BeatsX Earphones: Unboxing & Review

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
  • Unboxing, Review, and Comparison to the Apple AirPods.
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  • anisd100
    anisd100 6 days ago

    Im not contented with its bass

  • Aaron Gwarcia
    Aaron Gwarcia Month ago

    am i the only one who didn’t get the wings or the case?

  • Wally G.
    Wally G. Month ago


  • Taylor Lacy
    Taylor Lacy 2 months ago

    Watching these on my beats x

  • Lily Mylene Philomena Mary Pulido Petrola

    I would love to have this one since I Love singing on smule and this one is good for communication. Very durable and there is no more need to use any longer cord that only disturb your moves.

  • hi i am spongebob
    hi i am spongebob 2 months ago

    is the code for first time subscribers only?

  • Sterling Saunders
    Sterling Saunders 2 months ago

    If there wasn't a cord the beats would beat the airpods

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez 3 months ago

    Please make an unboxing video of the new beats x wireless earbuds

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez 3 months ago

    I Bought The Beats X Today And They Sound Great

  • Brandon Garzon
    Brandon Garzon 4 months ago

    What if the Apple music didn't come with the box?!?!?? Because mine didn't!!!!!! My box says TEN YRS DECADE COLLECTION

  • Lightsaber Lord P373
    Lightsaber Lord P373 4 months ago

    My brother has got a pair of beats X in black and he uses them for his Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Smart Passive
    Smart Passive 4 months ago

    5 minutes gets u 2 hours of charge our review on the wireless beatsX

  • aya Ich
    aya Ich 4 months ago

    You have the same voice as Taylor hill. It’s a youtuber too or maybe you’re the same person.

  • J White
    J White 5 months ago

    If your looking to buy some of these for a lower price check out my offer up it’s (Javares)

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores 5 months ago

    I didn’t get the Apple Music with my beats?

  • Żęåûx X
    Żęåûx X 5 months ago

    5:58 I can use AirPods for days without them dying

  • Aidrian
    Aidrian 5 months ago

    Mines didn’t come with Apple Music trial

  • acababie MSP
    acababie MSP 6 months ago

    The other day, I purchased some beats x in silver from Best Buy. When I got in the car I opened it and started using them. I watched a couple of TVclip videos of people unboxing them and I realized half the things that came in their box wasn’t in mine! First of all, the box looked completely different, second the wing tips weren’t in there, and third there was no pouch to store them in. I was wondering if they were fake or not, I mean I bought them from Best Buy. Why would Best Buy be selling products that are fake or doesn’t have accessories that it’s supposed to have in there? I going back to Best Buy tomorrow and returning them. I hope they accept it, it’s in pristine condition. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • acababie MSP
      acababie MSP 5 months ago

      Aidrian exactly!

    • Aidrian
      Aidrian 5 months ago

      acababie MSP mines didn’t come with a case or free Apple Music

  • Pratham Shenoy
    Pratham Shenoy 6 months ago

    First I was thinking this is a good pair of headphones but then at 3:24 I was like omg these look terrible.....give a like if u agree to this

  • Hareem Zain
    Hareem Zain 7 months ago

    Just bought these new for 65 dollars! Really hard decision between these and the AirPods.

  • Dominic Helmer
    Dominic Helmer 7 months ago

    I would get beats X but first I would get a mini charging case for it

  • Metal Pizza Dude
    Metal Pizza Dude 7 months ago

    Hey Mike, great review. Wish you had also covered Powerbeats 3.

  • Irfan Momin
    Irfan Momin 8 months ago

    Is it works well with Android phones and google assistant??

  • Ninjas loot15
    Ninjas loot15 8 months ago

    I got them in the red/Black color

  • Mydas Murray
    Mydas Murray 9 months ago

    did not fall out of my ears at all, depends on your ear shape obviously

  • wrangleroooo
    wrangleroooo 9 months ago

    does it have microphone?

  • Marisol Ruiz
    Marisol Ruiz 10 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I just bought mine, in my case I do not like to use the wings. but very good sound, I recommend it!😄

  • Kenichi Shirahama
    Kenichi Shirahama 10 months ago

    Anyone wondering if they should buy these or not. Don’t. Just buy the AirPods.

  • Larry Haney
    Larry Haney 10 months ago

    All of these reviews are horse shit... “they came loose from my ears when I was hit by a train despite the included ear wings.” So desperate.

  • Sharon Miller
    Sharon Miller 10 months ago

    beats x sound quality is impressive

  • Luke P
    Luke P 10 months ago +1

    Luv beats

  • Daniel Naveda
    Daniel Naveda 11 months ago

    Your becoming shock gasp a unbiased TVclipd which is kind of bad kind of good

  • Dan
    Dan 11 months ago

    2:32 what case do you use? it's beautiful

  • Mason Rather
    Mason Rather 11 months ago

    Who else is watching this while wearing beatsx

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Year ago

    Looking for a replacement neck band style earphones for work. These seam like a good pair to go with. I’ve seen them for $60 refurbished, so that’s route id most likely take. Thankfully the cord is long as I prefer to tuck the cord under my shirt collar. Plus not having to use a different charge for my phone and headphones makes it another huge plus for me.

  • RevengeoftheFLAY 1
    RevengeoftheFLAY 1 Year ago +1

    Why’d you go with “white”. Is u a racist?????

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago

    I bought as soon as I saw the magnetic feature.. my last pair of wireless earbuds fell off at some point in my day and never found it.

  • Abdullah Al Rubayied

    Which Bluetooth headphones do you prefer do you prefer the beats X or the apple air pods
    For daily use

  • Per K Petersen
    Per K Petersen Year ago

    Nice 😃👍. Love you videos. Cheers from Denmark

  • AJ
    AJ Year ago

    45 minutes!? No no no no, easily charges in 25-30 minutes!

  • Eggemberto Rosado

    Do a Beats studio 3 vid. Btw I like ur vids👍👍👍👍

  • gamgon serpoveta
    gamgon serpoveta Year ago

    Love my beats x

  • Joshua Schanen
    Joshua Schanen Year ago

    Buying these in blue to contrast my red beats pill 🔵🔴

  • Jun Wei Tan
    Jun Wei Tan Year ago +1

    Something weird,I think!

  • Jun Wei Tan
    Jun Wei Tan Year ago +1

    Thanks for the code I appreciate it!

  • savage 956
    savage 956 Year ago

    Skullkandy are better

  • Mohammad Aslam
    Mohammad Aslam Year ago

    They are not called jell it is called "earbuds"

  • EfeAga OynuYor
    EfeAga OynuYor Year ago

    Watching with beatsX :)

  • Jorge Alonzo
    Jorge Alonzo Year ago

    Picard Maneuver at 4:58 .

  • Cristian
    Cristian Year ago

    Im thinking about buying these. But they look kind of ugly when they’re around your neck? Any opinions?

    • Savii Entertainment
      Savii Entertainment Year ago

      Keep in mind that these are almost unusable during the summer time. Depending where you live of course. I’ve had mine for a year and I enjoy them but I dread them during the summer time. The wire sits on the back of your neck and makes it sweat. Where I don’t even feel like wearing them or listening to music b

    • xzdnsr
      xzdnsr Year ago

      Cristian you'll get over it once you start using them a lot

  • hillel grand
    hillel grand Year ago

    I love Detroitborgs

  • Youssef E
    Youssef E Year ago +1

    Listening this video with my beats x and trust me its worth the money 💵

  • Cara
    Cara Year ago

    I got these for Christmas and I really like them

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan Year ago +73

    Not only you get 8 hours of usage, but 2hrs of usage in 5 minutes charge. The beats x is a winner for me

  • Chips Ahoi
    Chips Ahoi Year ago

    Do you think the white will get dirty

  • Mason Mead
    Mason Mead Year ago

    Thx for the review, I just bought these in white and I LOVE them, I think hat they are better than AirPods in every way except battery life

    • Savii Entertainment
      Savii Entertainment Year ago

      Alex R. Alex R. So right of the bat saying a rechargeable case is irrelevant is pretty stupid. No one is making it a big deal. I am saying it’s more convenient. Because yes, I don’t listen to music for 5-8 hours continuously but I do listen to it for an hour or two. Sometimes three throughout the day. And knowing every time I take them out I am getting a 100% charge for at least a whole week and not having to worry about charging them every night when I get home. That’s not even mentioning how I sometimes work 50+ hours a week and don’t have time to make sure everything I use is charging and ready to go for the next day. That’s also why I carry portable batteries for my phone. Once I get home. I want a good meal and head off to bed. So just because the X is convenient for your day to day life doesn’t mean it will be for everyone else. We all do different things throughout are day. And I actually own the Beats X right now and do enjoy them. But there’s a lot of things that I don’t like about them. I’ll start off by correcting you that the quality of these actually arnt that much different from regular apple headphones. They might sound a little better just because they have the rubber tips and isolate the sound around you. Those rubber tips actually tend to not only hurt my ears after an hour or two. But fall out no matter which ones I used. The hooks that come included. Do help a little but they slowly fall off still. Also, I’m not sure if you own these or have had yours since last summer like I have. But listening to these in the summer time (at least where I live. Where sometimes it reaches up to 109 degrees) the band that rests on your neck makes your neck sweat like crazy. To the point where I stop listening to music just because of it. So the AirPods having a “irrelevant” case as you put it. Isn’t the only reason why I will be switching. I’m done arguing about opinions. Have a good day.

    • Alex R.
      Alex R. Year ago

      Savii Entertainment The thing is that since you don’t liars for music for 5 or 7 hours the case is irrelevant. It doesn’t give you anything since when you end your day you’ll be home and you won’t be “looking for an outlet”, you’ll just plug them into the cable your charge your phone with for 20 min and be done with it. The case giving you extra battery doesn’t matter because you’ll be home before the battery runs out, making the extra battery useless since you can charge everything at home and it’s not a hassle. You’re making out plugging them into a cable at home to be a great huge deal while instead with the AirPods you have to plug them in only every couple of days.

      My point being, getting the extra juice doesn’t matter during your day for you at least and you can charge at home while the AirPods can be getting charged from their case while you’re home which is a rather big trade off for the improved sound quality the Beats give you.

    • Savii Entertainment
      Savii Entertainment Year ago

      Alex R. No. I don’t listen to music for 8 hours a day. Not even 5 hours a day. And a charging case does actually matter. Since when you’re done listening to music. You just put them in the RECHARGEABLE case and not have to worry about charging them the case gives you 24hrs of charging time. Whereas if you used the Beats X you would have to find a power outlet to charge them. That’s not even including that unless you’re alone most people just have one earphone in so they can listen to their surroundings. You can just pop in one of the AirPods and once that dies. Switch to the other one. Doubling your battery life. At the end both have their pros and cons.

    • Alex R.
      Alex R. Year ago

      Alright so I'm guessing you listen to music for more than 8 hours daily then? Otherwise the case charging them doesn't matter. Having to stop listening for 15 min cause you ran out after 5 hours imo is more annoying than ending your day after 6-7 hours of listening and charging the beats for 20 min when you're home. Anyway, to each their own, I'd rather take the beats because they last longer on one charge and sound better than the AirPods.

    • Savii Entertainment
      Savii Entertainment Year ago

      Alex R. Maybe because the case for AirPods charges them. So if you’re done listening to music. Even if it’s for 15min. The case gives you 3 hours in play time. Whereas if yours beats die not I have to find a place to charge them.

  • thotslayer_VEVO
    thotslayer_VEVO Year ago

    I didn’t get the Apple Music :((((

  • Raquel Lee
    Raquel Lee Year ago +2

    I am getting these for Christmas

    • Neo Z.
      Neo Z. Year ago +1

      Raquel Lee saem

  • lovingorca
    lovingorca Year ago +1

    Hello Michael, I want wish you a Very Merry Christmas 🎄

  • All about budget tech

    Bro when is pixel 2 video comming?

  • Noah Boyd
    Noah Boyd Year ago +1

    Keep up the new uploads! Nice job with the 1mil subs!👍

  • Jack Keeble
    Jack Keeble Year ago

    what are the multicoloured lights called on the wall in the background??

  • Riley Bowman
    Riley Bowman Year ago

    If your watching in late 2017 it’s the Beats X.

  • Shivam Tandon
    Shivam Tandon Year ago +1

    I didn’t get Apple Music with my beats

  • Λίάκόσ Μάύράγάνής

    Beats x can be used in huawei p9 lite

  • Rigo Jr
    Rigo Jr Year ago

    I have the same hoodie as him 😂👍🏽

  • young Minnesota 612

    I was thinking about buying me and iPod Touch and I was considering getting things earbuds but I'm not sure yet but watching this video made me think twice and that's what I'm going to do is get the iPod Touch first and then go buy these earbuds because personally I have a Galaxy Note 8 from my primary phone and they should pair up just easily I think

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot Year ago +54

    You wearing them reminds me of my grandma wearing glasses

    • Savii Entertainment
      Savii Entertainment Year ago +3

      Laurence Camacho yeah. It’s not that attractive. Yet people complain how AirPods look.

  • Bria Nicole
    Bria Nicole Year ago

    i want these so bad my phone is always dying when im listening to music and of course with the iPhone 7 it doesn't have a headphone jack

  • Blue Swift
    Blue Swift Year ago

    Thanks for the review I honestly only buy something if it’s in your videos, I think you are the most informative channel on purchases

  • steve
    steve Year ago

    For me it’s the AirPod don’t do the wire thing as can be a pain as it look in your review

  • EmoSMOSHBride
    EmoSMOSHBride Year ago

    looks pretty stupid

  • Emmanuel Martínez

    I'm buying mine

  • Maths is difficult
    Maths is difficult Year ago +3

    Price is totally subjective.
    When people talk about price, let them decide for themselves.
    You get what you pay for ,remember that.

  • Meme Gene
    Meme Gene Year ago +2

    You should do the powerbeats 3

  • BRIAN Idfc
    BRIAN Idfc Year ago +1

    Check out the beats sudio 3

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Year ago

    What case is that

  • Jiggin With George

    This was a great vid, I hope you do more beats unboxing’s in the future.

  • S C E P T I C
    S C E P T I C Year ago

    Can you do an unboxing and review of the beats studios

  • Juho Painilainen
    Juho Painilainen Year ago +1

    Does it work on android too?
    This video helped me👍🏼

    • Ryan Boddy
      Ryan Boddy Year ago +2

      Juho Painilainen Yeah it does

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez Year ago +7

    Do these shut off under cold weather?

    • Anton N.
      Anton N. 3 months ago

      Septicturtle 04 it’s a really good question though. My beats solo 3’s shut down when I go walk my dog at -8 degrees. You’re the idiot now :)

    • Alpha Male Mark
      Alpha Male Mark 6 months ago

      This is an odd question but I do have an answer and that's a yes because I have a powerbeats 3 and I was walking in 20 degree weather and they turned off due to it being freezing outside

    • bloo890
      bloo890 9 months ago +5

      Septicturtle 04 its actually a good question since batteries are impacted under certain weather conditions. Have an open mind

    • Promethean Ice
      Promethean Ice 10 months ago +3

      No, they just turn to ice. When this happens the sound quality is worse but they still sound good (though your ears will be cold).

    • Septicturtle 04
      Septicturtle 04 Year ago +14

      That's the most idiotic question I've ever heard

  • Nicks My Name
    Nicks My Name Year ago

    I just did an unboxing video of the black version!

  • Emerald Force
    Emerald Force Year ago

    Watching with UrBeats!

  • TheMOMO1496
    TheMOMO1496 Year ago

    I ordered mine from Amazon but they didn't come with free 3 month apple music. I'm not upset because I use Spotify but I was wondering if I didn't get it because I ordered from Amazon?

    • steve
      steve Year ago

      Cos they want u to sign up to amazon music 🤭

    • lenappygarcon
      lenappygarcon Year ago +1

      TheMOMO1496 the promotion is over

  • Dayle
    Dayle Year ago

    Does Bluetooth need to be turned on?

    • KDS
      KDS Year ago +1

      yes that is literally how they work

  • kollerm
    kollerm Year ago +1

    Thanks bro, Dope vid!

  • osamaFXX
    osamaFXX Year ago +1

    February 18th ?

  • UrBoi JA.J.
    UrBoi JA.J. Year ago

    Do you recommend these or the beats ep

  • Guillermo Reynoso
    Guillermo Reynoso Year ago +17

    45 minutes my ass, mine take like 30 minutes to charge

  • Nether Warrior
    Nether Warrior Year ago +9

    I bought some and i didnt recieve apple music, anyone had this issue

    • Adrian Aisar
      Adrian Aisar 6 months ago

      But I don't receive the wingtips

    • Deafening Silence
      Deafening Silence Year ago +1

      Calvin Abdullah the 3 months promotion ended in may of 2017 I think, but you should've got the sticker

    • Calvin Abdullah
      Calvin Abdullah Year ago

      Nether Warrior me too and I also didn’t get the sticker

    • El Barsinso
      El Barsinso Year ago +1

      The promo ended 5/17/2017

    • adrian herrera
      adrian herrera Year ago +1

      same, pretty bummed out about it, was looking forward to the 3 months free

  • James Parker
    James Parker Year ago

    I think I found one issue that kinda sucks, Admittedly I have a fat neck and when I turn my head the left side battery that must be were the antenna is makes them cut out when pitched in the crook of my neck, R&D should test them out on fat people during development. They are definitely the best Bluetooth headphones I've ever had though, they sound incredible and rich with volume.

  • Chase Ellsworth
    Chase Ellsworth Year ago

    Am I the only one who feels that, Besides the amazing and informative review skills, one of the best thing about these videos is DetroitBorgs voice. There's just something about it I can't quite explain

  • Emil Ahmadov
    Emil Ahmadov Year ago

    BeatsX Earphones beautiful

  • frank edley fuentes

    If only this is water proof....sad

  • Rob Lorica
    Rob Lorica Year ago

    can you skip songs using the remote control on android devices?

  • Paul de Quiroz
    Paul de Quiroz Year ago

    +DetroitBORG can you review that Tommy Hilfiger Shirt?

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez Year ago +33

    I have the black beats X and I love them

    • CbR BoY
      CbR BoY Month ago

      Uriel Martinez its sounds more then apple normal earphone?

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez Year ago

    Ayee if you have the apple speaker review it!!!!! (2005)

    DEATH 2 years ago

    Cord too long

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan 2 years ago

    Your videos are the best! 😊