88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)


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  • Vandiril
    Vandiril  13 days ago +1583

    0:00 Illaoi
    0:17 Udyr
    0:36 Vayne
    0:54 Nidalee
    1:11 Elise
    1:27 Jayce
    1:49 Karma
    2:09 Twitch
    2:28 Yasuo
    2:48 Taliyah
    2:58 Sylas
    3:19 Rengar
    3:38 Zoe
    3:48 Shen
    3:59 Swain
    4:18 Pyke
    4:43 Darius
    5:00 Gangplank
    5:25 Volibear
    5:43 Trynda
    5:56 Quinn
    6:23 Kalista
    6:35 Gnar
    6:50 Orianna
    7:03 Ekko
    7:18 Ryze
    7:27 Kha'Zix
    7:41 Corki
    8:02 SioN
    8:28 Kled
    8:48 Syndra
    9:07 Cho'Gath
    9:21 Mordekaiser
    10:01 Shaco
    10:43 Olaf
    10:58 Lulu
    11:09 Ivern
    11:29 Annie
    11:52 Trundle
    12:06 TF
    12:17 Irelia
    12:27 Heimerdinger
    12:46 Leblanc
    13:04 Jax
    13:21 Jarvan
    13:32 Nunu
    13:42 Lissandra
    13:59 Neeko
    14:17 Ornn
    14:27 Teemo
    14:41 Malphite
    14:51 Ashe
    15:00 Master Yi
    15:10 Jhin
    15:23 Nasus
    15:33 Shyvana
    16:03 Alistar
    16:14 Akali
    16:26 Aurelion Sol
    16:38 Ahri
    16:49 Azir
    16:59 Caitlyn
    17:16 Camille
    17:26 Bard
    17:45 Galio
    17:55 Fiora
    18:11 Dr. Mundo
    18:23 Fizz
    18:34 Kai'Sa
    18:52 Poppy
    19:02 Pantheon
    19:14 Rek'Sai
    19:24 Riven
    19:40 Renekton
    19:54 Skarner
    20:11 Singed
    20:28 Taric
    20:40 Talon
    20:49 Tahm Kench
    21:03 Urgot
    21:17 Vladimir
    21:28 Brand
    21:39 Wukong
    21:49 Anivia
    22:02 Zilean
    22:16 Xayah
    22:29 Rakan
    22:38 Practice Tool Dummy

  • Krafthor
    Krafthor 8 minutes ago

    I need the laugh in mp3 please!!!

  • DXV Alpha
    DXV Alpha 2 hours ago

    Umm you didn't show us Zed.....and many others like Nami... :D

  • Kent Bardillon
    Kent Bardillon 2 hours ago

    A question, if I may. How will the system know who you will take as an oathsworn when you get Kalista's ult? It's not like you have a black spear at hand. Will it take the nearest ally?

  • SomeThing
    SomeThing 3 hours ago


  • Jacket
    Jacket 4 hours ago

    Now they have an excuse to fix all the bugs he's gonna cause and not fix other stuff glad i got out while i could.

  • Mr.Funny
    Mr.Funny 6 hours ago

    Zed ???

  • Simon Graveleij
    Simon Graveleij 7 hours ago

    This ult cant be point and click lol

  • Top Người Hot
    Top Người Hot 7 hours ago

    Everyone who cross registered the channel with me 1 is 10

  • Kirami MAT
    Kirami MAT 18 hours ago

    He pretty much is Ditto in LoL

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 20 hours ago

    i wonder tho with nasus does it also reduce ur q cd?

    MOLUSKING 20 hours ago

    aint gonna lie sylas hands down worst new champ since... let say..idk actually but its fucking bad.

  • Tony Hunt
    Tony Hunt Day ago

    This is going to be filth

  • OnyxDaJoker
    OnyxDaJoker Day ago

    Ok now do the rest of them :D

  • Dreaded Ballz
    Dreaded Ballz Day ago

    what happens if you steal and use irelia ult and use a normal sylas q? does it get a reset?? or what if he ults nasus? does he get q cd?

  • Xtealth
    Xtealth Day ago

    one for all with 10 sylas is gonna be a game with no ults.

  • TheSubjectMan
    TheSubjectMan Day ago

    If you die with annie ult will tibbers chase 'em?

  • Leandro Nogueira

    Será que ele consegue pega o Que do master ?

  • MrSexLegs
    MrSexLegs Day ago

    I would love to know if three hits off brands lit would proc the passive

  • jake wertz
    jake wertz Day ago

    does kalista link nearest ally

  • Emrullah Enes
    Emrullah Enes Day ago


  • Nico Bazan
    Nico Bazan 2 days ago

    Que pasa si sylas le roba la ulti a sylas? :o

  • Adrian Narvaez
    Adrian Narvaez 2 days ago

    The point is to hear the interactions yes? So why are the sound fx and music so damn loud?


    Rubik does it better

  • Kah Gamer
    Kah Gamer 2 days ago


  • 王成
    王成 2 days ago


  • sarog
    sarog 2 days ago

    sylas with nasus ult.

  • Nhật Phan
    Nhật Phan 3 days ago

    Figure 10 atlas in one for all

  • Ken lei
    Ken lei 3 days ago

    Wow sylas can steal your ult even when you don't have your ult, that is pretty unfair

  • Sage Blackman
    Sage Blackman 3 days ago

    Does Ulting Nasus give you 50% cooldown off of your Q? (Like ulting vayne makes your q turn you invisible)

  • G-Rated
    G-Rated 3 days ago +1

    4:35 do allies still get gold for Pyke's Ult?

  • Wouter R
    Wouter R 3 days ago

    3:52 wait what? you can use shen ult on icon??

  • Peter Zajac
    Peter Zajac 3 days ago


    CQNZR 3 days ago

    Now riot need to make a mode where you can make your own characters.

  • Mikołaj Łukasik
    Mikołaj Łukasik 3 days ago

    Katrina zed??

  • The Stuey
    The Stuey 3 days ago

    Looks like you get the passive portion of Olaf's ult (armor and MR when not on CD).

  • Ken Ch
    Ken Ch 3 days ago

    I don't like this champ, I think LOL is going the wrong direction with the character creation

  • 吕廷浩
    吕廷浩 3 days ago

    Udyr: if y become a waste,nobody can take advantage of y

  • Teddy
    Teddy 3 days ago

    Oo that backtrack thought it was good ol Kevin Mcleod

  • Michael Curry
    Michael Curry 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice how he's running Kleptomancy? Could be an interesting tactic for an expensive build.

  • zapiekanka makaronowa

    Kocham cie, u know?

  • Emiliano Salvatierra


  • Luka Shutov
    Luka Shutov 4 days ago

    thx riot for one more retarded and unbalanced champ thx a lot

  • Coach Weeb
    Coach Weeb 4 days ago

    Hes done it

  • wabafettTKD
    wabafettTKD 4 days ago +1

    ainda faltou varios champs...

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto 4 days ago

    Hi atom toast xd

  • BeyondMiracle
    BeyondMiracle 4 days ago

    That's it? He just transform into the enemy champion when he uses their ulti? What lazy work. At least make him doing it with other particle effects. This is why Dota is better.

  • Yakoto Miadzakhi
    Yakoto Miadzakhi 4 days ago

    And thats why I switched to Dota 2

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price 4 days ago

    when you steal kalista's ult with who you are linked ?

  • G. Monte
    G. Monte 4 days ago

    Damn, some of these are really fuckin strong. I saw that corkis R is reloading aswell, so you can have it basically all the time if you want? that's fuckin bananas

  • Kin Kou
    Kin Kou 4 days ago

    Where is zed tho¿?

  • Angeles Habla
    Angeles Habla 4 days ago

    how about sylas gets a ult of sylas in classic mode

  • Sasa
    Sasa 4 days ago

    So as Shen ults you steal his then ult to a teammate in that fight

  • Frost Dragon King
    Frost Dragon King 4 days ago

    Can someone be teleported using tahm's ult? it seems like it right?

  • Ha 99997
    Ha 99997 4 days ago


  • Magnum Dong
    Magnum Dong 4 days ago

    Does the nasus ultimate steal give q cd reduction?

  • Anirudh Ganesh
    Anirudh Ganesh 5 days ago

    league is dead.. for the last game i played i had to wait in the queue for more than 10mins.... these kind of champs should have been released 2 or 3 years before... rito is just losing the game...

  • Lex Long
    Lex Long 5 days ago

    How did you forget about Zed?

  • Rumex
    Rumex 5 days ago

    i will ban this guy every single game

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto 5 days ago


  • Axel Burgos
    Axel Burgos 5 days ago

    this has to be tryndameres hardest counter cause trynd is gonna ult sylas steals it and uses it his will last longer if done correctly so and when trynd become vulnerable again sylas will still be intouchable this shit is more broken than zoe and yasuo combined

  • let me tell you
    let me tell you 5 days ago

    wenn man die ulti geklaut hat, hat man dann unbegrenzt zeit sie einzusetzen oder muss man sie direkt danach einsetzen?

  • Rindarox
    Rindarox 5 days ago +1

    What about Master Yi's ultimate passive?

  • Kamen Petrov
    Kamen Petrov 5 days ago

    When you spend 3 days gathering footage of this and you fuck it all up by adding shitty loud music so you can't hear the interactions

  • Table Leung
    Table Leung 5 days ago

    I will to see sylas ult interaction with zed@@

  • Olabilir Mi
    Olabilir Mi 5 days ago

    Mal gibi hero

  • Mehmet Eevee
    Mehmet Eevee 5 days ago

    Can yasuo block Sylas' ult with his w? Can Morgana block with e?Can Fizz block with e? Can Malzahar? Try pls

  • Seb Thompson
    Seb Thompson 5 days ago

    I think they should animate a jump-punch he can use with certain ults, it would be one relatively short animation which could be used for a ton on steals :P

  • Yan Cosca
    Yan Cosca 5 days ago

    Report darius no penta

  • David Kunakovsky
    David Kunakovsky 5 days ago

    So I can use Lulu's ult as Sylas to teammates or only to myself?

  • TheJR7360
    TheJR7360 5 days ago

    This guy is never gonna see play in competitive. His ult will cause too many bugs lol

  • tIME Long
    tIME Long 5 days ago

    Đéo bao h được đánh rank luôn =))

  • Feeluck
    Feeluck 5 days ago

    you prolly should melt it down to 'what is not working as you think it would' ults. who cares about how a ashe ult works? there are some 'easy' mechanic ults who don't need further attention imo. since they're pretty clear. copy tryndamere - get his ult. whats so special you need to show it in this video?

    • Feeluck
      Feeluck 5 days ago

      also we don't really need champ names with a 1 sec intro and 1 sec death outro. its just lengthen the entire video.
      pretty cool interations on the rest tho. thanks for the work!

  • BIkaloss
    BIkaloss 5 days ago +9

    Oh come on Rito, you're gonna let him trigger Vaynes stealth but not Illaois Ult tentacles?

    • 1313e
      1313e Day ago

      Yeah, that surprised me as well. I guess Vayne's stealth is programmed to trigger whenever she uses Q (whatever that ability is) while using her ult.

    • ??? ???
      ??? ??? 5 days ago

      busted champ should have never been made

    • supersuato123
      supersuato123 5 days ago

      BIkaloss ikrrr

  • Deracada Venom
    Deracada Venom 5 days ago

    Who thought this was a good idea

  • AgOOFmon GG
    AgOOFmon GG 5 days ago

    Imagine an one for all with sylas

  • Patryk xD
    Patryk xD 5 days ago

    Project Sylas???

  • St Rose
    St Rose 5 days ago

    Sylas from the back view looks like Death from Darksiders.

  • MisterProKoko73
    MisterProKoko73 5 days ago

    What’s the scaling like on the stolen abilities?

  • Marcin Kalinowski
    Marcin Kalinowski 5 days ago

    Ten champ będzie takim jebnym rakiem

  • Artward
    Artward 6 days ago

    THIS IS RIOT!!!!!!
    (Copy and paste this to lol videos to let the RIOT! continue)

  • sylas isyanın zinciri
    sylas isyanın zinciri 6 days ago +1

    Im why op

  • Minamoto Seimei
    Minamoto Seimei 6 days ago

    Hey where master yi

  • Alexis Mandelias
    Alexis Mandelias 6 days ago


  • Khethelo Zungu
    Khethelo Zungu 6 days ago

    Please. The music is in the way.

  • jean claudio barreto dos santos

    Esse campeão vai ser nojento véi

  • Missxkitty Mew
    Missxkitty Mew 6 days ago

    Holy shit Sandra and him bot lane = ball pit hell

  • Missxkitty Mew
    Missxkitty Mew 6 days ago

    Hold up... so is this draven’s bro?!

  • Missxkitty Mew
    Missxkitty Mew 6 days ago

    Another champ??

  • Evilynn
    Evilynn 6 days ago

    This champ is weird

  • C H R U P P E K
    C H R U P P E K 6 days ago

    Is this rubick?

  • bılınmeyen kisi
    bılınmeyen kisi 6 days ago

    what ıs katarına? r

  • Fefes Yuri
    Fefes Yuri 6 days ago

    atrox ?

  • Pᴜғғʏ Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ

    Rito has leaked a new champion : he/she steals your scores, your rank, level and even your password 😂

  • Abdullah Özer
    Abdullah Özer 6 days ago +1

    14:36 R wtf?

  • Shaun Wild
    Shaun Wild 6 days ago

    Does Renekton ult fill up your mana?

  • Dendi Dendi
    Dendi Dendi 6 days ago

    No pls noo noooooooooooooo!! Rubik is coming!!!

  • arturo millan
    arturo millan 6 days ago

    The LB ult steal is kinda lame they should have just made it that sylas would be able to use his last move again instead of just taking the last spell LB did

  • Bryce Taylor
    Bryce Taylor 6 days ago

    Does Q cooldown get reduced in Nasus ult?

  • Daxter97 Emporium
    Daxter97 Emporium 6 days ago

    One question : you show how lulu's ult works on him , but it's only for him or you can use it for someone else too ? ( sorry if my english isn't correct )