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14.y.o Girl Leaving the Judges Open-Mouthed With Her Talented Voice | Week 6 | BGT 2017


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  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 7 hours ago

    No Golden Buzzer?

  • A D
    A D 22 hours ago

    Her Italian pronunciation hurts my ears 😂

  • David Heath
    David Heath Day ago

    honestly didnt understand a word she said and stilled moved me to tears phenomenal job keep it up!

  • Jamie Murray
    Jamie Murray Day ago

    Imagine being that talented 😍👌

  • Rupak Singh
    Rupak Singh Day ago +1

    Flawless voice..incredible
    But she is 14, hard to believe for me.😑😑

  • absoftitanium
    absoftitanium Day ago

    Hair Oirish acc'nt is pairfect. You can certainly see how much her brother loves her. Very touching.

  • kenneth carroll
    kenneth carroll Day ago


  • Sam Brooks
    Sam Brooks 2 days ago


  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 3 days ago

    Don't understand a word she said..but that one of the most beautiful performances I've ever heard ❤

  • V.S. Gopalakrishnan
    V.S. Gopalakrishnan 3 days ago

    Such a lovely girl with incredible singing skill. Bravo.

  • Mann am See
    Mann am See 4 days ago

    Das ist wahre Geschwisterliebe.Einfach nur schön.

  • Daniel Ethier
    Daniel Ethier 4 days ago

    Such a well presented and modest young girl. Her tone, along with her outstanding voice control is something to be highly recognized.
    The support of her family is quite admirable. Atta go girl !
    Impeccable performance ❤

  • Momen Elnoaman
    Momen Elnoaman 4 days ago

    Am sayin no

  • Lorenzo Catalano
    Lorenzo Catalano 5 days ago

    Complimenti. Impeccable italian beh parliamone...😍

  • tilly 21
    tilly 21 5 days ago


  • Kathy Schaefer
    Kathy Schaefer 6 days ago

    Fantastic.... she will go far..... and with the love of her family.... her brother adorable..... Go girl.....

  • mocha princess
    mocha princess 6 days ago

    That was beautiful😀

  • Andre Thomas
    Andre Thomas 7 days ago

    sublime adorable

  • Adam Buentello
    Adam Buentello 7 days ago

    They should just leave kids to compete in their own show for kids. Every kid can sing high notes. Voice changes after puberty so leave adults to compete with adults..

  • Lowell Kennedy
    Lowell Kennedy 7 days ago

    You can sing

  • Moonshine Buck
    Moonshine Buck 7 days ago

    Some of those people have more talent that that trash judging them will ever have!

  • KoolaidCat
    KoolaidCat 8 days ago

    Why did almost 10 thousand people dislike this

  • Ingeborg Werner
    Ingeborg Werner 8 days ago


  • beryl bishop
    beryl bishop 8 days ago

    She was amazing and her little brother was so proud xx

  • Ewi Bae
    Ewi Bae 8 days ago

    The subtitle thou😂😂😂😂

  • Fastbiker100
    Fastbiker100 9 days ago +5

    I am Italian and for me it is a source of pride when I see how much Italian art is so appreciated around the world, especially by so young people. Well done young lady

  • Chat Garcia
    Chat Garcia 9 days ago

    Her brother 😭

  • Rurcel Lacourt
    Rurcel Lacourt 9 days ago

    excelente resumen de programa

  • ChRis Butcher
    ChRis Butcher 10 days ago

    9,9 tnd people are totally like bad breath!

  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae 11 days ago

    Sensational. Amazing performance!

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 11 days ago

    Amazing soul...amazing voice

  • Jill
    Jill 11 days ago

    Dammit!! Now I'm cryin'.....I'm 70.....good to be alive....

  • Salim Sirkhot
    Salim Sirkhot 11 days ago

    Look at the boy
    Look at him
    Natural n true expressions I ever seen from a boy
    Hey boy sis has won the hearts... What else you wish to come true

  • Vicky Campbell
    Vicky Campbell 11 days ago

    She's a natural, may God help her manifest all her good! :)

  • Sandra Vicens
    Sandra Vicens 11 days ago

    Operas famosas

  • Claude Belanger
    Claude Belanger 11 days ago +1

    OMG! What an amazing, beautiful voice. Humble and yet a star.

  • Alicia M.
    Alicia M. 12 days ago

    Seeing her little brother's love and support is everything.

  • Mmy Gi
    Mmy Gi 12 days ago

    I am Italian and this little lady sings brilliantly in my language😍😍😍

  • Sara Ali
    Sara Ali 12 days ago

    Father recation

  • Beta Geli
    Beta Geli 12 days ago


  • Hannah Hannah
    Hannah Hannah 12 days ago

    I don't know why but she reminds me of Niall!!!❤❤❤

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 12 days ago


  • Sweet Ikoegg
    Sweet Ikoegg 12 days ago


  • graham answerth
    graham answerth 12 days ago

    Another talented and beautiful young girl.

  • Contact 360
    Contact 360 13 days ago

    Go girl!

  • Elizabeth Sta Ana
    Elizabeth Sta Ana 13 days ago

    I'm inlove with her brother oksy.

  • Pierfrance Quinto
    Pierfrance Quinto 14 days ago +1

    Her pronunciation IS AWFUL

  • Annie Joseph
    Annie Joseph 14 days ago

    Her brothers emotions was the best .

  • Simply Pandalicious
    Simply Pandalicious 14 days ago

    What language is that song?

  • Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis 14 days ago

    And furthermore i tired i going to bed..

  • Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis 14 days ago

    Its called wine ing

  • Glass Diamond
    Glass Diamond 14 days ago

    So beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes, as well.

  • Steven Fenster
    Steven Fenster 14 days ago

    So I wonder at times if the judges are concerned about obvious talent in front of them as challenges to their own. I would like to remind all people that talent is like love, and is in no way, a zero sum game.

    TAD JACKSON 15 days ago

    Angelic voice,,thanks

  • Joy Bernstein
    Joy Bernstein 15 days ago

    She just sent chills down my spine & watching her brother tear .. just even more touching !!! God bless 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Davies Kwame
    Davies Kwame 15 days ago +1

    Incredible performance

  • Ellen Gregory
    Ellen Gregory 15 days ago

    She needs to enunciate better. I couldn't understand a word she was singing. It's like she wasn't even speaking English. Very sloppy. Nice voice though.

  • Balloo Khushi
    Balloo Khushi 15 days ago +1

    I can't understand what she is singing... But her voice is just beautiful❤

    LUCKY SAMSON ODJOJI 15 days ago


  • Jacob Andama
    Jacob Andama 16 days ago

    What a wonderful voice I cannot understand the language

  • Keylee Layton
    Keylee Layton 16 days ago

    omg😲 she's amazing💘

  • Adaobi Ada Nneka
    Adaobi Ada Nneka 16 days ago +1

    Her brother is so cute. He was nervous for her

  • Jessie Love
    Jessie Love 16 days ago

    The brother made me cry 😭


    Son petit frère est son premier fan il m a fait couler des larmes 😘

  • Kaka Kaka
    Kaka Kaka 16 days ago +4

    Noticed anything weird at 00:54????

    • Kaka Kaka
      Kaka Kaka 10 days ago +2

      +Stephanie Griner yeaah. I dont know.... it's just was so disturbing to watch and one can only assume it's not safe out there and that's it.

    • Stephanie Griner
      Stephanie Griner 10 days ago +2

      Kaka Kaka OMG! I missed that. If I was Daddy I'd beat the sh*t outta that douche bag.

    • Happy Blue
      Happy Blue 12 days ago +2

      Guy's a perv.

  • Touche' Corona
    Touche' Corona 17 days ago +3

    I saw no judges with mouths wide opened. Why do you people continue to lie just to get views?

  • Viviane De Sainte Martine

    Bravo mademoiselle vous êtes merveilleuse.

  • M Skallywagg
    M Skallywagg 18 days ago


  • thesilentdiva
    thesilentdiva 18 days ago

    Loved it

  • Daniela Hocks-Stecken
    Daniela Hocks-Stecken 18 days ago

    Der Bruder ist sooo Süß! 🥰

  • Zerenity PH
    Zerenity PH 19 days ago

    What an angelic voice & She’s very sweet . Incredible 💯

  • twinky666666
    twinky666666 19 days ago +1


  • Jocelyne Tessier
    Jocelyne Tessier 19 days ago

    Josh Groban

  • FYIonline
    FYIonline 19 days ago

    the brother stole my heart, i love him

  • tolzer
    tolzer 19 days ago

    9822 people needed subtitles...

  • Nan
    Nan 19 days ago

    What a phenomenal voice... and such confidence and presence. Magnifico!!! Leah Barniville --- I will be watching for her in the future!!

  • kurumais
    kurumais 19 days ago

    the subtitles were spot on and she is a cutie pie

  • Carl Beer
    Carl Beer 20 days ago

    Subtitles are the best bit

  • Harry Gitarre
    Harry Gitarre 20 days ago

    Na ja,ausgebildete Stimme ,die scheisse klingt.Nix besonderes.Da sind tausende You tuber wesenlich besser.

  • John Becker
    John Becker 20 days ago

    9.8k thumbs down. How?

  • Helton Luiz
    Helton Luiz 21 day ago

    Esse quarteto de jurados são top

  • Jana Manoj
    Jana Manoj 21 day ago

    Love her brother

  • Tina Rose 2204
    Tina Rose 2204 21 day ago


  • yonten gonpo
    yonten gonpo 21 day ago

    i like her voice. its beautiful. and her little brother with such an emotion.

  • paul layoso
    paul layoso 21 day ago

    The backround sound in the end was such a masterpiece song by taylor swift❤❤

  • Noelle Klein
    Noelle Klein 21 day ago

    my name is Leah!

  • Kathy Schaefer
    Kathy Schaefer 22 days ago

    Incredible and to have a brother with so much emotion.... send her off to the Opera...she can do it...... My grandmother was an opera singer in the Metropolitian Opera from France in 1914...

  • Danielle Cobb
    Danielle Cobb 22 days ago

    She's got a good voice. Can't understand what she is saying thou.

  • Nishana Maharaj
    Nishana Maharaj 22 days ago

    She is absolutely amazing... Beautiful and sweet. And he brother is just the most adoring fan. Love them

  • Sabrina Short
    Sabrina Short 22 days ago

    Very beautiful voice

  • Angela Hicks
    Angela Hicks 23 days ago

    Incredible,Awesome, through the Roof !!!

  • Susan Chisena
    Susan Chisena 23 days ago

    Omg the brother made me cry

  • NDittt1
    NDittt1 23 days ago

    If she was my daughter and she was naughty, all she'd have to do is sing and I'd forget I was punishing her

  • Pompey Salz
    Pompey Salz 23 days ago

    The Irish people are so bloody talented!!

  • Ralph Curry
    Ralph Curry 23 days ago

    Amazing didn't exspect that😍😍😍😍

  • Holly Horsfall
    Holly Horsfall 23 days ago

    How are there so many dislikes on this?? This is incredible!

  • Chrystal Anders
    Chrystal Anders 23 days ago

    Wow she's absolutely amazing... Beautiful voice, definitely a winner in my book.... 💖💖💖

  • Terry Turner
    Terry Turner 24 days ago

    What a great little brother. Her perofrmance ws very goodñ

  • JJ O'Brien
    JJ O'Brien 24 days ago

    God brought an Angel to earth God bless you all in health and happiness JJ O’Brien 💋

  • Marc Vuijk
    Marc Vuijk 25 days ago

    Imagine her sound in a couple of years???