• Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • just a simple high school makeup tutorial
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    how old are you? 14 / going into 9th grade
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    camera? canon 80d + rode videomic go
    editing program? final cut pro
    haley morales
    po.box # 691872
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  • Haley Morales
    Haley Morales  7 months ago +4308

    lol i really forgot background music love editing at 4am

      BILLIE EILISH IS BAE 11 days ago

      Haley Morales what highlighter are u using gurrlllll cuz u glow from space 💗

    • Zurely Ramirez
      Zurely Ramirez Month ago

      Estas super bonita. Quisiera estar igual de bonita que tu.

    • Rikuto Chan
      Rikuto Chan 3 months ago

      You should do my makeup xD I suck

    • Hasbia Ouali
      Hasbia Ouali 5 months ago

      Why do everyonw hates u

  • tr3gic
    tr3gic 15 hours ago


  • Angel Oritse
    Angel Oritse 21 hour ago

    I walked into high school from a whole other district and trust I was scared shitless. BUT... then I remembered I'm there to get my EduMacAtion and get into a good college you will kill it gurl. Just keep your head up high and know what you stand for.

  • Aitch Sisodia
    Aitch Sisodia 3 days ago

    i love your videos. they give me the vibes of how youtube used to be in the 2010s

  • Cierra Moses
    Cierra Moses 4 days ago

    Girl you're so pretty

  • Roxanne Vanlaer
    Roxanne Vanlaer 5 days ago

    10:15 💕👀

  • chey chicken
    chey chicken 6 days ago +1

    i miss dis haley😔

  • Rumana Taslim
    Rumana Taslim 7 days ago

    ❤️ u sis.

  • Cherry Love
    Cherry Love 9 days ago


  • Melany Perez
    Melany Perez 9 days ago

    Damn I’m in 8th grade and I still don’t use makeup cuz I’m not allowed

  • Yungi teez
    Yungi teez 10 days ago

    You’re so pretty and funny!

  • Luke Nizer
    Luke Nizer 11 days ago +1

    Ayyyeeee I’m a freshman too 🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • T.w 18
    T.w 18 11 days ago +1

    I dropped out when I got into high school 9th. Yeah I finished my 9th yr but I have a lot of anxiety an depression witch I take medicine for but sometimes I run out, it didn’t help that I got bullied a lot bc I that shy quite girl who literally looks at that the grown when I walked around and I’m scared asf to socialize in person it’s hoar to explain. But I hope u have a good yr

  • Elle Palomo
    Elle Palomo 12 days ago

    ima be a freshman, 2019

  • Aurora
    Aurora 14 days ago +3

    take a shot every time she says "like"

  • Gogo Abdallah
    Gogo Abdallah 15 days ago

    Iam 17 and she is 14 wtf

  • Cara D’or
    Cara D’or 17 days ago

    whattt shes 1 year older then me!? 🥵 she’s so beautiful

  • Brandon Arreaga I love you

    How do u get your brows so perfect?

  • haley styles
    haley styles 18 days ago

    omg haley you are so cute and i love your voice !!!!!!

  • babe
    babe 19 days ago

    No way you are 14.😳

  • Just.me.keely. Here
    Just.me.keely. Here 20 days ago

    Wtf your only in yr9 I’m in yr 11 I thought we were in the same year lol she’s a freshman I’m a jr how old are you???

  • stylesss ____
    stylesss ____ 20 days ago

    i thought u were homeschooled??

  • Urielectric
    Urielectric 21 day ago

    I started bopping when Billie played in your outro sksksks

  • Kendra HENDer
    Kendra HENDer 22 days ago

    if u have a cat, don’t use essential oils it can kill them

  • sang sangi
    sang sangi 22 days ago

    who else thinks she talks too much...

  • Alice Damin
    Alice Damin 23 days ago

    Omggg I thought the mascara was the light camera laches and then u said u also liked the light camera lashes wowwww ( I have it too)

  • blxck ocexn
    blxck ocexn 23 days ago

    I like ur voice xd

  • J H
    J H 25 days ago

    Oh my goodness, so cute and sooo relatable

  • unibyuu //
    unibyuu // 25 days ago

    ur pretty af

    im jealous

  • Stephaniexwu
    Stephaniexwu 26 days ago +1

    Does anyone know where to buy that nail polish colour

  • Grace Nielsen
    Grace Nielsen 26 days ago

    hi everyone i’m trying to grow my youtube channel so if anyone’s interested in makeup tutorials y’all can check out my channel if you want!
    ps i love u haleyyyy ❤️

  • Annettelorenzo Lorenzo

    I’m so so late but I have the primer and it has glitter and I don’t like it but it’s s good product feels good on the face

  • Lou N
    Lou N 28 days ago

    You look like you were in Kissing booth

  • Sib :v
    Sib :v 29 days ago

    but your freckles are so cuuute :(

  • Emdoesvlogs
    Emdoesvlogs 29 days ago

    What can I do please can I have some advice, I’ve got big red spots all over my nose and I try to hide them with foundation except they just come back again.

  • liv
    liv Month ago +1

    The diffuser part confused me because, isn’t lavender supposed to make you tired?

    • Vanja Nedimovic
      Vanja Nedimovic 20 days ago

      No, lavendar is for calming, it helps you sleep if youre stressed :)

  • rachel boaz
    rachel boaz Month ago

    Okay Haley lookin hella cute tho

  • Khadijah’s Blog
    Khadijah’s Blog Month ago

    “Better than , mum won’t let me see it mascara “. 😂😂😂

  • MadisonKaitlyn
    MadisonKaitlyn Month ago +2

    Shessz sooo prettyyy im going into 9th too im terrified for my grades im so shit at makeup

  • Iliana Cabrera
    Iliana Cabrera Month ago

    5:43 me too sis 😌

  • Um Yeah
    Um Yeah Month ago +2

    I literally love you omg

  • sam pinney
    sam pinney Month ago +3

    when she said she was going into 9th grade i had a stroke

  • Uzay
    Uzay Month ago

    Makeup.... save life

  • Marci Ruanova
    Marci Ruanova Month ago

    I love your nails!!❤️ #NailGoals

  • Charlotte parsons
    Charlotte parsons Month ago +1

    Love your attitude when you said Dann

  • Jaida Smith
    Jaida Smith Month ago

    i hope she knows lavender is to help you go to sleep and peppermint could help when you’re sick, if you want one to help you wake up then you use orange, and peppermint can also calm you if you’re stress. and if you’re sick eucalyptus and lemon grass should do the trick. so yea just that anyone who wanted to use a defuser right can learn the oils :) okay byeeeeee

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia Month ago

    Where can I get that thing your using ??? In the beginning???

  • m o o n c i t y
    m o o n c i t y Month ago +1

    Your so pretty what the heck??

  • reagan
    reagan Month ago

    How are you so beautiful sis?! Ilyyy🥰🤠

  • Cherish McGregor
    Cherish McGregor Month ago

    11th grade

  • kaye love
    kaye love Month ago

    lmao they hate you cause you gorgeous

  • Anđelka Šain
    Anđelka Šain Month ago

    I started high school too

  • 「ғlorenc¡a bxsuxldo」

    No entendí nada pero me gustó el maquillaje y sos muy bonita ah ✨💗

  • rnz z
    rnz z Month ago

    i hear a cat

  • Mellisa Zahrir
    Mellisa Zahrir Month ago


  • Mellisa Zahrir
    Mellisa Zahrir Month ago

    you look like my cousin

  • Megan Krum
    Megan Krum Month ago

    School in August?

  • Gel Line
    Gel Line Month ago

    OhmyG!!! Girl we both have the same surname😍😯.But,then i was like....does she even know my grandmother?

  • Telma Soto
    Telma Soto Month ago

    Yo look like my sis

  • paylor mavis
    paylor mavis Month ago

    im bouta be 15 and i still look like trash

  • gazelle dhillon
    gazelle dhillon Month ago +1

    I'm going into 10th grade and I'm really nervous lol

  • *??
    *?? Month ago +3

    scary asf how different she looks without makeup😭

  • Jillyan Johnston
    Jillyan Johnston Month ago

    She looks a little bit like Christina Aguilera

  • Nicole Mendez
    Nicole Mendez Month ago

    I'm going to seven grade 💖

  • Angie F.F.F
    Angie F.F.F Month ago

    Veo esto y ni se inglés:v

  • Natalie Preuss
    Natalie Preuss Month ago +1

    Why does she talk like she doesn’t know what she’s gonna say

  • Sydneyy Durann
    Sydneyy Durann Month ago

    You soo prettyyy❤️❤️

  • Charley Sanders
    Charley Sanders Month ago

    Everyone just hates you bc ur relevant and they aren’t 👑🥴

    HOME SKILLY Month ago

    Oh ya ya

  • Mariah Escobar
    Mariah Escobar Month ago

    k, wait am I the only one that things “AND YOU’RE WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL” when Haily says “hi guys. it’s haley morales”???!

  • bree rose
    bree rose Month ago


  • {канал Настича}

    Господа, видео начинается в 4:05🦋

  • Kiaja Ishanie
    Kiaja Ishanie Month ago

    im going into 11th but im homeschooled :)

  • juliaiscool
    juliaiscool Month ago

    "there's light too. HEE HEE"

  • Rah Grat
    Rah Grat Month ago

    Omg queen

  • Holley Chrystal
    Holley Chrystal Month ago

    I am going in year 8, my second year of high school (Australia)

  • *Veronika* *Quinteros*

    My recommendation section now consists of u and Maddie Lambert

  • GingerDora TheExplorer

    Going into 9th

  • Luzisferreira321 Santos

    Como eu vim parar aqui

  • Just a Lover
    Just a Lover Month ago

    Can anyone tell me the difference between bronze and contouring...?

    • samantha arroyo
      samantha arroyo Month ago

      조한나 contouring is defining/shaping the bone structure & bronzing is adding a natural tan :)

  • Raven LV
    Raven LV Month ago

    Im in 8th grade (you said to comment)

  • Alina
    Alina Month ago +22

    and 5 months later she’s doing homeschooling/online school lmao iconic

  • Serenna Redwood
    Serenna Redwood Month ago +1

    Legit that high school advice was so good and real thank u girl

  • mrs tracer
    mrs tracer Month ago

    oof that's really something

  • - Velma -
    - Velma - Month ago

    Gonna be a freshman in high school. Oh my gosh it does not feel real.



  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    6:40 she said she thinks there is a contour kit by elf ?!? Does she not remember a year ago when that’s all she used?!?

  • Tuva Nyby
    Tuva Nyby Month ago


  • Olivia Jonas !
    Olivia Jonas ! 2 months ago +4

    Freshmen gang

  • x cami x
    x cami x 2 months ago

    Wtf, we have the same age and if I use foundation my mom will kill me! love from chile girl!

  • Moha Petrovic
    Moha Petrovic 2 months ago


  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson 2 months ago

    Y tf am I watching this. I’m 25 and I’m over here reminiscing about 9th grade. Gurl, I only had eyeliner and I was shitty at even that lolz. I still to this day haven’t used a Laura mercier setting powder cuz I’m cheap as shit. Kudos to you, starting off with a better head start than those of us 10 years ahead of you. Good luck with high school

  • Gallyguer Sullyvan Merces Farias


  • Kathleen James
    Kathleen James 2 months ago

    you're in grade 9? i'm literally 20 lol i think I've come to the wrong place

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin 2 months ago +1

    omg your nails are so pretty

  • Novsheen Patel
    Novsheen Patel 2 months ago

    Class of 2020 wya?

  • LoriRose
    LoriRose 2 months ago +2


  • seren
    seren 2 months ago

    youre 14 and live in houston too? sis-

  • Hey Rafi
    Hey Rafi 2 months ago

    you are perfect!! 💗💗

  • little-india 122
    little-india 122 2 months ago

    how is your skin so clear?! 😂