Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • Graphene is a form of carbon that could bring us bulletproof armor and space elevators, improve medicine, and make the internet run faster - some day. For the past 15 years, consumers have been hearing about this wonder material and all the ways it could change everything. Is it really almost here, or is it another promise that is perpetually just one more breakthrough away?
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  • Verge Science
    Verge Science  Year ago +6908

    Which graphene-based technology are you most excited for?

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago

      Reusable condom

    • AminFromYoutube
      AminFromYoutube 2 months ago


    • Alan Hardcastle
      Alan Hardcastle 3 months ago

      I'm a year late but if you havent done a video on the Surmett company that makes ALON also known as Transparent Aluminum.

  • Aleksandar Markovic
    Aleksandar Markovic 9 hours ago

    Why it hasn't taken over the world?? Because there is something called Marijuana :)

  • circle smurckle
    circle smurckle Day ago

    Or biotech

  • circle smurckle
    circle smurckle Day ago

    Please do an episode on medtech

  • am74343
    am74343 Day ago

    Graphene to strengthen tires. That's where it's at!

  • Jim Tamim
    Jim Tamim Day ago

    Almost 2020

  • Walter Bakos
    Walter Bakos 3 days ago

    If you didn’t know the price of lithium aa&aaa battery’s are coming down because the new grapheme battery’s are on there way and the old lithium battery will be opsolete check it out

  • Halil Avcılar
    Halil Avcılar 4 days ago

    ...but...is the industry ready to produce and trade durable items or will they go on selling 5 years lifetime products.

  • Jason Morrison
    Jason Morrison 6 days ago

    Better for longer will change to okay for long enough to keep buying new ones every quarter for company profits.

  • sodapop426
    sodapop426 8 days ago

    Hopefully in the future, Graphene will help get those wrinkles out of this reporters shirt.

    DJ SLIME 8 days ago

    Maybe in the future graphene clothes could have moving text or animations that you can animate or choose from an app.

  • Jay Panchal
    Jay Panchal 9 days ago +1

    Samsung is already start working on this graphene battery and they will use this battery in year 2021 in their mobile phone .

  • Jay Panchal
    Jay Panchal 9 days ago +1

    Graphene based mobile phone battery
    because they will charge too fast and have more capacity then lithium ion battery.

  • Shiba Inū
    Shiba Inū 9 days ago

    Graphene is just a miniscule material compared to nokium

  • Concept Completion
    Concept Completion 10 days ago

    Wasn't this pitched on shark tank for covering bald spots in jerry curls? Grafrosheen i think

    ECTOGEOS ZETHIP 10 days ago


  • Simply Human
    Simply Human 11 days ago

    Well then tell us when it has and shut til then.

  • Cosmetically Corinne
    Cosmetically Corinne 12 days ago

    What is the environmental impact of graphene? What kinds of processed are required to produce it, in a general way? Pretty interesting stuff!

  • Yuris Abrori
    Yuris Abrori 13 days ago

    Edison vs Tesla season 2 🤣

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson 14 days ago

    Is it toxic if swallowed? Or used to bottle water

  • Smor Gus Borg
    Smor Gus Borg 14 days ago

    I bet a small sheet of graphene blowing around in a light breeze at 1 atom thick would be so sharp, it would cut your arm off at the slightest touch. Nobody ever discusses the safety aspects of such an incredible material.

  • Tito B. Yotoko Jr.
    Tito B. Yotoko Jr. 14 days ago

    It's September 2019, so where is graphene in everyday products. And please don't talk to be about graphene in spaceships and all that because that's of no use to me.

  • Niglett Piglett
    Niglett Piglett 14 days ago

    2019 is almost over graphene....??!!
    Where you at mister!!
    I need my 1lb car with 1000hp!!
    And clothes soo light I feel naked....

    I’ll be here in 80yrs waiting for that.. 🙄😴

    • Tito B. Yotoko Jr.
      Tito B. Yotoko Jr. 14 days ago

      Why don't you just take off your clothes so you'll feel light AND naked?
      Sorry couldn't resist it LOL!

  • James DeGray
    James DeGray 14 days ago

    Because untill we get rid of rapist, murdering, thieves, that have been running the world we regular people cannot have nice things.

  • Not_ Qbopg
    Not_ Qbopg 15 days ago +1

    But can it

    *BEAT A NOKIA??*

  • Peter & Pete
    Peter & Pete 15 days ago

    the graphene scam - it's really very fine particles of 'carbon' from numerous sources like coal, charcoal, graphite etc held together by other materials or impregnated into other materials like rubber! Given this, graphene can only be as strong as the material holding it all together! Nothing new here!

  • Vince Fernandez
    Vince Fernandez 16 days ago

    What happens to human lungs when graphene dust is inhaled???

  • CARLOS Manuel
    CARLOS Manuel 16 days ago

    graphene dildo

  • Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    next thing you know, carbonized oceans.

  • vignesh r
    vignesh r 17 days ago

    Can you guys do a video on biomaterials? Its an interesting topic

  • Realist Really
    Realist Really 18 days ago

    Like most new stuff it is first militarized

  • Rafael V
    Rafael V 19 days ago

    I’m curious this combined with gorilla glass wouldn’t it make it completely indestructible man someone needs to step up and do some testing.

  • Yaniv Eidelnant
    Yaniv Eidelnant 19 days ago

    Its 2019, and although it doesn't seem like it, graphene batteries are in development, and are going to be implemented in smartphones in the next 1-2 years. They can have 6000Mah while charging in 13 minutes! It can also impact the electric car space

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 20 days ago

    And insulation

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 20 days ago

    This needs to be roofing material

  • R Coyote
    R Coyote 21 day ago

    I guess it isn't in an IPhone....

  • watchulla
    watchulla 21 day ago

    15 yrs is a long time. This kills my enthusiasm for graphene. lol

  • kingsley anim
    kingsley anim 21 day ago

    Meanwhile Africa is comfortably sleeping waiting for development to fall from the sky

  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane 21 day ago

    Surprise surprise now we get another chapter in NCERT!

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 21 day ago

    I have graphene infused, or however they are made, gravel tires for my bike. They are pretty awesome. They flex around corners until a certain point where they immediately stiffen and give amazing grip on the road. They also seem to be far more reliable against the nasty thorns we get all over the place in Phoenix. In comparison to my rear tire, a Kenda Small Block 8 - which is a highly rated and pretty expensive tire I have had less than one thorn get through my front graphene tire and dozens have gotten through the Kenda. I will be getting the graphene tires from now on they are pretty amazing and in this case $20 cheaper than the Kenda as well.

    CLAUDIO IL TEXANO 22 days ago

    Some discoveries and inventions are banned because our owners don't want us to reach some level of technology .
    I'm talking about people who were called Elohims , Gods in ancient times .
    Why , after the first mission on the moon we had other missions yes but were just quick , scoop some minerals off the surface and leave ?
    Ever wondered what's on the far side of the Moon ?
    We are just a genetic experiment going on and we are not allowed to go too far.

  • James Dunsmore
    James Dunsmore 22 days ago

    Make me a super hero suit

  • Hunter Makoy
    Hunter Makoy 22 days ago

    You think graphene matches up to plastics? You fucking glue sniffer.

  • Andi Muh Nur Ichsan
    Andi Muh Nur Ichsan 22 days ago

    samsung with graphine batteries

  • urizon41
    urizon41 22 days ago

    What?? Graphene is carbon? BAN IT!!!!!!

  • Marcus Gunter
    Marcus Gunter 23 days ago

    Cia is using it right now. We will have shirtpods in 20 years.

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar 23 days ago

    1:11 SONDS like a SUCKER ball

  • Michael Moewes
    Michael Moewes 23 days ago +1

    The Spanish company Grabat is already producing graphene batteries. The latest is a car battery that has a range of 800km and recharges in 8 minutes.

  • Afiq Sallehi
    Afiq Sallehi 24 days ago

    waiting for new upcoming smartphone with graphene Battery

  • David k
    David k 25 days ago

    Samsung graphene batterys, but you mentioned Plastics as if it was not revolutionary as if it promised more than what it is just wanted to mention it everything in our lifes is revolved around Plastics.

  • Steve Wilcox
    Steve Wilcox 25 days ago

    For economy of scale manufacturing they have not figured it out yet. Besides if it is cheaper better faster you can bet the worlds corporate governments will never let it exist as cheaper better faster energy storage.

  • Tague Relyea
    Tague Relyea 26 days ago

    I have yet to see even a string of graphine

  • Ahmed Abdala
    Ahmed Abdala 27 days ago

    I am proud to see Vorbevk using the process I invented to make graphene for different emerging applications. I am also happy that I am pay me royalties for using my parents.

  • Floati
    Floati 27 days ago

    thumbnail is sick

  • David Patel
    David Patel 27 days ago

    The UK researchers who first discovered it were in my home town Manchester, England. At the uni. Legends. We made the first computer too. Big up Manchester

  • MadJeff62
    MadJeff62 27 days ago

    Yoohoo Samsung finally anounced graphene batteries

  • GMT
    GMT 27 days ago

    People complaining about no graphene tech when Samsung literally made a graphene battery 1-2 years ago.

  • Parita Patel
    Parita Patel 27 days ago

    Excellent important innovation Technology information Really Appreciate Your TVclip video, Excellent info,

  • Junaid Ahmed
    Junaid Ahmed 27 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/1tbZkECybus/video.html batteries for satellites