• Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • just a simple high school makeup tutorial
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    how old are you? 14 / going into 9th grade
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    where do you live? houston, texas
    camera? canon 80d + rode videomic go
    editing program? final cut pro
    haley morales
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  • Haley Morales
    Haley Morales  10 months ago +4944

    lol i really forgot background music love editing at 4am

    • josephs life
      josephs life 20 days ago


    • licorne
      licorne 2 months ago

      i liked it better tbh lol

    • Angie Synodinou
      Angie Synodinou 3 months ago

      Haley Morales what highlighter are u using gurrlllll cuz u glow from space 💗

    • Lisette Juares
      Lisette Juares 3 months ago

      hola hice un video😊lo podrian mirar?😃☺makeup tvclip.biz/video/WvH0qpcfiTs/video.html

    • Zurely Ramirez
      Zurely Ramirez 4 months ago

      Estas super bonita. Quisiera estar igual de bonita que tu.

  • Marwa Alnaanish
    Marwa Alnaanish 16 hours ago

    Girl u allready have a small nose😍

  • pizzafiend
    pizzafiend 22 hours ago +1

    My parents didn't let me have a diffuser or candles or anything lol I always had to sneak it because my dad thought I would start a fire 😂😭

  • Nadia Pinto
    Nadia Pinto 2 days ago

    Me too I'm in 9th grade! well i would be because I repeated the year :,(

  • Rosie Fred
    Rosie Fred 2 days ago +1

    I didn't know what half all this stuff was lmao💀 I'm finishing 9th grade and she over here slayiiiiiiinnnggg!🔥 while I be over here lookin' like a 10 year old boy👀😂

  • Nora Rocke
    Nora Rocke 2 days ago


  • Nora Rocke
    Nora Rocke 2 days ago


  • Leen A
    Leen A 2 days ago

    everyone hates that girl with a full face of makeup to school

  • Leen A
    Leen A 2 days ago

    y are you wearing makeup at school? ur naturally pretty!! who u tryna impress

  • Sablethegreatmakeup
    Sablethegreatmakeup 3 days ago


  • Gabrysia Surdek
    Gabrysia Surdek 4 days ago

    Ktoś z Polski xd ??? Fajną ma cebulę taką polską 🤣😂

  • Mystic Mist
    Mystic Mist 5 days ago +1

    Going into 9th 😭😭

  • Lizzy TV
    Lizzy TV 5 days ago

    Are you 14? You look like 20 while I'm 16 and look like a girl of 10 years old

  • lilliana dowers
    lilliana dowers 5 days ago +1

    class of '23 wya

  • _ Zombae
    _ Zombae 6 days ago

    That giggle tho

  • YouCallUgly ButILookNothingLikeYou

    You look like a mole rat without makeup.

  • Audrey K
    Audrey K 7 days ago

    i LOVE how natural your makeup is..... ITS SO PRETTY💕💕

  • storms fan
    storms fan 8 days ago

    Im so dark that when i put bronzer its lighter than my skin 💀💀💀

  • Makeup_jeannie 05
    Makeup_jeannie 05 9 days ago

    I have a Button nose and I hate it

  • Patricia Anne
    Patricia Anne 9 days ago


  • ooof ooof
    ooof ooof 9 days ago

    Oof in going into ninth grade boiis

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose 9 days ago

    Goin into 8th btw damn I thought u were a senior

  • 당신나는 싫어
    당신나는 싫어 9 days ago

    Girl you don’t need makeup

  • park lisa
    park lisa 9 days ago

    I'm going too 7th grade ❤️❤️

  • Kaity Brook
    Kaity Brook 12 days ago

    Im going to my last year of middle school. 7th grade

  • s Lau
    s Lau 13 days ago

    Wow thats the makeup that i do for REALLY REALLY SPECIAL OCCASIONS....but any other time i look like a potato🤷🏻‍♀️😊

  • 0 subs With a few videos

    Yaaas finally someone with the same name!!!!

  • Lacey Akemon
    Lacey Akemon 16 days ago

    Haley:You just put a few drops
    Also Haley five seconds later:I just put like five or six maybe seven😂😂

  • Abi Quintana
    Abi Quintana 16 days ago

    Y'all she got got the newest type of vape

  • Sydney Miller
    Sydney Miller 16 days ago

    I’m going into 9th and I’m scared ash. Honestly she made me feel a lot better ab it.

  • Nini
    Nini 17 days ago

    I’m literally starting senior year in August and I’m SHOOKETH

  • Queen Renad
    Queen Renad 18 days ago

    No way u r 14 daaaaaamn

  • Callie Clark23
    Callie Clark23 18 days ago +3

    I love your videos and btw your really pretty😍❤️x

  • Nathalie Chaaban
    Nathalie Chaaban 18 days ago

    haley did a meet and greet in houston while i was there on vacation. i hate myself

  • Larissa Lari
    Larissa Lari 20 days ago

    Caraca man, pra ir pra escola eu só acordo e vou. Ata que eu vou fazer uma make linda dessa pra ver a cara de sono das pessoas 😂😂 You're very beautiful 💞

  • Katarina Zivotic
    Katarina Zivotic 22 days ago

    You're awesome, girl :) everyone else:
    Will y'all stop saying OMG SHES 14 and stuff like that lmao why does her age matter, here, I'm 14 did you care about that? No
    *Sorry if this sounds like hate comment*

  • Elizɑbeth Liones ッ
    Elizɑbeth Liones ッ 23 days ago +1

    ANWWWWWW (🇧🇷)

  • Sarah Water
    Sarah Water 24 days ago

    Next year I am going to start highschool too

    • The Mango
      The Mango 17 days ago

      @Sarah Water thx

    • Sarah Water
      Sarah Water 17 days ago

      @The Mango Thank you 💕 good luck for your education too.

    • The Mango
      The Mango 17 days ago

      Good luck. It'll go by fast

  • Stephanie Stearnes Artistry, LLC

    I wish I was this good at your age. i dont even think i dabbled into foundation until 17 .

  • Kristina Jessica
    Kristina Jessica 25 days ago

    Your beautiful as heck wtf😭

  • Gracee Nicley
    Gracee Nicley 25 days ago

    Sorry i love her but her voice really just gets me

  • 헤니가라리사
    헤니가라리사 26 days ago

    omg i love her attitude(i think thats the right word) so much that i subscribed she seems like a f u n person jehfjahdja

  • Kaylani ______
    Kaylani ______ 29 days ago


    LGMMH Month ago

    you look 🔥without makeup

  • Rusalka Kairbaeva
    Rusalka Kairbaeva Month ago

    Я смотрю и мне все Почти понятно 🎞️🍃

  • Amber Reyes
    Amber Reyes Month ago

    Me too 9th

  • Pets And Stuff
    Pets And Stuff Month ago +1

    " She good, bro?!" ThAt HiT mE!!! Idrek if anyone has commented this.. soooo....

  • neslihan brown
    neslihan brown Month ago

    Without makeup ur not pretty lol

    • The Mango
      The Mango 17 days ago

      Ur not pretty either lol

  • Amelia Taylor
    Amelia Taylor Month ago

    I’m going into 6th grade(I’m small)

  • Cadence Ellison
    Cadence Ellison Month ago

    Her eyebrows look more even than mine like bruh

  • Cadence Ellison
    Cadence Ellison Month ago

    Omg your so good at makeup I'm jelly

  • Abbygayle Ries
    Abbygayle Ries Month ago +1

    Can I just say you are so freaking pretty

  • Sophie Meakins
    Sophie Meakins Month ago +1

    I'm going into 9th grade yayy xx

  • fatou diallo
    fatou diallo Month ago

    Aww 🥰 Haley is so cute in the first part of the video 🥰🐝🥰 especially when she says “hee hee”

  • ducky
    ducky Month ago

    Your bedroom is so pretty 😍

  • Bella B
    Bella B Month ago

    Which colour pop highlighter is that

  • Imsickofenglandlol :D

    Ur fuckingpeng🥵🤧

  • Imsickofenglandlol :D

    sHe scrEamin shsb😭😭😭

  • Rubi Nabor
    Rubi Nabor Month ago +3

    Lmfao she says her under eyes are dark... y’all should see mine😔
    Ilysm tho Haleyyyyy

  • Rania Bourouis
    Rania Bourouis Month ago

    C trop pour l’école 😂😂

  • R C
    R C Month ago +1

    Class of 2023 anyone ??

  • Nia’s Natural life

    Going into 7th grade lol i live in England so I’m going into high school cause we don’t have middle school

  • Melody Slaton
    Melody Slaton Month ago +1

    10th grade baby
    I'll be a sophomore!!!!!!!!!!

  • heloísa bizoto
    heloísa bizoto Month ago

    lol her mother

  • Sydney Neill
    Sydney Neill Month ago

    tf ur stunning

  • • jungzhx •
    • jungzhx • Month ago

    Ugh you so pretty😫

  • XxWolfie_playsxX
    XxWolfie_playsxX Month ago

    Im going into junior high school cuz i just graduated from elementary!

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    Another example of how kids love not acting their age

  • peachy _
    peachy _ Month ago

    Lmao she has the same last name as me

  • Trust Knowbody
    Trust Knowbody Month ago

    Your funny love it

  • MandinhaTube
    MandinhaTube Month ago

    HI GUYS I’m haley morales and todayyyyy

  • Mollee Galoia
    Mollee Galoia Month ago

    I’m going into 7th whos w me

  • Anime killer
    Anime killer 2 months ago +4

    U looked like a junior girl. While I'm here a freshman looking like a 5th grader. Lol

  • Nurul Zunuraini Mohd Zamni

    We have the same hair☺️ but I more shorter and curly

  • Emma •
    Emma • 2 months ago +2

    If you want really good curls for you hair follow the directions:
    1) take a shower and wash your hair
    2) when you get out brush your hair and put in the ‘TRESemmé extra hold flawless curls mousse’
    ^put quite a bit in you hair
    3) scrunch your hair in you hands up to the scalp
    4) let your hair air dry for a flatter look or blow dry for a volumer look
    I do this everyday and it works so good!

    • Emma •
      Emma • Month ago

      Samantha Buckwheat you do a handful at a time

    • Samantha Buckwheat
      Samantha Buckwheat Month ago

      How do I scrunch ALL my hair in my hands the fuq

  • Ebba Sabel
    Ebba Sabel 2 months ago

    You are the best❤️❤️❤️

  • Anika Wohlfarter
    Anika Wohlfarter 2 months ago

    Youre so pretty without and with

  • Rawan Alqaysi
    Rawan Alqaysi 2 months ago

    14:39 cool nostril hairs

  • Rawan Alqaysi
    Rawan Alqaysi 2 months ago

    I am going into 9th grade too next year

  • aubrie barnett
    aubrie barnett 2 months ago

    why is she actually so beautiful i cantttt

  • Itz_Chloe_Duh Xx
    Itz_Chloe_Duh Xx 2 months ago

    I'm starting year 7 .... Soon

  • alienNoodles dood
    alienNoodles dood 2 months ago

    You can't just put essential oils on your skin. There is a base you have to buy and apply in your skin first before applying and massaging the oil into your skin. Just a heads up if you actually want it to be beneficial!!

  • Baddie
    Baddie 2 months ago +1

    She should try ASMR 😂

  • Angelique Sinclair
    Angelique Sinclair 2 months ago

    ok literally you’re so gorgeous wtf

  • Tokyohyes
    Tokyohyes 2 months ago

    she looks like a totally different person when she does her makeup . like that’s the point, but when other ppl do their makeup they look the same ... but she transforms into a whole different person

  • Alfredo Hernandez
    Alfredo Hernandez 2 months ago


  • FootLettuce Tar
    FootLettuce Tar 2 months ago

    I’m going into 9th

  • Bleble Channel
    Bleble Channel 2 months ago


  • Annabelle & Melissa
    Annabelle & Melissa 2 months ago +1

    I love your Nails

  • Mackenzye Beard
    Mackenzye Beard 2 months ago

    Class of 2021

  • Luv Luv
    Luv Luv 2 months ago

    i'm now on my senior high and i even don't wear any make up😂just a liptit and deymm i left out😂

  • 캐 틀란
    캐 틀란 2 months ago +5

    Omg I’m already in high school and I’m 11 I love being in Britain

  • jacks kitten
    jacks kitten 2 months ago

    your long see through bangs make your forehead look more bulbous

  • - Hqzelnut -
    - Hqzelnut - 2 months ago

    Without make-up you look like 10 and with you look like 20 wtf

  • alessandra victoria
    alessandra victoria 2 months ago +5

    How does She afford all of these products!?!??

  • yesui b
    yesui b 2 months ago

    Ohhh your Haley Morales. 🥺❤️

  • steel heart
    steel heart 2 months ago

    I like citrus for my anxiety

  • br0y0ua1ntc00l h4h4
    br0y0ua1ntc00l h4h4 2 months ago

    whats your face shape? i had exactly the same shape and i dont know whats it called

  • Chan Su thyda
    Chan Su thyda 2 months ago

    You talk a lot 😖😐

  • Lauren Jennings
    Lauren Jennings 2 months ago

    Your makeup is so good