rkelly exposed

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017

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  • Dino Lamour
    Dino Lamour 35 minutes ago

    This just a groupie ass hoe story....come on man

  • Jennifer  Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia 6 hours ago +1

    Playing with RKelly's butt was "Amazing" and "Once in a life time chance" And if she didn't have a child, she said she would have stayed with him? WTF am I missing something?

  • ElAminNews sweNnimAlE
    ElAminNews sweNnimAlE 8 hours ago

    Damnn them hookers are filthy to the core 😆👀

  • plain22jane
    plain22jane 8 hours ago

    None of this is illegal..Gross...but not illegal. And how is R.Kelly preying on them when they're the ones looking for him? Every👏Last👏 one 👏 of 👏 em.

  • plain22jane
    plain22jane 8 hours ago

    It seems like a lot of the ladies felt slighted once they realize they're not the only one. Asante was the only one ok with not being the only one.

  • Beauty For Ashes TV
    Beauty For Ashes TV 19 hours ago

    I thought 50 shades of grey was just a movie 🎥 til this mess

  • Dainelle jamaican princess Lewis

    He deliberately choose average looking girls

  • Dainelle jamaican princess Lewis

    The shit is still embedded under her finger nails.

  • Ruth Martinez
    Ruth Martinez 2 days ago

    R Kelly is bi sexual with his ol perveted ass

  • catriena perry
    catriena perry 2 days ago

    White men like this type shit but since it's rkelly it's a problem with his ass played with

  • klwarren169
    klwarren169 2 days ago

    I don't GAF who you are, don't be chasing no fucking man because he's famous. That daddy shhh would have instantly alarmed me. She kept calling that MF and shhh. F that! I'm getting shortness of breath listening to this shhh. That nigga just wanna see how far he can go and be intimidating MFS. He ain't shhh!!

  • finebioe
    finebioe 2 days ago

    This sound really familiar to the book “Sex me: confessions of daddy little freak”

  • Mercedes Ferguson
    Mercedes Ferguson 2 days ago

    This entire situation is sickening. R.Kelly is a monster...always has been...the saddest part of it all is that even after all of the exposure...he will still be able to manipulate girls

  • Correll Cherrell
    Correll Cherrell 2 days ago +2

    I have met sooo many famous ppl. One thing they all have said to me. They were shocked how I talk to them like a regular person. Multi times I had to explain to them; ur no different than me u jus have more money than me. But u put ur pants on one leg at a time jus like me.
    I have gotten way more respect from celebrities & some of them are good friends to this day.
    Funny thing is they will call me to let me know they are in town.
    Rkelly goes for young girls or women who are impressive & naive.
    I have a friend that got caught up in his bs when he was making chocolate factory. She hasn't been the same since.

  • Big Bootie Girls Mom

    16 I was a how too but if a man would of asked me to finger his butt I would of got out the game fast and went to CHURCH!

  • Big Bootie Girls Mom

    I don't care who it is I'm NOT fingering A Man! 😅 No way I love you Jehovah God and I want to help the men😘

  • Big Bootie Girls Mom

    He is so evil! How are you going to have herpes and ask people to finger your butt? God isn't pleased with that! That is so evil! God said do good....and follow the Commandments , status and decrees. Smh

  • UNiqNation
    UNiqNation 2 days ago

    And why is the interviewed one in the dark? She ain’t ready unless she is ready to show that face!

  • Percy.B
    Percy.B 2 days ago

    Is she fr? His ass!!

  • barbie doll
    barbie doll 2 days ago


  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown 2 days ago

    Wow...she said her name!!!???!! Popular name of a prestigious German automaker...MB??

  • Nakia Burton
    Nakia Burton 2 days ago

    Its crazy

  • Nakia Burton
    Nakia Burton 2 days ago

    So she plays with his ASS he comes and she go chill in the studio??, that's crazy R Kelly really knows how to pick them he's been doing it for a while so he knows exactly what he doing.

    • nasrin T
      nasrin T 2 days ago

      Nakia Burton he is a total expert in picking them up and has streamlined the process. He is a total sociopath.

  • MsUntouchable 42
    MsUntouchable 42 2 days ago

    I dn't get It... you fly 4rm Baltimore 2 Atlanta, Georgia 2 meet some1 you dn't kno 4rm a can of paint... In his presence... he tell you 2 get butt ass naked n wlk bck n forth... n you agree 2 It... thn this Dude tell you 2 stick yo finger up his butt.. n you do It... he sure picks these NAIVE females who will do any fuckin thing smfh

  • Moya Thompson
    Moya Thompson 3 days ago

    The interviewer was shocked! When she said in his butt

  • Adriana Alejandra
    Adriana Alejandra 4 days ago

    Can I have R.Kelly's Number plz🙂🙄😏😅😅But I don't need a Daddy

  • Blue Indigo
    Blue Indigo 5 days ago

    Wonder why his music streams increased since the documentary? The core of R. Kelly's support comes from black women/women of color...always has and always will. Incredibly ironic indeed. Many of them (most of those supporters) have proclaimed their support for him, even after these reports...and they have vowed to continue to support him and to buy & play his music. The "black community" has to come to terms with that.
    I predicted that this would be the case. So-called "Black America" has a moral deficit. Money, fame, and the badboy image in particular are things that most black women can't resist...and most would trade their souls to get it. This is a subject that the media won't tackle because it's just too taboo. But other black women can tackle it. But the question is....will they? Sadly....I don't think that will happen.

  • Celeste Dorsey
    Celeste Dorsey 5 days ago

    I think women who look for him regardless of remembrance of his sex tape are maybe sexual abused or freaks also I'm not talking about these young ladies 14 to 17 not victim shaming as been molested myself just knowing all facts makes me think R kelly has a sex demon on him look it up very true and seems like sex keeps them all connected and controll..these women need trauma and instestive therapy typo

  • Ms Dee
    Ms Dee 6 days ago

    She was 25. Way too old for R. Kelly. She was only good for sticking a finger up his @$$. How long did she walk around with that stinky finger? You know those long nails had to scoop out some 💩.

  • M Redmond
    M Redmond 6 days ago

    I have seen tons of videos, especially recently with the documentary coming out and I think THIS video was truly the most insightful. The way she tells it, he knows how set situations up so that technically he can't get into trouble. For example, he never answers the first call. Then depending on the girl, he has record of phone calls. Some girls will call once and no more (this is a strong type female who is confident, no matter who he is, I called..no answer...his loss type.) Then other type girl will be blowing up phone!(this girl might get in and fit because now he has PROOF she calling calling he is not answering, SHE PURSUED him. Look all this miss calls type thing for future insurance)This girl he knows will be on his jock and easy to convince. The girl in the interview, called once and left it at that. So then in switch to text, she made it through more of a weeding out step, but now if he wrong or right about this one, he has TEXT, written PROOF, of her being ok with the process. They interact, she writes down her possible interest. The guy about travel as well! He told her, you can ONLY talk with him via TEXT! this is futher insurance or PROOF for him, that these girls were willing, down, and able! He has proof via text, these broads made arrangements, with a 3rd party, to come visit, he is paying, so on and so forth. See, I don't feel or buy into these girls are held captive or abused. I think he has tons of experience, picking through the girls he knows he can have down with this type of harem lifestyle. Girls, he can talk pretty too, down with ALL of the girls around too and just within legal age of consent depending on the state. That is why I say it all starts at home! Prepare our girls NOT to fall for the bullshit or get stars in your eyes for fame! A man or woman who is sexually motivated will do anything to get that ass, IF YOU LET THEM! DON't allow yourself to be that thirsty or naive to allow ANYONE to do this type shit. if some know all this, still want to proceed, then it's on them to live with the consequences and repercussions of their actions! I can't say I am giving up my cd's because I enjoy his MUSIC and grew up with it all. BUT me, he can't piss on, involve in no bullshit, or any of that. I might have asked for an autograph and pic, but that man like any other man, gets NO PASS to allow MYSELF to be degraded or make him "daddy!" Not today, tomorrow, or yesterday! And I raised my own to also, KNOW BETTER. It starts at home y'all. May God bless us and watch over us all. For real and sincerely.

  • Shenita Ferguson
    Shenita Ferguson 6 days ago

    That's some gay ass shit! U won't me to plug yo ass?? Naw I'm out m!! That was a sign...

  • M Redmond
    M Redmond 6 days ago

    Did anyone else hear her almost slip her name out? She talking about when she called her sister to go to the concert. She said, as if her sister were talking saying, "merce.....! If I drive...." like she was about to say Mercedes!

  • yootuubinatwerk
    yootuubinatwerk 7 days ago

    If you are light skin he'll treat you ok. Aaliyah, Halle Calhoun

  • brigette muir
    brigette muir 7 days ago

    Yup she is telling the truth

  • Katrell Jackson
    Katrell Jackson 7 days ago

    Is it just me or did all these girls go to r.kelly/"DADDY" WILLINGLY

  • whitney wheeler
    whitney wheeler 7 days ago

    Ain’t no way in hell im putting my fingers up a ass! Period! Where do he find these girls?? How you go from being invited to the basement to doing that! I would told him nigga bye cuz I’m not the one for you!

  • LsBrigandes
    LsBrigandes 7 days ago

    She did everything he wanted her to do.. What did he do wrong??? She just exposing her foolishness

  • Larry Laneaux
    Larry Laneaux 8 days ago

    R. Kelly flew you away from your child to stick your fingers up his booty🙄👌🏽. Some stories you take to your grave

  • Yatta. Datta
    Yatta. Datta 8 days ago


  • BMW Diagnosis Learning

    These nasty black women are failing to say that they chose to do oral sex on men's outer-court with their mouth. When women suck men's stinking dick then men lose respect and reverence for women and then began to mistreat them, now they wonder why. If these females learn stop play the role of an Harlot then men would not treat you like an whore and call you bitches. Stop complaining ladies and go repent from your oral sex defilement before talking against men who abuse you.

  • Sharon Johnson
    Sharon Johnson 8 days ago +1

    The part about the girl saying her mom was there to pick her up is bullshit! (1) the girl had no shoes on, (2) the girl said her mom was there to pick her up and Kelly and the girl left (for a long time), and (3) he didn't come back for you. This was all part of the test. I glad she's telling her story in detail. Oh, and she would've changed her tune if she'd stayed long enough to see how real R. Kelly really got down!

    • Tee R
      Tee R 2 days ago

      Sharon Johnson I feel like they were testing her they must of felt uneasy about her and that mother here shit was the code to say like no farther with this one...

  • Tanya Videau
    Tanya Videau 9 days ago

    If she didn't see or talk to young ladies mother she don't know if it was the truth or lie because you were too old he keep the young ones the old ones he just used them and then let them go

  • Doll Love
    Doll Love 9 days ago

    12:10 her faceeeeee !!!!!!!! im cryingggg

  • Bilal Hassan
    Bilal Hassan 9 days ago

    This bitch old of enough to no what she was getting into smut as hores smh bitcges ain't shit

  • Sandra Bagwell
    Sandra Bagwell 9 days ago

    How is he responding or texting when he can’t read or write😱

  • Sharica Monét
    Sharica Monét 9 days ago

    Damn this heffa keep swallowing, give her thirsty as s some water. That is so annoying after every few words you hear a fucking gulp!😠😠😠

  • Kayden RB
    Kayden RB 9 days ago

    Who cares...!!! Stream R.Kelly

  • kamesha lewis
    kamesha lewis 9 days ago +1

    Out of all theses interviews theses young girls not worried about AIDS because I’m sure his properly exposed how do you sale your body and soul for money and fame especially when it’s not your money and you are not famous common my beautiful women God gave us this temple as a covenant not to open it up to someone who does not love you appreciate you and willing to buy the cow instead of milking for free. Keep this women in prayer because somewhere down the line something has happened to them to allow themselves to be treated this way.

  • J Jilla 093
    J Jilla 093 9 days ago

    One of these hoes said she put a 9 inch dildo up his a$$ too.

  • Michelle Richberg
    Michelle Richberg 9 days ago

    Lol lol lol lol!!!!!!

  • J Jilla 093
    J Jilla 093 9 days ago

    These hoes are coming out the wood works.lmao

  • Kenya Tucker
    Kenya Tucker 9 days ago

    I hope she flew home and got a new full set of nails immediately 😩

  • tamara garrett
    tamara garrett 9 days ago

    Sooo Mercedes huh

  • Karen Wiggins
    Karen Wiggins 9 days ago

    The interviewer was not into character, phony as crapp.🤣You know dam well u know she knew it was not her sister Sistah .lmbo.🤗 wht.man going to tell u take off your clothes an walk for him, miss me with tht.crap.u knew he didn't speak about no modeling.

  • Jontell Glass
    Jontell Glass 9 days ago

    So you just gone tell her the story and agree with it. You basically told her what to say and agree with huh

  • Vivica Henry
    Vivica Henry 9 days ago

    Dumb fans first read sign “DADDY” !!!!!!!!!! Like who tf r hidden if ur famous or not

  • Queen Dori J
    Queen Dori J 9 days ago

    She stupid

    KRISTIN M 9 days ago

    Damn and a year later this guy got off on soo much! Disgusting- but if he like his butt penetration he won’t mind jail! Can’t blame his past on now, after his disgusting sex tape leak,& he paid off n walk away FREE his mental illness should have been taken care of than. So his demented ways is till they can cuff him! Hope we have a change

  • Re Re Israel
    Re Re Israel 9 days ago

    This monster obviously preys on weak women. Any decent woman would not fall for this

  • Re Re Israel
    Re Re Israel 9 days ago

    These girls are really stupid just because this man is a celebrity does not mean you bow down to him

  • Re Re Israel
    Re Re Israel 9 days ago

    The card in the hand is how he gets all his victims

  • Ki Ki Brown
    Ki Ki Brown 9 days ago

    Interesting. Jerhonda, one of the girls from the Surviving R. Kelly documentary described a similar experience......except she was 16 when it occurred.

  • caity bear
    caity bear 9 days ago

    I love Danni Star. I used to work at Pentagon city as a teen. Kind of gross that he would pick a girl up In every city he visited.

  • Frank43
    Frank43 9 days ago

    What kind of stupid shit did I just hear....

  • stalag Alter Egos
    stalag Alter Egos 9 days ago

    All these brainless gold diggers actually believing that this superstar wants to plan a life with their broke a$$es...it's laughable if it wasn't so pitiful.

  • bria sherman
    bria sherman 9 days ago

    She just got to finger his butthole. LOL

  • TR
    TR 9 days ago

    He’s a perfect example of a narcissist I swear!

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 9 days ago

    And bcuz he was watching her before he approached her he has cameras everywhere

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 9 days ago

    Lol beware of tracker ride in bmore the new rkelly ride lol

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 9 days ago

    Is this shanea or what’s name

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 9 days ago

    Mercedes is her name

  • sadie frazier
    sadie frazier 9 days ago

    Lol I'm sorry I keep adding as I hear the story but her momma coming which mean she coming back

  • sadie frazier
    sadie frazier 9 days ago

    Hold up .... Put what where oh no no🤢🤢🤢 ..... I would've been like my sista ain't here .... See these chicks go for anything and be wildin with the out come

  • sadie frazier
    sadie frazier 9 days ago

    Who is this person setting up these girls flights and stuff cause the person knew what he was doing

  • Tess Whetzel
    Tess Whetzel 9 days ago

    Why should she be airing this?? This is not a minor and not someone who is being held captive so this jumpoffs tale should stay between her and him.
    These mfers looking for attention and here y'all go giving it to them.
    The one's I feel for are the minors!!

  • Royal Empress Kitchen

    And this is the result of a man who was molested by his sister, this man needs HELP to the core, I'm surprised he hasn't taken his life

    SUGAR BOO 9 days ago

    But did u see the girl mom come get her

  • Keona O'Neal
    Keona O'Neal 9 days ago

    But she didn’t actually see the girl get in the car with her mom. From what we have heard the girls are scripted and are told exactly what to say.

    SUGAR BOO 9 days ago

    This nigga is crazy 😩

  • Niahluvsmakeup
    Niahluvsmakeup 9 days ago

    Um baltimore??? They from MD? Bruh

  • Trill Fly
    Trill Fly 9 days ago

    Never said she washed her hands. If she did she would’ve mentioned it for sure.

  • sholove Sholove
    sholove Sholove 9 days ago

    And the girls Mother was picking her up..... but R. KELLY is the ONLY guilty one?

  • African Goddess Jenkins-Carter

    Now she got herpes fingers... Hahaha.. Sick Biotches.. No Way No How!! R. Kelly is a STRAIGHT Pedo, Perv. Sick Dogs get put down... He needs 1 between the eyes.. Bye Bye Kelly

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 9 days ago +3

    Okay, so we mad because these groupies have one thing in mind but when it don't work out the way they thought it's a problem? Ok, he a freak and a sexual deviant. Get to the part where he's forcing this on anyone.

  • Too Blessed
    Too Blessed 9 days ago

    I’m NOT sticking my finger in NO man’s butt.... I don’t even wanna be with a man who is turned on by that mess, it’s too close to Homosexuality... Ewwww . You should have asked her, was it 💩on her fingers...

  • SelfLove19 Me
    SelfLove19 Me 9 days ago

    Jesus help us all.
    This is getting outta hand

  • Sandy Evergreen
    Sandy Evergreen 9 days ago +1

    I'm truly trying to see both sides. Rkelly is a pervert. Okay. He likes it up the ass. Okay. He collects young women for sexual favors. Okay. Got it. This doesn't get him off the hook, by no means. But, you have to wonder about these women who would debase themselves for a few moments in time. Wow. Just wow.

  • JoeTheStreetz
    JoeTheStreetz 9 days ago +1

    This chick is not a rookie...hands up a butt is some next level shit....nasty

  • Afya Kissi
    Afya Kissi 9 days ago

    The fact that she keeps laughing makes this whole thing sounds FAKE

  • Cenique
    Cenique 9 days ago

    With this young woman, I don't think she fit his criteria. She wasn't into music & wanting to become a star, she had a son she wasn't willing to leave so she wasn't going to be able to drop everything to come when he wanted her to or move into one of the houses eventually. For her, it was just a hook-up. But, still creepy with calling him daddy and putting her fingers up his butt. Dude really is gay.

  • Smartchick
    Smartchick 9 days ago

    He's gross.

  • Arnetta Bosby
    Arnetta Bosby 9 days ago

    I would have fished the video if it wasn't so low...........

  • Taye_Ra
    Taye_Ra 9 days ago

    4:02 did she just reveal herself as Mercedes?
    So did he smack or did she just do what she did with his ass... that’s some strange shit. 🤢🤮

  • Antoinette Bell
    Antoinette Bell 9 days ago

    Omg sick of this shittttt

  • lorisa Sullivan
    lorisa Sullivan 9 days ago

    Great story and an insight perspective which makes more sense as to why these girls stay. It Doesn’t change the perverted facts just gives us how a woman thinks when she’s in that situation.

  • Natural Locks
    Natural Locks 9 days ago

    WHAT A BRAVE BRAVE WOMAN for coming forth.
    Thank you Zazi Keks for educating enlightening and trying to save lives through your work!

  • Sanjay
    Sanjay 9 days ago

    what are they getting out of this

  • 0521Shante1
    0521Shante1 10 days ago

    I'm not fingering no man's booty hole....I don't give AF who they are .... yuccccccckkkkkkkk😣😣😣 👉👌...🙅🙅🙅

  • Carla Jackson
    Carla Jackson 10 days ago

    Are y'all listening to this dumb hoe...she's not a victim. She clearly said if he asked her to do more she would have done it...because it was R. Kelly. So I honestly have to blame these star struck groupies also because they put themselves in these situations.

  • Carla Jackson
    Carla Jackson 10 days ago

    Now she just showed how stupid she is...I'm not taking my clothes off for nobody I just mean't...I don't care who it is.