Top 10 Early Oscar Contenders You NEED To See


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  • Jonathon Miller
    Jonathon Miller Day ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody???? Black Panther???? Avengers: Infinity War????

  • andrewszombie
    andrewszombie 18 days ago

    Go Gaga!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

  • Ghost Burger
    Ghost Burger 22 days ago

    Absolutely shameful that Eighth Grade was shut out

  • Stay Tuned...
    Stay Tuned... 23 days ago +2

    Toni Collette should have definitely been nominated

  • Stay Tuned...
    Stay Tuned... 23 days ago

    For Hereditary not to receive any nominations at all makes me not want to watch it

  • Parental Advisory
    Parental Advisory 23 days ago

    A lot of people are saying a Star is born was trash I don’t necessarily agree but I do believe that rami malek deserves an Oscar for his work has Freddie Mercury

  • Jud Joseph
    Jud Joseph 24 days ago

    Filming a remake of a remake.... An Oscar nomination... Are you kidding me

  • Patricia Bilinkas
    Patricia Bilinkas 25 days ago +1

    I bet Lady Gaga and maybe Bradley Cooper will do a duet on Shallow, and the song will win. However, Glenn Close will get the Oscar because she never got one.

  • Raghava takari
    Raghava takari 25 days ago


  • Schmoozequeen
    Schmoozequeen 25 days ago

    Gawd she is super UGLY without makeup!

  • nicelyfaithful
    nicelyfaithful 25 days ago

    Wow, bout half of these got snubbed!!!

  • Marc-André Laforest
    Marc-André Laforest 25 days ago

    no mention of ''Vice''?

  • greatest fan
    greatest fan 26 days ago

    I don't know about a star is born because it was boring for me. The only good thing was the song "shallow" the rest were just mediocre. No offense but a star is born bored the hell out of me. Trust me I know a greaf movie when I see one. No offense

  • Amparo Narbona
    Amparo Narbona 26 days ago +1

    9-Totally snubbed
    7-Not as many as I imagined, but still
    5-Oh yes
    2-Yeah, but not for the big trophees
    1-Hell yeah
    -Only two
    -Only for original script

  • Dixon
    Dixon 28 days ago


  • Suzana Tolić
    Suzana Tolić 28 days ago +1

    Green book is GOLD!

  • Ali Ghaziha
    Ali Ghaziha 29 days ago

    لیدی گاگا اسکار امسال مبارکتون باشه.

  • Justin Mack
    Justin Mack Month ago

    No Black Panther or Rhapsody

  • Laura Barto
    Laura Barto Month ago

    You didn’t even give Boho Rhapsody Honorable mention even though you were smart enough to tease with? May a dirty bird fly up your nose!

  • MonkeyGami
    MonkeyGami Month ago +1

    Hereditary, despite being snubbed by the Golden Globes, really should be recognized as one of the best movies of the year. Toni Collette herself deserves an acting nom. The movie might be too intense a horror/psychological flick for the Academy's tastes. Unfortunately, that might cause them to also overlook Collette. See it if you get a chance (and aren't squeamish)!

  • Mungo Lewis
    Mungo Lewis Month ago +1

    Let's remember that 'A Star is born' is a remake of a remake.

    • red rose
      red rose 29 days ago

      l can't stand .may be . not think

  • Eric Luna
    Eric Luna Month ago

    Lol at people thinking a star is born and Gaga wining an Oscar. It’s a remake of a remake and Oscar will go with originality. Mark my words

    • cory funk
      cory funk Month ago +1

      It will get nominated but won't win. Just like true grit

  • Ali Shadjareh
    Ali Shadjareh Month ago

    A month to go: Widows no longer a contender, I hope Toni Collette gets a nod but she won't. Eighth Grade will get nods for certain. If Beale Street is 75% likely. The Favourite and Roma definitely 100% . Green Book is going to be affected by the scandals revealed today. First Man will get nods for technicality, Original Screenplay and Supporting Actress as well as Picture. Gosling will not get a nomination like originally thought. Definitely nothing for Boy Erased, Mary Queen of Scots will get arts and technical nods and is likely to get a nod for Best Supporting Actress. A Star is Born, the best Picture winner of 2019!

  • blackiesun
    blackiesun Month ago +1

    All people who say Gaga should win the Oscar are teens who haven't got a clue about what they're even talking about. I am practically sure they are all under the age of 20 and A star Is Born might possibly be the first grown-up movie they watch hahaha.
    It is the 4th time this story is remade. It has been made as a musical film already twice. This movie has nothing original or innovative to say about this plot that hasn't been already done before in the other movies. Doesn't deserve best movie either. I think it was an unnecessary remake and it's just Oscar-baiting stuff.
    Gaga deserves to win for best song and that's it.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner Month ago

    They should give me an oscar for having to watch these selfserving backpatting rich jerkoffs..
    ..not,,,,, no watching it in my house..

  • pochoklin77
    pochoklin77 Month ago

    Green book, best movie and beast lead for Viggo Mortensen

  • Xella E
    Xella E Month ago

    what about colette?

  • Xella E
    Xella E Month ago

    What about Beautiful Boy?

    • red rose
      red rose 29 days ago

      +Xella TO you lesbian

    • red rose
      red rose 29 days ago

      +Xella TO .........

    • Xella E
      Xella E 29 days ago

      +red rose ...

    • red rose
      red rose 29 days ago

      what about you?

  • DarkAngel201032
    DarkAngel201032 Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody bag the Golden Globes and Rami Malik is the best actor. Let's wait for The Oscar. Too bad BR is not even one of your top 10 picks

  • don7403
    don7403 Month ago

    Toni Collette please

    • cory funk
      cory funk Month ago

      Toni collette was good but heriditary was overrated

  • Liam Gwynn
    Liam Gwynn Month ago

    First man has little if any chance ay scoring a win. It’s been snubbed at pretty much every reward show. Replace it with Bohemian Rhapsody and you got yourself a list.

  • Humberto Barbosa
    Humberto Barbosa Month ago +1

    The fabulous Glenn Close, one of the best actress of all time, must get the Oscar this year ! It is a duty of the Academy

    • cory funk
      cory funk Month ago

      Glenn close is a good actress. However the best acting is what should win even if she had 8 nominations. The best acting should win even if the person had millions of nominations

  • ef Kworld
    ef Kworld Month ago

    The favourite

  • Maria De Los Angeles Castro Villalba

    "Avengers:Infinity War"

  • Justin Blumstein
    Justin Blumstein Month ago

    Haha Star is born only won one award at Golden globes and it wasn’t even for acting

  • Paolina Teneva
    Paolina Teneva Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody would have been nominated if it was about an American band. 99% of the Queen fans loved it and that is more important than a meaningless award.

  • Marzokhy Mague
    Marzokhy Mague Month ago


  • Jake4uinto
    Jake4uinto Month ago

    Sorry, Gaga was good but not worthy of Oscar. Other Actresses were much better. Cooper killed the mood of the ending by not focusing on Lily and cutting to the two of them.

  • gabriel magipo
    gabriel magipo Month ago

    The Win is bohemian rapsody 👏👏👏

  • Shirley Mullen
    Shirley Mullen Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody should have been on this list. I am not saying that "Star is Born" isn't good, but how about originality? this is the 3rd time this movie has been made. Rami Malek is such an gifted actor. Being around when Freddie Mercury was alive, Rami has channeled Freddie to a tee.

  • Wojciech Z.
    Wojciech Z. Month ago +2

    Rami Malek!

  • julio rodolfo padilla salas

    T O N I C O L L E T T E

  • TripletBoysMum
    TripletBoysMum Month ago missed one. It centers on arguably the best male singer ever. Ever.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G Month ago +1

    Gaga cant win over Glenn Close... it would be too cruel
    Glenn deserves her Oscar. It would be way worse then Cher winning over Glenn Fatal Attraction

  • Alix De Souza
    Alix De Souza Month ago

    Saoisre Ronan for Oscar

  • Barbara Vela
    Barbara Vela Month ago

    I hope that Josh Brolin and Michael B. Jordan get nominated to Best Supporting Actors for their marvel roles

  • Luis Patlan
    Luis Patlan Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody??

  • Dorsa
    Dorsa Month ago

    On The Basis of Sex, with Felicity Jones and Arline Hammer ??

  • Khaled Mohi
    Khaled Mohi Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody??

  • Michael Skibitiansky

    Don't give a f*** about Hollywood flicks anymore.
    Mostly radical leftists propaganda or unexciting CGI

  • The Last Nigga on Earth

    The academy awards are closed du to AIDS and pedophiles

  • sabari nath
    sabari nath Month ago

    Gaga.. For best movie and original songs..

  • Niko Gaming
    Niko Gaming Month ago

    Toni Collette should nominated and win oscar and Bradley cooper will be best actor

  • victor hugo
    victor hugo Month ago

    Toni collette deserve the oscar just for the crying scene in hereditary, that shit was just visceral! But probably gaga will win because is popular, i did not see star is born, i bet is good, i dont think gaga act bad, but Toni in hereditary is another level of acting that movie got me fuck up not just for the story but for the acting!

  • Dianis hola
    Dianis hola Month ago

    Viva México... Vamos por ROMA

  • Se Winvicta
    Se Winvicta Month ago

    Nah, this came out two months too early.
    How could they not have waited for Vice?! Assuming they knew something about the movie industry.

  • SuperSunshine90210
    SuperSunshine90210 Month ago

    Annihilation? Where is it? That's one of the best films from this year

  • caval attittude
    caval attittude Month ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody and A star is Born

  • caval attittude
    caval attittude Month ago

    For me the best actor is Rami Malek and the best actress is Lady Gaga

  • Blanca rosa
    Blanca rosa Month ago


  • Clinton Fernandes
    Clinton Fernandes Month ago

    Where is ROMA

  • Roberto Medina
    Roberto Medina Month ago

    Yalitza Aparacio deserve every single award for her beatiful Cleo.

  • Diana Sandoval
    Diana Sandoval Month ago

    Roma needs to win Best picture! What a masterpiece

  • fluvin66
    fluvin66 Month ago +1

    Bradley Cooper has just gone super nova.

  • Julian Ellsworth
    Julian Ellsworth 2 months ago +1


  • Aya Ehab
    Aya Ehab 2 months ago

    So no beautiful boy? :/

  • Ÿöh Äsäkürä
    Ÿöh Äsäkürä 2 months ago

    Okay,right now...I can feel that BoRhap can win some categories.It's awesome !

  • Annn Niemm
    Annn Niemm 2 months ago

    ROMA is the best movie of the year is you ask me.

  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 months ago

    a star is born best actress and movie.

  • Bob Escabar
    Bob Escabar 2 months ago

    Regina King and Lady Gaga

  • Tarryn Booysen
    Tarryn Booysen 2 months ago

    Where is Bohemian Rhapsody??

  • PitbullSubs
    PitbullSubs 2 months ago +1

    If ROMA wasn‘t foreign, it would win in all categories

  • Ivan B
    Ivan B 2 months ago

    #1 A Star is Born - for me, definitely, for sure, confident!

  • Peter Morales
    Peter Morales 2 months ago

    Where is I, Tonya ?

  • Syed Ahmad Raza
    Syed Ahmad Raza 2 months ago

    You missed Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice

  • Cesar Castillo
    Cesar Castillo 2 months ago +1

    I just saw Rome and it's a wonderful movie... my favorite for Oscar

  • Jorge Ayala
    Jorge Ayala 2 months ago

    Well it seems Vice will wipe the floor with all of them.

  • Arlene Cunningham
    Arlene Cunningham 2 months ago

    I am happy for good films getting nominated but, the political agendas behind everything makes me sick - mixed feelings here :(

  • Alice Hardy
    Alice Hardy 2 months ago

    Where is Bohemian Rhapsody?

  • Jasmina Tzvetanova
    Jasmina Tzvetanova 2 months ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody. Rami Malek. Toni Collette.

  • MalsDoxy Glambert
    MalsDoxy Glambert 2 months ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody and Rami Malek

  • Tiago Moreira
    Tiago Moreira 2 months ago

    Roma can be nominated as it has been put into theatre too, not just on Netflix

  • Operation Brass Eagle
    Operation Brass Eagle 2 months ago +1

    Thank god Black Panther wasn’t on this list. It’ll probably get nominated a bunch anyways

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      If it wins I will laugh my ass off. I kind of want it to win for that reason alone.

  • Wittman Josué Campos Guzmán

    You forgot Vice

  • La flame
    La flame 2 months ago

    why does everyone forgets about Beautiful Boy???

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      But Timothee will get nominated

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      Because its forgettable...?

  • Yasniel Hopper
    Yasniel Hopper 2 months ago

    A Star is Born

  • Ozybeastias
    Ozybeastias 2 months ago +1

    Why isn’t Roma number 1?

  • coca cola
    coca cola 2 months ago

    A Star is born and Bohemian Rhapsody are absolutly overrater

  • Edwin Jangao
    Edwin Jangao 2 months ago

    A Star Is Born is a clear winner!

  • ROi Ramos
    ROi Ramos 2 months ago

    Gaga will win an oscar for sure!!!

  • Martin Pascoe
    Martin Pascoe 2 months ago

    I love GaGa but most of these people who are rooting for her to win havent even see Glenn in The Wife (I said most, not all)

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      And not many people have seen The Favourite (myself included) so really most of us are out of our element.

  • Wennes Mota
    Wennes Mota 2 months ago

    Lady Gaga is an extraordinary Artist. 😍

  • Atreus
    Atreus 2 months ago +1

    This entire list could just be " *sPeAkiNG oF a24...* "

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Bradley Cooper should win the Oscar like he should have won for American Sniper hope they don’t screw him again

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      He should not have won for American Sniper. He should not have been nominated because he caused Gyllenhaal's snub for Nightcrawler.

  • Steven Charles
    Steven Charles 2 months ago

    Can’t wait for Gaga Stan’s to be PRESSED when Toni Collette wins the Oscar (rightfully as Toni has the performance of her career)

  • Vishesh Jain
    Vishesh Jain 2 months ago

    Where the hell is Vice??????

  • cmdavis 09
    cmdavis 09 2 months ago


  • James Harris
    James Harris 2 months ago

    Olivia Coleman is going to win Best Actress. Ever since she came on the scene in 2010-11 with Tyrannosour, critics and fellow actors alike have been praising her as one of the future greats. With the Night Manager and now, taking over playing the queen at a different time in her life in The Crown, many are now calling her the best of her generation in her country. Coleman is poised for the win, and someone is going to win for The Favourite. Both Emma and Rachel have already won Oscars, and if The Favourite is nominated in all of the top categories, Picture, direction, Actress, Supporting Actress, etc., and I see no less than 8 nominations for it, probably 10, you had better believe it's going to win an acting Oscar. Lady Gaga will not win, at least not for acting. Good performance but hardly the best this year and most of the older voters are going to be comparing it to the likes of Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbara Stiesand, who all played the role, with the first two being nominated and losing and Barbara not being up, at least for Actress, although she did win for the song, Evergreen, so that's where Gaga may win, if anywhere, for Best Song. I can see both her and Cooper winning for one of the songs they wrote, but that'll be it.

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb 2 months ago

      I always think of her as Doris Thatcher from Hot Fuzz.

  • Afaf haddad
    Afaf haddad 2 months ago

    Ummm beautiful boy for the oscars obviously

  • Jazmin Begley
    Jazmin Begley 2 months ago