NFL Star Antonio Brown Shows Off His Insane Mansion and Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets


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  • Complex
    Complex  6 months ago +48

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  • r Ve
    r Ve Day ago

    Antonio got that pussy eater beard and stash.. he stay eating the eating the monkey

  • D.P. Brittain
    D.P. Brittain 3 days ago

    Another pro athlete that will be broke.

  • dabeast77100
    dabeast77100 5 days ago

    The title of the video is “Antonio Brown shows off his mansion” not “Antonio Brown shows off his entire shoe collection”!

  • josh williams
    josh williams 6 days ago

    That dude has a great smile!

  • Maria Kime
    Maria Kime 13 days ago

    I hate how everyone bakes on joe, like what !?!?

  • Itz Red yt
    Itz Red yt 25 days ago

    What dose he drive to Pitt every day

  • Leevi Heckman
    Leevi Heckman 28 days ago

    Cop a peep at that pimple tho

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines Month ago

    12 rooms wth

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines Month ago

    did yall win yesterday against the bengals 🤒🤒

  • Jay Sosa
    Jay Sosa Month ago

    Like if he need to do CJ SO COOL

  • michael bastani
    michael bastani Month ago

    Gluttony overdose

  • Josh Coorey
    Josh Coorey Month ago

    I don't know who this dude is but he seems like a bit of a wanker

  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones Month ago

    Is this the same condo he threw the vases off the balcony in damn near killing a 22 month old boy... Bravo pimp!!

  • Brett Burkett
    Brett Burkett Month ago

    Antonio Brown that house leaves a person speechless, a very beautiful house, that mansion makes russell simmons jealous..

  • T. Loco
    T. Loco Month ago

    Synagogue of Satan that star in the ceiling is a satanic star don't be blind ab

  • Ryan Lisa
    Ryan Lisa Month ago

    Can we see the actual house maybe

  • Kasim Whitlock
    Kasim Whitlock Month ago

    "I'm just a simple guy", says the black guy with the pimped out synagogue in his home and Loubutain and Gucci shoes on shelf.

  • Kevss
    Kevss Month ago

    Bro how is this mansion EVERYONES mansion 😂😂 fam I swear to god I’ve seen that living room on house tours, music videos, music albums, photo shoots, everything and everyone claims it’s their house. Somebody lyin 🧐

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun Month ago

    Are you 2 stoned ?. Lyfao!

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun Month ago

    Are you 2 in freakin highschool ?. Lmmfao!

  • Bee9 Gee9
    Bee9 Gee9 Month ago

    This niggas hair looks like a Minecraft creation. Dude is weird as fuck

  • Matt Johnsen
    Matt Johnsen Month ago

    Bet he has no savings.

  • SpAcED_ OuT
    SpAcED_ OuT Month ago

    Ok but his house is ugly tho

  • Jazz Vechayiem
    Jazz Vechayiem Month ago

    lmao typical monkey

  • Jay Brock
    Jay Brock Month ago

    Reminds me of Clinton Portis home. 5 yrs removed from the NFL Portis house went into foreclosure. Fellas need to have some business sense about themselves. Invest and stack. Stop with the flaunting.smh

  • Saber
    Saber Month ago

    illuminati conformed

  • Hide yo kids and QB’s AND HIDE YO W’s

    Why putting his greasy paws on his shoes?

  • James Forte
    James Forte Month ago

    Can u do follow up on Brown when career over and he’s broke lmao dumb bastards always buying big homes n stuff they don’t need

  • Richard Meharry
    Richard Meharry Month ago

    What’s the song at 7:20

  • Tahj Amir
    Tahj Amir Month ago

    Song @ 2:02 ???

  • Lauren Spencer
    Lauren Spencer 2 months ago

    Beautiful teeth and smile

  • AfternoonBot
    AfternoonBot 2 months ago

    If I was rich I would never buy a mansion with 12 bed rooms LMAO waste of money! I would buy and house with 5 bedrooms or less.

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 2 months ago

    Ab is the fucking 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Josh roth
    Josh roth 2 months ago

    U know they call me toney toe tap

  • hahah lol
    hahah lol 2 months ago

    reminds me of Floyd

  • youtubeabuser
    youtubeabuser 2 months ago

    He has a lot of Jewish “friends” i.e. his accountants, agents and lawyers who are probably robbing him blind!!

  • 🅾
    🅾 2 months ago

    Dude a free mason

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 2 months ago

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  • Pato Valdes
    Pato Valdes 2 months ago +1

    Shoutout to big bron bron 😂

  • King Of Show Bullies
    King Of Show Bullies 2 months ago

    How NFL stars go broke when they retire🤔 property to make money off it and create generational wealth.

  • Ian Heicken
    Ian Heicken 2 months ago

    12 room mansion and they spend the whole time in his shoe closet

  • Njabulo Mthiyane
    Njabulo Mthiyane 2 months ago

    That beard looks it's from hunger games. Thought I'd see Katniss hiding in the closet.

  • Davion Mcclendon
    Davion Mcclendon 2 months ago

    Bad ass crib

  • Nina Angelou
    Nina Angelou 2 months ago +1

    5 years after his retirement, this guy is gonna file for bankruptcy and cry about it. The NFL is not forever, careful about these spending habits bruh...

  • Ell-J T.
    Ell-J T. 2 months ago

    If A.B. didn't have wife,and kids,A.B. would get a 👍🏿 from me,but I gets a 👎🏿 From me. Still A.B. has nice taste in stuff.

  • Alan Green
    Alan Green 2 months ago

    Dude is one of the nicest respectful humble people off the field he takes pics with fans signs autographs never says no to anyone and talks to people . He deserves all his success

  • abdullah alwani
    abdullah alwani 2 months ago

    the beard tho hahahaha

  • Diego Correa
    Diego Correa 2 months ago

    Ive seen this house in like 3 music videos 😂

  • Sawyer Ramos
    Sawyer Ramos 2 months ago

    It doesnt get stupider then this.

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie 2 months ago

    Wtf wrong with his head

  • Cameron kupka
    Cameron kupka 2 months ago

    God i dont understand how people think those shows look good, they look like fricken dumb as hell.

  • HunchoScrilla
    HunchoScrilla 2 months ago

    AB facial hair swag sum bullshit 😂

  • Jordan Gentsch
    Jordan Gentsch 2 months ago

    I dont like people who get stuff based on what others think. Smh, just get what you like

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago


  • Filthyz Productions
    Filthyz Productions 2 months ago

    I’m not a fan of his on the field but off yeah he’s lit. (He’s the best wr rn tho)

  • Alex Salvador
    Alex Salvador 2 months ago

    gucci mane look alike

  • Erikx03
    Erikx03 2 months ago

    Joe has the dopest job in the world!!!

  • Ryan Lund
    Ryan Lund 2 months ago

    Change title to "Antonio has Shoes." Barely even saw the mansion...

  • D Dub
    D Dub 2 months ago

    Yaaaaaaawn. I expected to see more mansion. Sad, all that mansion and no closet.

  • AKM Baller
    AKM Baller 2 months ago

    He seems a lot like Floyd lol

  • Jared Perry
    Jared Perry 2 months ago

    No one noticed "comftability"?

  • Kenneth Ikpe
    Kenneth Ikpe 2 months ago

    Boy zooted😂😂😂

  • richard escobar
    richard escobar 3 months ago

    AB just got that million dollar smile.

  • DiamondSupremeBroadcast


  • darian
    darian 3 months ago

    Another way black helping white making more money just sad

  • Nic Williams
    Nic Williams 3 months ago

    Ugly house

  • William Kim
    William Kim 3 months ago

    bro his everything is on fleek especially his facial hair

  • N Daly
    N Daly 3 months ago +1

    Them balenciaga shoes are the ugliest fuckin things I’ve seen. Save some money homeboy and just buy crocs if you wanna look like you wearing dog shit on your feet.

  • Nicholas Lippolis
    Nicholas Lippolis 3 months ago

    I like the way he lights up when he talks about his sneakers 😄

  • Justin Rakestraw
    Justin Rakestraw 3 months ago

    This is why guys go broke. Just don't get the money management part. You literally only can count on the signing bonus and guaranteed money of the contract then he'll only see about 44% after taxes and fees.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 3 months ago

    Joe from complex does not deserve this...

  • Ben Suter
    Ben Suter 3 months ago

    He don’t use no axe

  • Phuckk You
    Phuckk You 3 months ago +1

    nigga got a whole staircase on his chin

  • Jayluv
    Jayluv 3 months ago

    Don’t go broke AB, much respect to you

  • Leo Bookman
    Leo Bookman 3 months ago

    He'll go broke.

  • Ross Hyd
    Ross Hyd 3 months ago

    Most of the time is spent in his sneaker closet. SHIT

  • FootSoulgerZ Krew
    FootSoulgerZ Krew 3 months ago

    ab hair. ooo weeee

  • steve mayala
    steve mayala 3 months ago

    Waste of money ..bu y back the hood. Build a school that's the new wave

  • Yall Know Who Quise is
    Yall Know Who Quise is 3 months ago

    That moustache make it look like he bake pizzas

  • drfunk1986
    drfunk1986 3 months ago

    what's really the point of this though? Yes, he is going to have literally every shoe you cannot get in his closet.

  • Mohamed A
    Mohamed A 3 months ago

    Nice mansion but not the synagogue

  • Mr. Law 217
    Mr. Law 217 3 months ago

    He look high as hell

  • Mike Ratkiewicz
    Mike Ratkiewicz 3 months ago +1

    AB has a lot of Jewish friends.....hmmm.....

  • Joe Pesci
    Joe Pesci 3 months ago

    AB is high as hell on this video

  • Keaten daniel
    Keaten daniel 3 months ago

    Editor. Needs a raise

  • Jeaneen Malia Finau Heimuli

    He got a long horn mustache lol

  • TheDrBentley
    TheDrBentley 3 months ago

    "I'ma kneel during the american anthem to protest social injustice"............FUCKING DISGUSTING. I'm a minority and with this mentality blacks will always be in a rot hole. THEY CANT MOVE ON. No matter what happens you always have a way. Get out your social race card bitch mentality. Just like every other enthnicity has. Disgusting.

  • Ryan Brimer
    Ryan Brimer 3 months ago

    Whats up with the back of his head

  • Big Money Grip
    Big Money Grip 3 months ago

    What about life after football. When you want be making millions. The taxman's coming.

  • BigH63DT
    BigH63DT 3 months ago

    fuck the closet.. I wanna see a tour of the house!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 months ago

    Man this guy was drafted the 6th round, the 22nd out of 27th wide receiver, signed a contract of 3 years worth a lil over a million, to being the most paid wide receiver in the league, anything is truly possible if your mind and grind right.

  • GimmieYourRing
    GimmieYourRing 3 months ago

    His fade look like a midget cut it bro my man's missed a spot tuff

  • 100 Round Goon
    100 Round Goon 3 months ago

    i need all the background music names

  • Gorge gomez
    Gorge gomez 3 months ago

    brother rich as fuck
    hard hard work dose pay off

  • biggybtoussaint
    biggybtoussaint 3 months ago +7

    WTF!! Where the hell was the damn house tour???

  • CoolestNerdEver
    CoolestNerdEver 3 months ago

    Got that freshly dyed beard lol!

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins 3 months ago

    Is this dude an actor or athlete? Lol.

  • giantmidget08
    giantmidget08 3 months ago

    It just proves that people with money will spend a fortune on ugly, trashy shoes if somebody else tells them it’s cool. He will be broke someday.

  • S M
    S M 3 months ago