88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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    1. Killing Earth
    2. Still Breathing
    3. Millenium Sunset
    4. Earthbeat
    5. Distorted Reality
    6. Ephemeral living
    7. Epilogue
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  • Vandiril
    Vandiril  5 months ago +2223

    0:00 Illaoi
    0:17 Udyr
    0:36 Vayne
    0:54 Nidalee
    1:11 Elise
    1:27 Jayce
    1:49 Karma
    2:09 Twitch
    2:28 Yasuo
    2:48 Taliyah
    2:58 Sylas
    3:19 Rengar
    3:38 Zoe
    3:48 Shen
    3:59 Swain
    4:18 Pyke
    4:43 Darius
    5:00 Gangplank
    5:25 Volibear
    5:43 Trynda
    5:56 Quinn
    6:23 Kalista
    6:35 Gnar
    6:50 Orianna
    7:03 Ekko
    7:18 Ryze
    7:27 Kha'Zix
    7:41 Corki
    8:02 SioN
    8:28 Kled
    8:48 Syndra
    9:07 Cho'Gath
    9:21 Mordekaiser
    10:01 Shaco
    10:43 Olaf
    10:58 Lulu
    11:09 Ivern
    11:29 Annie
    11:52 Trundle
    12:06 TF
    12:17 Irelia
    12:27 Heimerdinger
    12:46 Leblanc
    13:04 Jax
    13:21 Jarvan
    13:32 Nunu
    13:42 Lissandra
    13:59 Neeko
    14:17 Ornn
    14:27 Teemo
    14:41 Malphite
    14:51 Ashe
    15:00 Master Yi
    15:10 Jhin
    15:23 Nasus
    15:33 Shyvana
    16:03 Alistar
    16:14 Akali
    16:26 Aurelion Sol
    16:38 Ahri
    16:49 Azir
    16:59 Caitlyn
    17:16 Camille
    17:26 Bard
    17:45 Galio
    17:55 Fiora
    18:11 Dr. Mundo
    18:23 Fizz
    18:34 Kai'Sa
    18:52 Poppy
    19:02 Pantheon
    19:14 Rek'Sai
    19:24 Riven
    19:40 Renekton
    19:54 Skarner
    20:11 Singed
    20:28 Taric
    20:40 Talon
    20:49 Tahm Kench
    21:03 Urgot
    21:17 Vladimir
    21:28 Brand
    21:39 Wukong
    21:49 Anivia
    22:02 Zilean
    22:16 Xayah
    22:29 Rakan
    22:38 Practice Tool Dummy

  • Melih Walker
    Melih Walker 17 hours ago

    Min. 5:18 Gp ulti Nice remix music

  • Akhlyr
    Akhlyr Day ago

    In aram , i was using dr mundo ultimate to heal myself before the tf again.

  • Batuhan勝利
    Batuhan勝利 2 days ago


  • Ween DreiSechs
    Ween DreiSechs 2 days ago

    RIP mordekaiser

  • Inoplanetyanin тян

    что будет,если Сайлас похитит ульту Сайласа?...

  • ANdreW Varon
    ANdreW Varon 2 days ago

    I love this video but if neeko uses her *w* can sylas steal that ulti

  • Yalın Alp Kılıç
    Yalın Alp Kılıç 2 days ago


  • Chr Lol
    Chr Lol 3 days ago

    Communism 💯

  • 151alonso
    151alonso 3 days ago

    Nothing to steal
    All for one is going to be 3 skills then

  • Julius Siegmund
    Julius Siegmund 4 days ago

    What happens if you steal new mordes ult and use it on him while in his ult?

  • Adrian Gorus
    Adrian Gorus 4 days ago

    You couldn’t understand what sylas said

  • Adrian Gorus
    Adrian Gorus 4 days ago

    You couldn’t understand what sylas said

  • boosted Drimmsu
    boosted Drimmsu 4 days ago +2

    Sylas stealing Shyvana's ultimate in URF:
    Once you go drag you never go back

  • 30slak
    30slak 5 days ago +1

    literal dogshit video some of these are fucking retarded to add in and others are just not explained enough

    • 30slak
      30slak 5 days ago

      like the darius one why the fuck do you have another darius on your team?!?! You cant have 2 of the same champs in the same game anyways and whats interesting is if you add hemorrage stacks so that the ult becomes effective

  • Caleb Harrison
    Caleb Harrison 6 days ago

    this video is terrible ... you made the music way too loud and the game sounds way too quiet. for anyone who actually wants to hear the interactions this is trash.

  • Tim H
    Tim H 6 days ago

    After Sylas steals and uses Illaoi's ult, Illaoi will use Sylas's tentacles with her abilities

    learned that shit the hard way lmao

  • Crzycowgaming
    Crzycowgaming 9 days ago

    Sylas: I used Jayce to destroy Jayce

  • Diabolnes
    Diabolnes 9 days ago +1

    You forget lucian's ult.
    Can we use some spell during the culling?
    Lucian can dash during it.

  • Poseidon Manos Pavlides

    Why is the music so bloody loud?!

  • Юра Богданов


  • Eren Yavuz
    Eren Yavuz 11 days ago

    What if Sylas stole another Sylas ultimate?

    • Diabolnes
      Diabolnes 9 days ago

      It's in the video -> 2:58

  • Fatih Akkuş
    Fatih Akkuş 11 days ago

    Sylaa can see which shaco is real and which one is fake cuz of his ults cd 10:20

  • Sam
    Sam 11 days ago

    perma 137 ms lmao

  • Bean
    Bean 13 days ago

    Imagine sending mordo to sylas' alternate sr

  • ROBLOX-Jewerly4
    ROBLOX-Jewerly4 15 days ago

    Try Sylas ULT to Shyvana it took a long time... better than When Shavana used it..... MY GRAMAR? XD

  • Oliver Mak
    Oliver Mak 16 days ago

    Is master yi ult passive copied?

  • Dandy Noble
    Dandy Noble 16 days ago

    He even says, "better than nothing," because Udyr's is stupid to take.

  • Nazım İlçim
    Nazım İlçim 17 days ago

    What if sylas ults dead sion? _?

  • Nay Selrete
    Nay Selrete 18 days ago +1

    Is there anyway to counter the part where he stole your ultimate with any champ? Like can sivir block his stealing with her shield?

    • Nay Selrete
      Nay Selrete 18 days ago +1

      derek porras thanks bro

    • derek porras
      derek porras 18 days ago +1

      Yes, sivir shield, banshee veil , nocturne W, and yasuo's windwall block sylas ult put it on cd

  • Ryuk
    Ryuk 20 days ago

    Where is zed ulti

  • D00M
    D00M 20 days ago

    Test if stealin irelias ult can give you your q back ehen you deallin in champ with mark

  • DaN00b1
    DaN00b1 21 day ago +5

    Can an ally illaoi use the tentacles sylas spawns? Or an enemy?

    • Diabolnes
      Diabolnes 9 days ago

      Enemy no (pretty sure). Ally i don't know

  • William Zhang
    William Zhang 21 day ago

    3:16 trump called, he wants you to help build the wall

  • NoblePickle
    NoblePickle 21 day ago

    why the fuck the music is way louder than the the voice lines? this is annoying AF i cant heat shit

  • Jimmy Ardie
    Jimmy Ardie 22 days ago

    Rubick the Grand Magus has joined the chat.

  • Spence Zdon
    Spence Zdon 23 days ago +4

    Just imagine all the coding time this took

  • AoffyDosy
    AoffyDosy 24 days ago +1

    You know , Irelia's ultimate Sylas stole can make our team Irelia have skill 1 reset to marked targets. 😂

  • DanielyMatíasPET D-27

    Sylas steals Jaxs R Passive but not Illaois R Passive...

  • Zeno Kazuya
    Zeno Kazuya 24 days ago +28

    10:58 Lulu ult: The only force in the universe powerful enough to make Sylas put on a shirt

  • Wood V Smurf
    Wood V Smurf 26 days ago

    So, will your Q cooldown be decreased when you steal and use a nasus R? You didnt show that

  • DaOnePale
    DaOnePale 28 days ago

    who keeps rewatching while playing sylas to see how r steal works against each particular champion ? xD

  • Born4Mission
    Born4Mission 28 days ago +2

    8:25 actially didnt steal the R but The R WITH SKIN :O

  • Rin Hoshizora
    Rin Hoshizora 28 days ago


  • Ruben Tovar
    Ruben Tovar 29 days ago

    Where is braum

  • Rafał Leśniak
    Rafał Leśniak Month ago

    Riot said Sylas will make use of every champio's ult. 2:58 They lied.

  • Martin Kiss
    Martin Kiss Month ago

    Sylas q with nasus ult?

  • hentai
    hentai Month ago

    cool song!

  • Fearlee
    Fearlee Month ago +1

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! X1000

  • Alexia Kawa
    Alexia Kawa Month ago +1

    Wait so Sylas can do everything you can do but better? Awesome.

  • Bassive
    Bassive Month ago

    Wait, Vayne's ult is supposed to interact with a roll or dash ability, not a Q

  • lostn65
    lostn65 Month ago

    With Master Yi, does getting a kill during Highlander refresh his cooldowns? If so, do you get to recast Highlander?

  • Rob Luv
    Rob Luv Month ago

    So every ult update and new champion added is going to have to include a new balance for Sylas as well? I have never played him, and have been gone a while. But this just seems like bad character design

  • ALI kenawy
    ALI kenawy Month ago

    Twitch ult 😂😂

  • Porglit
    Porglit Month ago

    If LeBlanc hasn't used ANY spells yet it copies her Q??? Good to know, I'm sure I'll be using that daily!

  • Porglit
    Porglit Month ago

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you use Zero-project music!

  • Рома Беляев

    Почему ты не показал все интересные ульты, зато успел показать кучу очевидных. Где зед, атрокс, дариус, каин, лб,сона, эко, эни? Реально не очевидно было только с Ганром, Вейн, Твичем. Только вышеперечисленные герои стоят внимания, остальное хрень, почти.

  • Marian Alexandru
    Marian Alexandru Month ago

    with the newest champion League finally made their point... that they ran out of ideas..

  • Night bot
    Night bot Month ago +1

    4:39 ah! So smooth sound like heaven😌😇😇😂

  • Milos Radenkovic
    Milos Radenkovic Month ago

    How muck does 1k AP Sylas' W deal dmg when transformed in jayce?

  • ReymanEZ
    ReymanEZ Month ago

    I felt whe he said: ,,ha ha ha ha haaa“

  • Junior Fernandes
    Junior Fernandes Month ago


  • DannyDog Desserts
    DannyDog Desserts Month ago

    Hey, are you sure about the 2 sided champs? What if you ult nidalee when she is in cougar form or elise when she is a spider. Cause then they're ults are the opposite? Jw i havent had that interaction yet

  • Nhật Minh Hoàng Trần

    tvclip.biz/video/SVLN8rVmS4M/video.html this guy stole the whole video, did he ask u to do that?

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner Month ago

    Now you have to do Yuumi

  • Alex Denser
    Alex Denser Month ago

    Ia east rysci (я русский

  • İsyanın Zinciri Sylas

    7:57 Look Sylas Ult Time

  • Catisreckless
    Catisreckless Month ago

    Just wanted to say that this champ is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. He'll stay on my permaban list until massive nerfs.

  • ivyboy
    ivyboy Month ago

    Urgot went in Sylas' ass

  • Battle Yeti24
    Battle Yeti24 Month ago

    what happens if u take annie ult + mordekai ult

  • Fear.
    Fear. Month ago

    the fuck was that cooldown at 7:58 LMAO

  • Nico Yazawa
    Nico Yazawa Month ago


  • Bex Tings
    Bex Tings Month ago

    Does Sylas' Tibbers enrage if you die?

    • Bex Tings
      Bex Tings Month ago

      Does Sylas steal Kayn ult or Rhast/Shadow ult?

    • Bex Tings
      Bex Tings Month ago

      Does Brand ult put passive on people?

  • Dbcombo
    Dbcombo Month ago +1

    I love that you steal the effects from the enemy champion’s skin.

  • quis
    quis Month ago

    Nice that u show us the voice overs and turn the musik so lound wr dont understand thing haha

  • D4N3Z
    D4N3Z Month ago

    Dude and katarina ???

  • Flex3v3
    Flex3v3 Month ago

    Lets Nerf Sylas

  • tsuki nagano
    tsuki nagano Month ago

    no respon tentakles lol

  • Taha Yılmaz
    Taha Yılmaz Month ago

    0:54 saniyeye bakın nidalenin ismi atom toast

  • Flying Bowser Fairy
    Flying Bowser Fairy Month ago +3

    What happens if you steal Darius ult when he‘s lvl 16?

    • GlowingIcefire
      GlowingIcefire 24 days ago

      Theend 50 You literally have it until you use it without killing someone

  • Onizuka 87
    Onizuka 87 Month ago

    I think it's the same asshole who stole my gf ..

  • Rraze LP
    Rraze LP 2 months ago

    music is too loud its hard to hear what he is saying

  • Daniël Fidom
    Daniël Fidom 2 months ago

    WATCH OUT! at 18:14 by dr. mundo you lose life also becouse mundo also pays life for his ult

  • Saber-San
    Saber-San 2 months ago

    I remember I was playing soraka and the enemy syslas is going to steal the nasus ult but he accidentally click me

  • Dũng nguyễn
    Dũng nguyễn 2 months ago

    Tbh sylas is the cheapest champion riot ever made. Such stupid things like skill steal make riot looks like rushing for the champion with no effort.

  • Eric Fang
    Eric Fang 2 months ago

    maybe shoulda lowered the effect volumes compared to the voice lines...

  • Özgür Berber
    Özgür Berber 2 months ago


  • Hào Lý Gia
    Hào Lý Gia 2 months ago

    Can illaoi use sylas ult when he take the enermy illaoi ult

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 2 months ago

    what happens when he copies Zac?

  • CulturedVarious
    CulturedVarious 2 months ago

    Sylas use sylas ultimate

  • Ponmailon John
    Ponmailon John 2 months ago

    So how many tentacles can be totally spawned with 2 illaois and 2 sylases

  • Enrico Paciorek
    Enrico Paciorek 2 months ago

    Yes, put music in a video where you need to hear characters talking. Good fucking job.

  • ItsDarkAura Gt
    ItsDarkAura Gt 2 months ago +1

    When i play sylas , i steal ult wukong and i can q w e ??

  • Mörfi
    Mörfi 2 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/IfAaBLO3CsQ/video.html = ults waitstime "1155"

  • Hieu Le Minh
    Hieu Le Minh 2 months ago

    Lm clip 2 sylas unti nhau thì s ??

  • Thức vlogs tv
    Thức vlogs tv 2 months ago

    Ai sup cheo k

  • Theresa Wolf
    Theresa Wolf 2 months ago

    Never showed ww. Re.

  • Cronx D
    Cronx D 2 months ago

    Shywana ult in urf

  • Hữu Tính Trần
    Hữu Tính Trần 2 months ago

    Uti ôriana

  • Rafael Bella
    Rafael Bella 2 months ago

    11:30 Sylas says "I think I found you". Is that a reference to annie's ult, or coincidence?

    • Chronomal
      Chronomal 2 months ago

      It is an special interaction