Adam Savage Tours the Jim Henson Exhibition!

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Adam Savage visits the Museum of the Moving Image, which recently opened a landmark exhibition showcasing the works of Jim Henson. From the Muppet Show to Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock to the Dark Crystal, we get up close with many of the puppets, props, and film artifacts from Henson's world-changing career.
    Thanks to the staff at the Museum of the Moving Image for guiding us through this exhibition.
    Shot by Joey Fameli and Gunther Kirsch
    Edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Comments • 691

  • Jorge RomanCortez

    Wait they play the puppet wow

  • Rob Adams
    Rob Adams Day ago

    It's Ernie and Bert, not Bert and Ernie. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • Rob Adams
    Rob Adams Day ago

    I heard an interview where Kermit was asked about Jim Henson, and Kermit said that Henson "had his hand in a lot of things."

  • Peter Pain
    Peter Pain 2 days ago

    "not to create a shrine ..." but why not? That guy and his team gave so much for me when i was little and to so many others. Jim Henson and his team are legends! That live on no less. Even with all that cgi stuff i feel those puppets are timeless. Thanks to Tested for sharing that.

  • Father Dewitt
    Father Dewitt 4 days ago +1

    Big hands 👀

  • Grace Shanahan
    Grace Shanahan 4 days ago

    I love this!! But did anyone feel like jarreth’s cod piece was staring at them lol

  • Löwenzahn FanClub
    Löwenzahn FanClub 5 days ago

    Danke für das schöne Video, ich würde zu gerne Mal dort sein.

  • quincywho
    quincywho 6 days ago

    This lady is awesome!

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 7 days ago

    Follow That Bird is still an amazing film...even though I’m now 34...😔

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 7 days ago

    Jim Henson was a genius..great man

  • Lyniquechunte
    Lyniquechunte 7 days ago


  • Zoe Isabella
    Zoe Isabella 8 days ago


  • Skyla Ahlden
    Skyla Ahlden 9 days ago

    Adam your fangirl is showing

  • Gordwhimlpattes
    Gordwhimlpattes 9 days ago

    They had to go into the Muppet section just as the creepy Mummenschanz clay masks sketch was on the monitor.

  • hardiehardley
    hardiehardley 10 days ago

    I wonder, is Audrey II stored there? She was made by the Henson company.

  • DoctorBlankenstein
    DoctorBlankenstein 13 days ago

    how many times can we say the word "fascinating"

  • Megan Libke
    Megan Libke 14 days ago

    Where is this loctaed

  • Tinderbox
    Tinderbox 14 days ago


  • 로이미나
    로이미나 14 days ago

    Next go to DARPA and ask if they've made a Freddy Fazbear.

  • 로이미나
    로이미나 14 days ago

    Jim Henson would be livid to know that his kids got his company into doing mostly CGI shit now :/

  • Flexington Steele
    Flexington Steele 14 days ago

    I wish creators would come out with more replica dark crystal props. Same with district 9. You dont see much of those. I'd love to buy a 1/2 scale skeksis replica.

  • Starfish
    Starfish 17 days ago

    He's like a kid in a candy store

  • Gnarls
    Gnarls 18 days ago


  • Kevin Kraus
    Kevin Kraus 19 days ago

    Adam looks like an awestruck kid in this video. :-)

  • Absquatula
    Absquatula 19 days ago

    So it wasn't Bowie's huge grapefruit sized groin casting a shadow in every scene, it was the costume!

  • Along The Wall
    Along The Wall 23 days ago

    Sad that there’s no tmnt 1990 props. Yet that would be scary to see.

  • Along The Wall
    Along The Wall 23 days ago

    What area in Queens?

  • SomeSeal
    SomeSeal 24 days ago

    I grew up watching Sesamstreet and only recently learned that they made puppets unique to different countries, where own versions of the show got produced. My favorite was always Samson, a giant bear-like creature that lived in a cave, loved eating sausage and always had a snuggle blanket with him. He was the same type of puppet like Big Bird.

  • Team Anonymous
    Team Anonymous 24 days ago

    Oh my gosh, can you not say rowlf ? It’s not Ralph it’s Rowlf!!!!!! Freaking Rowlf!!!!!!!! Not RALPH!!!!

    • Team Anonymous
      Team Anonymous 20 days ago

      muppetsstoogesfan1 you have a good point, but then again, they are not fozzie Lol

    • muppetsstoogesfan1
      muppetsstoogesfan1 20 days ago

      Fozzie calls Rowlf Ralph.

  • 63142
    63142 26 days ago

    I must be an evil human because I hated sesame street and Muppet's all together. The only thing he did I actually liked was the dark crystal and Labyrinth.

  • fragwits
    fragwits 26 days ago

    what were those last 2 mechanical exhibits? i think i recognise the one on the left , was it used in ninja turtles for mouth movement?
    What i loved about this piece , even though most of the puppets were simple made , the clothing they had was way more thought out.

  • Whose Divine Is It Anyway?

    When i was a child I always saw in movies and TV shows how people would pick up the phone and ask the operator to connect them with someone. So, one day I picked up the phone and asked the operator to connect me with Jim Henson. I wanted to work for him. She said in the sweetest most gentle voice, “I can’t connect you with anyone sweetheart.”

  • Aneesh       A. Sehgal
    Aneesh A. Sehgal 27 days ago


  • James Miller
    James Miller 27 days ago

    Did they really need to emulate David Bowies bulge in the labyrinth costume? lol

  • queenmedesa
    queenmedesa 27 days ago

    I love Skeksis and the bride Miss Piggy

  • The Platypus
    The Platypus 28 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. I love the Muppets and I love Adam's enthusiasm. When he's as excited as I would be it helps me to live vicariously though him.

  • wesley rodgers
    wesley rodgers 29 days ago

    What do they mean puppets?, they've killed Kermit, stuffed and mounted him..Noooooo!!

  • coconut ninja
    coconut ninja Month ago

    Like if you know what movie it was from

  • LegoLorax
    LegoLorax Month ago

    This exists? Need to go

  • oldthrashbar
    oldthrashbar Month ago

    The existence of Kermit the frog raped me with it's whiteness.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan Month ago

    Barbara Miller was fantastic.

  • Fuzzyscarfandmittens

    I love how Adam just nerds out over all this stuff but the curator is really starting to get annoying by constantly saying "ya know" over and over again.

  • slapshot68
    slapshot68 Month ago

    A so underrated nyc poi

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics Month ago

    This is such a great exhibit of tv history
    Jim and Frank and friends were pioneers!
    And so was Kevin!
    Oh KEVIN! T.T

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Month ago +1


  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Month ago +1

    stop calling them puppets! GRRR

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Month ago

    MUPPETS not puppets

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    Thank you Adam, Tested, and Museum of the Moving Image for allowing those who can't make it to the exhibition to get such a great tour of it!

  • Christine Williams
    Christine Williams Month ago

    Adam's excitement was super contagious. I already love Jim Henson, but the enthusiasm made it even better. I love seeing other people who adore what they are getting to do!

  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams Month ago

    If she’s a beauty, she’ll get under your collar...

  • Marianne Leavitt
    Marianne Leavitt Month ago

    He's an Angel for not correcting her for repeatedly saying "Ralph"

  • Ray Jay
    Ray Jay Month ago

    Am I the only one who’s genuinely sad that’s all that’s left of Jen and Kira??

  • Sungodv
    Sungodv Month ago

    As an almost adult I cried when John Lennon died and then ten years later when Jim died. Two very special humans.

  • x ppP
    x ppP Month ago

    How did the guy in BigBird breathe❓❓❗❓❗❓🐥
    Miss Piggy looks beautiful? Dude seek help

  • Castlecliff_ Boy
    Castlecliff_ Boy Month ago

    I'm sure they're mispronouncing Rowlf's name, it's not Ralph?!! Come on Adam, you're better than that?!!!

  • Manuel Armindo Ribeiro

    RIP Jim

  • The Legendary Potato

    600 comment!!!

  • Ariana's World
    Ariana's World Month ago

    I was born in 2000 and when I was a child I watched labyrinth in the dark Crystal in ninja turtles and the Muppets and so many more this guy was like amazing.

  • blackwolfmusic
    blackwolfmusic Month ago

    i love rowlf, like my alltime favorite character :D

  • Sabria Abilon
    Sabria Abilon 2 months ago

    Rewatching this makes me realize that the Electric Mayhem members except Zoot weren't in the exhibition.

  • It’s Elvis Longo
    It’s Elvis Longo 2 months ago

    I went to the same one recently! Same in Queens I am abscessed with Muppets! And I saw the Jim Henson exhibit

    • fragwits
      fragwits 26 days ago

      i hope you mean obsessed, if not ; go see a doctor and remove those muppets from your skin..

  • Valkonnen
    Valkonnen 2 months ago

    He's exactly like me...In spite of having created special effects for film for over 30 years, he still gets absolute "JOY"out of see , what one would think is "Old Hat" to a guy like him , but it isn't. I walk into my own shop each day and am just as utterly amazed as I was when I was a kid. It's a case where his Inner Child has survived.

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 2 months ago

    20:08 Where does one find said documentary?

  • Hayden Miltenberger
    Hayden Miltenberger 2 months ago +1

    My Dad's cousin was Jim Henson.

  • Nojiko Tangerine Lady
    Nojiko Tangerine Lady 2 months ago

  • Malcolm Carter
    Malcolm Carter 2 months ago

    I wish walt disney was a light smoker disney was a outgoing and not self deprecating not insecure in private cold and shy public he had low standards and low expections low standards when disney was five the family moved to a city moved back to the farm with his family the long lived weeks cartoons did provide disney does drink innaccessible in forgein suppressed does support disney was semitic a semite was semitic low standards Jim Henson died from his heart attack

  • JQ Public
    JQ Public 2 months ago

    Frank Oz's hands!...and David Bowie's balls! Some serious skills in moulding right there!

  • Unsalted Potato Farm Name

    Love the rainbow connection in the background.

  • Lauren Eilenberg
    Lauren Eilenberg 2 months ago

    I'd be perfectly happy if there was a museum strictly for Labyrinth and Dark Cyrstal. See Brian Froud's art and see all of the puppets, sets, and costumes and then take a class on how the puppets are made like the Creature workshop! That would be awesome!

  • (Squall Leonhart) Donnie
    (Squall Leonhart) Donnie 2 months ago +1

    ...Is that the Chamberlain? ...Does that look ANYTHING like skekSil? NO. That's the ritual master idiot. When was the last time ou watched Dark Crystal?!

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    "so they knew they had to get the puppets on the street"

  • Andrew Lupashunski
    Andrew Lupashunski 2 months ago

    They Should Of Had The Ghost Of Christmas Present Because That Was A Huge Work Of Art That People Would Be Interested In Learning How It Worked

  • LokiRat's Second Life & Random videos

    Please come to the UK, exhibition!!

    MULTIXD 2 months ago

    Nowadays we know him because of the memes

  • Lauren Allin
    Lauren Allin 2 months ago

    Fun fact: the precursor to the Muppet Show was called Sex and Violence

  • The Barn
    The Barn 2 months ago

    Awesome video Adam I love your videos, true fans come in all ages. There's nothing like watching appreciated enthusiasm.

  • Dalton Ramsey
    Dalton Ramsey 2 months ago

    1:00 I can see Kermit

  • Sage Turmelle
    Sage Turmelle 2 months ago

    Is Mad Monty on display here or no?

  • Constance Keller
    Constance Keller 2 months ago

    Statler: This museum is more exciting than that show we critiqued in the 70s.
    Waldorf: Nothing is happening here.
    Statler: Nothing happened on the show, either.
    Doh ho ho ho ho!
    Waldorf: At least they sent the pigs into outer space. But they forgot one thing.
    Statler: What's that?
    Waldorf: To take the rest of the cast with them.
    Doh ho ho ho ho.

  • matt shine
    matt shine 2 months ago

    adam knows more about everything in their museum about the muppets and jim henson talking about how his knows the production crew for muppets more then the museum curator that is so awesome adam is a great personality to watch she almost forgets what to say just because shes so intrigued listening to him

  • Autsom57
    Autsom57 3 months ago

    This is wonderful! Love it! is the museum in NYC?

  • queenandcorgis
    queenandcorgis 3 months ago

    Be still my little fangirling heart!

  • Zachary Jasper
    Zachary Jasper 3 months ago

    There seems to be a mutual attraction between these two.

  • Stephen Lennon
    Stephen Lennon 3 months ago

    I visited Kaufman Astoria Studios and this exhibit right around the same time you were there. Definitely the highlight of my trip!

  • catman CRAZY
    catman CRAZY 3 months ago

    Disney owns The Muppet Show so why don't they show it on Disney I mean it would be a good treat for the older ones and the younger ones if anyone has anything to do with Disney please do try to 😭🔤

  • JB Entertainingness
    JB Entertainingness 3 months ago

    Truly remarkable man. I need to visit this exhibition soon!

  • kairon156
    kairon156 3 months ago

    Thanks for going to events like this Adam. I can't picture anything this cool happening near me that I could see.

  • Ryan Simmons
    Ryan Simmons 3 months ago

    This is perhaps one of my favorite Tested episodes to date!

  • ZerroWolf
    ZerroWolf 3 months ago

    This was most excellent! Do they have anything on the TMNT?

  • tallaussiebloke
    tallaussiebloke 4 months ago +1

    9:27 - Adam is so stunned by this exhibit he forgets which sides his hands are on.

  • Batgamer1O1
    Batgamer1O1 4 months ago

    jim Henson will be remembered for creating the world's famos frog (sorry if I spelled his name wrong)

  • GregoriousGregori9
    GregoriousGregori9 4 months ago

    Interesting triva on the Muppet Show.
    While the show was being produced & firs on the air Commercial times in America vs Other countries were different.
    America had 3 minutes more commercial time than the others & so to fill that time for everyone else
    They created the Rowlf Musical Numbers.
    America never saw those until the show went into reruns

  • GregoriousGregori9
    GregoriousGregori9 4 months ago +3

    What she left out about Rowlf, He was created for a series of commercials for Purina Dog Foods in Canada.
    So Rowlf is actually a Canadian transpant to the US.

    • fragwits
      fragwits 26 days ago

      she mentioned the commercials..

  • AaAnnNnAa
    AaAnnNnAa 4 months ago

    I did a project on Jim Henson, why? Because he inspired my dad so much when he was young, so I know a lot about Jim Henson. I think I had over 120 people push my button to hear me talk about him?..

  • Dafydd Brooks
    Dafydd Brooks 4 months ago

    not gona lie, I would have loved it if they showed some "teenage mutant ninja turtle" puppets! but this video was great any way :)

  • Neil Butt
    Neil Butt 4 months ago

    Thank you for this.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 4 months ago

    Where's Grover ?

  • Kinetic Happiness
    Kinetic Happiness 4 months ago

    Why no mention of The Storyteller? Every episode had brand new puppets and beautiful effects that absolutely amazed me as a kid. I'm sure not much has survived because it was short lived and due to it being broadcast on HBO when they had just begun original content it didn't get a very large following. if you ever get the chance I recommend watching a couple episodes.

  • Mellmick26
    Mellmick26 4 months ago

    Also love fragile rock

  • Mellmick26
    Mellmick26 4 months ago

    Some of the muppets even appeared on one of the episodes of extreme makeover home additions