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  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 128

  • 890mikes
    890mikes 13 days ago

    Sam. Your hockey goon is hot. PS I'm from Hamilton too.

  • Randall Goguen
    Randall Goguen 20 days ago

    Poutine = Canada's pathetic attempt to have a culture and something most Canadians haven't ate. In fact it means something completely different in eastern Canada.

  • kevinthe hamster
    kevinthe hamster 21 day ago

    Poutine is a national disgrace. It tastes like shame.

  • Herb Tenderson
    Herb Tenderson 21 day ago

    Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg.

  • Rita Evangelista
    Rita Evangelista 21 day ago

    Someone please explain puteen...

  • Drew Ciccotelli
    Drew Ciccotelli 22 days ago

    Scheer lost! I owe his defeat to this video.

  • Dames For Days
    Dames For Days 22 days ago

    Jeb bush makes a surprising comeback and wins over every riding in the country with his guacamole recipe

  • William MacKenzie
    William MacKenzie 22 days ago

    I have voted (in Trawna) and will wait with breathless anticipation for the final tally. Who am I kidding? I'm 75. I'll be in bed sleeping the sleep of the just (those who voted). Whoever "wins," nothing much will change. And that's the whole point of Canada: nothing changes very much. Except under Stephen Harper -- but he got turfed (eventually). We Canadians inhabit -- comfortably, I must say -- the mushy middle and we're quite happy being, well, "mushy."

  • luke shaw
    luke shaw 22 days ago +1

    the only way canada loses health care is if conservatives privatize everything /scrap universal coverage

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street 23 days ago

    I'm going to vote! I promise! Don't hurt me.

  • Ed Stephens
    Ed Stephens 23 days ago

    Watched this and went directly out to vote. Seriously though, anyone who tries taking our healthcare away will never be heard from again. Their own mom will put them through woodchipper.

  • Phobe Laxu
    Phobe Laxu 23 days ago

    i know next to nothing about Canadeia so i'm just going to namedrop Jagmeet Singh and see what happens

  • Travis Cutler
    Travis Cutler 23 days ago

    We need a very special Canadian edition of full frontal!

  • Tommy Gambardella, Staten Island

    These Libtard LOSERS are scared of right wing Conservatives, AKA GOOD CHRISTIAN folks! If the Lib loses, it’s a win for Humanity!

  • jj 767
    jj 767 23 days ago


  • ArtGirl82
    ArtGirl82 23 days ago +2

    Something tells me this is a shot at Andrew Scheer, and not an undeserved one either.

  • Francois Roewer-Despres
    Francois Roewer-Despres 23 days ago +11

    0:46 “Allana, hold yourself off, eh... Oh, she’s my hockey goon.”
    You’re welcome for the translation.

  • Francois Roewer-Despres
    Francois Roewer-Despres 23 days ago +2

    “Scream here”. Nice touch

  • Drawn
    Drawn 24 days ago


  • Adrian Colley
    Adrian Colley 24 days ago

    Sam's burning her bridges there.

  • Morphing Jar
    Morphing Jar 24 days ago +6

    So basically don't vote for the right wing trashes, this is becoming a common theme in elections in the west.

  • Dave
    Dave 24 days ago +1

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing Ladys!

  • Gera Scott Chandler
    Gera Scott Chandler 24 days ago

    I would take the advice from a Canadian that hasn't become an American. I plan to vote without her advice. I do like her in spite of her weird choice to quit Canada.

    • Pamela Foster
      Pamela Foster 20 days ago

      She has dual citizenship. Probably did it so that she could vote down there.

  • noam ilan
    noam ilan 24 days ago

    Vote dnp

  • aslbyweller
    aslbyweller 24 days ago +12

    I for the first time EVER voted early.

    • Kate LeBlanc
      Kate LeBlanc 23 days ago

      YEAH! Good for you. Bet you feel proud

  • Dominus Pegas
    Dominus Pegas 24 days ago +4

    Who should we vote for? I'm voting Green because I don't like the Libs, Cons, or NDP.

    • Fern
      Fern 24 days ago

      I don't like any of them, so I'm voting NDP 🤣 . Not that it will matter - my riding is reliably conservative.

  • Lubus Maximus
    Lubus Maximus 24 days ago

    Your gooinsh ways are welcomed...
    i would go with Allana... but Mick aint lettin' that fly
    i would go with Sam... but Jason aint lettin' that fly
    also..most important..neither Sam Nor Allana are letting anything go by,
    You got it ladies, its all under control, Canada wont fail you
    No worries, No worries

  • Drew Ciccotelli
    Drew Ciccotelli 24 days ago +1

    You're both the best reason to move to Canada.

  • Lynne Normandeau
    Lynne Normandeau 24 days ago +2

    I already voted :) ...... I wrote in Elizabeth Warren, eh?

  • Adrien Piette
    Adrien Piette 24 days ago +4

    Buddy, I already voted. I even took my summer moose to ride to the voting station. Which was the nearest Tim Horton’s.

  • aikanae1
    aikanae1 24 days ago +6

    I want the "scream here" pillow.

  • niceguy217
    niceguy217 24 days ago +6

    While I'm just south of the border, I'm not putting my poutine down! That's right, besides hoarding our USA shoes they come shop for..those Canucks infected us northerners with their delicious foods and drinks! Why I don't wake up without Tim Horton's (yes we have them here, and they are addictive!) But make sure to vote Canadians, you can see what happens when you let right wing goons get into office ;(

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Voting won't change anything, but why not do it anyways.

    • countmein33
      countmein33 24 days ago

      People fought and died for the right to vote. And it does change everything. It's a collective.

  • Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley 25 days ago

    Just calm down ladies, and let the grownup men make the important decisions; you are adorable in your aprons and dressing gowns, but, please, keep your voices down, the neighbours are complaining.
    (... yes, spelling.)

  • Jay
    Jay 25 days ago +1

    Get rid of Trudeau!

  • greatboniwanker
    greatboniwanker 25 days ago +10

    Oh CaNaDa! One of the last bastions of sanity; please hold back the hate & sprinkle a generous amount of forgiveness with your vote, Eh!

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 25 days ago

    Too Late, Reality TV Marketers have sold a line of B.S.
    Now it time to watch your Democracy die, Vote 1% corporations!

  • nocturnal nerdy nadine
    nocturnal nerdy nadine 25 days ago +2

    already voted!

  • Kitta
    Kitta 25 days ago +3

    Most conflicted elections. Lost confidence in Trudeau but it’s better than going in the dark days of Conservative party and you know unfortunately that NDP has no real chance of winning as unfortunate as that is. Don’t want to make the Sanders mistake. Still sad Layton died, he would’ve been able to play both sides and elect NDP - because you know how old white people are in Canada aka pretend they’re not racist but would never vote for a brown man with a beard :(

    • Drawn
      Drawn 24 days ago

      Vote for what you believe in, anything else is the true 'waste of a vote'.

    • Steph Anie
      Steph Anie 25 days ago

      I think this would have been Jack’s year

    • Sneaky Bunny
      Sneaky Bunny 25 days ago +1

      As a middle aged white women I have no issue voting for a brown man. The NDP have always been the best choice but I also think it was a national tragedy when Jack Layton died, he would have made a great Prime Minister.

  • Ken Sarasin
    Ken Sarasin 25 days ago

    Vote for Mad Max.

  • New Message
    New Message 25 days ago +34

    This year for Halloween, we decorated the house as if Scheer won the election.. how's that for frightening!

    • Magnus Chadwick Paulson
      Magnus Chadwick Paulson 23 days ago +3

      We have a gravestone which reads "RIP the Environment and Healthcare (if the consevatives win)

    • Dominus Pegas
      Dominus Pegas 24 days ago +3

      I just pooped my pants. That's too scary to be on youtube.

    • Ireallyreally Hategoogle
      Ireallyreally Hategoogle 24 days ago +3

      @Like Bot Not quite as scary.
      The PPC is a racist extreme right party.
      The Liberals are just corrupt.

    • Ireallyreally Hategoogle
      Ireallyreally Hategoogle 25 days ago +5

      Too far, way too far, you're going to scare everyone away.

    • Universe Onesong
      Universe Onesong 25 days ago +7

      "That's scary boys and girls !!" - Count Floyd (SCTV)

  • Obverse Singularity
    Obverse Singularity 25 days ago +16

    Don't you have to do a video in French too, eh.?

  • Julian Moretti
    Julian Moretti 25 days ago +11

    Please don't vote for (C) Sheer eh? Sorry bro!

  • Judy W
    Judy W 25 days ago +19

    holding off until the last minute i can on the 21st.... i wanna go ndp but also do not want schmeer here

    • Kate LeBlanc
      Kate LeBlanc 23 days ago

      Then vote strategically.

    • Ruby Doomsday
      Ruby Doomsday 23 days ago +4

      I freaking hate that "voting strategically" means re-electing the party whose original platform promised to put an end to strategic voting.

    • Sophia Rose
      Sophia Rose 23 days ago

      It depends which riding you're in. Go to and look it up. If you're in a liberal/conservative tossup, vote liberal, but if you're in a district where conservative are polling at like 14% like mine then you can vote Green or NDP.

    • Drawn
      Drawn 24 days ago +3

      No! Vote for what you believe in... they are both open to a coalition [of course they won't openly admit it as it will lose them votes]. It is NOT a waste of vote to get the NDP up.

    • Laura Hinrichsen
      Laura Hinrichsen 24 days ago +4

      The Liberals have been convincing people to vote "strategically" for years and it's such bull, the Liberals are centre wing, if people are concerned about left vote splitting they should be talking about splitting between Green and NDP, the Liberals are not left-wing and convincing voters who don't pay much attention to politics that they are left has been both the most impressive, and most depressing, magic trick that I've seen in a long time. Here's a crazy idea, I've seen the most people talking about voting orange this year, than I have seen since Layton (finally) so if all those people do, plus all the people who are talking about how they want Singh but are going to probably vote Trudeau for fear of giving power to Scheer actually vote for the person they want to be PM, Canada can actually get a PM that we really want and need for the first time in a long time.

  • Fix News
    Fix News 25 days ago we need political advice from Americans. lol
    Clean up your own mess.
    Runaways don't get to pick what colour their old room gets painted.

    • Obverse Singularity
      Obverse Singularity 25 days ago

      @Fix News America isn't a country.
      It's a continent.

    • Spitts44
      Spitts44 25 days ago +2

      @Fix News you got that absolutely correct. Thank God.

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 25 days ago +32

    Good luck northern brothers and sisters.

  • Ian Lack
    Ian Lack 25 days ago +98

    We demand outtakes from this. We know you have them.

  • acchaladka
    acchaladka 25 days ago +19

    Already voted for the Green Party last week, here in a safe Liberal riding. Might as well send the message.

  • Meghana Agaram
    Meghana Agaram 25 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson 25 days ago +58

    "She's a hockey goon!"

    • J
      J 25 days ago +4

      Thanks for the translation

  • Neal Dunwoody
    Neal Dunwoody 25 days ago +36

    I voted already.

  • Marte Emelie
    Marte Emelie 25 days ago +40

    Where can I get that pillow??

  • E Smith
    E Smith 25 days ago +9

    NDP! NDP! NDP!

  • AJ Quinn
    AJ Quinn 25 days ago +6


  • Myridean Prime
    Myridean Prime 25 days ago +16

    You two should be replacing McLean and Cherry for commenting on Hockey Night in Canada. :)

  • Arashk Borzoo
    Arashk Borzoo 25 days ago +11

    Canadian here❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️

  • TayToria
    TayToria 25 days ago +43

    I don't agree with everything Trudeau has done, but he's better than the rest. Learn from the mistake the American electoral college made and give him a second term.

    • Call Me Mr. Tibbs
      Call Me Mr. Tibbs 24 days ago

      C T
      TLDR: the Air India bombing inquiry concluded 2010. Jagmeet wouldnt agree with the findings of the inquiry until 2018(running as head of the NDP). He’s only changing his tune because he knows he’ll get blasted in the election if he doesn’t. Further to that he attends seperatist Khalistan events. Dudes a joke. Again, I like a lot of the NDP platform: just not him.

    • Spitts44
      Spitts44 25 days ago

      @Franky Ace and then the country will have a balanced budget in 2080 because they balance themselves apparently.
      Also let's give a few billion dollars to other countries and forget about the problems in our own country.
      Perhaps the revenue from the 4.5 billion dollar pipeline can help. Oh, wait.
      Only PM to have been found guilty for ethics violations.
      Ya let's vote for that guy. No thanks.

    • Franky Ace
      Franky Ace 25 days ago +1

      @Jay russian troll

  • Sarthak Jha
    Sarthak Jha 25 days ago +3

    Who loves Dragosta din-tei??

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist 25 days ago +2

    F&$k Canada! #TRUMP2020

    • sofa King
      sofa King 25 days ago

      2 PAC they’re irish I think I don’t need another reason

    • 2 PAC
      2 PAC 25 days ago

      @sofa King why Ireland?

    • sofa King
      sofa King 25 days ago

      and ireland

    • 2 PAC
      2 PAC 25 days ago