• Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • just a simple high school makeup tutorial
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  • Haley Morales
    Haley Morales  Month ago +2591

    lol i really forgot background music love editing at 4am

  • selin
    selin 2 hours ago

    what products do you use so that your hair gets wavy like that? Looks cute and i wanna try it too cause my hair is too flat and just straight boring

  • sara toro
    sara toro 3 hours ago +1

    You are soo beauty 😭😍💜

  • mydogisbarking 10
    mydogisbarking 10 8 hours ago

    If you use powder foundation after concealer, would you still need the setting powder?

  • Edit Emma
    Edit Emma 14 hours ago +1


  • sad girl
    sad girl Day ago

    What the fuck I thought you were an adult already

  • idontwantyourcookies c:

    I legit thought you were older than me, turns out you’re a freshman and I’m a junior. Fun

  • BB MM
    BB MM 2 days ago

    What us the name of the mascara you used first

  • C'mone Davis
    C'mone Davis 2 days ago

    All I have to say is don’t kiss ass to the kids you go to school with there so gonna be not important in four years. I wish I had the same mind set now that I did back then. Trying to fit in and feeling awkward all the time. Omg I wish I had the same mindset back then. Just always keep your own style. Get good grades every year if you can and don’t let people make you feel small. I know easier said then done but a little advice from someone that went through that shit until I went to college. Man college has the best atmosphere compared to high school. :)

  • Scout 394
    Scout 394 4 days ago

    I love you and this vid and I would most likely do this but let’s be real would I actually do this every day at 6 in the morning😂

  • Slay On Cloud 9
    Slay On Cloud 9 4 days ago

    i been graduated for a while. but i wish my high school years i just worried about myself, if they hate you, screw them... literally you do you & you do your make up however you wanna do, be you... let them hate your doing something right... but yeah

  • Zhasmin Abzalova
    Zhasmin Abzalova 4 days ago

    dam yoi is gorgeous with and without makeup holy shit

  • Inga laksafoss simonsen

    Lol dem bangs doe

  • Natalies View
    Natalies View 5 days ago

    Girlll you got some adds!!

  • Snowkittyo
    Snowkittyo 5 days ago

    because of you i just brought the oil diffuser..its coming tomorrow i cant wait

  • momoka
    momoka 5 days ago


  • Nin Pitchayanin
    Nin Pitchayanin 5 days ago

    You're amazing. You can speaking while you applied mascara

  • Kamille White
    Kamille White 6 days ago

    I have one of those

  • Damla B.
    Damla B. 6 days ago +1

    This is the first video i saw of yours. And when i saw your name 'Miles Morales' came to my mind.

  • ღ줄리아나
    ღ줄리아나 6 days ago

    Why do you wear heavy makeup sometimes??

  • Endoplazmik Piskopatbirkulum

    bizim liselerde bi maskara sürdüğünde disipline gönderiyolar sen bunu türkiyede yapsan okula değil düğüne gidersin 😂😑

  • joelene sarji
    joelene sarji 7 days ago

    does she have black friends

  • Kayla Na'Khol
    Kayla Na'Khol 7 days ago

    senior year 😋

  • Daisy Miller
    Daisy Miller 7 days ago

    Wait... When I was in 9th grade I didn´t even know what a concealer ist...

  • xMargarida
    xMargarida 8 days ago

    like I really need basic makeup for school bc I'm starting grade 8 and I did this whole week my skin care and my skin is getting better ( thank you God) but still lookin trash

  • Анастасия Белякова

    0:00 who ARE u ???

  • Lanny Wolfe
    Lanny Wolfe 9 days ago


  • Luciana Cartaxo
    Luciana Cartaxo 9 days ago +1

    You are so beautiful,why so much makeup? Kisses from Brazil ❤🇧🇷

  • Queen Lia
    Queen Lia 10 days ago

    u're literally so pretty & talented. hope i can blow up on yt like u one day

  • Dusk
    Dusk 10 days ago

    oml i swear i thought you were like 15 or something wow. love your channel tho (': 💕

  • Layla Overstreet
    Layla Overstreet 10 days ago

    I'm going into 6 th and I wear a full face of makeup to school...

  • Lily McDonald
    Lily McDonald 11 days ago

    did you have any regrets when you got bangs? bc I really want to get bangs like yours

  • lil c
    lil c 11 days ago

    u cut the hair urself or is it da salon

  • Ivy Hulbert
    Ivy Hulbert 11 days ago

    Who else smelled for lavender too? 😂😂😂

  • cringy weeaboo
    cringy weeaboo 11 days ago

    I need that oil transfuser. My teacher used to use one and it used to calm my anxiety down so much

  • Selma Håsether
    Selma Håsether 11 days ago

    I’m going into 9th grade too!!!

  • Claudio Hervian
    Claudio Hervian 12 days ago

    U look so young when u r not wearing make up 😂

  • Tallulah Schaumann
    Tallulah Schaumann 12 days ago

    Brows are sisters not twins u look good sis

  • Habiba Khan
    Habiba Khan 12 days ago

    Trying hard to look like *LEA ELUI GINET*

  • Ana lu Cle
    Ana lu Cle 13 days ago

    Mano,vc faz isso todo dia?Para passar um rímel eu já tenho preguiça,imagina fazendo essa porra toda 😂😂

  • Spaghetti_Avocado
    Spaghetti_Avocado 13 days ago +1

    Ialready went into my sophomore year ikinda fucked up last year oops we love a dumb shishter

  • Sara Valencia
    Sara Valencia 13 days ago

    High school freshman is really easy just focused on u & I'm a sophomore😊

  • whomstd tf
    whomstd tf 13 days ago

    im starting 6th grade and i fucking hate it lmfao

  • haley meadows
    haley meadows 13 days ago

    I just started in 10th grade and I look like a whole goat on crack but it’s whatevaaaa😂❤️❤️ I love your videos good luck this year hunnnn💕

  • MikeyWayIsMineNoOneCanTakeHimFrom Me


  • Киреевский Доширак

    Why u r sitting in front of the light and ur pupils r so big?? Is this LSD??????????????????

  • Jish Jush
    Jish Jush 13 days ago

    I'm going into 9th grade too

  • fia alsagoff
    fia alsagoff 13 days ago

    Wait so you r 14???!

  • Ilse van der Hooft
    Ilse van der Hooft 14 days ago

    10TH GRADE

  • Your Pal Lil Soy
    Your Pal Lil Soy 14 days ago

    What products do you put in your hair?

  • Sedona
    Sedona 14 days ago

    You’re so pretty wtf I wanna die

  • kavee goran
    kavee goran 14 days ago


    KIM SAARAH 15 days ago

    Junior year

  • Zen arueo
    Zen arueo 15 days ago

    I am in 11th grade and we are not allowed to wear makeup😭😭what a jerk am I 😂😭😬

  • Truman Grey
    Truman Grey 15 days ago

    I'm going to 11th grade

  • pennycjb
    pennycjb 15 days ago

    OMG you look so different with and without makeup

  • It's Lidia!
    It's Lidia! 15 days ago

    NARS is animal cruelty!

  • flippin casserole
    flippin casserole 15 days ago

    I’m in grade 11 girl there isn’t anything for you to worry about so far, only until you get up to 11. So make sure you study and pay attention and ASK QUESTIONS!!

  • zeana scarlett {lonely/sad/doesn't want love}

    I am in 7th grade

  • ur mom
    ur mom 15 days ago

    "high school makeup tutorial" sis you're not even a freshman yet lmao

  • Nikki Fuentes
    Nikki Fuentes 15 days ago

    I like ur video, but if u do more faster makes super awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexia Valentina
    Alexia Valentina 15 days ago

    I'm in the 9th grate too😂

  • Natalie Klassen
    Natalie Klassen 16 days ago

    “better than.. mom won’t let me say it” 💀💀

  • Bianca Hernandez
    Bianca Hernandez 16 days ago

    she wears a lot of makeup for only going into high school. literally baking your whole face. i mean don’t get me wrong makeup is cute but it’s just a lot

  • aestheticafkpop
    aestheticafkpop 16 days ago

    Btw ur make up is so beautiful wish I could do it that way 😂

  • aestheticafkpop
    aestheticafkpop 16 days ago

    Why am I 13 and 2 grades higher? Or am I wrong bcs I'm not good at the grades and stuff bcs I'm Dutch so don't judge me 😂

  • Karen Soga
    Karen Soga 16 days ago


  • Kayla Morgan
    Kayla Morgan 16 days ago

    I'm a freshman too. It's so fun. Don't know if you've started yet but it's so much better than middle school.

  • Rhiannon craver
    Rhiannon craver 16 days ago

    I'm starting 10th grade tomorrow actually

  • Zali Radford
    Zali Radford 17 days ago

    lmao ya girl is graduating in less than 10 weeks

  • Ahnaka slaying
    Ahnaka slaying 17 days ago

    Im in 7th rn

  • Jimin's Fox
    Jimin's Fox 17 days ago

    boy if i see one more kfc add-

  • Gaelle Akaliza
    Gaelle Akaliza 17 days ago

    I love your nails

  • Grace Zangenberg
    Grace Zangenberg 17 days ago

    Dude you at least lucky you have eyebrows 🤣

  • K-Pop Trash
    K-Pop Trash 17 days ago

    idk it it's just me but sometimes I hear her suddenly sound like cardi b???

  • Janice Ripley
    Janice Ripley 17 days ago

    I’m going into grade 9 where I live I’m still in middle school then grade 10 I’m in high school.

  • Hadley Stanage
    Hadley Stanage 17 days ago

    “cuz everyone hates me” whatta mood.. but same!!😂😂

  • Yoongis Left eyebrow
    Yoongis Left eyebrow 17 days ago

    I’m going into year 10 idk what grade that is lmao

  • Ameena Alalawi
    Ameena Alalawi 17 days ago

    sophomore yeaaaar

  • takisbih
    takisbih 17 days ago

    sis you're like a year younger than me and you're GLOWING while i look like a fucking fried potato

  • Rae Idris
    Rae Idris 17 days ago

    okay lets have a discussion .... i am from the uk. i am going into the first year of sixth form college this week and i don't what the equivalent in the us..... what's the equivalent???? who knows?

  • Reese Smith
    Reese Smith 18 days ago

    I'm going in to grade 8

  • Aycan Karadağcı
    Aycan Karadağcı 18 days ago


  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi 18 days ago

    GIRL Everytime I put on highlighter I look like I sweat a lot IDK how to make that highlighter pop without making me look like I sweat a shit

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson 19 days ago

    the way she talks kinda enjoys me, i had to mute the video to watch it lol

  • Sophiah Payne
    Sophiah Payne 19 days ago

    Love this vid I started sophomore year this year good luck

  • Cheese Apple
    Cheese Apple 19 days ago

    I feel so old rn like I'm gonna be 17 and I'm going to be a Junior like jeez I'm ancient lol

    CHARLIZE CEBALLOS 19 days ago


  • Lily Blossom
    Lily Blossom 19 days ago

    I should be in 11th grade but since I moved in the middle ofthe year last year im being put back in 10th 🙃

  • Gymnast Tree
    Gymnast Tree 19 days ago


  • Kaira Nicole
    Kaira Nicole 19 days ago


  • jeon merae
    jeon merae 19 days ago

    Senoir year 😩 im not even ready for school yet

  • pupu pu
    pupu pu 19 days ago

    grade 10

  • issa_skittle
    issa_skittle 19 days ago

    Honestly ur my go to channel when I just wanna learn makeup without drama and feel relatable. On top of that ur really humble and easy to watch. Luv u

  • Karen LagunasBravo
    Karen LagunasBravo 19 days ago

    I start school September 5th I am going into the 8th grade

  • Timiah Gear
    Timiah Gear 19 days ago

    You look beautiful 😍

  • Saja Drury
    Saja Drury 19 days ago

    I’m going into 9th grade too

  • Nightcore Lover
    Nightcore Lover 19 days ago

    I'm going into year 7 ❤ A complete new school I'm not nervous cuz everyone I know is going there and r there so..

  • Mėłänië
    Mėłänië 20 days ago

    woah wtf ur in 9th grade?! omg you look so much older!