Epic Mini Boat Battle | Sink the Ship!!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 977

  • Patrick McGann
    Patrick McGann 19 hours ago

    do a try not to cringe The Giant Pear.

  • Jaiz Hamid
    Jaiz Hamid Day ago

    i like the blue team

  • Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga

    I registered the code and I didn't receive the starter pack and the campbeltown, or maybe because im playing it on mobile.

  • Ironhide T
    Ironhide T 3 days ago

    Worst women captain ever

  • Nicholas Silacci
    Nicholas Silacci 4 days ago +2

    For the 1% of people who would see the rest of this...

    You are the best

  • bluefuntimewolfy
    bluefuntimewolfy 4 days ago

    how was there land mines on water

  • Cool Toad
    Cool Toad 5 days ago +1

    Shouldn’t Sam be in battle universe

  • msfuturemakeupartist

    she talks so much just play the damn game lol

  • Rickey Bledsoe
    Rickey Bledsoe 6 days ago

    You should go for u.s.s Wolfen and u.s.s dragon harter

  • Brian Stevens
    Brian Stevens 6 days ago +1


    PROJECT ZORGO 7 days ago


  • Cassandra Perna
    Cassandra Perna 8 days ago

    3:14-3:15 Startburst!🀣🀣

  • 10 000 Subscribers With No Videos

    The camera man is Jesus! πŸ‘Ό

  • Miracle Arzate
    Miracle Arzate 9 days ago +1

    9:10 🀣🀣 β€œima get him”
    β€œWhat are you doing on my lawn lil boy”

  • John Schneider
    John Schneider 9 days ago


  • Kuan-Tri TEO
    Kuan-Tri TEO 10 days ago

    No it ain't 0:50

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 10 days ago +1

    Cool j Fred good gay

  • JJ R
    JJ R 11 days ago +2

    3:56 He looks like the Chester from cloudy of a chance of meatballs

  • juliette santos
    juliette santos 11 days ago


  • blue paper towels
    blue paper towels 13 days ago +1

    Why didnt they shoot the enemies catapult?

    • JJ Lee Vlogs
      JJ Lee Vlogs 10 days ago

      blue paper towels That's true. Because that render each other's ships weaponless.

  • JJ Lee Vlogs
    JJ Lee Vlogs 14 days ago +1

    The teams are like: the US Marine Corps: J-Fred's team and the US Navy: Bobby's team. Anyone else here agrees? Go Marines, Oorah!

  • Gu meco
    Gu meco 14 days ago


  • Evie Tube
    Evie Tube 14 days ago

    I vote for u.s.s mamasita

  • Ilikememes
    Ilikememes 14 days ago

    Do it with planes, well, fake ones.

  • Shark.i LZM
    Shark.i LZM 15 days ago +3

    i love the game. thanks Team Edge!!!

  • Meme Theme
    Meme Theme 16 days ago

    Also on mobile

  • Rocky Sadler
    Rocky Sadler 17 days ago

    Bobby ran over a land line

  • laraexoxo
    laraexoxo 17 days ago

    Mamacita omg is so stupid is good I
    Like the papaya is was

  • SweFox Recon
    SweFox Recon 20 days ago +1

    Warthunder is better than world Of thanks and world Of warships because WT has aviation, tanks and boats and it has better graphics and are more realistic.

  • martha ovalle
    martha ovalle 21 day ago +2

    *bobby* we need to protect this or we sink
    *bobby* it’s right here

  • Indonesian Mapping
    Indonesian Mapping 22 days ago

    Thats like Your Mama vs Your Papa

  • Game player kh
    Game player kh 22 days ago


  • mr. random4879
    mr. random4879 22 days ago

    ...ALRIGHTY THEN [ace ventura]

  • Jet Gatdula
    Jet Gatdula 22 days ago

    Fortnight is better

  • Jet Gatdula
    Jet Gatdula 22 days ago

    I don’t know that game

  • bgtechno93
    bgtechno93 22 days ago

    Samantha 😍

  • Mindy Linhares
    Mindy Linhares 23 days ago

    Blue team is a boss at the water and green is not πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Norma Ordonez
    Norma Ordonez 24 days ago

    my user name is rory core

  • Norma Ordonez
    Norma Ordonez 24 days ago

    i suck in battleship im in level three i need that starter pack

  • The Evenly Guy
    The Evenly Guy 24 days ago

    he waved a surrender flag ( the white flag) at 5:18

  • Charlie Andriel
    Charlie Andriel 25 days ago

    My name charlie andriel R. Quinan

  • Ryan Holst
    Ryan Holst 25 days ago

    Is bobby homeless?

  • Ryan Holst
    Ryan Holst 25 days ago

    Is bobbybhomeless?

  • Seongmoon Ahn
    Seongmoon Ahn 25 days ago +4

    It's the J-JOKES like it you agree!

  • Ciaran Barclay
    Ciaran Barclay 26 days ago +1


  • katelinton
    katelinton 28 days ago

    USS mamaseta level over 90000000000

  • Bun Doge
    Bun Doge 28 days ago

    I know this video is old but this was my first video that I ever watched on team edge

  • Shadow Bolt
    Shadow Bolt 28 days ago

    Never lets Sam use the canen

  • Trevor Grazier
    Trevor Grazier 28 days ago


  • MVPMiggi
    MVPMiggi 29 days ago

    Who tf plays this game???

  • Caphill Royals
    Caphill Royals 29 days ago +1

    I love school
    Hurry to class!
    A teacher is nice
    Teach me a lot
    Even maths
    School is awesome
    Come with me
    Hope to see you there
    Oh I love school
    Lovely day to you all

    Read the first letters of all of those words

  • Lol gamer
    Lol gamer 29 days ago

    Dday boat

  • Ysabel Paragas
    Ysabel Paragas Month ago +1

    No offense to them team edge is so boring without bryan and matt in a vid i would be happy to see thr three in a video altogether

    GACHA WOLF LOL Month ago


  • NotTwinBrothers T
    NotTwinBrothers T Month ago


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow Month ago +4

    Your version of Warships is better than the computer one.

  • Xavier Tucker
    Xavier Tucker Month ago

    I had this game

  • Jacob Random
    Jacob Random Month ago


  • Andy Ford
    Andy Ford Month ago +1

    World of warships is mobile too

  • Erick Ciccoli
    Erick Ciccoli Month ago

    You guys should take little 125 4-wheelers and have just the small boats in a field like 3 or 4 boats

  • superzilla 1234
    superzilla 1234 Month ago

    Sam is beautiful

  • Norma Ordonez
    Norma Ordonez Month ago

    i have it

  • Aaron Miguel Juan
    Aaron Miguel Juan Month ago


  • Pradnyesh Morey
    Pradnyesh Morey Month ago +2

    Sam is so hot!!😍😍😍
    And so dumbπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    • Pradnyesh Morey
      Pradnyesh Morey Month ago +1

      +Joe D-V hey bro I was talking about how is she in this video

    • Joe D-V
      Joe D-V Month ago +1

      how dare you! Sam is amazing she’s my favourite from Battle Universe

    • Brafo Gamer
      Brafo Gamer Month ago +3


  • shenzelle-rey silver

    ther week not powerfull

  • shenzelle-rey silver

    i play this before when iam 7 years old i always win now i am already 8 when im first person that was an easy shot i got the worlds powerfull boat ever

  • McDonalds
    McDonalds Month ago

    :cmds :size 1000000:s

  • FortnitE4Ever
    FortnitE4Ever Month ago

    Yeah don’t don’t talk about that boat to make it week by talking about it

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago

    Sam is hot

  • Camden Phillips
    Camden Phillips Month ago

    Do Deadpool

  • db maker
    db maker Month ago +1

    Soo cool

  • Raw Syrup
    Raw Syrup Month ago +2

    That is one of the greatest pirates I’ve ever seen!
    So it seems

  • Tracey Clarke
    Tracey Clarke Month ago

    Where is Mathias?

  • Jr Gallegos
    Jr Gallegos Month ago

    Like. FortNite’s comment hurry!!!!!!!

  • caitlyn ramp
    caitlyn ramp Month ago

    Find the difference there's 2

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    O como puede ser el mejor video ohhhhhh mamacita!!!

  • Jordan Beach
    Jordan Beach Month ago +1


  • Jordan Beach
    Jordan Beach Month ago +1


  • Kyson Carrell
    Kyson Carrell Month ago

    How do I get to the link

  • hayden Kurtz
    hayden Kurtz Month ago


  • Tammy Lake
    Tammy Lake Month ago +2

    This is Bailey😑
    Every like he gets happier
    Can he be the happy emoji or not

  • FX GURU the editor of the world

    that's look like a Higgins boat

  • Lilli Doran
    Lilli Doran Month ago

    I love youπŸ€–πŸ™€

  • NNW0526
    NNW0526 Month ago

    War Thunder challende

  • Dylan McBrien
    Dylan McBrien Month ago

    I bet my like that they can’t name all seven seas

  • Kinzley_Ann ;-;
    Kinzley_Ann ;-; Month ago

    I just realized this video was published on my birthday!!

  • prince chatman
    prince chatman Month ago

    I don’t like that they are using actual uniforms

  • Victoria leon
    Victoria leon Month ago

    Can I teach u how to properly fold the sleeves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kantot Kalimot
    Kantot Kalimot Month ago

    Ok *LANDMINE* in water

  • Annette Dawson
    Annette Dawson Month ago

    Where is Bryan

  • Jenna Jackson
    Jenna Jackson Month ago

    How did they get the boats to move around

  • Pro Hacker
    Pro Hacker Month ago

    Brian is type coolest and Sam is the hotest

  • Jorge Aldana
    Jorge Aldana Month ago

    do another one

  • Gacha Shrimp
    Gacha Shrimp Month ago

    Can u spot the difference?


  • Vince and zsophie Fern


  • Scott Guise
    Scott Guise Month ago

    How did you guys deploy a "land" mine in the water? :P

  • Cunter
    Cunter Month ago

    team mamacita annoys me a bit


    • Goomba King
      Goomba King Month ago

      Guess what? you annoy me a bit.

      If you dont like it, stop watching.

  • Julian Mendoza
    Julian Mendoza Month ago +1

    Good job. Keep up the good work

  • Jaime Diaz
    Jaime Diaz Month ago

    Shouldn’t the mamacita be C.S.S. Mamacita since it’s gray and so confederate?