NFL Star Antonio Brown Shows Off His Insane Mansion and Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets


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  • Complex
    Complex  8 months ago +56

    Want more of this episode? Click here for bonus content with Antonio Brown:

  • Donnczar 1
    Donnczar 1 Day ago

    Put lil Wayne on the show

  • XZA K
    XZA K Day ago

    I hope this dude don’t go broke.

  • d1inonly
    d1inonly Day ago


  • clown collecteur
    clown collecteur 2 days ago

    Look at his Hair 😂😂😂😂 like Jermaine Jackson 😂😂😂

  • Rudy T
    Rudy T 2 days ago

    Why would you let anyone tell you what's hot? Shit be yourself have your own style

  • Henri Nevermind
    Henri Nevermind 5 days ago

    PITTSBURGH created a MONSTER feeding the MENTAL MONSTER is exemplified by the abundance of things needed to comforted the common beast

  • Abhimanyu Baheti
    Abhimanyu Baheti 7 days ago


  • Vegas Mitchell
    Vegas Mitchell 8 days ago

    "High Fashion Sneakers" VERY UGLY, Very Ugly & Overpriced! Just Shiiiit 2Say "i'm Rich"!!

  • Vegas Mitchell
    Vegas Mitchell 8 days ago

    Nice, NICE House. Maybe a Little 2 Big. The Upkeep on this has 2b $300k + a Year!

  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick 8 days ago

    Vanity of vanities

  • Wyatt Fritz
    Wyatt Fritz 8 days ago

    His diva ass is done in the league, better start selling that junk because he obviously didn’t save any money

  • Master of Disaster
    Master of Disaster 9 days ago

    I'm sorry. AB is an A-hole. He has always rubbed me the wrong way.

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts 9 days ago

    Joe bending back 1 of 3s like they're his

  • Lost Thoughts
    Lost Thoughts 9 days ago

    I keep seeing this nigga everywhere but the field lately

  • Ryan Scarington
    Ryan Scarington 9 days ago

    Hahaha AB said: “I got a lotta Jewish friends”

  • Duy Vinh Tran
    Duy Vinh Tran 10 days ago

    adidas sponsors a show interviewing a nike-sponsored athlete... ight

  • Respect Knuckles
    Respect Knuckles 11 days ago

    8:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 11 days ago

    He'll be broke 5 years after he's out of the NFL. Mark. My. Words.

  • britter 900
    britter 900 11 days ago

    This should be a tv show 😂

  • Kashandra Hall
    Kashandra Hall 12 days ago

    Got a feeling dude is going to be on Broke 2. One of those cats that lost it all.

  • Ramzes Empire
    Ramzes Empire 13 days ago

    you need these! you need these! they ain't my size need these! =finessed

    JOSEPH GOSA 13 days ago +1

    Why does he have a house in Florida if he is in Pittsburgh

  • Jerry Vickers
    Jerry Vickers 13 days ago

    Put some money away for Rainey day

  • Beth Dunham
    Beth Dunham 13 days ago

    Fucking JAGOFF

  • Joey Parm
    Joey Parm 14 days ago

    and still a piece of garbage

  • LtReaLGee91
    LtReaLGee91 14 days ago

    Tha fuck is that on the back of his head. Nasty af 🤢

  • Black ninja ph23
    Black ninja ph23 14 days ago

    GOD 💪🏿🙏🏿 BLESS

  • Cee. Mitchell
    Cee. Mitchell 15 days ago

    AB didn’t get enough attention as a Kid!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 days ago +1

    How come there's no complex with white players?🙀

  • Daniel Casteel
    Daniel Casteel 18 days ago

    Have fun going broke bro

  • Sam Contreras
    Sam Contreras 18 days ago

    “Im a simple guy”
    *has a closet just for his shoes*

  • Ian Duns
    Ian Duns 22 days ago

    If he lives like this, imagine how the Steelers' owner be livin...

  • Moore Blessings 913
    Moore Blessings 913 23 days ago

    Got love for AB but not when my team play them😁

  • Naufal Alfiansyah
    Naufal Alfiansyah 24 days ago

    What’s the name of the intro song ?

  • river side
    river side 28 days ago

    Used to like this guy but you know he be sucking them jews little cocks, and something is off about him either hes high or he brainwashed

  • Ryan Heard
    Ryan Heard Month ago

    Mustache looks like some kind of old president in the 1700s or something.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    AB high as fk

  • Jonah Ge
    Jonah Ge Month ago


  • IDrip
    IDrip Month ago

    Fuck the shoes i want a house tour

  • sin ners
    sin ners Month ago

    Go to Cristiano's house and cover his sneakers. I wanna see'em.

  • Ricardo Tellado
    Ricardo Tellado Month ago

    I could have millions and millions and I would never live like that

  • Ricardo Tellado
    Ricardo Tellado Month ago

    And that's how you go broke

  • sam sood
    sam sood Month ago

    That hair cut is the least expensive thing

  • kiddada3
    kiddada3 Month ago

    I feel like they film these so they have footage for suture stories of how these players went broke 15 years from now.

  • Dr NGO
    Dr NGO Month ago

    Off the chain!!!!!!!

  • Piddles McGee
    Piddles McGee Month ago

    Antonio browns lifestyle is that of a Bond villain

  • Tequilla Mcmichael
    Tequilla Mcmichael Month ago

    I love AB he is one of my fav players

  • Norman Harris
    Norman Harris Month ago +1

    Never been a sneaker fan... don’t get it....

  • Robert Pugh
    Robert Pugh Month ago

    Best episode yet

  • Chilling
    Chilling Month ago

    do a closet episode with the perfect pair

  • Luca Borgetti
    Luca Borgetti Month ago

    Broncos still beat them this past weekend

  • Luca Borgetti
    Luca Borgetti Month ago

    This is all temporary,when they retire they can't afford this life

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    His handlebar mustache screams sophistication and class.

  • cmon now
    cmon now Month ago


  • Milly Mako
    Milly Mako Month ago +1

    Its weird how alot of these shoes still have the price tag

  • Reed Sjaarda
    Reed Sjaarda Month ago

    Looks like that mansion musik cover

  • George Ybarra
    George Ybarra Month ago

    There ll be a for sale sign in front in about 3 yrs

  • Megatron
    Megatron Month ago

    Disappointed when I saw a collection of balenciaga's but its his taste so ig.

  • Straightoutofchiraq

    His answers seem so fake

  • Straightoutofchiraq

    Is he high?

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A Month ago +1

    I wonder if I’ll ever get to even walk through a house this nice.

  • MR EW
    MR EW Month ago

    nothing will ever beat DJ khaled's sneaker/shoe collection.

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO Month ago

    He got a painted on tape.

  • Doller and a dream 84

    Blacks are the real Jews anyway

  • r Ve
    r Ve 2 months ago

    Antonio got that pussy eater beard and stash.. he stay eating the eating the monkey

  • D.P. Brittain
    D.P. Brittain 2 months ago

    Another pro athlete that will be broke.

  • dabeast77100
    dabeast77100 2 months ago

    The title of the video is “Antonio Brown shows off his mansion” not “Antonio Brown shows off his entire shoe collection”!

  • josh williams
    josh williams 2 months ago

    That dude has a great smile!

  • Maria Kime
    Maria Kime 2 months ago

    I hate how everyone bakes on joe, like what !?!?

  • Isolate X
    Isolate X 2 months ago

    What dose he drive to Pitt every day

  • Leevi Heckman
    Leevi Heckman 2 months ago

    Cop a peep at that pimple tho

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines 3 months ago

    12 rooms wth

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines 3 months ago

    did yall win yesterday against the bengals 🤒🤒

  • Jay Sosa
    Jay Sosa 3 months ago

    Like if he need to do CJ SO COOL

  • michael bastani
    michael bastani 3 months ago

    Gluttony overdose

  • Josh Coorey
    Josh Coorey 3 months ago

    I don't know who this dude is but he seems like a bit of a wanker

  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones 3 months ago

    Is this the same condo he threw the vases off the balcony in damn near killing a 22 month old boy... Bravo pimp!!

  • Brett Burkett
    Brett Burkett 3 months ago

    Antonio Brown that house leaves a person speechless, a very beautiful house, that mansion makes russell simmons jealous..

  • T. Loco
    T. Loco 3 months ago

    Synagogue of Satan that star in the ceiling is a satanic star don't be blind ab

  • Ryan Lisa
    Ryan Lisa 3 months ago

    Can we see the actual house maybe

  • Kasim Whitlock
    Kasim Whitlock 3 months ago

    "I'm just a simple guy", says the black guy with the pimped out synagogue in his home and Loubutain and Gucci shoes on shelf.

  • Kevss
    Kevss 3 months ago

    Bro how is this mansion EVERYONES mansion 😂😂 fam I swear to god I’ve seen that living room on house tours, music videos, music albums, photo shoots, everything and everyone claims it’s their house. Somebody lyin 🧐

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun 3 months ago

    Are you 2 stoned ?. Lyfao!

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun 3 months ago

    Are you 2 in freakin highschool ?. Lmmfao!

  • Bee9 Gee9
    Bee9 Gee9 3 months ago

    This niggas hair looks like a Minecraft creation. Dude is weird as fuck

  • Matt Johnsen
    Matt Johnsen 3 months ago

    Bet he has no savings.

  • SpAcED_ OuT
    SpAcED_ OuT 3 months ago

    Ok but his house is ugly tho

  • Jay Brock
    Jay Brock 3 months ago

    Reminds me of Clinton Portis home. 5 yrs removed from the NFL Portis house went into foreclosure. Fellas need to have some business sense about themselves. Invest and stack. Stop with the flaunting.smh

  • Saber
    Saber 3 months ago

    illuminati conformed

  • 22Wideout AND HIDE YO W’s

    Why putting his greasy paws on his shoes?

  • James Forte
    James Forte 3 months ago

    Can u do follow up on Brown when career over and he’s broke lmao dumb bastards always buying big homes n stuff they don’t need

  • Richard Meharry
    Richard Meharry 4 months ago

    What’s the song at 7:20

  • Tahj Amir
    Tahj Amir 4 months ago

    Song @ 2:02 ???

  • Lauren Spencer
    Lauren Spencer 4 months ago

    Beautiful teeth and smile

  • AfternoonBot
    AfternoonBot 4 months ago

    If I was rich I would never buy a mansion with 12 bed rooms LMAO waste of money! I would buy and house with 5 bedrooms or less.

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 4 months ago

    Ab is the fucking 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Josh roth
    Josh roth 4 months ago

    U know they call me toney toe tap

  • hahah lol
    hahah lol 4 months ago

    reminds me of Floyd

  • youtubeabuser
    youtubeabuser 4 months ago

    He has a lot of Jewish “friends” i.e. his accountants, agents and lawyers who are probably robbing him blind!!