How to distinguish Americans


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    XXMODZ HAXSXX 7 hours ago

    But I swear I'm not fat

  • hollywoodslym
    hollywoodslym 7 hours ago

    As an American
    Eating is the best part about traveling
    And I’d eat McDonald’s if I don’t trust the local cuisine...🖕

  • Robin
    Robin 9 hours ago

    I’m not sure if I should offend or laughing because I’m nothing like that, every one I know isn’t like that

  • maegan dolorfo
    maegan dolorfo 14 hours ago

    3:49 "If you talk to American people, they smell like freedom" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • DATGuyDrew
    DATGuyDrew 16 hours ago

    What is the flag with black blue and white strips?

  • Dev
    Dev Day ago

    Wait what is an American suppose to look like? Lmao

  • Dev
    Dev Day ago

    “Americans are so fat” * Also America with the most Olympic gold medals *

  • Liz Haskell
    Liz Haskell Day ago

    “Hello, I’m a racist” always gets me 😂😂👌🏻

  • RamyChahine
    RamyChahine Day ago

    Hahahaaa I’m dead! So true!!!

    LICKMYNYNE 2 days ago


  • Sammie Canua
    Sammie Canua 2 days ago

    That ewe are fat? Yeah we take your stuff to bad so sad

  • nate vilardo
    nate vilardo 2 days ago

    best country ever

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 2 days ago

    no Koreans :/

  • Re id
    Re id 2 days ago

    Says the out of shape foreigners.

  • Roger Boswell
    Roger Boswell 2 days ago

    american's all belong to some tribe the rest are immigrant's remember that,,

  • Mr. GEMINI
    Mr. GEMINI 3 days ago

    Well they said Europeans don't brush their teeth or shower often....if it wasn't for the great country of USA the rest of Europeans would've been speaking German by now. That's why the Germs are still hating on us.

  • rob Charles
    rob Charles 3 days ago

    😀. US it's a big melting pot of races.

  • Keepingupwith nels
    Keepingupwith nels 4 days ago

    When they talk about fashion...... WHAT DO THESE TOURISTS WEAR ?!😂💀

  • Don’t read my Channel page

    Americanas are very hateful about weight and hints y most Americans are suicidal..

  • Baltic soul
    Baltic soul 5 days ago

    americans are really a little bit higher in average beacuse a lot of come from germany and africa where the people are taller than in other regions

  • Mr. Blutarsky
    Mr. Blutarsky 5 days ago +1

    "Hello. Are you American?"
    "Yes, I am"

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 5 days ago +1

    1 not every American is White
    2 not every American is obese
    3 America is one of the top 5 athletic countries
    4 we don't wear gigantic clothes
    5 we are not gun or war hungry you will find many don't want war
    6 We don't talk loud it's just your suppressive country doesn't allow freedom of speech
    7 we are not rude many are pretty friendly
    8 we don't focus on just our country half of Europe is dependent on America and America is one of the top 5 charitable countries

    9 compared to Russia we don't have a crap ton of nukes

      KAMAEHAMAEHA 5 days ago +1

      delusional fucking AmeriKKKAN !!!

  • Ka H
    Ka H 6 days ago

    Everyone they interviewed looks American. I hate this stereotype we have, ngl.

  • F0RG1V3N
    F0RG1V3N 7 days ago

    Europeans are arrogant POS. I know a British dude who told me Americans are more racist than Europeans, fat, no sense of style, etc.

  • Shtany
    Shtany 7 days ago +1

    Here's some common 'qualities' all Americans share:
    1. They're Hispanic
    2. Over 180lbs
    3. Smell like an old petrol rag
    4. Have at some point in their life shat themselves at WalMart
    5. Manlets
    6. Patriots

  • David Klein
    David Klein 7 days ago

    America has problems for sure and it’s open society can get crude but stays true. The world gets down on us like a kid with a tantrum, always knowing dad and mom will save their thankless selves when troubles loom.

  • clickbait WARNING!!!!!

    "The danger of a single story."

  • Liamsxsmile
    Liamsxsmile 8 days ago

    Ok not all of us are fat but almost everyone here likes food💀

  • Liamsxsmile
    Liamsxsmile 8 days ago

    We like food leave us alone damn also this might be wrong but I thought a lot of places in Europe are more well known for drinking than us?

  • Kwrakken
    Kwrakken 8 days ago

    Well, fuck. Them German girls roasted my ass just like they roasted those Jews.

  • Thompson Family
    Thompson Family 8 days ago

    they dont say "ur welcome"

  • Thompson Family
    Thompson Family 8 days ago

    when my mum exchanged in japan these little kids were following her and she scared them away by turning around and whispering "gaijin!"

  • Jermaine Sam
    Jermaine Sam 9 days ago

    I would say a lot (if not, most) of us Americans are very outgoing and friendly. I've traveled all over the US to big and small cities and people GENERALLY are nice...except the people in Washington DC, they're so unfriendly there. You can usually (not always) just randomly strike up a conversation with anyone...just not in DC lol

  • Trany Mabirizi
    Trany Mabirizi 9 days ago

    The video starts with insults to us then after making you feel bad and screaming fuck you then i good part starts

  • Sky limit
    Sky limit 9 days ago


  • Dana Foley
    Dana Foley 11 days ago

    Everyone is different races, but nationality is mostly American....🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dana Foley
    Dana Foley 11 days ago

    Really, fat and white? Touché. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Zaki Muhamad
    Zaki Muhamad 11 days ago

    easy to know american.. where you can smell dumb

  • And Ed
    And Ed 12 days ago

    Thank you for beating all of the confidence out of me

  • Boxterades Productions

    I don’t care what anyone says. I am proud to be an American. I love living in the country of freedom.

  • iKonic
    iKonic 12 days ago

    I have very bad anxiety and find it very hard to speak to others....idk if I'm even American anymore...

  • iKonic
    iKonic 12 days ago

    So what I get from this is.... *we smell like freedom*

  • master yao
    master yao 13 days ago

    American is cocky.They always look so selfish and too much confidence when they speak.The look on their face just make me want to punch them.

  • Mo
    Mo 13 days ago


  • 2EnjoyEverything
    2EnjoyEverything 13 days ago

    How to distiguish Austrians would be nice.

  • cold honky
    cold honky 14 days ago

    id like to bitch slap bout half these cocksuckers and shootem with my american made gun

  • Blockermemes
    Blockermemes 14 days ago

    I’m not putting on jeans if it’s boiling outside sorry. I just wear shorts all the time. The food is slightly accurate and yes, definitely a lot of us are pretty loud but I actually am aware of that unlike most tourists(that’s the one thing I hate about us).

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh 14 days ago

    It's kind of true that Americans wear what they like but they do change for school but any clothes go when you go to school since most public schools have no dress code so you can basically wear whatever and most people don't care what you wear or who you are .

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh 14 days ago

    I Don't think Americans go to McDonald's a lot since there are way too many fast cheap food shops . McD is meh

  • Turkey Feat
    Turkey Feat 15 days ago

    the sleeping in what they wear i think isn't really true

  • xXNightshadeLivesXx
    xXNightshadeLivesXx 15 days ago

    American POV! What's really sad did that some of this is accurate, but most people here aren't obese like people think. I dunno, I'm vegetarian so J don't eat hamburgers. Actually I hate them, amd not everyone here likes them. We actually have really intorvertedd people here, not everyone is outgoing. I was about to say we don't always eat but then I realized I'm eating at 10:30.. Yeah accurate.

  • M Masih Safi
    M Masih Safi 15 days ago

    They are polite and nice people!

  • alvinpetrovitch13
    alvinpetrovitch13 16 days ago +4

    The pot calling the kettle black much?

  • Zan Ex
    Zan Ex 16 days ago

    3:47 damm right chief!

  • TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger 16 days ago

    "They smell like freedom" LOL

  • lonewolf463
    lonewolf463 17 days ago

    Female German 1: they eat a lot a lot of hamburgers. so if you like a person with McDonalds, he's probably American
    Me: ............ are you fucking kidding me? eat to many hamburgers? i can go to UK right now by plane and find atleast 5 fat British women and atleast 3 go to a fast food restaurant the other two would go to some other place for food that's are just as bad as fast food places, and when i look at people in my country i can find a white or black men, fit or atleast skinny, mowing they're laws are doing whatever, and i can barely find a man who's pass the healthy weight limit to the least, and you wanna say we eat to many burgers.
    that's like saying the world know us with and image if us a " obese guy, on a power scooter, with a basket full of McDonalds attach to it, with machine guns on the side, with bald eagle flying by like is a movie scene from the 90's, with American flags on the back with a unnecessarily large words at the top screaming "*MERICA*" like its also from a 90's movie "

  • Jacob Gibson
    Jacob Gibson 17 days ago

    Most of the things they said were true about us Americans, but they didn’t say anything about guns... 🤔

  • I
    I 17 days ago

    At least the left German is no German from her background ...

  • Fulano de Tal
    Fulano de Tal 17 days ago +3

    American = a person who born in american continent.

    • Jamir Baker
      Jamir Baker 7 hours ago

      Next up: There is no European continent and they teach Europeans incorrectly

    • Fulano de Tal
      Fulano de Tal 17 days ago

      +God is Watching lmao, "theres no american continent" "they teach you incorrect" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • God is Watching
      God is Watching 17 days ago

      Technically, there is no "American continent", unless you live in South America, where they teach you, incorrectly, if I may add, that the whole thing is one giant continent. In actuality, there is a North American, and a South American plate (continent), both of which collided millions of years ago, and are still smashing together to this day. We can't help it that South Americans don't want to face that reality, lol, the U.S. of America is the only country on this planet that has "America" in its name.

  • Adam Sean
    Adam Sean 17 days ago


  • Sabeer Rostone
    Sabeer Rostone 18 days ago

    This stupid American

  • Pam Ch Voz
    Pam Ch Voz 18 days ago

    "I don't think we have an accent". Girl, every person in this planet have one. The thing is you usually think that you are the center of the world, so everyone have an accent except you.

  • Romiina Swan
    Romiina Swan 18 days ago

    Estonia? Somebody?

  • Lando Parada
    Lando Parada 18 days ago

    Americans are chubby because here, food portions are so big.
    You can get a 32oz drink, whereas in my country, the larger size cup of coffee is 20oz. I asked if they had a 24oz, they looked at me like I had ordered a bag of poop to go.
    Blame it on the size and the dirt cheap price.

    • Lando Parada
      Lando Parada 17 days ago

      I've traveled to other countries and seen other foreigners in those countries, coming back to the U.S. while waiting at U.S. customs, you realize that the U.S. is, in fact, has the most people with obesity issues. The Middle East may come 3rd probably. But so far, there's no contest, the U.S. is #1. Sad because the food can be healthy and good but instead you get these corporations that force farmers to feed their animals with growth hormones and then the vegetables get a healthy dose of PESTICIDES.
      Kinda makes you wonder why "healthy", "organic", "non-GMO" food is SO EXPENSIVE!!!
      Not to mention that almost nobody exercise.

    • God is Watching
      God is Watching 17 days ago

      America is not the most obese country on the planet, well, at least not based on percentage of population. Shockingly, several countries in the Middle East have a higher obesity rating than the U.S.

  • riothegenero101 boondocksainjackers

    We are were the same ish wat the lol wow

  • TinyMustache
    TinyMustache 19 days ago

    2:41 HONEY i KNOW people have no fashion sense here but IM TRYING to change that. I put 100% of effort into my outfits each and everyday and I hate to be categorized with everyone else cuz i try so HARD but people are so BASIC

  • YouTuber 1
    YouTuber 1 19 days ago

    3.3k american turds disliked this video

    • Blockermemes
      Blockermemes 14 days ago

      TVclipr 1 and you’re a global retard with braces stfu

  • FUDD
    FUDD 20 days ago

    1. White socks
    2. White shoes
    3. Entering though the exit of attractions because why not

  • Elizabeth Yorgey
    Elizabeth Yorgey 20 days ago

    These are all stereotypes

  • Justus 1000
    Justus 1000 20 days ago

    Americans are somehow European anyway

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 21 day ago

    I can't really tell unless they be like: I'm American and i bet their parents are from Germany or Russia or Australia or Just Europe in General lol.

  • artichokez
    artichokez 21 day ago

    this makes the people in the video look stupider than americans tbh

  • Maxwell Lynam
    Maxwell Lynam 21 day ago

    The german says mostly white lol

  • David Cisneros
    David Cisneros 21 day ago

    2:04 I thought that was a Korean thing. In my elementary school in CA they always had water bottles and rolling backpacks

  • 7620313
    7620313 21 day ago

    Those Sweden guys.... ugh....
    sometimes I wanna get gangbanged...

  • Jayden Clarke
    Jayden Clarke 22 days ago +2

    Americans are very noticeable, but it’s someone fortunate for me as an English speaker because if I’m lost abroad I can just go up to the most American guy nearby and ask for help :)

  • Jesus Santana
    Jesus Santana 22 days ago +4

    anyone can look american

  • Álvaro Higino
    Álvaro Higino 22 days ago

    2:59 scum

  • K H
    K H 22 days ago

    guess what guys :)
    we smell like freedom !!

  • K H
    K H 22 days ago

    those people called americans fat but TBH they looked about the same size as the average american

  • Jeremiah Lewis
    Jeremiah Lewis 23 days ago

    Americans aren't all white and fat. They need to come to America and see.

  • Mykol _ONE
    Mykol _ONE 23 days ago +1

    United States does have an obesity problem lol right on the double chin lol

  • OreoMask
    OreoMask 23 days ago +2

    I don't blame them they're not stupid just ignorant yano I blame their media

    We love you from US❤

  • Charlie S.
    Charlie S. 23 days ago +2

    Americans may be a bit heavier and less fashionable than residents of other countries, BUT we also tend to wash those HUGE bodies 💪and those unhip clothes more than most " slim hipsters" from other countries. Hint,hint!!😀

  • 김모모
    김모모 23 days ago

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ중간에 일본인 ㅋㅋㅋ웃겻닼ㅋ

  • Color Burst
    Color Burst 23 days ago

    Me: I am extremely offended

  • Jason Davila
    Jason Davila 23 days ago

    Look for arrogance, racism, ignorance, obesity and selfishness.

  • Ann Young
    Ann Young 23 days ago +1

    Our WWE Raw wrestlers aren't overweight. I live in America and I see more thin people than overweight

  • Melody Wright
    Melody Wright 23 days ago

    Lol, unless you're Native, America is made up of people from these different countries. These folks look exactly like the Americans whose ancestors migrated here, a few hundred years ago.

  • Andres Morando
    Andres Morando 24 days ago


  • Jackson
    Jackson 24 days ago

    You know how we can tell foreigners apart in the US from actual Americans?
    1. Nasty ass teeth
    2. Rude
    3. Extremely Pretentious
    4. Narcistic
    5. Argue about everything
    6. Believe they know more about American politics than actual Americans
    7. Try and belittle every single thing about American culture (except for Eastern Asians, they have an interest in American Culture)
    8. Thinks that every American has the whole fucking US arsenal in their house

  • Peter Grun
    Peter Grun 24 days ago

    americans are loud, obnoxious, ill mannered, dress poorly, have bad posture, overweight, self entitled... not hard to pick those losers out of a crowd.

  • Madeleine Dicaprio
    Madeleine Dicaprio 24 days ago

    The short German girl calling Americans fat... while she’s fat

  • xiiyaenxzi
    xiiyaenxzi 24 days ago

    0:26 r/facepalm

  • Angelina Castro
    Angelina Castro 25 days ago

    Fuck man we have such a bad wrap

  • JayJay Shaffer
    JayJay Shaffer 25 days ago

    They’re show a lot of respect for all the wars we saved them from. Fuck you!

  • Hunter Kendrick
    Hunter Kendrick 25 days ago

    why all these people look reatarded

  • Lance Baker
    Lance Baker 25 days ago

    Strange that the Japanese girls thought Americans have "impressive muscular development". That's because the muscular ones go to the gym and the rest go to KFC and McDonald's..

  • Lance Baker
    Lance Baker 25 days ago

    The reason most Europeans think Americans are fat and white is because most U.S. tourists who can afford to travel to Europe ARE fat and white. Same in China. When I saw a Black person in China, 90% of the time they were African, not American.

  • Lance Baker
    Lance Baker 25 days ago

    At 0:25 "I don't think we have accents" she says in a midwestern accent. There are a dozen easy to distinguish accents in the U.S., not to mention Canadian ("Oatside is cold, eh?")