MORBIUS Official Trailer (2020) Jared Leto, Marvel Movie HD

  • MORBIUS Official Trailer (2020) Jared Leto, Marvel Movie HD
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    Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.

    © 2020

Comments • 80

  • Karol Tomanek
    Karol Tomanek 23 hours ago

    piękny przykład inżynierii społecznej \:)

  • UYC
    UYC Day ago

    Batmans brother 🤔😁😁😁😁👍

  • Ruben Bernardo
    Ruben Bernardo Day ago

    from the makers of all the shit spiderman movies

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý

    không kể chuyện nữa nhé :))

  • Lali Yeon
    Lali Yeon 2 days ago

    I hope he was not starving for some scenes😢

  • jb manuel
    jb manuel 2 days ago

    2:41 vulture from Spiderman homecoming

  • InammAli God
    InammAli God 2 days ago

    Batman be like : am I a joke to you

  • Mr. Moon
    Mr. Moon 2 days ago

    "How far are we allowed to go?" How far indeed, Jared. Rein it in a bit this time, please. Don't make this character suck as bad as Joker. Deign to take advice from your colleagues, for god's sake. (I predict this movie will suck, and overacting will be one of its primary sins. Please prove me wrong.)

  • Jijith Pr
    Jijith Pr 2 days ago

    It's battle human vs u can't come in april

  • Ken Pires
    Ken Pires 3 days ago

    covid 19 effect that is

  • Dark Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy 4 days ago

    Soo... you mean that theyre putting Spiderman villains as antiheroes?

  • VipapkStudiosOfficial
    VipapkStudiosOfficial 6 days ago +1

    The moment this trailer came online... the corona virus started to get worse over the WHOLE world...
    and this trailer is about BATS and EXPERIMENTS on it... same what happened in China... Coicidence?

    • Wolfgang Von Zubaz
      Wolfgang Von Zubaz 4 days ago

      Labs all over the world were working on bats and coronaviruses before covid. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy or anything. It's legit research to study defeating these viruses. One of those labs happened to be in Wuhan though

  • Benjamin Deckard
    Benjamin Deckard 6 days ago

    All these great Spidey Villians in their own movie without Spiderman.
    What a waste.
    Count me out

  • Dahm Dahm
    Dahm Dahm 7 days ago

    not great

  • adi asmawi
    adi asmawi 7 days ago

    So hes basically batman but with features bats have

  • Chief# 27
    Chief# 27 8 days ago

    2:19 interesting...

  • Shannon Embrey
    Shannon Embrey 8 days ago

    I actually was really looking forward to seeing this... but with everything closed now, I cant #JaredLeto. But hey before its to late please come over to our side, get right with Jesus plz.. I heard about your almost dying, Not ok stop tempting God hes already angry and is infact going after ALL those that work for the devil. why do you think most are going into hiding.. They actually think they can hide? From God? In his very own Creation thats living and breathing, The very ground that cried out to him when Able was murdered, come on They can not hide the devil cant do anything to anyone unless God allows it...

  • Rick C189
    Rick C189 10 days ago

    I sure wish theyd stop giving Jared Leto so many chances

  • Troy Andati
    Troy Andati 10 days ago

    what!! corona side effects

  • mardenhill
    mardenhill 10 days ago

    if moriarty is in the movie, it must be good!

  • laurentiu iliescu
    laurentiu iliescu 10 days ago

    edgy twilight

  • David Last
    David Last 10 days ago

    Looks good

  • Gaby Pereyra
    Gaby Pereyra 11 days ago

    Brutal Jared Leto movie men. Come on!!!

  • Trpk Valdo
    Trpk Valdo 11 days ago

    Looks okay

  • Ercan Uğur
    Ercan Uğur 12 days ago

    harika film fragmani bile arzular şelale

  • Hap Hoppy
    Hap Hoppy 14 days ago

    I would rather see a Thorverse.

  • Ahmed Mohiuddin
    Ahmed Mohiuddin 15 days ago

    Hope he didn’t get corona

  • ichrisborja
    ichrisborja 15 days ago

    wait WHATTTT

  • SekseNDoksaN
    SekseNDoksaN 16 days ago

    hulk win :D

  • Narave
    Narave 16 days ago

    his eyes.

  • Michael Smith jr
    Michael Smith jr 16 days ago

    Its a copy cat of thr bat man

      MATHA NOSHTO-MAN 16 days ago

      No it's about the discovery of corona virus vaccine.

  • muwahgal
    muwahgal 17 days ago

    Wow Leto is just awesome! Can’t wait.

  • lego smartz
    lego smartz 17 days ago

    blade sequal coming up soon to fight morbius had to be

  • Hol' Up Niqqa
    Hol' Up Niqqa 19 days ago

    The new Twilight movie looks sick.

  • Mauro Martinez
    Mauro Martinez 19 days ago +1

    So it's a demon who is a hero what is the world coming to

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia 20 days ago

    Can I say, Jared Leto has an Oscar

  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 21 day ago +2


  • Афон Слепцовский

    Piece of sh*t.

  • Remigiusz Kowalewski
    Remigiusz Kowalewski 22 days ago

    thanks. i dont need watch this

  • R C
    R C 22 days ago

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • Paxsali
    Paxsali 22 days ago

    I'm Batman!

  • Happy Cantonese
    Happy Cantonese 22 days ago

    Van Helsing: Oh com' on, another Dracula? Give me a break!!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 23 days ago

    Had the comic way back starring Spidey...

  • bernard kovac
    bernard kovac 23 days ago


  • Joshua NS
    Joshua NS 24 days ago +1

    So that's how corona work?

    HECTAR 25 days ago +3

    oh my god. he is infected with corona virus.

  • John L
    John L 25 days ago +2

    This is where covid-19 began

  • Matovu Mike
    Matovu Mike 28 days ago

    we all wonder what the result will be

  • Killjoy McGiggles
    Killjoy McGiggles 28 days ago

    After how this dude made a real clown of himself with his jealousy at Joaquin, I think I might rent this one once it's in the 2/$1 section at Family Video.

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia 28 days ago

    This looks so good

  • Victor
    Victor 28 days ago +1

    Is this the effect of the coronavirus ?

  • Nathan Pullen
    Nathan Pullen 29 days ago

    Thanks for destroying Moribus for me. This is one movie that I refuse to watch because he's such a crap actor.

  • muhammad uzzalali
    muhammad uzzalali Month ago

    Bgm 😍😍😍

  • jasonS
    jasonS Month ago +5

    Trailer : *shows bats*
    Me: *laughs in corona*

  • Trailers De películas

    Extrenos del 2020 para todos😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Mohit Rohilla
    Mohit Rohilla Month ago

    Anybody knw background music name??

  • noam nonsense
    noam nonsense Month ago

    OMG marvel batman!!!!
    2:09 spiderman is a murder!

  • JustLittleThings
    JustLittleThings Month ago +1

    Basically he used corona

  • † Armitage Soulshroude †

    FUCK Jared Leto as Morbius! He can't act!!

  • Art Hampton
    Art Hampton Month ago

    Ok Dinney what the fuck, the Marval movies need to die with Stark. Now let other movies have their day like Tron 3 and shit, damn. You just going to run Marval until my grandchildren (I'm only 30) are watching them being made too? Shit..

  • Crabby Patty
    Crabby Patty Month ago +1

    well this bats-related movie sure was a prediction to CORONA VIRUS

  • Henry Chimler
    Henry Chimler Month ago

    This is far from being as impressive than the original Morbius from the 70's comics. Atmosphere was silent, full of despair, loneliness and anger and the character was something to remember.

  • Romeo Whiskey
    Romeo Whiskey Month ago

    Another marvel movie, these are getting boring now. Fuck sake!

  • Natthinan jansong
    Natthinan jansong Month ago +1

    Former batman how become to covid-19 virus

  • Chicken Lips
    Chicken Lips Month ago

    Looks really good tbh

  • redprince9
    redprince9 Month ago +1

    Ok yeah whatever, this unfortunately could likely take away from the possibility of the bad-ass white-skinned comic vampire that REALLY needs to be made into a movie... that being fucking LOBO!!! Going by the success of Joker, and also that the best DC movies are the more "mature" darker ones, the possibility of a fairly accurate portrayal could be done (I mean hell, also look at Deadpool, I'm really kinda surprised that Lobo didn't hit the screens shortly after the success of the first movie, let alone the second as well pretty much guaranteeing that a lobo film would make a decent profit just because of similar humor, subject matter [humor and ultra-violence] and audience).

  • Aryan Narayan
    Aryan Narayan Month ago

    What a mind blowing BGM !!

  • Muhammad Sarang
    Muhammad Sarang Month ago

    So joker 🃏 has changed 😂

  • Jae Wheeler
    Jae Wheeler Month ago

    Imagine Morbius meeting 97 Wesley Snipe blade.

  • Numb
    Numb Month ago

    this looks shitty

  • Salmonella
    Salmonella Month ago

    Im wondering if matt smith is gonna have a beitish accent or a fake american one

  • Official Chicken
    Official Chicken Month ago

    bruh cant wait for this movie looks sooo lit!

  • CrEaMyBEaNs_123
    CrEaMyBEaNs_123 Month ago +1

    Imagine hiring the worst joker to play a vampire I really hope I'm dreaming

  • Pincer88
    Pincer88 Month ago

    Can't help wondering why people watch these special effects cramped movies with no substance worth mentioning, other than offering a temporary distraction of utter meaningless lives. Seems nothing else can actually move or touch us in a profound manner anymore than lots of loud noise, violence and epilepsy invocing effects.

  • Yeet Creeper
    Yeet Creeper Month ago

    So is this going to be in the mcu?

  • Anti Symboi
    Anti Symboi Month ago

    I literally could not care less about this movie, but my heart started RACING when I saw the graffiti of Sam Raimi's Spiderman.

  • xiaural2
    xiaural2 Month ago +2

    If he let Harley know he was sick, they wouldn't have broken up.

  • Shanard Smith
    Shanard Smith Month ago


  • 이한결
    이한결 Month ago

    2:12 mat smith

  • Bucket with a face on it

    Wow another superhero movie.