NES and SNES Classic Alternatives - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • Scott takes a look at consoles that are considered competition against the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition.
    Twitter: @ScottTheWoz
    Consoles Covered:
    Atari Flashback 7
    Sega Genesis Classic Game Console
    Retro-bit Generations
    Atari Flashback 8
    Sega Genesis Flashback
    Music Used:
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
    "Menu Theme" from SNES Classic Edition
    "Stonecarving City" from Wario Land: Shake It!
    "Menu Theme" from NES Classic Edition
    "Strike Man" from Mega Man 10
    "Castle and Fortress" from Yoshi's Island
    "Title" from Journey to Silius
    "Blues in a Hurry" by Cecil Norman
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  • Maximilian Aydin Bendroth

    Japan Yeah Europe meh North america why

  • SirMeatwad
    SirMeatwad 5 days ago

    Really like your channel, man. Never lose the authenticity and personality you put into your videos. It really sets you apart from the loads of other video game channels on here I can barely stand to watch

  • G R E E N
    G R E E N 7 days ago

    Hey y'all Scott here y'all here hey Scott

  • Loren Helgeson
    Loren Helgeson 8 days ago

    There's nothing SOLID about anything that AtGames puts out.

  • RednekGamurz
    RednekGamurz 10 days ago

    I'm so glad SEGA dumped AtGames and decided to just make their own Genesis Mini.

  • ThatGuyKnownAsWill
    ThatGuyKnownAsWill 12 days ago

    Was your kidney made by MadCatz?

  • Yo Its Premo
    Yo Its Premo 12 days ago


  • Hot Steaming Garbage
    Hot Steaming Garbage 13 days ago

    7:54 by raw i meant sick and i never want to here scott call something raw as in good and cool it intimidates me

  • Alex Archer
    Alex Archer 13 days ago

    My Uncle Clark has the ATGAMES Sega Genesis Classic and he has no problem with it. If you have a quality problem, why not get an HDMI Adapter?

  • Mister Nikolai Belenspook

    I have the genesis mini on the thumbnail,works perfect. Came with 70 sega games, and wired controllers
    Edit: never mind, didn’t have problems with sound, or have the wireless crap,just honest gameplay with a mini console.

  • NoahTubeHD 007
    NoahTubeHD 007 13 days ago +1

    I own the Atari Flashback 8 and it’s epic I love it so much

  • That Fat Gamer
    That Fat Gamer 15 days ago +1

    3:38 my right speaker is all lonely lmao

  • Mr Papagiorgio
    Mr Papagiorgio 15 days ago +2

    Hit or miss you say?
    Tik tok: *heavy breathing*

  • Theo Mckay
    Theo Mckay 16 days ago


  • Toaster Films
    Toaster Films 17 days ago

    If you think that Sonic sounds bad on the AtGames genesis, listen to Sonic Spinball's settings menu on the thing. Oh boy....

  • countzero87
    countzero87 18 days ago

    in my mind Atari games have a smell, not a bad smell. it's like a hipster Portland basement bar smell or comfy ugly ass couch smell.

  • The Star Wars Dude
    The Star Wars Dude 20 days ago

    What about PS classic

  • The Star Wars Dude
    The Star Wars Dude 20 days ago +1

    I have the atgames Genesis flashback. It’s not bad, it runs fine and it actually has great games, and plays actual cartridges which is pretty cool, I have no problems with it at all but it comes with like 40 stupid not even Sega educational mobile games that none of my brothers or I even care about. We only like jacks pea and hidden agenda because the music is freaking hilarious.
    Edit: the genesis flashback I got came with wired controllers tho

    • The Star Wars Dude
      The Star Wars Dude 6 days ago +1

      The genesis mini is way better than the nes and snes classic (yes I’ve played on them my friends have one) and it’s WAY better than the atgames one but to be honest the atgames one is a good deal for $20

    • The Star Wars Dude
      The Star Wars Dude 6 days ago +1

      Shinku Quickman my dad had an original genesis as a kid and I played it when I was younger too so I do know what it’s like

    • Shinku Quickman
      Shinku Quickman 17 days ago +1

      Sorry, but to anyone who's played the original Mega Drive/Genesis, that AtGames thing is a mess. Thankfully Sega pulled their heads out of their asses and finally ditched AtGames for probably the best company in the world at retro gaming ports, M2. The Genesis Mini that's out now I'd argue is better than the NES or SNES ones.

  • Roman Bukins
    Roman Bukins 20 days ago

    Why not just get a Dendy clone system and an eBay multicart?

  • Jack Beatty
    Jack Beatty 21 day ago

    Damit AT games give me sonic 3

  • Tetrabit 19745
    Tetrabit 19745 22 days ago +1

    Well there's finally a good Sega Genesis mini made by a company that isn't at-games

  • Adams Said
    Adams Said 22 days ago

    Yeaaaaa the Genesis portable is cheap af I used to own one it was 80 dollars yep it was on a sale after 1 month of use the thing broke please never buy it just emulate it on your phone for free you can do nes snes Genesis and a lot more consoles for free but you can do consoles from the nes all thé way to the ds (I mean you can try 3ds but im not sure if it will work) thx 4 reading !

  • Team Beep
    Team Beep 22 days ago

    All here hey scott

  • Erik Stensaas
    Erik Stensaas 22 days ago +1

    To be fair, the lower sound quality of the genesis at games makes Robotnik encounters more threatening

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee 23 days ago

    i actually have earthbound on wii u virtual console who else?

  • Elusive Logic
    Elusive Logic 24 days ago

    The music in the background is way too good to play alongside these crappy consoles.

  • Marko Studio
    Marko Studio 25 days ago

    A single unit of NES Classic still lies in The Nintendo section of my local media markt

  • Rafael Malmegrin
    Rafael Malmegrin 26 days ago

    I never ralized how the bad the flashback used to be. I have a flashback 9 gold and it has proper wireless controllers, HDMI, Activision games and an SD slot to add more games. While it's not as good as using real hardware on a CRT TV it's very practical and good enough.

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 27 days ago

    The sound for at games was so bad I couldn't hear it in my right headphone. I'm not kidding, the rest of the video worked well, but specifically in the at games sound sample, it ONLY worked for my left headphone

  • Auto1lija* MKWii
    Auto1lija* MKWii 27 days ago

    6:11 Composite not Component

  • Scrambles the Death Dealer

    I will never make the mistake of buying an atGames product ever again.
    Even my autocorrect knows what's up - I tried typing "atGames" and it changed it to "ashamed."

  • Tucker Stewart
    Tucker Stewart 27 days ago

    At least there is a good Genisis mini now

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 27 days ago

    My goodness that sound quality on the genesis

  • youraverageusername _
    youraverageusername _ 27 days ago

    Honestly, for the atgames consoles you should get the handhelds. Same crappy sound, bit muuuch better quality.

  • Nonae Renada
    Nonae Renada 28 days ago +1

    My uncle could use a kidney. I buy it off you

  • lemonz_
    lemonz_ 29 days ago +1

    “all here, hey Scott”

  • Sketchtown666
    Sketchtown666 Month ago

    The atari flashback 9 with wired controllers is honestly pretty decent.

  • SuperPaperPokemon
    SuperPaperPokemon Month ago +4

    Aren’t you glad Sega released an oficial Genesis mini now? With good emulation and an ok menu?

  • Ewan Prosser
    Ewan Prosser Month ago

    I remember when my parents wanted to do a "family game night" and that she had bought a micro console but couldn't remember what system it was, my expectations were already low but nothing could've prepared me for the Atari Flashback.

  • Hugo Valtierra
    Hugo Valtierra Month ago

    I hacked mine.

  • Shalucard
    Shalucard Month ago

    The at games Sega sound makes games sound spooky lol

  • Josh Banks
    Josh Banks Month ago

    My friends has the little at games Genesis, and yes it's aweful. He needs a Genesis mini

  • jesus lopez
    jesus lopez Month ago

    Which game is at 8:16 ?

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling

    I have a flashback 8
    It has wired controllers

  • jwbartle
    jwbartle Month ago

    6:12 That isn't Component out, that's *Composite*. Component video uses three lines for video and two for audio, for a total of 5 cables. Composite just used one for video, and two for audio, making for a total of three.

  • Alexandre Ouellet
    Alexandre Ouellet Month ago


  • The Elite One
    The Elite One Month ago +1

    AT Games destroying Sonics music how dare they and thats Segas job

  • Jason Houle
    Jason Houle Month ago


  • Cedric Holcomb
    Cedric Holcomb Month ago

    what about the handhelds? (the go retro portable)

  • Polocatfan
    Polocatfan Month ago +1

    Thankfully Sega is making a MUCH better version of this, deciding to yeet AtGames and instead working with M2

  • Andrew Bentz
    Andrew Bentz Month ago

    I would destroy the sega genesis classic game console!

  • Adamadon13
    Adamadon13 Month ago

    If you're not using an original console for nostalgia, just use a raspberry pi

  • Shardz- [formerly PuppyChris]

    3:35 So THATS why we have Encore mode in Sonic Mania!

  • Mikuisgood12
    Mikuisgood12 Month ago

    Grab a raspberry pi for like 40 dollars and put retropie in it. It can run up to n64 (though N64 is buggy due to proccesor)

  • Keiya
    Keiya Month ago

    The Atari Flashback series started out terrible - the first one was an NES-on-a-chip with some crappy ports. Then the second one was amazing - it's literally a version of the actual Atari 2600 hardware redesigned for modern fabrication techniques, and came complete with contact points on the circuit board to add a cartridge port if you so desired.

    Then atgames took over and they're just shitty emulation on an arm board :(

  • Waggsmith
    Waggsmith Month ago

    Rerez did a worst ever episode on the wireless Genesis Classic mini. Damn.

  • Shuwaida Shameem
    Shuwaida Shameem Month ago

    When I hered the at games sonic sound I thought my earphones had a problem

  • Orangienblue
    Orangienblue Month ago +2

    6:58 that’s no way to store ringking

  • Marcirez
    Marcirez Month ago

    3:35 Oh GOD do I even want to hear "Go Straight" on this?

  • DaSniper2
    DaSniper2 Month ago

    All here, hey Scott!