Boeing 777-300 Powerful Takeoff at Birmingham Airport


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  • Gggg Gggg
    Gggg Gggg 10 days ago

    The beast

  • Railfan Cody McCone Productions

    Since when are airfields slopey? I thought they were flat out straight on the grounds.

  • Travel diaries
    Travel diaries 11 days ago

    Which airport?

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson Month ago

    My favourite aircraft to fly.... I love the 777-300ER

  • Mörrimöykky 22
    Mörrimöykky 22 6 months ago

    Emirates 777😍😍😍

  • Aqim Julayhi
    Aqim Julayhi 7 months ago

    1:38 you can just see how heavy that takeoff was

  • Roman Rollins
    Roman Rollins 7 months ago

    777 is the most beautiful fleet of boeing

  • Roman Rollins
    Roman Rollins 7 months ago

    What a great sound man in earphone

  • Jason Cavitt
    Jason Cavitt 8 months ago

    Shouldn't runways be level, longitudinally? Sheesh.

  • Plane Spotter Global
    Plane Spotter Global 8 months ago +1

    1:44 That sound Amazing!!!!!

  • JetlinerSpotting SGN
    JetlinerSpotting SGN 9 months ago

    Nice take-off Boeing 777-300 aircraft Emirates

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall 10 months ago +6

    boeing sure knows how to build a beautiful bird

  • GamePlay
    GamePlay 11 months ago +3

    Holly shittt!!!

  • justforever96
    justforever96 Year ago +3

    I wish we had an airport around here. I was thrilled when I went ot my sister's house and there were small jets flying right overhead on takeoff or apporach to the airport. We get a single freight train and a passenger train through each night I can go an watch. Makes it a bit more special, I guess, but it's not very convenient.

  • LRsoup
    LRsoup Year ago +2

    As a compensation for that annoying barking, those dogs should of been sucked into the engines to create a special effect for us youtube viewers.

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister Year ago +3

    Nice, even dogs are cheering for this sexy bird 😂😂

  • Travel_ extra
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  • MaidenAirTM
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  • Fernando Cavalcante
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  • William Watts
    William Watts Year ago +1

    It sounds like the A380

    • Capt.Rankin
      Capt.Rankin Year ago +4

      William Watts or the A380 sound like a 777

  • James Stone
    James Stone Year ago +1

    if you notice... the pilot had the "ankle biters" turned on during the takeoff roll. a little extra push. ha

  • Amélie Renoncule
    Amélie Renoncule 2 years ago +1

    Nice product!
    But, mon amour, WHY would the wing-spoiler be deployed on this [See pic below] 777...after takeoff...while climbing to operational altitude?:

  • UY Scuti
    UY Scuti 2 years ago +8

    Fucking dog!!!

  • A.E.E.N 5th
    A.E.E.N 5th 2 years ago +1

    This airplane sucks why are boieng selling then? 777-9X destroys this plane

    • Sidharth Baskaran
      Sidharth Baskaran 6 months ago +2

      A.E.E.N 5th try designing one yourself, the only garbage around here is you

    • Sheriff of Nottingham
      Sheriff of Nottingham Year ago

      A.E.E.N 5th the best plane they have made is the 787

    • Jean P Rada F
      Jean P Rada F Year ago +3

      Well, Boeing has delivered almost 1.500 of this "garbage" (including all variants), and by far has outsold the Airbus A340, its inmediate counterpart, so the Boeing 777 is the best aircraft in its segment. In terms of fuel efficiency, payload - range and capacity, the Triple Seven has no rivals.

    • ZevokMedia
      ZevokMedia 2 years ago +1

      +A.E.E.N 5th Oh lol true

    • A.E.E.N 5th
      A.E.E.N 5th 2 years ago

      I know but they are still producing this garbage

  • DarrenBonJovi
    DarrenBonJovi 2 years ago +48

    The triple 7 must rate as the most beautiful airliner out there.

    • Jason Cavitt
      Jason Cavitt 8 months ago +1

      Most of these tube-with-wings planes look boringly similar to one another, but the 777-8 and -9 coming out in 2020 will be truly elegant. Their carbon fiber wings will be striking, with those extended wingtips and that exaggerated dihedral, and the GE9X engines will preserve the Triple Seven's traditional badassery. I'm nervous about Boeing's insistence on lithium ion power units, because the Dreamliner battery problems were bandaged over, not solved.

    • justforever96
      justforever96 Year ago +1

      Okay, if you say so. I think the're re kind of clunky looking. I love the two huge engines though.

  • Jabari-Amir Jones
    Jabari-Amir Jones 2 years ago +1

    thumbs up

  • Obese Hank
    Obese Hank 3 years ago

    Bird on runway....

  • Les Photos de JCB TV & Aviation Videos

    Excellent !!! :) L I K E D

  • mahesh rao
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  • Stationary Plane
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  • Lare Austin
    Lare Austin 3 years ago +3

    Very nice shooting. What camera/tripod are you using?

  • Leo Moso
    Leo Moso 3 years ago

    what's the length of the runway? it seems short. :-)

  • Leo Moso
    Leo Moso 3 years ago

    what's the length of the runway? it seems short. :-)

  • Leo Moso
    Leo Moso 3 years ago +4

    what's the length of the runway? it seems short. :-)

    • MidlandsAviationHD
      MidlandsAviationHD  3 years ago +3

      At the time of filming it was around 8500ft, it has since been extended to 10000ft :)

  • Leo Moso
    Leo Moso 3 years ago

    what's the length of the runway? it seems short. :-)

  • darklinkjr12
    darklinkjr12 3 years ago

    What a beast of a plane

  • MCHFacts
    MCHFacts 3 years ago +3

    What a MONSTER!

  • kelly calkins
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  • Just Fly
    Just Fly 4 years ago +1

    Amazing video subbed

  • Paul Cloutier
    Paul Cloutier 4 years ago +3

    All runways are like that! So water can run off!

  • Abbas Khaleeq
    Abbas Khaleeq 4 years ago +1

    That was one fast lift off!

  • Jase Mondikes
    Jase Mondikes 4 years ago +1

    brilliant filming, nice one ;)

  • ffairlane57
    ffairlane57 4 years ago +1

    Not a very flat runway.

  • Erik Höglund
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  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 5 years ago +1

    buen color

  • mariodebontridder
    mariodebontridder 5 years ago +1

    Nice video!!! congrats with your 100th video!!! :D