10 Best Places to Visit in India - Travel Video

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • India is an enormous and diverse destination. Bordered by seven different countries, not to mention the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, means that there are many different sides to the country. More than 20 official languages, multiple religions and a variety of cuisines exist within India’s borders. To truly experience the breadth of Indian culture and history, travel is key. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in India:

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  • Backpack Kaki
    Backpack Kaki 7 hours ago

    love it , Keep it up

  • Sweet Sour Travel
    Sweet Sour Travel 7 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video. It’s very helpful. I just arrived from there. Let's keep in touch

  • mark walsh
    mark walsh Day ago

    that elephant is super cool

  • Mallanna Malleda
    Mallanna Malleda 2 days ago +1

    Bro where is Mysore bro

  • Anand motivation
    Anand motivation 2 days ago

    Nice video

  • Naresh kumar
    Naresh kumar 3 days ago

    You missed the Tamil Nadu the mother eye of entire India 🇮🇳

  • C E
    C E 3 days ago

    Can anybody recommend must-sees when travelling South India only?

  • keneth randy
    keneth randy 3 days ago +1

    I don't accept your in completed video north east States are not the indian?meghalaya is very beautiful state and all7 sisters is very beautiful states

  • Vivek Shah
    Vivek Shah 4 days ago

    ✌💕travel brings riches in life with experiences, learning and making new friends.

  • joUrney oF LifeTime
    joUrney oF LifeTime 4 days ago +1

    No. 1 should be
    Shimla -manali. OR.
    Andaman nikobar

  • Netra's Corner
    Netra's Corner 4 days ago

    Proud to be an INDIAN.......

  • Himanshu Srivastava
    Himanshu Srivastava 4 days ago

    Pokhra ,Shimala , kullu , Manali , Humpty , Kashmir , Darjiling And many place are more people preffer

  • Tayyab Khan Marwat
    Tayyab Khan Marwat 6 days ago

    Being a Pakistani, I would like to visit the beautiful places in India specially I like the south India's beauty and also want to visit the state of Kerala as shown in this video. I hope we Pakistani and Indians can explore each other countries as we had a lot of beautiful destinations.

  • jokers
    jokers 6 days ago

    golden temple 🙏🙏🙏

  • Kush Ana
    Kush Ana 6 days ago

    This song is for all the Ladakh Lovers, tvclip.biz/video/8e_PM7Y3j7A/video.html

  • Cold Skullz
    Cold Skullz 7 days ago +1

    Goa is the place for beaches
    Proud to be a Goan

  • kunal bansal
    kunal bansal 9 days ago

    where is jammu&kashmir ????

  • ghodiyu
    ghodiyu 9 days ago

    India is indeed a great country. Proud to be an Indian. So many places to visit. Booking my flight tickets now on flightdada.com I am coming India...

  • G B
    G B 10 days ago

    how about tamilnadu?

  • Young Money Entertainment

    India ain't safe especially for women

  • J hell uy
    J hell uy 12 days ago


  • my computer007
    my computer007 12 days ago


  • TOP 10's
    TOP 10's 12 days ago +7

    Stop complaining... It's not possible to add each and every place of India... We should be happy about the fact that our india looks so beautiful from whatever corner we look from 😊😊

  • Gorde PatiL
    Gorde PatiL 13 days ago

    Will u please focus on state Maharashtra For The King of Maharashtra Shri chatrapati shivaji maharaj

  • Nabeel Aslam
    Nabeel Aslam 13 days ago +1

    RIP Asifa bano (aged 8 gang raped and murdered)
    RIP Jyoti Singh (aged 21 gang raped and murdered)
    Unnamed Russian student (aged 19 gang raped)
    Countless more victims. India is not safe for women and ethnic minorities. Visit at your own risk.

  • Ravindra Agnihotri
    Ravindra Agnihotri 14 days ago

    Well, i think you have missed upon iconic places like Khajuraho, Konark and Hampi. And why North-East isn't mentioned?

  • Buta Jhand
    Buta Jhand 15 days ago


  • GeeKeyV
    GeeKeyV 16 days ago

    It was Jama Masjid shown in place of Red Fort.

  • Floris
    Floris 16 days ago

    It really doesnt look like earth maybe i will go to india one time

  • Manish Rao
    Manish Rao 17 days ago +2

    How did you forget Himachal Pradesh

  • kx10019293 10010010011

    Lol it´s just dirty water dude :D

  • R M
    R M 18 days ago +2

    Best places are:
    Jammu and Kashmir
    And the list is endless if you visit 28 states in india and 8 union territories than you will feel that you have visited 35 countries.....

  • exchange for change
    exchange for change 18 days ago

    TOUROPIA....can i plz request to your this video i will add orignal link in the discription

  • Sandeep Palasa
    Sandeep Palasa 18 days ago

    I'm happy to see the beautiful places of India. But I miss my land in it. Hyderabad one of the oldest and beautiful cities of India. Film nagar 70percent of India films shoot there a beautiful place

  • muzzi.alusunbond baht
    muzzi.alusunbond baht 19 days ago


    STELLA BHANU 19 days ago

    India is far far more beautiful than in this video, they tried showing poor image by mixing it with few positive representations and a positive title. Come visit anyday between months of September to March & decide.⭐

  • The Green Tree
    The Green Tree 20 days ago

    Very nice

  • shq13
    shq13 20 days ago +2

    That's it i don't even need to go to other countries, india has everything you will ever need. Rainforests, Snowy mountains, Tropics, Desert, beaches, islands.😍

  • 任志涛
    任志涛 20 days ago

    I canr agree with your order

  • shara 995
    shara 995 21 day ago +1

    India is very huge. You need to fill your credit / debit card with lots of money to travel comfortably. Most of the regions are highly populated and filled with middle-class people. If you want save money on your trip / or looking for affordable bargains - then you will struggle with problems. If you are ready to spend money without any issues, then you can find marvellous, incredible places in India easily. To reduce travel time, always pre-book the domestic flights. Do not take trains. It will take lots of time for travelling.

  • shara 995
    shara 995 21 day ago +3

    In the TN state - Vellore golden temple, madurai meenatchiamman temple, tanjore brahadeeshwarar temple, Chidambaram Natarajar temple are very historical places. Kodaikanal, hokkenagal falls, Mudumalai, Dotabetta, Yercaud, Yelagiri, Ketti valley are very good.. Chennai - fully operated for business. Malls & shopping only. thanks

  • nishtha sharma
    nishtha sharma 21 day ago

    Wait.... Where's mumbai????........... The most beautiful places to visit are in mumbai..........and u forgot to include seven sisters also....

  • natturan farnadas
    natturan farnadas 21 day ago

    India good place Kerala

  • memee looker
    memee looker 22 days ago +1

    Very nice beautiful place. Great video

  • Jayeeta Roy
    Jayeeta Roy 22 days ago +2

    You missed Kolkata..the former capital of India...it has Victoria memorial palace., Former residence of queen Victoria...Eco park where you can find the seven wonders and a little Japan.. Jorasanko thakurbari...home of Rabindranath Tagore..first Asian to recieve noble prize...and Sunderban forest where you can find the largest species of tiger THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER😘

      SADAT MONTASIR 19 days ago

      How does sundarban belong to India and when..

  • Travel and Food Tube
    Travel and Food Tube 23 days ago

    Excellent video.
    Enjoyed watching

  • Nikhil Chandra
    Nikhil Chandra 23 days ago

    buddhism, jainism and sikhism are not different religions but are the leaves of a single tree hinduism(rather sanatan). sikhism originated from hinduism to act against islamic oppression , jainism and buddhism originated to counter brahmins and their supremacy during aryan period.

  • get sr
    get sr 23 days ago +4

    Go to Tamilnadu and visit Pilgrimage, Temples, Historical & Heritage places and visit nearby brotherhood state Kerala and enjoy backwater, hill stations, Ayurveda massages etc.

  • Kefayet Ullah
    Kefayet Ullah 24 days ago

    Some of places are beautiful but overall it is a dirty country. some of this things to be aware... India is a racist and corrupted Nation in the world. A nation with higest rate of rape, robbers, goons, pickpockets, theifs. People are killed in the name of cow protection. Police are dishonest and briber so be careful. Most of indian think cow is their mother and they drink cow urine as a part their beliefs. Hindu people are the only nation of cow on planet because they think cow is their mother so, do not eat beef otherwise you will be killed.

  • Prasad Shete
    Prasad Shete 25 days ago +1

    Wheres Maharshtra ☹️

  • Vlog World
    Vlog World 25 days ago

    India has south part too... not only north... media always want to show north India. .. so many good places are there in Tamil nadu..karnataka. .Andhra too.... u people need all the tourists there...Then What about other states?

  • flower petal
    flower petal 26 days ago

    I want to travel there someday! Always loved watching movies about there.

  • Vitalii Pobieda
    Vitalii Pobieda 26 days ago +2

    I’ll take a positive traveler on a trip to the beautiful places of the Carpathian Mountains, as well as introduce them to local people and their customs, travel period in the Carpathians - 3 days

  • Riz Top 5
    Riz Top 5 27 days ago

    Nice Informative Video. But if u have been to India and not seen Goa than you have probably not experienced India. #riztop5

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar 27 days ago +1

    U forgot buddha circuit of bihar

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  • luuchoo G
    luuchoo G 29 days ago

    It would be really nice if India became more organized and clean... as of now, it really is a shocking experience for most tourists.

  • Supriya Mani
    Supriya Mani 29 days ago

    Very nice video I visit most ot the place like tajmahal lotus temple ladkha Kerala etc

  • Sivasudar Travels
    Sivasudar Travels 29 days ago

    Very Good Explanation, It will be very helpful for tourists

  • Al Mamun Matin
    Al Mamun Matin 29 days ago

    Very Nice Short division and Camera operating. Thanks Touropia and this video maker team.