88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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    1. Killing Earth
    2. Still Breathing
    3. Millenium Sunset
    4. Earthbeat
    5. Distorted Reality
    6. Ephemeral living
    7. Epilogue
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  • Vandiril
    Vandiril  2 months ago +1910

    0:00 Illaoi
    0:17 Udyr
    0:36 Vayne
    0:54 Nidalee
    1:11 Elise
    1:27 Jayce
    1:49 Karma
    2:09 Twitch
    2:28 Yasuo
    2:48 Taliyah
    2:58 Sylas
    3:19 Rengar
    3:38 Zoe
    3:48 Shen
    3:59 Swain
    4:18 Pyke
    4:43 Darius
    5:00 Gangplank
    5:25 Volibear
    5:43 Trynda
    5:56 Quinn
    6:23 Kalista
    6:35 Gnar
    6:50 Orianna
    7:03 Ekko
    7:18 Ryze
    7:27 Kha'Zix
    7:41 Corki
    8:02 SioN
    8:28 Kled
    8:48 Syndra
    9:07 Cho'Gath
    9:21 Mordekaiser
    10:01 Shaco
    10:43 Olaf
    10:58 Lulu
    11:09 Ivern
    11:29 Annie
    11:52 Trundle
    12:06 TF
    12:17 Irelia
    12:27 Heimerdinger
    12:46 Leblanc
    13:04 Jax
    13:21 Jarvan
    13:32 Nunu
    13:42 Lissandra
    13:59 Neeko
    14:17 Ornn
    14:27 Teemo
    14:41 Malphite
    14:51 Ashe
    15:00 Master Yi
    15:10 Jhin
    15:23 Nasus
    15:33 Shyvana
    16:03 Alistar
    16:14 Akali
    16:26 Aurelion Sol
    16:38 Ahri
    16:49 Azir
    16:59 Caitlyn
    17:16 Camille
    17:26 Bard
    17:45 Galio
    17:55 Fiora
    18:11 Dr. Mundo
    18:23 Fizz
    18:34 Kai'Sa
    18:52 Poppy
    19:02 Pantheon
    19:14 Rek'Sai
    19:24 Riven
    19:40 Renekton
    19:54 Skarner
    20:11 Singed
    20:28 Taric
    20:40 Talon
    20:49 Tahm Kench
    21:03 Urgot
    21:17 Vladimir
    21:28 Brand
    21:39 Wukong
    21:49 Anivia
    22:02 Zilean
    22:16 Xayah
    22:29 Rakan
    22:38 Practice Tool Dummy

  • N. wangmann
    N. wangmann 14 hours ago


  • Ravelord Nito
    Ravelord Nito Day ago

    You know full well the only reason riot gave him a knock up is so he could use yas ult

  • The Person
    The Person 3 days ago

    Syllas also changes to nidalee's picture though

  • Zoli04 HUN
    Zoli04 HUN 4 days ago

    7:58 1155 ult time? Wtf?

  • Thắng Nguyễn
    Thắng Nguyễn 5 days ago

    1 cho tất cả 5 sylas quánh với 5 shaco hỏi có mấy con shaco =))) mấy con sylas... bumpppp nổ não

  • BrokenArr0w1
    BrokenArr0w1 7 days ago

    Why 88 racisim

  • Yassin addicted LOL
    Yassin addicted LOL 7 days ago

    I man illaoui

  • Lamao ?
    Lamao ? 8 days ago

    i want to know what if sylas ult a dead sion

  • Tuoi That
    Tuoi That 10 days ago


  • Powerlove
    Powerlove 10 days ago

    you deserve a medal

    BARTOL CHERRY 11 days ago

    what if oyuy play 1v1 sylas vs kalista and you steal ? then nobody here so who he gona ult ?

  • Hi im PNUT
    Hi im PNUT 12 days ago +1

    Actually 200 iq to make the music almost louder than the interactions lol

  • thefun_patato YT
    thefun_patato YT 13 days ago


  • Firstname CANCEL Lastname DONE

    Now is the TIME!

    This vid. is for sylas " MUAHAHAHAHA" interaction.

  • Shadow_Neji
    Shadow_Neji 14 days ago

    You forgot Neko Clone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Said Sezgin
    Said Sezgin 15 days ago

    Two Urgot ult enemy?

  • Florenz
    Florenz 16 days ago

    lol played urf vs a sylas he stole shyvannas ult and never went back to normal

  • Chuck E Cheese
    Chuck E Cheese 19 days ago

    I hope they change Sylas ulti when used on Leb, it should let him him reuse his own abilities

  • Spinean Vlad
    Spinean Vlad 21 day ago

    @Vandiril ok you made the interactions and all, but it's kind of pointless how you did them because you can't HEAR the interactions between Sylas and the other champs. The music is way to loud...The rest ok, cool video.

  • hoàng nguyễn
    hoàng nguyễn 21 day ago

    7:05 sylas siêu phẩm :))

  • Michael Jurney
    Michael Jurney 21 day ago

    Such a waste of time to show so many that obviously wouldn't be interesting.

  • Aerulion Sol
    Aerulion Sol 22 days ago

    An All for One Sylas match would be incredibly boring.

  • Gölgedekiadam ma
    Gölgedekiadam ma 22 days ago

    can you use zilean or lulu R on some one else

  • Michael Henriksen
    Michael Henriksen 23 days ago

    Damn, i wanted to see how much damage a stolen Veigars ult would do (w/wo ap)

  • Mathieu Naliw
    Mathieu Naliw 24 days ago

    and vel

  • Reignald Louis Tolentino

    Im pretty sure the coders were given a head ache making this guy

  • Marius H
    Marius H 26 days ago

    Sylas r vs Shyvana in urf is broken, it only ends if he dies...

  • Wojciech Pudysz
    Wojciech Pudysz 26 days ago

    ult's dmg is based on enemy power stats

  • FalcnPWNCH
    FalcnPWNCH 28 days ago

    Sylas letting out his mighty laughs as he's about to use a stolen spell - *but than just poops out a teemo mushroom* - is so fkin hilarious xDD

  • OhWow___ _
    OhWow___ _ 29 days ago

    Soooo if they have ya chogath and you steal his ult and you eat a dragon or minion do you become bigger?

  • OhWow___ _
    OhWow___ _ 29 days ago

    Wait wtf

  • Charles Aaron
    Charles Aaron Month ago

    3:13 was that earth bending?

  • Coldfira
    Coldfira Month ago

    If both skarner and Sylas ults together what happens? they just don't move?

  • Wasted Time

    rito vs spaghetti

  • Tikki
    Tikki Month ago

    So cancer balaced champion

  • Mark Varel
    Mark Varel Month ago


  • Mr. Grifter
    Mr. Grifter Month ago

    How long can you stay in Shyvana's dragon form, if you have enough mana regen to keep up with its cost?

  • Niente Piú
    Niente Piú Month ago

    good vid

  • GamingCat Meow
    GamingCat Meow Month ago

    Steal kog maw ult u only use once

  • Edward Liu
    Edward Liu Month ago +3

    Sylas is a rip-off of Kirby.
    Change my mind.

  • Kevin Perea
    Kevin Perea Month ago

    Falta blitz, braum, leona, sivir, amumu, katarina, zed, tristana, sona, kassiopeia, kassadin, nautilus, nami, janna, miss fortune, kennen, warwik...

  • emin kılıçaslan
    emin kılıçaslan Month ago

    2:59 that's what i was looking for.

  • Dfegw Sdge
    Dfegw Sdge Month ago +1

    10:04 HA *choke* HAHA

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight Month ago


  • Justine Titee
    Justine Titee Month ago

    bolol gawa mo masmagan dapa yong amin

  • Dertfire
    Dertfire Month ago

    u didn't try to q with nasus

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 Month ago

    The Twitch one is really weird

  • Przemas1337/eskacz
    Przemas1337/eskacz Month ago

    7:58 1155 coldown xdddd

    KERMİT HÜPLETEN Month ago +1

    16.17 mana pot?!

  • Skittles91000
    Skittles91000 Month ago

    He doesn't steel Quinn's ult he just steals Valor

  • Omae Wa mou shindeiru


  • Jetman640
    Jetman640 Month ago

    Sylas uses Gnar better than Gnar cause man doesnt even need to transform

  • Peliculas x Partes :D

    y zed? xd

  • 張捷煜
    張捷煜 Month ago


  • TK RuleZ
    TK RuleZ Month ago

    Alter junge hat du Langeweile? xDD so unnötig das video

  • Big Willie79
    Big Willie79 Month ago


  • Dariusz Wolny
    Dariusz Wolny Month ago

    What happens when sylas uses R on sylas?;o

  • Brook Book
    Brook Book Month ago

    15:30 ok, but does the Q cd decrease? You were so close To the perfect ult test Vandiril nooo (ddnt test but im pretty sure it does, like the vayne invis thing)

  • Şerban F.
    Şerban F. Month ago

    Can't hear shit with that music in the background...

  • Alex Rybyantsev
    Alex Rybyantsev Month ago

    Udyr's ulti with a lot of AP is actually kinda insane.
    You get a very strong melee burst if you use AA resets properly.

  • Zachary Girouard
    Zachary Girouard Month ago +4

    Sylas with shaco ultimate + neeko as sylas with her w = 4 sylas????

  • Agustin Portas
    Agustin Portas Month ago

    7:57 1155 CD o.O

  • Killox
    Killox Month ago

    Neeko: Steals ur champ
    Thresh: Steals ur wife
    Zoe: Steal spell
    Sylas: Steals ur ultimate
    LoL: Steals ur life

  • Fabian Schulz
    Fabian Schulz Month ago

    what happened to me was that sylas killed mordekaiser with his ulti and he became the mordekaiser-ghost himself. it was just the ghost and sylas was gone until the dead morde timed out

  • Barduck02
    Barduck02 Month ago

    10:20 Shaco's clone havn't mark of Sylas's ult

  • 定 定
    定 定 Month ago

    11:14 :))))

  • Crawler00
    Crawler00 Month ago

    15:50 so if you revert when your Mana runs out, what happens if you play on urf, where it's unlimited?

  • Csaba chan
    Csaba chan Month ago

    still i cant believe i watched the whole video :'(

  • Andreas Bagger
    Andreas Bagger Month ago

    Metin 2 Music

  • Veroveren
    Veroveren Month ago

    i have a sexy back like that too. then i woke up.

  • LordKnight2221
    LordKnight2221 Month ago

    Tbh , only few champs that i was wondering what will happen if sylas stole their ultimate . Such as karma , jayce , twitch . So idk why u made 88 test . The rest are pretty obv

  • RichinS SsS
    RichinS SsS Month ago

    So sylas can steal shyvanas ult and turn into a dragon, but can't turn into mega gnar when steals gnars ult?
    I swear man riot has to be one of the dumbest and luckiest game devs I have ever seen.

  • Augustto Lima
    Augustto Lima Month ago

    Se torne Diamante em 90 dias. go.hotmart.com/K11672156C

  • 우유
    우유 Month ago

    thank you. now i know which ults not to take

  • Веселин Пенев

    15:40, wait, in URF your mana never ends, does it mean that you can pernamently be shyvana? i guess that it will expire at elast after you die or something

  • Muharrem Yılmaz
    Muharrem Yılmaz Month ago

    07:56 A Bug Look The Ultimate

  • cssLiquicity
    cssLiquicity Month ago

    i cant hear shit my man

  • The TechMarine-Librarian

    soo can he use xerath ultimate?

  • eikeksimimeä
    eikeksimimeä Month ago

    There is no Ziggs

  • EpicGaBlazle
    EpicGaBlazle Month ago +1

    Holy shit, Voli ulty sounds busted on Sylas

  • Lord Lived
    Lord Lived Month ago

    Karthus ?

  • Cunt
    Cunt Month ago

    I played karthus mid against sylas and they had pyke bot lane... he stole my ult, used it, got 2 assists off of bot lane but got 600 gold from the pyke ult coins and insta won lane :)

  • SolidWolf
    SolidWolf Month ago

    thank you for doing this. this is actually very informative

  • Abudabi Abudabi
    Abudabi Abudabi Month ago

    On NASUS ult, does he gets 50% cdr on Q?

  • Vinh Phùng Quang
    Vinh Phùng Quang Month ago

    Plz make a video about champs that can negate his R

  • Wez Yen
    Wez Yen Month ago

    a very very very very useful video, thanks 🤗😚

  • lol montage
    lol montage Month ago

    lux ?

  • Karl Hans
    Karl Hans Month ago

    Illaoi's ult doesnt give him illaoi's w? the tentacles do nothing.

  • Syringe 1337
    Syringe 1337 Month ago +2

    Can you give a link to the actual song , not to a site with a lot of other songs pls

    • Dxbzify Corfu
      Dxbzify Corfu 22 days ago

      Its the in game music of the game metin 2

  • Philaepp
    Philaepp Month ago


  • Peanut Sb
    Peanut Sb Month ago +1

    1155 secs to 40 when doing cork ulti

  • Khang Le
    Khang Le Month ago


  • Lô Vy Ney
    Lô Vy Ney Month ago


  • Kickoff 03
    Kickoff 03 Month ago

    why buy skin on any champion if you have sylas ?

  • Natron Abi Hatırası
    Natron Abi Hatırası Month ago +1

    his laugh is prety good

  • Ne0_R1d3r
    Ne0_R1d3r Month ago

    Well since i main Illaoi im happy about my ult being pretty much useless for him :D

  • loc tran
    loc tran Month ago

    wait if you steal shyvanna ult in urf you gonna stay in drgon from forever?

  • Scott Schiess
    Scott Schiess Month ago

    Failed to show so many interactions.... what a dumb video

  • Théo
    Théo Month ago

    How do the ratio work? If I steal riven R, will damage based on my AP or AD ?