101 Facts About Money


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    Oh dip damn! Money makes the world go around! What makes your world go around? (Hint: you can say us)

  • Paige Murphy
    Paige Murphy 4 days ago

    I heard that Rosa Parks will be on the $200.
    Multiple countries have stopped making their version of the penny.
    Vending machines hate bills with folded corners.

  • auscan927
    auscan927 4 days ago

    Money is money because we believe it’s worth something... yep.

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    _ _ 7 days ago

    too much about US and English money....

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    Emma Campbell 12 days ago

    My phone was upside down and I thought that was a thumbs down 😂

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    Its Freddie 14 days ago

    Can you stop speaking like a spastic and talk like a regular person, you're being so fake with your voice its hurting my ears.

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    Gone Bananas 18 days ago

    The Federal Reserve of the United States is not a government entity, bet you didnt know that, ya pom twit,

  • Gone Bananas
    Gone Bananas 18 days ago

    Bullets are not encased in shells but in cartridges, shells are used in shotguns and can be filled with mainly pellets or buckshot. Get your "facts" straight.

  • Merrill Hartman
    Merrill Hartman 23 days ago

    I'm very impressed you used the correct Traditional Chinese characters for the "T'ang Dynasty"

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner 23 days ago

    In case you didn't know, Queen Elizabeth of England is a bipedal humanoid reptilian baby eater from Zeta Reticuli 3. Seriously!

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    Money is also a natural aphrodisiac to the Jewish people

  • Pennywise The dancing clown

    I cant deal with you always talking about Jennifer Lawrence its sick and annoying as fuck

  • Charlie Cross
    Charlie Cross Month ago

    Of course that "great business man" president pants on fire ran a casino into the ground how one doesn't make money with a casino is beyond me

  • Anna_25
    Anna_25 Month ago

    101 facts about American Revolution / Founding father’s

  • rfvtgbzhn
    rfvtgbzhn Month ago

    11:05 so they only print about 3$ a year for every US citizen? This seems very low. Is it because Americans prefer credit cards?

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    duckman18007 Month ago

    101 facts about rick and morty?

  • Faris Adem
    Faris Adem Month ago

    Here's a fact capsa in Saudi Arabia actually means rise

  • Cephachrome
    Cephachrome Month ago

    tbh I probably costs more to produce a penny than a $100 bill

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 3 months ago

    In Jersey they use £ notes so do the rest of the channel Islands.

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    Did you just say hi motherfucker

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    Says "Kardashian" but uses a photo of Snooki lol

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    I rarely spend or save money I just let my folks do that my fb friend says I'm prevlegded whatever that means but my brother says I'm a ghost again weird

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    kardashian,,, he showed snooki lol

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    Kaneki Kun 4 months ago

    If money is the root of all evil why do they ask it in church?

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk 4 months ago

    GOLD, and to a lesser extent silver is a store of value. Modern currency from any nation deprecates while sitting in your pocket...

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    101 Facts about the Caribbean Islands

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 5 months ago

    Information about money: 1. America might have used $2 Bill as in a bill with the number 2 on it. 2. I think JFK is pictured on a 50 cent coin. 3.I think Sakajuwia was pictured on a $1 coin. 4. The US mint considered to stop making pennies. 4. U can't use US pennies in Vending machines. 5.the liberty bell is said to taste like pennies. 6. Wheat pennies pennies with pictures of wheat on the back. 7. I think in the US u can't exchange Egyptian pounds for US dollars. 8. Pets who eat Pennies made after 1982 can die from zinc toxicity. 9.the term money laundering probably came from when people would have their money sent to be laundered. 10. Green backs probably comes from the fact that US money is green. 11.I think 50 and 100 $ bills are the most faked bills in the US. 12. When Ellis island was in open Immigrants to the US would sew money into their clothes. 13. An African ruler was worth about 500billion $. He was so rich that when he spent money in Cairo it caused inflation leading Cairos money to become worthless. To undo the damage he did he bought a lot of Cairos worthless money which helped stabilize Carios economy.

  • The FBI
    The FBI 5 months ago

    communism,capitalism,or socialism

  • tag1462
    tag1462 5 months ago

    Did I miss it? Not a mention or a hint to a Pink Floyd song titled "Money" which made them lots of money despite the fact the song was snarky about money.

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  • David Jameson
    David Jameson 5 months ago

    25:25 - Spoken audio: "199 trillion dollars"
    Displayed text: "$191 trillion"
    Your error checkers were insufficient.

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 5 months ago

    25:25 191 Trillion...or 199 Trillion? Yes, I AM counting.

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 5 months ago

    21:02 It doesn't have deer in it's COFFEE, but it DOES have dear in it's PRICE.

  • Commonwealth Time
    Commonwealth Time 5 months ago

    Ree edr

  • Palivinder Hayer
    Palivinder Hayer 5 months ago

    101 facts about money
    101 facts

  • Ewan Croft
    Ewan Croft 5 months ago

    ‘Sal’ is also Spanish but Salt’ and ‘Sal’ both come from well, sal

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    Alexandra Noel Howlett 6 months ago

    Hello) Would you make one about passports, please?

  • Jacob Mihelich
    Jacob Mihelich 6 months ago

    I won the pat Quigley scholarship this past year

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    blank 2 6 months ago

    3:00 you said salt but it shows sugar

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    I get no allowance

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    hello sir this is the united bank of
    *M O N E Y*

  • Daniella
    Daniella 6 months ago

    I rarely handle money in any form. I use my bank or credit card.

  • MrGodofcar
    MrGodofcar 6 months ago

    When sugar and beer images were shown, the presenter said, respectively, salt and tea. I laughed at this.

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    subito zx 6 months ago

    Wait.... so you actually have to PAY to live in Antarctica?

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    Lil Toe 7 months ago

    25:50 my last name is clay... IM NOT A PIG

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    YoloBagels 7 months ago

    Paper money is paper money. The word "Paper" kind of implies that.

    PREETI MEENA 7 months ago

    Okay well where is Bitcoin

  • Ice Cream Lover
    Ice Cream Lover 7 months ago

    Did you know?
    In Urdu language Money means Semen and it is spelled manni in Urdu!

  • robertportersc
    robertportersc 7 months ago

    In the 1990s America started printing dollar coins that had the image of Sacagawea on it. They are still legal tender to this day with vending machines giving them as change for large denominations.

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    noot noot 8 months ago

    Salt is not bad look at us European nords we love our salt on candy and food

  • The Great Dalek Exterminator

    Look on the left at 23:29. Illuminati!

  • The Great Dalek Exterminator

    "like salt.."
    *shows a picture of sugar*

  • Fomalhaut Starr
    Fomalhaut Starr 8 months ago

    13 original colonies not states.

  • Ireland
    Ireland 8 months ago

    7:41 look what you made me do! Had me laughing hard

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    Margaret Yim 8 months ago

    Money is not important but it can't live without MONEY MONEY !!!

  • ItsDaBunnyYT
    ItsDaBunnyYT 8 months ago

    25:23 you said 199 when the screen said 191

  • Du da
    Du da 9 months ago

    Complains about inconvenient types of money, but lives in a country that didn't even have a decimal currency until 1961...

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    Gang Wolf 9 months ago

    That wasn't a Kardashian that was Snooki from the Jersey Shore lmao it's alright though guys I'm a little upset I knew that myself

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    In the uk, I use pounds!🇬🇧

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    how much tvclip.biz/video/cpbbuaIA3Ds/video.html do you make from these videos, if you don't mind my asking, oh mighty god of facts?

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    lol Snooki Kardashian

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    Am I the only one to point out that the American money has white males

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    Can u do 1001 facts about jennifer lawrences vagina for ur next video?? Please i need a new video to masturbate to.

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    101 facts about guinness world records

  • BigMiky
    BigMiky 10 months ago

    26! Jersey in the channel isles also have 1 pound notes

  • Beth Di Bartolomeo
    Beth Di Bartolomeo 10 months ago

    An interesting fact I learned from banking, when we still did coin rolling: 1943 silver pennies (rare and valuable in the U.S.) will stick to the magnetic strip that separates out foreign coin from regular American coin. No other American coin will. I don't know if that means they're more magnetic or not, I've never tried it with a regular magnet, but it's true.

  • Aisha Mcnamara
    Aisha Mcnamara 10 months ago

    The first credit card came out in 1962 because of diners club international.
    Also love the vids

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  • OlagGan
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    You missed a fact out about the use of ATMs. Yes you got the right date for the first ATM, BUT you missed out the fact that the first ATM was actually used by the Comedy Actor Reg Varney who appeared in the British SitCom "On the Buses".

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    3:01 is snooky not a kardasian lol

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    wow Talltanic had a vid abt money recently (36?) facts. you guys are linked?

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    Thank you! Oh yeah greets from across the pond. I've always been amused by how you Brits typically announce the cost of something in quids and p's. Sounds so much more charming than just rattling off digits. Another thing that got me is brought in exchange rates. I remember walking into a McDonalds in Canada and jaw dropping stunned by the prices. Never occurred to me that it was Canadian money. I thought 12$ was a steep price for a Big Mac meal, but what the hell. So I paid with a US 20$ The cashier informed me my change would be in Canadian currency. Okay... so what. I got back like 15$ in change which blew my mind. You tell me 12, I give you a 20, and I get 2/3 back? Hell before I knew it I had more money than I started out with. Until I started paying Canadian prices with Canadian money.

  • Alexi Harding
    Alexi Harding Year ago

    Great video! Great job finding so much fresh information on money.

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    Listen, mate. You make intresting stuff. But combination of your fast speaking manner and playing music is shit. Remove the music. It's easier to dig out the information without it. If i want the shit i will turn on my own.

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    Is that a Titan in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me~?

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    101 facts about soctland

    • Julia
      Julia Year ago

      Tayshaun Burrows Where's "soctland", I've never heard of that country?

    LOVEUNBOUND Year ago

    all money is fake.

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    now i know for a fact that the chances for winning the lottery is not 1 to 45 million due to how many tickets one person buys for themselves and that there is a different range of amount of people who buy them depending on the lotto prize

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    101facts about money and yet not a single fact about the euro

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    Go Belgium!

  • The assorted channel

    good video,very interesting,but you could have mention that Australia had invented polemer bank notes before the UK.

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    you forgot to mention bitcoins...

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    Nicely done

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    101 facts about ukraine

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    Im not ritch nither im an bitch :D

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    101 Facts About Bitcoin

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    101 facts about poland

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    Check out my 10 Facts videos...let me know what you think. :D Thanks...

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    Its like a top 10 video but more

    Quote kim jong spoon

  • Margarita Regueira

    Actually europe has more people below the un poverty line.

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    Hope you'll see this comment. You had a great introduction in this video, I subscribed at 0.31. Keep on doing it, you're very good at it!

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    101 facts about Percy Jackson

  • Karla Kirkpatrick

    don't you mean the rothchild stranglehold banks of europe