Walker
    Zachary Walker Month ago +12

    Is anyone going to talk about how the fate hit an E3?? 3:04

  • Asiacheetah
    Asiacheetah Month ago +16

    The cast of Hadestown still salty over Reeve not getting a nomination by putting him front and center. Also, he actually gets to sing in these tv appearances lol.

  • Madeliene Lindberg
    Madeliene Lindberg Month ago

    I need to see this when it comes to Sf. I need to see this I need to see this.

  • Vivileigh Daze
    Vivileigh Daze Month ago

    Patrick Page in this is me at any social function

  • Jsapps 0411
    Jsapps 0411 Month ago +1


  • randomnessnessnes
    randomnessnessnes Month ago +4

    Can Jewelle please play Hades one day my god her VOICE

  • sad yeehaw
    sad yeehaw Month ago +1

    Amber Gray please step on me

  • Mila Bailey
    Mila Bailey Month ago

    wow I love love love theeeeeem

  • Tiller K
    Tiller K Month ago +4

    I really feel like Reeve's performance has totally improved since the show went to Broadway and I think I might like him as much as the original actor now

  • Insane Taco Cat
    Insane Taco Cat Month ago +1

    I loved how relevant hadestown is because of just one broadway musical.

  • nobody _
    nobody _ Month ago +1

    This is insanely good, but why is Orpheus’ hair so fucking horrible

    • Rose Foxwell-morgan
      Rose Foxwell-morgan Month ago

      It's better than his other haircut

    • nobody _
      nobody _ Month ago

      No seriously there’s a lot about this I love but I hate Orpheus so much

  • Valentina Huidobro
    Valentina Huidobro Month ago +42

    If I had no context about hadestown, this looks like Orpheus is telling Persephone to wait for him and is weird xDDDD

  • Z Botello
    Z Botello Month ago +2

    Hades is such a dramatic bitch and I’m here for it.

  • Zach Pickle
    Zach Pickle Month ago +52

    Me: you're early
    My Anxiety: I missed ya

  • Rat Bastard Man II
    Rat Bastard Man II Month ago +1

    Absolutely superb, you funky little aliens

    MEAN GIRLS WORLD Month ago

    WHY THEY ALWAYS SING WAIT FOR ME I AND NOT THE REPRISE (II)????? plus, I we already saw they singing it on the Tonys

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee Month ago +1

    amber kept giving me chills

  • Orly Doe
    Orly Doe Month ago +3

    People will now know him from Hadestown, but he will forever be, my Dorian Gray

  • livi
    livi Month ago +2

    reeve looks so confused in the beginning and its so cute

  • Awkward
    Awkward Month ago

    I still cry at Wait For Me and I’ve listened to it millions of times and saw it on bway 😭😭😭

  • Monica Alvarado
    Monica Alvarado Month ago

    literally the best thing ever