• Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • just a simple high school makeup tutorial
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    how old are you? 14 / going into 9th grade
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  • Haley Morales
    Haley Morales  5 months ago +3726

    lol i really forgot background music love editing at 4am

  • Moha Petrovic
    Moha Petrovic 3 hours ago


  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson 16 hours ago

    Y tf am I watching this. I’m 25 and I’m over here reminiscing about 9th grade. Gurl, I only had eyeliner and I was shitty at even that lolz. I still to this day haven’t used a Laura mercier setting powder cuz I’m cheap as shit. Kudos to you, starting off with a better head start than those of us 10 years ahead of you. Good luck with high school

  • Gallyguer Sullyvan Merces Farias


  • LOVE YOUU mf
    LOVE YOUU mf 21 hour ago +1

    She looks VERY different without makeup 😐
    No hate

  • Kathleen James
    Kathleen James Day ago

    you're in grade 9? i'm literally 20 lol i think I've come to the wrong place

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin Day ago +1

    omg your nails are so pretty

  • Novsheen Patel
    Novsheen Patel 2 days ago

    Class of 2020 wya?

  • LoriRose
    LoriRose 2 days ago +1


  • seren
    seren 2 days ago

    youre 14 and live in houston too? sis-

  • little-india 122
    little-india 122 3 days ago

    how is your skin so clear?! 😂

  • avctt1 You
    avctt1 You 3 days ago

    So hert me Cool kiity go kom lp Pop ionmz 😘

  • Julian Harvey
    Julian Harvey 4 days ago

    We are the same age sooooooo

  • Emma Hammett
    Emma Hammett 4 days ago

    Hello Rory Gilmore

  • Ene - chan
    Ene - chan 4 days ago

    oof late but im a freshman as well

  • Oblivious Ninja
    Oblivious Ninja 5 days ago


  • It’s abby quinn
    It’s abby quinn 5 days ago

    What age is Haley ?

  • Eda Erdoğan
    Eda Erdoğan 7 days ago

    so good video

  • moonlight bae
    moonlight bae 7 days ago +1

    i'm so fucking lesbian

  • Selena Roman
    Selena Roman 8 days ago

    The song in the end?

  • Celina Silveira
    Celina Silveira 8 days ago

    Can u make a advice video for going into 9th grade?

  • Cara Berk
    Cara Berk 8 days ago +1

    I have the same kind of hair as u but yours sits so nice and mines just looks ugly

  • Ioana Dinca
    Ioana Dinca 9 days ago +1

    You're beautiful💕

  • Ludwika Hernandez
    Ludwika Hernandez 9 days ago

    I love you but your contour is literally bronzer it’s so orange😬

  • Melinda Rocha
    Melinda Rocha 10 days ago

    Honestly I think shes one of the biggest catfish "I love her"

  • Yellow
    Yellow 11 days ago +1

    It takes around 14 minutes!
    -goes back to sleep-.

    Super pretty tough

  • Leticia Hernandez
    Leticia Hernandez 12 days ago +1

    you are pretty

  • Shan Khrizel
    Shan Khrizel 13 days ago +3

    You look really different without makeup

  • diana varganova
    diana varganova 13 days ago +1

    you so beautiful without makeup😭😭😍😍
    (and with it too)

  • jessica
    jessica 14 days ago

    i'm mexican and i'm moving to Canada
    i'm super scared
    (really don't know why i'm commenting this but helppppp)

  • jessica
    jessica 14 days ago

    i'm mexican and i'm moving to Canada
    i'm super scared
    (really don't know why i'm commenting this but helppppp)

  • Thalita Axea
    Thalita Axea 14 days ago

    Seu vídeo MARAVILHOSOOOOO roda o mundo todo , lindaaa de mais você ❤️❤️❤️ vou copiar sua make kkk

  • Suga Saprin
    Suga Saprin 14 days ago +3

    Y'all really wake up earlier to do their make up?
    Why not sleep more ? I mean it's school nothing special to look good for

    • LoriRose
      LoriRose 4 days ago +1

      Suga Saprin I have no self confidence without makeup, and it just makes me way more happy so

  • moon joon
    moon joon 15 days ago +4

    still cant believe im the same age as you like wow

  • ydan dao
    ydan dao 15 days ago +2

    Omggg she looks so diff without makeup, like a kid... still cute either way ❤️

  • Haenul Kim
    Haenul Kim 15 days ago

    10th grade :’D

    • Haenul Kim
      Haenul Kim 15 days ago

      I don’t really know bc i live in Mexico basically i have 15 :’D

  • XXyasmintjuhX msp
    XXyasmintjuhX msp 15 days ago

    Im about to go to senior jear in highschool

  • Ananda y Carlo
    Ananda y Carlo 16 days ago +1

    Tbh she be giving me chucky vibes with out make up but i am not hating because i look like anabell WITH makeup. I loveeeeeee your vidzzz

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez 16 days ago +1

    I've watched this video a billion times!😍🙊

  • OKIMVABIEN - Mode Accessoires Beauté

    Super on adore votre travail 📈

  • BTS isbetterthanu
    BTS isbetterthanu 17 days ago +1

    I'm gonna be going to grade 7 and btw in the biggest fan of u UwU (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞💌

  • Vontiamyj vontiamyj
    Vontiamyj vontiamyj 17 days ago

    I'm in 12th😩

  • Jenna Alfred
    Jenna Alfred 17 days ago

    I don't know you but I'm so proud of you lmao

  • ParisLetzPlay !
    ParisLetzPlay ! 18 days ago

    Year 9 this year xx

  • Pirate Eilish
    Pirate Eilish 18 days ago

    I ain’t got time to do this before school. I literally wake up 10 minutes before I need to go

  • Gracie Smart
    Gracie Smart 18 days ago

    okay, serious question... who all wears a full face of makeup to school EVERYDAY? like serious question bc i needa know who has that kind of will power😂

  • Fatima Bhatti
    Fatima Bhatti 18 days ago

    damn 1M 🥳

  • Salty Grape Fruit
    Salty Grape Fruit 19 days ago +1

    “And I love better than.. mom wont let me say it” 😂🤣

  • Andrea Hernández
    Andrea Hernández 19 days ago

    you really did not put drinking water on that thing oh god

  • Unicorn Queen Rylie
    Unicorn Queen Rylie 20 days ago

    My eyelashes always stick together when I curl them and put mascara on

  • Carleigh Rose
    Carleigh Rose 20 days ago

    I’m In 7th grade

  • AdriSaysHey
    AdriSaysHey 23 days ago

    Are you bestfriend of Zoe Laverne??

  • Deyuan Chen
    Deyuan Chen 24 days ago

    You're so pretty with makeup on

  • BeautyQueens 101
    BeautyQueens 101 24 days ago

    11th grade honey

  • Beth black
    Beth black 24 days ago

    Ninth grade? Whatever you do, don't get involved with older men. Because of your makeup skills you make yourself appear 19-20 and lots of guys will believe you to be that age. Be careful and watch yourself.

  • emily paige mckibben
    emily paige mckibben 25 days ago

    "i hate how my nose just sits on my face"

  • Paula López González
    Paula López González 25 days ago +2

    Ur really good at explaining 🤗❤️😊👍

  • Silvia
    Silvia 25 days ago

    omg this is so bored

  • Casandra A
    Casandra A 26 days ago


  • Canigetahooyah 8
    Canigetahooyah 8 26 days ago

    why does she sound *EXACTLY* Like dytto? just me or someone else thinks the some, lmk ;)

  • sage k
    sage k 27 days ago

    Ur nose is so pretty ❤

  • Antonia Marina
    Antonia Marina 27 days ago +1

    14:36 same. 😂😂

  • Delilah Mancha
    Delilah Mancha 27 days ago

    Going into 8th and lookin like a 7th year old but that sister sad fo me

  • Kristina Pantelic
    Kristina Pantelic 27 days ago

    Come on...high school isn’t scary...not everyone is alone..because u will make new friends immediately...

  • Morgan Gaskin
    Morgan Gaskin 28 days ago

    luv watching ur videos at 4am

  • maricel monterola
    maricel monterola 28 days ago

    Your beautiful

  • — sophiα bufαlino

    6:08 ...i literally use corn couch and works so good, no sarcasm

  • editsbyab
    editsbyab Month ago

    Bruh if I was haley I would be stunting on these hating hoes

  • Creamy Akilah
    Creamy Akilah Month ago +2

    Gurl, youre 14 but u look like 12 withouth makeup.
    No hate

    • Henn essy
      Henn essy 18 days ago

      Not rlly she looks 15 with and without makeup like damnn

  • Angela Cordero
    Angela Cordero Month ago


  • Katlyn Kearney
    Katlyn Kearney Month ago


  • Mckenna Wagner
    Mckenna Wagner Month ago

    Jeffree star was shaking at the beginning😂💀

  • Enlik Mauletkhan
    Enlik Mauletkhan Month ago

    Omg!!!!!!! Without make up you 😱😨💩

  • Sadie Molina
    Sadie Molina Month ago

    like your videos

  • Kabura Itimu
    Kabura Itimu Month ago

    im going to 10th grade, that is called form 2 in kenya

  • Vianca Rica Umali
    Vianca Rica Umali Month ago

    im going to 9th grade next year

  • Matheos Marques
    Matheos Marques Month ago

    l omg 😐👏l love you you are so beautiful 🌹💘😄and l jealous of your nose.....😔💕😍😂

  • Holaitsme123 4
    Holaitsme123 4 Month ago

    Going in to year 11 last year of secondary

  • Karina Chavez
    Karina Chavez Month ago

    Oh damn! I haven’t been here in a while since like 70k this is crazy how much tour channel has grown

  • Kelly Hinds
    Kelly Hinds Month ago

    "Now, I'm gonna use the benefit roller lash, now-" •Haley a really disgusted face• •me, gets triggered instantly because I love that mascara.•

  • Caroline Viggen
    Caroline Viggen Month ago

    almost a mill views i’m proud of you ❤️

  • arielle augustin
    arielle augustin Month ago

    the coke bottle 😂😂😂😂

  • anime lifestyle
    anime lifestyle Month ago

    What's the name from the eyebrow pencil?

    AGLLA'I'A PAPA Month ago

    ur such a mood omg

  • Jennyy :D
    Jennyy :D Month ago

    0:33 asmr lol

  • Sofa Gallagher
    Sofa Gallagher Month ago

    in America are allowed to paint so much?

  • charlize amv
    charlize amv Month ago

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA...... im starting year 2 :/

  • Vannah Gray
    Vannah Gray Month ago +3

    imagine being this pretty

  • doodle_ bob_
    doodle_ bob_ Month ago

    freshman year of college!

  • monique martinez
    monique martinez Month ago +2

    when you try to act Mexican

  • Berida Mehiquillisa
    Berida Mehiquillisa Month ago +1

    Look at her motherfucking nails bro wth they're so so so pretty. Love you. 🌼

  • Jordan Warnement
    Jordan Warnement Month ago

    Bad idea to set your concealer and then put your foundation over the powder. I would recommend not to do that.

  • Heather McNamara
    Heather McNamara Month ago

    I am a junior and holy shit I look like a potato unlike you dude

  • Zarah Hay
    Zarah Hay Month ago

    Could you add all the products you used in the description plz if not it’s okay xo

  • *_-Arianny Bosques-_*
    *_-Arianny Bosques-_* Month ago +3

    Cody airspun is what made flashback Mary

    • emily paige mckibben
      emily paige mckibben 25 days ago

      *_-Arianny Bosques-_* Yeah but it's a really good powder if you aren't taking flash pictures

  • LoveSomi ph
    LoveSomi ph Month ago

    you look like Somi Jeon💖

  • lol !
    lol ! Month ago

    your eyebrows are so good, mine literally even without make up are two different shapes. one is good and the other is bad

  • kawaii potato
    kawaii potato Month ago

    If you start high school just don't give a fuck about people and you will find some friends (that was my case cause this bish doesn't give a fuck)

  • MONA
    MONA Month ago

    I want to fix ur bangs please

  • lizzy cassar
    lizzy cassar Month ago

    i’m going into 8th grade