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    Matthew Crawford 17 days ago

    keep messing with lance

  • Matthew Crawford
    Matthew Crawford 17 days ago

    keep messing with lance

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    Geo is huge!!!!!!!!

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    Wat happened

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    this is Dylan belcourt

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    If ur nice please go follow my gymnastics account mckenna_aly_gymnastics and dm that you saw this!

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    Lizzie looks like an Olsen twin

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    210 squad

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    I went to Ross and got a ouija bird blanket I love your Chanel 😀!!

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    4.2millon subs

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    Turned on post notification@lance 210

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    have u ever been to Clinton road sorry if I didn't spell right lol but can u try to make a video going there mabey? :)

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    I thought they really threw theo 😥

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    I got mine on and u are so good I love ur videos so much

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    I turned on the post notification hit that subscribe button and I liked it up.if you did like this comment

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    Turn it on

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    The beginning sounded like porn...

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    I'm cringing with every swipe of that knife. I'm like hoping for whatever's inside is safe.

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    I got my notifications turned on ❤️💩I have two rats if u were wondering🐀🐀🐀🐀RATS

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    Subscribed, notifications turned on, Lizzy is so boooooooootyyyyful💗💗💗

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    I'm in a good mood I have a meeting and will get it to get a job because of the list for the first one is it to late for you to be able to do

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    I subscribed and turned on the notifications on. I love your videos!♡

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    Love your videos! As long as the animals are safe, I say adiane should rearrange even repaint your apartment, something new every week

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    Lizzie should die her hair aqwa blue

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    Ree-sis not ree-cs

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    when I was at school there was a sign that said 49 persons allowed and I was like why couldn't they say people instead of persons it really bugged me bc I am a grammar geek so xD

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    I clicked the and bell

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    I have subscribed and turnd notifacations on xxxxxxxxx keep up the good work

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    Say hi to Roger!!!!!

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    I'm turning 11 can I get 11 likes

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    good job

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    I do have it turned on

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    I just liked this video cuase lizzy was there sorry lance but to make you feel better i subscribed to lizzy 💋 bye the way the kiss is for lizzy not you lanc sorry not sorry 😜😳

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    I subscribed, and i love your videos. there the best. :) :) :)

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    You should have a T-shirt on it saying the best TVclip blogger ever

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    anyone watching old vlogs??👍

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    I did notifications on liked your vids

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    i turned the notification on!

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    I love watching your videos. Your friends crack me up it’s hard for me to get out and have fun with 3 kids and health issues but watching your videos make me feel like I’m there and I wanted to say to Lizzie

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    Have big fan

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    Great vids lance i love you and them and your crew

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    poor dog

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    I have no idea why everyone is putting there snap chats out and normally I wouldn't post mine but it's lovemeoxo

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    Lindo uauu...
    Eu medo sua cada

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    hey Lance

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    Lizz 😘 love you too Lance 💋💋💟💟

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    Hey my name is Peyton

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    what happend

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    Keep it up you are the best lance

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    Lance do you get your yezzys from stockX

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    Peyton is my sister

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    Both of your names start with L

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    You look handsome lance

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    You look beautiful lizzy

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    Keep up the great work lance and lizzy

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    halla from the Marshall Islands (Pacific). Love your sick vids, hilarious!!! Anyways, got my notification on ;) Peace

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    My dad had farcry4.


    Im you biggest fan I love you I love you videos your so funny....

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    yes I like it

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    wow first vlog in new channel

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    Yeooo notification squad

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    It's okay for the late upload

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    I love you so much can you please put my link in the bed in the description it in your blog

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    I like the trying to post notifications on in, today

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    we had mugs like that That is a really old thing every one where I live knows what it does it is not a suprise for us

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    i have it tern on

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    You ā the best

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    I love when they do the video send it send it to you it's so cool and I actually thought it was your dog and he throwing up getting thrown out the window

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    Has anyone ordered shoes yet because I would like to know it's safe and they are real

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    Notifications turned on as usual I'm loving ur vids tho :p

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    I think that was really bad how Adin and Chris started stomping on that dog toy, it was obviously Theo`s toy, but i still think it was uncalled for......

    • Maria Smith
      Maria Smith 4 months ago

      LOL!!! Maybe you need a safe space where you can be protected from dog toy abusers. I am sure the dog toy has seen worse, like being bitten all day.

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    I subscribed and I have post notifications on btw ily❤️‼️

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    do more of what aidan and chris dose

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    I do

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    add me on snap chat

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    Why is the guy selling yeezys for retail??????? Totally a red flag

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    Annie Pisano Year ago

    I have a mug exactly like that,but my mug has the heart-eyes emoji on it. But the eyes aren't red, and when it gets hot, it makes the emoji with the winking-kissy face, and that heart IS red, 😍 regular emoji with no red, then 😘 regular emoji with red.

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    ayeeeeeeee i sent u that coloring book

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    Does Fyrekicks work?? Who ordered shoes from them? How long did it take to get them?? HELPPP!!!

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    9:07 Adidas? or something else (Ah-dah-deez)???

    • Chloe Blogs
      Chloe Blogs Year ago

      Imee-Marie Superales no it means adidas yeezeys it's just short for saying adidas yeezeys

    • Turtle Man
      Turtle Man Year ago

      Imee-Marie Superales He said NMD's. The Shoes

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    QueenLil1357 Year ago

    Did anyone notice lance said "aww gio stepped on my paw"

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    I love the footage

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    they scared me so bad

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    You're right, I didn't believe it

  • Atyanna Broughton

    I like when Aidan and Chris do the little skit let them do it during all your videos when you're in Jersey

  • Noah Yang
    Noah Yang Year ago

    Really wish there were more options and more levels and a great game would help to be more interesting than it was for me too though I can't even play it because it doesn't work at times but it doesn't work at the end

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    I have it on love u guys

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    I like that skit a lot keep playing and your videos

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    i have those shoses

  • Concepción Contreras

    i never miss your one of your vidios