Furze World Wonders - Official Trailer!


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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +812

    So this is what i was doing in June and July while you were getting car duvets and microwave games consoles. So youtube red show aimed at the young ones, 10 eps the first which is out next Thurzeday and is free to all to watch with the rest on the Red platform (which i thought would be available to us brits when i first started working on this) If you can't get Red you can still sign up to watch individual episodes. Hope you all enjoy it.

  • Calum Reville
    Calum Reville 9 months ago

    I love the music! Does anyone know what it is?

  • Pablo Nv
    Pablo Nv 11 months ago

    Hola soy Argentino y quisas muy problabemente no leas esto pero yo quiero ser asi de grande y no pensava que ya ubiera gente asi tengo 14 y para mi eres un idolo saludos desde argentina si lees esto
    (Disculpen la otrografia)

  • sib stance
    sib stance Year ago

    AMAZING TUNING !! tvclip.biz/video/g8bsxjsn8io/video.html WELCOME

  • Daryl Lonigan
    Daryl Lonigan Year ago

    This is not what I subscribed for.

  • Wendie Wijaya
    Wendie Wijaya Year ago

    yeah, you deserve it bro !

  • FilmAcolyteReturns

    Finally. A reason for me to actually get TVclip Red.

  • J
    J Year ago

    Pateron - Yes. TVclip RED - Never.

  • Alexander Bulizo
    Alexander Bulizo Year ago

    i am in the bus one

    HUNTER CRAIG Year ago

    I am a long time supporter of this Channel but wen you went to youtube 3ed I was very disappointed but comments were disabled on those videos so here I qm 😣😤😢😲😓😩🙁😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 奥村 麻子
    奥村 麻子 Year ago

    The price for a single episode is out of place. I am not willing to spend that much when I can get a streaming subscription with thousands of shows for the same amount of money as 4 episodes. TVclip really needs to rethink this. This is not against Colin, I would love to watch the show, but TVclip Red is not available and only that would make it somewhat viable.

  • Agnieszka Dyńska


  • Airam Ottobelli
    Airam Ottobelli Year ago


  • Mind Field
    Mind Field Year ago

    How many episodes

  • Josue Serrano
    Josue Serrano Year ago

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  • User UnEpic
    User UnEpic Year ago


  • Neil Geoffries
    Neil Geoffries Year ago

    Cash it in Colin! Yeaah yeah yeah !!.......now get your naked-ass off the casting-couch and on your Hollywood knees and pick up those pound coins with your teeth; one minute starting .. NOW!

  • Maxdarkdog
    Maxdarkdog Year ago

    TVclip Red... Well i'll never pay to watch videos .... you'll loose many folowers .... as me

  • Fly-High
    Fly-High Year ago

    I was subscribed since jet kettle or so. All this years was awesome but now this is not Colin not fun it's just smooth shaved faces in suits with their business models and professional shiny shots. Thank you Colin and goodbye. From Russia with regret.

  • Paula Kuhn
    Paula Kuhn Year ago

    juror army smell rip smooth parental manager deal however other.

  • PCVideos In High Definition

    TVclip Red is a joke 3$ month or however much it costs for a bunch of bootleg ass tv shows and no adds.

  • Jon Burhan
    Jon Burhan Year ago

    I'm British, a fan and have been following for quite a long time. I moved to the states 6 years ago so I guess I am lucky enough to view it. Kinda shitty though that my fellow brits can't. That's bollox.

  • mads ludwig
    mads ludwig Year ago

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  • Youtube Chanel
    Youtube Chanel Year ago

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  • Alejandro Arias
    Alejandro Arias Year ago

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  • Channel Random
    Channel Random Year ago

    TVclip red finally got something right!!!!

  • Bingo Bongo
    Bingo Bongo Year ago

    anyone that watched this after 51 seconds will be under 10

  • michael hopkins
    michael hopkins Year ago

    Best wonder my 3rd video !

  • Sondre Kristoffersen

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  • Elma Brooks
    Elma Brooks Year ago

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  • Tsip89
    Tsip89 Year ago

    I assume that this guy knows that his last name means "farts" in German(?).

  • tallmansix
    tallmansix Year ago

    I read your pinned post and I have searched redtube for your series but I can't find it, can you help please my hand is numb?

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe Year ago

    Looks stupid.

  • Mark Rizzo Field
    Mark Rizzo Field Year ago

    Can't receive this service in the U.K. Gutted.

  • Fredrik Jensen
    Fredrik Jensen Year ago

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  • Anh Thai
    Anh Thai Year ago

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  • R4DON
    R4DON Year ago +1

    TVclip RED is still not available in Germany -_-
    that sucks

  • Kenneth Bone
    Kenneth Bone Year ago


  • Sergio Ruiz
    Sergio Ruiz Year ago

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  • Owldude000
    Owldude000 Year ago

    Lol that voice crack at 0:51 "This is furze wUrld wondaaaaaas!!!"

  • Terrance Simon
    Terrance Simon Year ago

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  • MegaMight52
    MegaMight52 Year ago


  • ItsTheNog
    ItsTheNog Year ago

    What song is used in the background

  • Chili Dog
    Chili Dog Year ago

    I need TVclip Red, I'm missing out on all this stuff I like

  • Ted H Jones
    Ted H Jones Year ago

    When you just want to binge watch Colin's new series in one go but you have to wait for all the episodes to be released #furzeworldproblems

  • CommanderOfChicken

    It's just not the same without Colin putting his life at risk for the sake of some cool and overly engineered backyard DIY project set to the beat of underground British punk.

  • stijndeklerk
    stijndeklerk Year ago

    Unsubscribing, Good luck making vids, for very spoiled kids.

  • Fabian Fuchs
    Fabian Fuchs Year ago

    Bbq senior love this%losk fix

  • Isaiah James
    Isaiah James Year ago

    Wtf apparently really like the material hiavil{ usual .

    MPOTW Year ago +1

    You couldn't have used a shittier mic at 0:08... fucking amateur.

  • Martin Mooz
    Martin Mooz Year ago +1

    I thought TVclip Red was dead.

  • SwagGaming
    SwagGaming Year ago


  • jedd
    jedd Year ago


  • Bhanuteja Kadapa
    Bhanuteja Kadapa Year ago



  • Recnid
    Recnid Year ago

    Everything is Mythbusters now...

  • Alonso Moya
    Alonso Moya Year ago

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  • Michael van het Hoff

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  • MonDieu72
    MonDieu72 Year ago

    Unrelated to this particular content creator, I might consider paying for a TVclipRed subscription if it was available where I live, but having to make a purchase for every single clip is a big no no for me. Regarding Colin Furze, after watching the first free episode I have to say that this channel has lost its original charm of a crazy brit doing crazy stuff in his backyard, now it was just a lame pro edited tvshow.. yuck!

  • Charlotte Philippe

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  • Pierce Braccialarghe

    when ur a sell out and cant make good quality without charging people extra money -.- not even good

  • K Le
    K Le Year ago


  • Sandra H
    Sandra H Year ago

    Dancing 😍

  • Sandra H
    Sandra H Year ago


  • Juan David Redondo

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  • Jose Phelps
    Jose Phelps Year ago

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  • DBR Productions
    DBR Productions Year ago

    It sounds like "First" world wonders

  • Michael Eugene
    Michael Eugene Year ago

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Bailey Crossland
    Bailey Crossland Year ago

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  • y
    y Year ago

    I want to see this

  • Goshan life
    Goshan life Year ago +1

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  • Windex Pug
    Windex Pug Year ago

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  • American_Original_

    Make a motorized longboard

  • DJ_Panda
    DJ_Panda Year ago

    I'm a big fan and have seen almost all of your videos. but.
    What the hell is going on?
    youtube has always been a place for the people to seek information, fun, learning and everything else we are looking for on youtube.
    Now we have to pay to follow a channel. or watch a video on a channel.
    I know it's about making money.
    but I have to pay 17 Danish krone to see a section, lasting 21 minutes.
    it's crazy.

  • Wrigley Bailey
    Wrigley Bailey Year ago

    Can you make any of the gadgets from Kingsman

  • Joan Lindsey
    Joan Lindsey Year ago

    a british man making a youtube red series produced in canada
    was the goal to make it hard for everyone involved to have to pay way more to get the series

    nonetheless the show is wildly entertaining good job

  • Fresh 23
    Fresh 23 Year ago

    I don’t understand why all of you are complaining, even if TVclip Red was in the UK I highly doubt half of you people would buy TVclip Red anyways.

  • andrew joseph
    andrew joseph Year ago


  • Esa Nuutinen
    Esa Nuutinen Year ago +2

    Well after watching two episodes, this is rubbish compared to your usual stuff. These normal videos are fun to watch not because what the result is and who it is for, but to actually see how you build all the crazy stuff you are doing. But in these TVclip red stuff actually building the stuff is maybe 30-60 seconds (or feels like it) of all 20 minutes. I hope you'll still publish how that BMX park and stage was actually build in addition to crap that is now out there. I don't know of others but I atleast watch these to see how the stuff is build. Even the gadget geeks had more of building and doing stuff than in this stuff. So please keep on doing what you have always been doing so far. I'll be more than glad to watch 20 minutes or more per week of that stuff than this TVclip red stuff.

  • Skinnwalk3r
    Skinnwalk3r Year ago

    Love episode 2 of the colin furze wonders

  • Albert Wolszon
    Albert Wolszon Year ago

    holy shit it looks like a hollywood movie trailer seriously

  • timpo r
    timpo r Year ago

    I aint gona pay for a fk video to watch it....

  • Reverend Jynxed
    Reverend Jynxed Year ago

    Selling out to RED? Unsubbed.

  • Lukas Dzunko
    Lukas Dzunko Year ago

    US citizen can order subscription and see "premium" content for just 10 USD / month. This also include ad-free youtube and google music in one package. This is good deal but apparently they don't want money from us ... Only option here (Slovakia) is to pay per video price of 3+ EUR ... and those videos are not even showing in my subscription feed ... I understand that creators need money but TVclip Red is currently not a option for EU viewers ..

  • Livaco
    Livaco Year ago

    Can i just say, fuck TVclip Red, your paying for the same content from the same person, but its paid only because TVclip is filming it... I suppose it's their way of getting their lost money back from the monitization shit.

  • Henry G
    Henry G Year ago

    I like your stuff but I'm not going to spend a single cent on TVclip Red. Sorry.

  • mswati
    mswati Year ago

    Awesome... Shouting from Africa, zimbabwe... Great job man

  • Waffle Man
    Waffle Man Year ago


  • Clyde Warner
    Clyde Warner Year ago

    Well this sucks.. Goodbye Colin

  • Rexf234
    Rexf234 Year ago

    make 2 rc airplanes equipped with air soft guns and have a dogfight with them

  • Hodmokrin
    Hodmokrin Year ago +21

    Was it really necessary to sell out to youtube (google) so damn hard? Were you REALLY not making enough money with subs, likes, etc? Have fun getting contractually raped and selling your soul to google. Sellout. Say goodbye to another good channel folks.

    • BleachCake
      BleachCake Year ago +1

      dude stfu.

    • Riles Mattix
      Riles Mattix Year ago +1

      Hodmokrin no he wanted the opportunity to make something cool that of course costs alot, you sellout to Google but you do alot of expensive stuff so yeah

    • King Viper
      King Viper Year ago +4

      It's a TVclip series, not Colin's. Are you even pretending right? Xd

  • Jacob Goddard
    Jacob Goddard Year ago

    This is basically Gadget Geeks

  • ryanthethumb
    ryanthethumb Year ago

    Should try and build the worlds fastest electric bike

  • Minis3b
    Minis3b Year ago

    too bad it's on YT Red, call amazon or netflix next time for partnership ^^
    Can't wait to watch this serie, Mr Furze is a genius

  • Do
    Do Year ago

    Glad that you can do what you love and get recognition for it! (and a shitload of money (well maybe not a shitload but still a good amount (you got a good amount, right? (or at least some)))) Great for you! Hope you had fun.

  • Ryuichi Watanabe
    Ryuichi Watanabe Year ago


  • creeper 4404
    creeper 4404 Year ago

    The only good yt red series

  • Scootastic MC
    Scootastic MC Year ago

    Hey look... a TVclip Red show that's actually worth watching.

  • Briar Fox
    Briar Fox Year ago


  • 1Jet007
    1Jet007 Year ago

    Finally something that might actually make me pay for TVclip Red

  • widgity
    widgity Year ago

    Whhyyyyy? are you going the way of Vsauce? :/