Playgrounds That Should NOT Be For Kids!

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
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Comments • 3 396

  • Gwynnie -______-
    Gwynnie -______- 5 hours ago

    My school actually has two green slides with ZERO barriers and my friends will just sit around and watch people fall off 😂

  • J Ramos
    J Ramos 13 hours ago

    The zig zag thing is not a slide, its a thing for you to clime on and it goes side to side.

  • Valeria Flores
    Valeria Flores 17 hours ago

    4:20 I actually live there and I have gone there

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz 20 hours ago

    Well acutully I went to a playground 2 years ago and I found trangela and a 1 feet spider

  • Diamond Creeper
    Diamond Creeper Day ago

    Illuminati conformed, playgrounds are now sexual grounds or deathgrounds

  • Jayla Calderon
    Jayla Calderon Day ago

    Why there so many dicks tho lol

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    This vid is so funny,like if u think so

  • Gawin Wheaton
    Gawin Wheaton Day ago

    stop with the jokes 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤧🤧

  • Blake Cole
    Blake Cole Day ago

    The one on the roof was for display

  • Let Your Light Shine

    Idk if I should laugh because you’re making it funny or get mad because these things are bad.

  • Charles Peloquin

    The slide at 4:26 is meant for climbing not sliding

  • todoroki shoto
    todoroki shoto Day ago

    One like for jat

  • todoroki shoto
    todoroki shoto Day ago

    Oh-jays de alfiedos i like for jay

  • todoroki shoto
    todoroki shoto Day ago

    Omg oof the play growneds

  • Lily
    Lily Day ago

    Theses are making me scared and uncomfortable

  • Kiera Sings
    Kiera Sings Day ago +1

    I went on the blue zig zag and I fell on my face so give me a like

  • Dor_YT
    Dor_YT Day ago

    4:14 btw thats not a slide XD

  • Arri Fox
    Arri Fox 2 days ago

    I saw a playground with wasps

  • Elvis Huang
    Elvis Huang 2 days ago

    It is not safe for kids or humans to play with bears
    Russians: hold my beer

  • Plamen Koshlev
    Plamen Koshlev 2 days ago

    8:18 Oh my god ... don't ask me pls

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 2 days ago

    @ 9:56 that’s actually not a slide it’s to get up that’s why it had so many curves it’s to grab and get on the playground platform

  • Brianna Bailey
    Brianna Bailey 2 days ago

    I would go to the Cemetery and Bear park. It looks fun!

  • Stretchy StickMan
    Stretchy StickMan 2 days ago

    4:14 i have tried that slide and its not scary its just like a real slide

  • funtime foxy
    funtime foxy 3 days ago

    The slide with no sides is ment to be like that

  • Jonathan Suarez
    Jonathan Suarez 3 days ago

    Cause you deserve nothing

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 3 days ago

    Come to Texas

  • Emely Edua
    Emely Edua 3 days ago +1

    Ay ay leave we bear bears out of dis or I tell dem to eat you😝😝😝

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 3 days ago


  • Ess Jay
    Ess Jay 4 days ago +5

    4:15 that isn't a slide it is apart of an obstacle course (you try to climb up it)
    also 6:03 it's a sandwich

  • Charli Ryan
    Charli Ryan 4 days ago +2

    those slides though ive never experienced that well rip to all those children who went down @ 7:28 and @ 8:25

  • Arthur Riedel
    Arthur Riedel 4 days ago +1

    Poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poop!

  • Shane’s VAR
    Shane’s VAR 4 days ago

    4:54 “IT’S A TRAP!”

  • NaThAnI3L0L0L676543 JFI9

    I love playgrounds

  • moon light sweetie
    moon light sweetie 4 days ago

    Question: how dirty is your mind?
    Answer: pretty much dirty as s**t

  • sans lover
    sans lover 4 days ago


  • Briauna Jefferson
    Briauna Jefferson 4 days ago +1

    That slide is at Deep Run Park
    Where I live

  • mia genesiss
    mia genesiss 5 days ago

    They look like if they hurt so bad if you go in one you will saund like an oof

  • Irelynn Sarchett
    Irelynn Sarchett 5 days ago

    The one with no sides and its curvy isn’t a slide 😂 I have been there is called America the beautiful Park your supposed to climb up it. Lmao

  • ghyu ijbouibyuiv
    ghyu ijbouibyuiv 5 days ago

    8.27 was a fireman pole

  • Aspen mitchell
    Aspen mitchell 6 days ago

    the zigzag one isnt actually a slide lol. ive seen them before, and they lean.pretty sure ur meant to go up them too idk xD

  • Anaïs PineApple
    Anaïs PineApple 6 days ago

    in my primary school we had the EXACT same thing as the one in 4:28, it wiggles too but no one got hurt from that 'slide' just one kid got really hurt with another part of the structure so they had to call an ambulance but that happened just once from when I was there

    • Anaïs PineApple
      Anaïs PineApple 6 days ago

      I think its a climb think tho but it looks like a weird slide

  • Cyrus Fritton
    Cyrus Fritton 7 days ago

    I live next to a playground by a forest and up a hill i saw slender man today

  • Elite Thrasher
    Elite Thrasher 7 days ago

    I play fortnite more than wathing ur vids

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez 8 days ago

    I was sliding on a slid and it has hurt my hips

  • Vilken Röta
    Vilken Röta 8 days ago +1

    4:15 do you have a childhood bro thats not a slide u race with marbles on those xd

  • janae carroll
    janae carroll 8 days ago +1

    At the beginning he sounds like a villager from minecraft😂😂

  • Pokemon Gamer
    Pokemon Gamer 8 days ago

    It is poop

  • Hamilton Hoops
    Hamilton Hoops 8 days ago +2

    4:58 Imagine going to school, the car sunroof open and sliding down into your seat!! FIRE!!😎😎
    I think I got my swagger back

  • FTE_Lucky
    FTE_Lucky 9 days ago

    Btw I watch this video in playground😀

  • Miriam Doval
    Miriam Doval 9 days ago

    8:27 Uhm, that’s a “fireman” pole. It’s pretty obvious

  • Miriam Doval
    Miriam Doval 9 days ago

    2:21 lots of playgrounds have those. One of my school’s playgrounds (The school was for 3rd and 4th) has those

  • Liam Fitzpatrick
    Liam Fitzpatrick 9 days ago


  • Bailey Ryan Rios Да the Tesla fan channel

    I am 12 so I go on a normal playground

  • Sienna Ramon
    Sienna Ramon 9 days ago

    these people nasty

  • x j
    x j 10 days ago

    1:47 are you an army? bc i see shooky hanging out on your shelf ajajajubsdijk

  • Mounia Kahhach
    Mounia Kahhach 10 days ago

    A penis

  • Oliver's World
    Oliver's World 10 days ago +1

    3:46 my grades in 3rd grade😑

  • Fee the Fox
    Fee the Fox 10 days ago

    wait what's a playground?

  • Kayla Cloninger
    Kayla Cloninger 10 days ago +1

    R.I.P. Billy

  • Lydia Lamb .
    Lydia Lamb . 10 days ago

    SOME PEOPLE ARE DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orlando Galindo
    Orlando Galindo 10 days ago

    I’ve been on the zigzag thing

  • Manvir Sandhu
    Manvir Sandhu 11 days ago

    That zig zag slide is not a slide I have it at my local park your supposed to climb up it

  • Tasnim Zahinetasnimzahine

    Hwe hwas an a Alfwado famiwy

  • Kayden Gallagher
    Kayden Gallagher 13 days ago


  • Gini Rahman
    Gini Rahman 13 days ago +1

    When Tal said "double yea"
    I laughed so hard that I fell from the chair and bumped my head on the side by a table!!

    I don't know why I laughed at that so much!! Lol

  • Practical Asian
    Practical Asian 13 days ago

    The blue "slide" with no barriers is not even a slide. You climb up it

  • SavagecoolboyyyPlayz
    SavagecoolboyyyPlayz 13 days ago +1

    3:00 that had my dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Drift SSDT
    Drift SSDT 13 days ago

    we used to have a play ground in my backyard until when i was playing on it and the part i was standing on fell and i broke my leg OOF

  • Frostings Toppings
    Frostings Toppings 14 days ago +2

    I went on the slide with no barriers, andddd i fell off, but it was hilarious

  • keuhallowed tan
    keuhallowed tan 15 days ago

    How the hell did the government allow those engineer to build this shits?

  • Joelie White
    Joelie White 15 days ago

    When I was 7 I went to a playground with my dad and he saw a rock wall and he said go climb it because I love climbing so when I did I fell off because ahandle broke off Imy dad looked at it more closly ......and the scews were old cheep plastic... my dad sewed them .....THE END

  • xoxo sophie
    xoxo sophie 16 days ago

    I have seen those zig zag sideless slide and it also will turn when your on it😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Mateo Mata
    Mateo Mata 16 days ago

    Once I was going down a slide but there was like 17 bumps

  • Space Wormy
    Space Wormy 16 days ago

    The 3 one was a dragon fly

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 16 days ago

    4:18 I’ve been on those hundreds of times also ur supposed to climb them

  • Christian’s Gaming
    Christian’s Gaming 17 days ago

    ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)╭∩╮
    That was for the makers of the playgrounds
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dani
    Dani 17 days ago

    I live in a small town in Idaho, and when we were kids we were never allowed to go to the park and I never understood why, when I was 10 they showed me what the park acctually looked like. There were used condoms, dirty needles, and basically anything to do with drugs. I'm glad my parents never let me go there. On that day I learned how much of a drug problem my town had

  • LaShonda/Elijah aka son Warley

    Bahaha come from your butt

  • Rylan Martin
    Rylan Martin 17 days ago

    I was at a playground that the swing was high and I fell broke my arm

  • Super deadpool Boom
    Super deadpool Boom 17 days ago

    Tal 4:25 is not a slide it’s a thing that you climb and it turns

  • Ángel Martínez
    Ángel Martínez 17 days ago

    I like playgrounds😝 i gave a like😄

  • Gillian Edwards
    Gillian Edwards 17 days ago

    This is my mum and dads account

  • Gillian Edwards
    Gillian Edwards 17 days ago

    I’m a kid

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 17 days ago +1

    2:32 all the buts you could want

  • KimLan Hieu
    KimLan Hieu 17 days ago

    What if the camera man is the enjineer

  • Lupina Florez
    Lupina Florez 18 days ago +1

    I have went to a playground

  • Ayan Amir
    Ayan Amir 18 days ago

    I got my answer at 3:2

  • Annabel Farfalla
    Annabel Farfalla 18 days ago

    4:25 I’ve been on one of those slides with no barriers

  • juan paniagua
    juan paniagua 18 days ago


  • Brol nit Sta
    Brol nit Sta 18 days ago

    The first picture was in my school

  • William Lewer
    William Lewer 18 days ago

    The one with a slide with no barriers wasn't a slide you climb it then they also woble

  • flowerkitty crown
    flowerkitty crown 18 days ago

    Who saw the bts doll i did

  • Liliana healy
    Liliana healy 18 days ago

    I went on a slide with no sides before

  • Rainbow Girl 123
    Rainbow Girl 123 18 days ago

    this fool smart.

  • Layla W.
    Layla W. 18 days ago

    Your mind is real dirty lol😈

  • Hdez Gresul
    Hdez Gresul 18 days ago

    You looked at some of the same slides as caylus

  • Xstel Player 360
    Xstel Player 360 19 days ago


  • Tirth Patel
    Tirth Patel 19 days ago

    When i was in elementary school i fell of a slide because my friend pushed off accidentally and i i almost caught my self but i failed and the slide was more than 10 feet high

  • Jessica Matrow
    Jessica Matrow 19 days ago