• Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • just a simple high school makeup tutorial
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  • Haley Morales
    Haley Morales  3 months ago +2944

    lol i really forgot background music love editing at 4am

    • Hasbia Ouali
      Hasbia Ouali Month ago

      Why do everyonw hates u

    • not today sweetie
      not today sweetie Month ago

      Haley Morales I'm 10, and when I do my skincare I use a beauty blender so my lotion can seep in. I recommend the Curel hydrated lotion and some bath and body works lotion but I use a lot of different things on my face

    • Zhasmin Abzalova
      Zhasmin Abzalova Month ago

      We no need background music YOUR VOICE IS ENOUGH QUEEN

    • princess E
      princess E 2 months ago

      Im in 7th grade

    • Kaitlyn Gruner
      Kaitlyn Gruner 2 months ago

      Haley Morales , try the smashbox X-rated mascara it works so well😍

  • multifandom bro
    multifandom bro Day ago

    oh my god you are so cute and nice i actually wanna cry, keep going girl you slay 💕🍥

  • Christopher Ponder
    Christopher Ponder 2 days ago

    I’m in 5th grade. And I love your videos so much!😘

  • Hajar Homs
    Hajar Homs 2 days ago

    13:48 OMG 😂😂 I was like “that looks like an exclamation point and then she said the same thing 😂😂

  • mica xo
    mica xo 2 days ago

    she kinda sounds like malu at some times

  • Ghost very rare
    Ghost very rare 3 days ago

    She Literally talks to fucking much 💀

  • Angle rifart
    Angle rifart 3 days ago

    I am 18 but I just start😄😐

  • Britney Shanter
    Britney Shanter 3 days ago

    what did u put in your hair ?????????????

  • Jessica Cree
    Jessica Cree 4 days ago

    love this :))

  • Jk
    Jk 4 days ago

    Uh her mom don't let her say sex...you 5 yrs old gurl?

  • Jk
    Jk 4 days ago

    How she take such good selfies

  • Juniper Emmons
    Juniper Emmons 5 days ago

    I started 9th this year it's realllll rough

  • 🍅 - Tasty Tomatoes - 🍅

    Who hates school? I wake up early

  • 🍅 - Tasty Tomatoes - 🍅

    4th grade

  • Paris Alexander
    Paris Alexander 7 days ago

    I didnt know she was 14 but i can tell she acts like it she is annoying and talks too much

  • Brianna Fry
    Brianna Fry 7 days ago

    Are you Hispanic?💓💓💓

  • Daniya Abougouche
    Daniya Abougouche 8 days ago

    She and Rachel Cantu are literally the same person and neeeeed collab!!

  • Clara Ray
    Clara Ray 8 days ago

    you have such a funny and cute personality lol good video :)

  • Jamie P
    Jamie P 8 days ago +3

    Watching this now thinking she ain't in school

  • Emily watson
    Emily watson 8 days ago

    I’m in 9th grade but I’m 13 but I live in England so it’s different here.......so

  • alyssabrown._ _
    alyssabrown._ _ 9 days ago

    Ur brows look perfect

  • Justin Pekin
    Justin Pekin 9 days ago

    7th grade

  • All Things Annika
    All Things Annika 9 days ago +1

    I live in canada so the grades are a bit different than in the USA. If your born 2005 your in grade 8 this year. which is the year I am

  • Ella Thomas
    Ella Thomas 10 days ago

    Her contour😂😂😂

  • y_026
    y_026 10 days ago

    I hate it when she calls herself ugly.. i mean have you seen my potato face??

  • XXRosey MSPxX
    XXRosey MSPxX 10 days ago

    0:07 “I’m aware I look very bad”


  • Cici Alvarez Rodriguez

    Yo I love your bangs

  • Darlene Day!
    Darlene Day! 12 days ago

    Danggg how do you have great skin I love it! Like it’s sooo clear😀

  • Gym Junkie
    Gym Junkie 14 days ago

    you look like a mini Christian Agueliera! Also...jelly of your eyelashes 💖

  • Saniyah R
    Saniyah R 15 days ago

    I'm 17 and look like a foot and you're over here slaying at 14, puberty was really cruel to me😂

  • KD Gaming
    KD Gaming 15 days ago

    when you asked what grade were going in, i already started back to school, but sophomore ahah :)

  • Ellie Hope
    Ellie Hope 16 days ago

    Posted on my bday ;)

  • Deewa S
    Deewa S 18 days ago

    Wow I’m 14 as well and you look so much older than me 🤣💞

  • Carlyyy Lynn
    Carlyyy Lynn 20 days ago

    I’m in 8th grade

  • The lil OG
    The lil OG 21 day ago

    So the airspun translucent powder it matters what color you get right? Or no because it’s translucent? Can anyone answer this for me?

  • Hailey Cutshaw
    Hailey Cutshaw 22 days ago

    i love how you bash those literally freaking perfect brows when like i could never

  • bella
    bella 23 days ago

    4:38 i swear, 9th grade is so STRESSFULL.

  • Kimberly Souza
    Kimberly Souza 24 days ago

    sis you shouldn't put a cream product on top of a powder product

  • Xbixi O
    Xbixi O 24 days ago

    congratulations girl u just became my new love

  • t h e f r i c k. u r d u m b.

    If you dont want the defuser part skip to 2:32 :)

  • HeyItsMeganXx
    HeyItsMeganXx 26 days ago

    “today I’m gonna try out the nars sheer glow foundation” oh how times have changed😂💓

  • Isabella White
    Isabella White 27 days ago

    billie eilish as the outro song (:

  • Derpy Derperson
    Derpy Derperson 27 days ago

    Billie at the end though^^

  • woohoo !
    woohoo ! 28 days ago +1

    LMAOO yall see her acting like she doesnt know that elf has a contour kit as if she didn’t use it like everyday before she started making money😭😭😭😭😭GNNNNN

  • Clara S
    Clara S 28 days ago


  • Lauza Coopz
    Lauza Coopz Month ago

    What are your brushes?

  • Tya Tea
    Tya Tea Month ago

    Yo does anyone else hear haley’s lowkey accent. ITS SO CUTEEEEE

  • Shabby S
    Shabby S Month ago

    Thank you so much cause I really needed to learn how to do my school makeup ✅

  • Bibih Oliver
    Bibih Oliver Month ago +1

    Loved it❤

  • B0612*Kim
    B0612*Kim Month ago

    Omg I REALLY love the way you do your makeup!! Teach me your wayssss

  • Millie Woslager
    Millie Woslager Month ago

    I’m in 8th grade

  • jaemint
    jaemint Month ago

    i’m a year younger than you ! i’m born on decmber 28! and i live in houston as well!

  • The Sixteenth Floor

    How u finna be a whole damn grade below me and look 100000000000000× better than i will ever be?????

  • Anna Dorthea Norås

    omg, you are so fkn pretty!!! ahhh

  • —————————

    Just started freshman in high school. . In my school most of the girls , we are pretty so we don’t wear makeup. BUT GIRL we are NOT that PRETTY AS YOU with MAKEUP

  • fatimtim
    fatimtim Month ago

    Yo yo yo I'm in 9th grade and all I wear is Mascara

  • Spilling Tea
    Spilling Tea Month ago

    I basically already do that but I wear falshies since I had the nasty mascara look (mascara everywhere) I love to make my lashes look long so it looks nasty and I just go in my Anastasia b hills soft glam palette using orange soda and burnt orange just to create a peach orange look and it looks AmAzing And I use tempera on my lids browbone and inner corners :) I’m a freshman In highschool too I love being the only freshman with makeup idk just like yes sis!

  • Monse Juarez
    Monse Juarez Month ago

    How is it that I’m a junior and this girl is already so good at makeup & cuter than me.😥

  • Olivia Wickham
    Olivia Wickham Month ago

    You’ll be ok girly

  • sidney australia
    sidney australia Month ago

    Ok wait, what I don't understand is how I'm in the same grade as her but she looks 10 times better than me( aka a potato)

  • TheNancy
    TheNancy Month ago

    I'm currently in 8th grade lol
    btw love your videos

  • Angii
    Angii Month ago

    Ugh junior year, is the most stressful at my school 💀, I’ve had 3 mental breakdowns and I’m on fall break and I still have homework due Monday.

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester Month ago

    10 grade (i’m german) 😂

  • bloodied bruises
    bloodied bruises Month ago

    As a senior, I can tell you it gets easier and less scary going. I hope freshmen year is doing you good lol and you’re so pretty ahg

  • digitalsonder
    digitalsonder Month ago

    I'm currently in 8th grade but I'm 15 hmhm

  • Accountson Gogle
    Accountson Gogle Month ago

    “Cause everyone hates me” HAHAHA i feel u

  • Natalie Deanna
    Natalie Deanna Month ago

    she is going into 9th grade?

  • Ximena Romo
    Ximena Romo Month ago

    Ame la parte de las cejas, y no porque me encantarán sino porque se callo por fin, dios mio como hablas niña 🙄

  • Tereza Gonzalez
    Tereza Gonzalez Month ago

    Her eyes look so cute when she applies mascara ☺❤

  • Amanda luiza
    Amanda luiza Month ago

    do a video speaking in Portuguese please

  • daisy davis
    daisy davis Month ago +2

    Your pupils are HUGEEE 😂 (not a bad thing, just sayin)

  • victoria Daniels
    victoria Daniels Month ago +2

    Nobody gives a fuck what grade you're going in

  • Quetzalli Villalpando

    The power of makeup!

  • Drafina Puspita
    Drafina Puspita Month ago

    Billie’ song at the end tho💯

  • Jillian HighHill
    Jillian HighHill Month ago

    OMG I love your humor. You go girl!

  • Princess Red
    Princess Red Month ago

    This HAIR. 💖

  • Blue Potato
    Blue Potato Month ago +1

    I’m going in to year 7 ( high school ! 👍🏻🙀)

  • myranda breezee
    myranda breezee Month ago

    I seriously love this, you're so funny! I'm a senior and you're right school sucks and I love your mini speech about college and keeping your grades up because I'm literally watching makeup tutorials to procrastinate doing my AP homework. Also, I just got into makeup so this was really helpful!

  • Matthias Williams
    Matthias Williams Month ago +7

    Be careful so that your animals aren't in the room when you diffuse essential oils! Lavender is highly toxic to cats, and peppermint can cause respiratory distress in animals and children (because of the menthol)

  • Haley Grace
    Haley Grace Month ago

    My name is Haley to!

  • Paola Perez
    Paola Perez Month ago

    Cuando dijo “be get this” le entendí billetes JAJAJAJAJ

  • Andrine Svestad
    Andrine Svestad Month ago

    I am in 11th grade now

  • worldz reviews
    worldz reviews Month ago

    9th grade

  • Eiman
    Eiman Month ago

    Archer Morales? In 27 days? Anyone?🤗

  • sara toro
    sara toro Month ago +1

    You are soo beauty 😭😍💜

  • mydogisbarking 10
    mydogisbarking 10 Month ago

    If you use powder foundation after concealer, would you still need the setting powder?

  • hehe hehe
    hehe hehe Month ago +1


  • sad girl
    sad girl Month ago

    What the fuck I thought you were an adult already

  • idontwantyourcookies c:

    I legit thought you were older than me, turns out you’re a freshman and I’m a junior. Fun

  • Breanna Vazquez
    Breanna Vazquez Month ago

    What us the name of the mascara you used first

  • C'mone Davis
    C'mone Davis Month ago

    All I have to say is don’t kiss ass to the kids you go to school with there so gonna be not important in four years. I wish I had the same mind set now that I did back then. Trying to fit in and feeling awkward all the time. Omg I wish I had the same mindset back then. Just always keep your own style. Get good grades every year if you can and don’t let people make you feel small. I know easier said then done but a little advice from someone that went through that shit until I went to college. Man college has the best atmosphere compared to high school. :)

  • Scout 394
    Scout 394 Month ago

    I love you and this vid and I would most likely do this but let’s be real would I actually do this every day at 6 in the morning😂

  • Slay On Cloud 9
    Slay On Cloud 9 Month ago

    i been graduated for a while. but i wish my high school years i just worried about myself, if they hate you, screw them... literally you do you & you do your make up however you wanna do, be you... let them hate your doing something right... but yeah

  • Zhasmin Abzalova
    Zhasmin Abzalova Month ago

    dam yoi is gorgeous with and without makeup holy shit

  • Inga laksafoss simonsen

    Lol dem bangs doe

  • Natalies View
    Natalies View Month ago

    Girlll you got some adds!!

  • Snowkittyo
    Snowkittyo Month ago

    because of you i just brought the oil diffuser..its coming tomorrow i cant wait

  • momoka
    momoka Month ago


  • Nin Pitchayanin
    Nin Pitchayanin Month ago

    You're amazing. You can speaking while you applied mascara

  • Kamille White
    Kamille White Month ago

    I have one of those