The Room Made of Gummy Bears (Gummy Shot Glass music video)

  • Published on Apr 5, 2010
  • Made completely of gummy, these edible shot glasses double as the greatest chasers known to man.
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    Don't even think about taking another shot of that Old Crow until you've bought Gummy Shot Glasses.
    Gummy Shots are available in two different six-packs. Each set of edible candy shot glasses includes two of each flavor. Enjoy blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange or lemon, lime, and cola. Or party like it's 1999 and order both sets.
    Gummy Shot Glasses are handmade in the USA.
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    Here are the lyrics to the song featured in this funny music video:
    Girl it starts real fresh
    And takes you on a journey
    These shots so ill
    You'll be leavin' on a gurney
    So bottoms up
    Momma didn't raise a dummy
    Me and Jeff gettin' crunk
    Doin' shots of gummy
    Girl don't even fight it
    I know you wanna bite it
    You sound so excited
    Before you even tried it
    Baby I was wrong
    And you know I'm gonna right it
    Send you gummy shots
    UPS overnight it
    Girl, you make the champagne pop
    Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot
    Say girl, on the couch I'mma save you a spot
    Oh girl, you know I got the bathtub hot
    Well you know I can't afford
    No expensive brandy
    So I pour an Old Crow
    And chase it down with candy
    Cuz it's breakin' my heart
    That I caused you pain
    You can tell by the slo-mo
    Yell in the rain
    Baby girl, say the word
    When you're home alone
    I'll be on your doorstep
    With a shot of Patrón
    Then I'll take you to the beach
    In the Florida Keys
    Or a real nice dinner
    At an Applebee's
    Break down
    In the middle of the spot
    I'mma buy another round
    While you checkin' these shots
    The money shot
    The rims shot
    Butt shot
    Body shot
    Not rapping shot
    Bad metaphor shot?
    Girl, you make the champagne pop
    Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot
    Say girl, I wanna take you on a cruise on my yacht
    Oh girl, I gotta admit it's not a real yacht
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Comments • 15 893

  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +1896

    Make sure you watch to the end to see behind-the-scenes footage of how we made the gummy bear brick wall, couch, belt buckle, and more!

  • William Afton
    William Afton 16 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Gacha Gamer101
    Gacha Gamer101 3 days ago

    Beer gummy bears in the gummy shot

  • Yahel Mateus Abrigu
    Yahel Mateus Abrigu 4 days ago

    .... what am I watching

  • Luna Kawkoun
    Luna Kawkoun 5 days ago

    Omg this bring back so much memories

  • sadie joco
    sadie joco 5 days ago +1

    Who is else is watching this in 2019

  • Cute Kitty
    Cute Kitty 6 days ago

    That many gummy bears are probably more expensive the a wine;-;

  • Viz
    Viz 10 days ago +1

    September 2019?

  • mili S
    mili S 10 days ago +1

    Why do they look the same after 9 years

  • Ty Gomez
    Ty Gomez 11 days ago +1

    this was when I was born mate

  • German Garzon
    German Garzon 12 days ago

    Wait why is this catchy

  • maribel Romero
    maribel Romero 12 days ago

    1:-32 you guys should have said pun shot pun city!

  • Blade The Slayer
    Blade The Slayer 12 days ago

    This so addictive I love it

  • Alexis
    Alexis 13 days ago

    Blonde one hot

  • Gabbi Congine
    Gabbi Congine 13 days ago

    9 years ago this was made

  • Itz_ya girl_galaxy *galaxyplayzYT’s Second Chanel

    Song: butt shot
    Me: WAT?!

  • oasis
    oasis 17 days ago +1

    be careful with the gummy bear lamp. carly’s room burned down because of one

  • Kalantzis Giannis
    Kalantzis Giannis 18 days ago +1

    But did they get any girls

  • Draqon Fruit
    Draqon Fruit 19 days ago +1

    September 2019?

  • Marc Tang
    Marc Tang 19 days ago

    When I was little I thought it was an ad for the room lol
    Edit: The title was just “The Room Made of Gummy Bears”

  • Alex Rosprim
    Alex Rosprim 19 days ago

    Okay but like, did Joey and Jon actually record this song or did someone else sing it?

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen 20 days ago

    Rip gummy baer

  • demon lulu
    demon lulu 21 day ago

    Tottaly worth it like 10.000 gummy bear

  • Albert Einstein Or Mohammad Abuelhawa

    Heartless is a better song

  • Dorcas Shako
    Dorcas Shako 21 day ago

    I was only 4 mths when they made this

  • hayle y
    hayle y 22 days ago

    yeah i’m definitely a lesbian

  • Annemarie Henry Thiem
    Annemarie Henry Thiem 23 days ago

    Joey has a beautiful singing voice.

  • the thriller 134
    the thriller 134 24 days ago +2

    i just watched two humans rapping about a gummy candy

    TRISTAN B 25 days ago +1

    This was the peak of TVclip

  • SP_potatoes Man
    SP_potatoes Man 26 days ago

    Joey eat the wall

  • XMasherHax12
    XMasherHax12 26 days ago

    I want to like the video but I don’t want to because TVclip will put in on my music playlist

  • maci taci
    maci taci 27 days ago

    When u look in the i card because you want this

  • Ghostee
    Ghostee 29 days ago +1

    Yalll so extraaa

  • Valor Vink
    Valor Vink Month ago

    On the body shot my name is on his shirt it’s valor

  • Anna lilja
    Anna lilja Month ago

    This looks like a music video froom 2007 😂

  • Itz hemzi
    Itz hemzi Month ago

    The two guys in the bath tub it’s really gay

  • Rich J
    Rich J Month ago +1

    Omg I just realized like 9 years later this sounds like say aah by trey songz

  • Chapolee
    Chapolee Month ago

    Jonn; rapper

  • Wolfy-Chan
    Wolfy-Chan Month ago +1

    JESUS can't really tell if their actually singing this xD also I wanna buy something from the website but Idk what to get

  • JiminsJams
    JiminsJams Month ago

    So what’s next gummy clothes?

  • SorrowManK Bai
    SorrowManK Bai Month ago +1

    I bet after this video you guys were drunk as hell

  • dkjsbiavrubdhd
    dkjsbiavrubdhd Month ago +1

    Why is this better then youtube rewind 2018?

  • emilyy skimm
    emilyy skimm Month ago +1

    What does gummy shots have to do w a girl🥴🥴😂😂😂

  • buttercup
    buttercup Month ago +3

    “i know you wanna bite it, you sound so exited, before you even tried it”

    you have a dirty mind... better get to cleaning 🧼 🧽 🙏🙏

  • City Gun gamer
    City Gun gamer Month ago


  • Omar Alkaar
    Omar Alkaar Month ago

    Producer: how much autotune do you want?
    Vat19: *Yes*

  • Andrey Pascua
    Andrey Pascua Month ago +1

    You should make your own song that voice is amazing

  • AwesomeGamesde
    AwesomeGamesde Month ago

    Great to see that Ben Affle... wait a minute thats not him

  • Itz Apple Sauce
    Itz Apple Sauce Month ago

    This video is almost as old as me .-.

  • Potato Boi ._.
    Potato Boi ._. Month ago

    I wonder if Joey will ever age?

  • Naomi Skies
    Naomi Skies Month ago

    I remember when I sung this to my mom. My dumb ass got grounded😂

  • Priscilla Green
    Priscilla Green Month ago +1

    R.I.P Gummy Bear

  • Sarah Clouse
    Sarah Clouse Month ago

    I don't like this video

  • Groot Gabby
    Groot Gabby Month ago

    You guys a great singers

  • Randy Renwand
    Randy Renwand Month ago

    THAT IS GUMMY HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • med scout
    med scout Month ago


  • Yoongami
    Yoongami Month ago +5

    Oop I totally forgot about this song and video and I'm just getting killed by their vocals im-💀

  • Mrcheeseburgermaster

    8 years ago. I feel old

  • Xuân Nguyễn
    Xuân Nguyễn Month ago


  • Bella Dzehverovic
    Bella Dzehverovic Month ago

    Joey is a better singer than the other one