Ozai First Whole Chicken

  • Published on May 1, 2012
  • My boy Ozai he is an 11 month old APBT, this is his first time eating a whole chicken!
    I would like to add, PLEASE do your research on raw feeding! We were both newbies at the time of this video. Thank you for viewing.
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  • Robert Dickerson
    Robert Dickerson 3 days ago

    Very poor producing ,pissed off the lead actor,try again !

  • JTundra
    JTundra 3 days ago

    Ozai a badass looking dog

  • Sir BigHead
    Sir BigHead 3 days ago

    Stfu and let the fucking thing eat.

  • Duy Nguyễn Rott
    Duy Nguyễn Rott 4 days ago

    Quao good dòg

  • Drebodollaz Dollaz
    Drebodollaz Dollaz 7 days ago

    Nice looking dog.

  • Paulette Campbell
    Paulette Campbell 10 days ago

    Won't he catch worms ??

  • WolfyWoofyAsh
    WolfyWoofyAsh 13 days ago +1

    Actually, he isn’t a brat!! Dogs eat where they want to, u don’t tell them we’re to eat and don’t curse at him! Respect dogs >:c
    He isn’t blind..and don’t grab on he’s food! He might bite you and be aware of bones..not every dogs can eat the bones. Your dog might be choke!!! And let him eat in peace! >:/ you are such a bad pet owner and I meant it! You don’t treat your dog right and I’m not tryna be, “miss rightful” I’m tryna care for your dog!!! And warn u about it

  • that one weeb
    that one weeb 18 days ago

    Idk but pit bulls don’t seem to crazy about raw meat

  • dark wolfie
    dark wolfie 22 days ago +1

    Leave the dog to eat would you like it if someone did that to you and plus the dog is not the brat your the brat

  • Toni Niemand
    Toni Niemand 22 days ago

    Get a real life...

  • Flid Arse
    Flid Arse 23 days ago

    Here in London were told that chicken bone is a no no for dogs as the bone shards off sometimes an chokes them or makes it very uncomfortable to swallow I don't know if that's an old wives tale or not....maybe I just wish I could eat a chicken raw without dying or shitting through the eye of a needle for days

    • mason f
      mason f 21 day ago

      Flid Arse that’s with cooked chicken bones where they can splinter in dogs throats harming them and sometimes killing them

  • made easy
    made easy 24 days ago

    Bitch u should not disturb it while eating

  • Halllie
    Halllie 26 days ago

    Wth U called the dog a brat? It was just eating And sounds like your 10 or 8 no hate but don’t call your dog a brat Cuz he didn’t do anything He Thinks your trying to take his food away by putting your hands on it. the dog can eat for it’s Self. don’t Hurry it like that She or he need to Crush the bones and chew.

  • Алексей Семенов

    Порезать не могла.?

  • Destructor 77
    Destructor 77 29 days ago

    There is no food for these animals instead of giving that chicken to someone who needs it more than this animal that means that any day you fall asleep and that animal also swallows you !!

  • Destructor 77
    Destructor 77 29 days ago

    what ignorance of these people doing this video, how many people in the world who die of hunger and this guy gives you to swallow a whole chicken ah this dog but he thinks we will applaud him oh congratulate

  • Fabio Vieira
    Fabio Vieira 29 days ago

    Vai.te fuder otario. Nao se deve dar comida crua otarios do caralho

  • 5毛狗
    5毛狗 Month ago

    幹 牙齒不好傻狗

  • Ciro Vallone
    Ciro Vallone Month ago

    Sei un deficiente!

  • Donald Campanella
    Donald Campanella Month ago

    You shouldnt give fucking dogs chicken bones

  • Deivisson Paulo Pereira

    Eu tenho um pitbull não come frango cru nem !

  • Peter Liu
    Peter Liu Month ago

  • joao franco
    joao franco Month ago

    Caraí man q bicho bonito da porra

  • tamaji kent
    tamaji kent Month ago

    Bring this stuff into KFC ,they make it much more yummy.

  • Уокер Пэд
    Уокер Пэд Month ago


  • chicco centodieci
    chicco centodieci Month ago

    E poi diventano belve

  • Aurora Aurora
    Aurora Aurora Month ago

    I think first time give chicken... xD


    That is an Amstaff. Not a pitbull

  • Mike Hurn
    Mike Hurn Month ago

    Gorgeous dog

  • chaos sensible
    chaos sensible Month ago

    Chiken Bones are dangerous for dog.

    • Mike Hurn
      Mike Hurn Month ago +1

      chaos sensible only cooked bones are dangerous. How else did dogs eat in the wild haha

  • Bully Babys
    Bully Babys Month ago


  • Dominique
    Dominique Month ago

    Donner de la viande crue a un chien !!!!!! c'est le rendre méchant .

  • that guy
    that guy Month ago

    I wanna get eaten

    TOM PREE Month ago +1


  • RRQ D2E
    RRQ D2E Month ago

    Pitbull was dead the video publish in 2012 and now 2019 it's life 9-13 year

  • Valentino Talpini
    Valentino Talpini Month ago +3

    Ese perro come mejor que una familia en vanazuela 😂🤣🤣😂😅

  • BigDogs Estonia
    BigDogs Estonia Month ago


  • Latrel Zunca
    Latrel Zunca Month ago

    Tanta gente passando fome e usar idiota dando frango pro cachorro

  • Taha Tavakoli
    Taha Tavakoli Month ago

    this dog will die with this food u idiot

    • TheLoveThief
      TheLoveThief Month ago

      No it wont. A raw chicken is very healthy for a dog. Healthier than processed dog food.

  • Rondinele Silva
    Rondinele Silva Month ago +1

    doggy l love you too much

  • double d
    double d Month ago +2

    Great looking dog , but a quick psa for anyone out there who does not know , raw chicken good , cooked chicken deadly ,

    • Too Lovely
      Too Lovely Month ago

      double d Thats a lie to a certain extent. In my country they make a broth out of bone and Carrot bring it to a boil, shut the heat off then drop a few chopped whole chickens in the broth and let it cool down. After its cooled down it's served. This prevents injury and any desease from chemicals in the food these days. Dogs immune systems aren't as strong as wolves after hundreds of years of domestication

  • Juliet Chaux
    Juliet Chaux Month ago

    Eso es para ponerlo agresivo, y ataque otros animales

  • Numse_ fisken
    Numse_ fisken Month ago

    Dat boi aint giving you nothin

  • Najat Hosari
    Najat Hosari 2 months ago +2

    The sound of eating 😍

  • Desk Top
    Desk Top 2 months ago

    Who would be so dumb as to feed a dog chicken bones?

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 2 months ago

      You know something dog's stomachs can handle it plus the acids in there stomachs can break it down plus they need the bacteria to break down the food. I feed my pup raw chicken necks and other meats less stool and she more active so each his own

    • Desk Top
      Desk Top 2 months ago

      @Bob Jones I have news for you...bones, especially chicken bones will splinter and reek havoc in an animals digestive system. Raw chicken also has parasites and various diseases to pass along as well. The life span of animals in the wild is but 25-50% of domesticated animals because of these issues associated with bones, raw meat and disease. Cooking does not render bones harmless and the ribs and especially the wings can and will puncture the stomach and intestines. But then. no one ever gave a dead wolf or coyote an autopsy and I also doubt you would eat raw chicken with the bones attached.

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 2 months ago

      Raw bones are good only the cooked ones will cause problems

    GOUZ GIZ 2 months ago

    il sait pas manger ou quoi 👎

  • Nopeyou’rewrong
    Nopeyou’rewrong 2 months ago

    He loving that shit

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  • Peach Fries
    Peach Fries 2 months ago +1

    She seriously called him a brat for eating the wrong price of chick like back back off

  • m.muvaffak işmen
    m.muvaffak işmen 2 months ago

    Ozi things ' Whats that ? but its a good taste'' :) later some chickens in the garden are good food :D

  • Dark Tiger
    Dark Tiger 2 months ago


  • mahogany p.
    mahogany p. 2 months ago +4

    Lol he moved it because he didn't want u to touch it 😂😂

  • ViolentJay1985
    ViolentJay1985 2 months ago

    The most annoying voice in history

    G DUARTE 2 months ago

    Corta o frango em pedaços cretina

  • Teddy Bara
    Teddy Bara 2 months ago +1

    too much expecting him eating like a human in a plate

  • チャンネルGo-tan
    チャンネルGo-tan 2 months ago


  • Annesophie Duchemin
    Annesophie Duchemin 2 months ago

    Inconscient ne jamais donnez de la viande crue à un staff il va avoir l'odeur du sang dans la gueule il va être très très agressif il va mordre les gens est risque de ceux faire athenasier plus une amende ou risque de la prison vraiment inconscient inconscient est après pour faire lâcher un staff il faut plus qu'un coup de poing pour le faire lâcher il faut l'assomez

  • Marcel Cadiz
    Marcel Cadiz 2 months ago

    Why is she messing with that dog while hes eating??? Serves her right to get her hairy hand bit!!

  • three Van
    three Van 3 months ago

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  • Clash
    Clash 3 months ago +1

    He grabbed the chicken and walked away like, "Ya know what, bitch. This is bullshit. Why are you telling me how to eat? Matter of fact, why the fuck am I eating out of a bowl to begin with?! Let me take my shit over here away from you, so I can eat it off of the fucking ground like a fucking man, you fucking prick!"

  • geoff carman
    geoff carman 3 months ago +2

    I'd absolutely hate it if a waitress gave me my food then told me what to eat!! Gorgeous dog.

  • Tamara Coleman
    Tamara Coleman 3 months ago +1

    Bitch let dog eat

    NAME HERE 3 months ago +1

    I wish the fucking bitch would shut the fuck up and let the dog just eat..damn

  • Gabriela Alvarez
    Gabriela Alvarez 3 months ago +1

    This dog is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Sarah Trasca
    Sarah Trasca 3 months ago

    Mai bine prajit

  • Sarah Trasca
    Sarah Trasca 3 months ago

    Far nu crud

  • Sarah Trasca
    Sarah Trasca 3 months ago

    Sigur e bun

  • Sarah Trasca
    Sarah Trasca 3 months ago

    Uau ce tare

  • Gianluca Vergellito
    Gianluca Vergellito 3 months ago

    Pollo crudo non vive nemmeno 10 anni tutte le malattie sono sue solo croccantini deve mangiare . dopo si mangia la padrona 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Brad Brad
    Brad Brad 3 months ago

    One of these times that god is gona get bone splinters.....may take 5 yrs..but youll be sorry one day

    • Azrael Santos
      Azrael Santos 3 months ago +1

      That only happens with cooked bones moron

  • Рамиля Ахкамутдинова


  • Ο χοντρός σας γαμάει

    That Chinese woman is so annoying

  • Leonardo Teixeira
    Leonardo Teixeira 3 months ago +6

    Such an handsome and gentle doggo ♥️

  • hammari anas
    hammari anas 3 months ago +1

    Let him eating wath's rong with you

  • Emerson Ribeiro
    Emerson Ribeiro 3 months ago +3

    Diz a lenda q ele tá até hj comendo o frango....

  • Nam Chùm
    Nam Chùm 3 months ago +1

    Mặt con chó này đĩ vl

  • J Juarez
    J Juarez 3 months ago +1

    What a dumb ass

  • Edilmar Soto
    Edilmar Soto 3 months ago

    Cuando alimentan más bien a un perro que aún vagabundo en la calle !

  • KOYOTI t-shirts
    KOYOTI t-shirts 3 months ago

    Chiken raw...???? No cuando ESTABA en Santa Martha...

  • Celso Araujo
    Celso Araujo 3 months ago +1

    Vai matar o cachorro engasgado com o osso do Frango.

  • Rafael Sevilla
    Rafael Sevilla 3 months ago


  • TZ o
    TZ o 3 months ago

    Cook in hot water before !

    • B Pimpin
      B Pimpin 3 months ago +1

      No that will make the bones splinter and hurt the dog they must eat raw bone to be safe

  • Jesus Antonio
    Jesus Antonio 3 months ago

    Pobre perrito😮😌 se lo hubieras cosido

  • Carmen Angeles
    Carmen Angeles 3 months ago

    Pinche perro feo le pide permiso al pollo tengo una pit bull red nose me gustaría q vieras como destroza los huesos completos de res no mamadas como tu perrito

    DAVID TAVARES 3 months ago +2

    Carnal no seas malo ADOPTAME ,,. Ni yo como tanta carne como el buen PERRITO

  • Jean Franco Quispe Rodriguez

    Cocina el pollo conchetumadre!!

  • Andy Gutierrez
    Andy Gutierrez 3 months ago +2

    Who else got this in their recommended?

  • Dopeboy Angel
    Dopeboy Angel 3 months ago

    Can they eat chicken raw like that ?

    • B Pimpin
      B Pimpin 3 months ago +2

      Yes its actually the best thing to feed a dog raw food diet is the best its what dogs have eaten for thousands of years until the last 50 years or so

    • RR Romero
      RR Romero 3 months ago

      Was wondering the same thing ?

  • Aldair Cirilo
    Aldair Cirilo 3 months ago

    Isso deve ser bom pra comer galinha do quintal

  • Mıchael jackson
    Mıchael jackson 3 months ago

    Orospu cocugu pişir öyle ver

  • john wyne
    john wyne 3 months ago


  • Josep A
    Josep A 3 months ago

    Pobre perro no le pueden cocinar el pollo?

  • Володя Иванов
    Володя Иванов 3 months ago +1

    Stupid Ass!

  • Arturo Sanabria
    Arturo Sanabria 3 months ago

    Q video d mierda la proxima subo un video d mi perro cagando..

  • Canadian Mapleleaf
    Canadian Mapleleaf 3 months ago +1

    Atake off this fuckin metal from his neck when you give him food ,idiot.

  • Peter Karlsson
    Peter Karlsson 3 months ago

    You really shouldn’t feed the dog with uncleaned chicken because of all the small sharp bones!!!

    • TheLoveThief
      TheLoveThief Month ago +1

      @Peter Karlsson You're no expert. It's cooked bones that are dangerous. Not raw ones. Dogs can choke on anything just like people. I've seen a couple dogs choke on store bought milk bones that they tried to scarf down too fast. But there is nothing inherently dangerous with raw chicken bones.

    • Peter Karlsson
      Peter Karlsson 3 months ago

      Fhalloween actually I am an expert. My job is to work with animals and I’ve seen these bones get stuck in the throat of many dogs. The bones are sharp as knifes. Don’t take an expert to know that by the way so you must be really stupid. 🙂

    • Fhalloween
      Fhalloween 3 months ago +1

      Peter Karlsson ok animal expert

  • Christina Lun
    Christina Lun 3 months ago

    Yea dont even clean or cook that shit a lil straight raw ok idot

  • Nads .starrgirl
    Nads .starrgirl 3 months ago +1

    No touching my 🐓 lady!!!!

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  • Dzemal Hodzic
    Dzemal Hodzic 3 months ago